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Easy money

  • Go to Ash. Ask about Amityvale. Go there and go to the far right to where meet up with a dog. Skip through the intermission sequence and follow the dog to the well. Go down the well. Complete the quest and you will get level 16 and higher weapons. This can be done about ten times. The member weapons can be sold at shops to get money. Repeat this as many times as desired.
  • If you are level 9 or higher, go to Warlic's portal. Go to the mountains, then go to right and enter the quest. Complete the quest and earn money by selling weapons.
  • Go to Ash, and choose "Quests". Click on "Elemental Attack". Then, go to the bush behind Capt'n Crunsh to get a healing area. Go to the right to find a lot of elementals. Fight them until all are defeated. Go back to the healing pad when needed. Then, complete the quest. You will receive a lot of experience and gold from the monsters, as well as a mace. Back at Falconreach, go to Yulgar's shop and sell the mace. You will get a lot of money.
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  • Go to Nythera and do the "Potion Master" quest. Finish it and you will get no experience or gold. However you will get a junk that you can sell for 300 or 500 gold.
  • Go to Doctor Voltbolt's Challenge and do the quest. Click the sign then "Yes". Complete the quest to get about 800 experience points and 60 gold. You can also sell the scrap metal for 10 gold.
  • Go to Valencia and click on the "Bacon Origin" quest. Go to the quest where you battle the nine Hydra heads. Kill all the monsters to get over 8,000 experience points and 300 gold. You can also refill your potions after you defeat one Hydra head. When the message "The Hydra looks for a chance to swap" appears, just use a skill that stops your enemy from running away.
  • Go back to the forest where you first began the game. Then, kill the Sneevil. Leave the forest area. You will only get two gold, but if you have the patience this can be done repeatedly for a good amount of money.
  • Join Artix, Ash, and Twilly and go to Amityvale to do "The Well" quest. Repeat the quest often and you will get guardian weapons, among others. They are level 17 and above. The guardian weapons are worth 160 gold each. Sell any weapon you do not want.
  • Go to Oaklore and press the button marked "Free Gold". Go to the girl and speak to her. This can be done as often as desired.
  • Go to Amityvale. Talk to Thursday and do the "Crystal Clear Lake" quest. A good fire weapon is required, as the creatures have a weakness to it. Also, the wolf can be defeated easily with a silver weapon. If you do not have one, you will get one as a reward at the end of this quest. You can sell the weapons for 200 to 300 gold. Note: Doing the "Titan" quest is also a good way to get money if you have the Dragon Amulet.
  • Do the bounty hunter quest for gold. The reward for finishing the quest is a ninja doll (level 1). It can be sold for 500 gold.
  • Note: A Dragon Amulet is required. Go to the portal at Falconreach then go to Willowshire. You see a woman talking. Next to her are three buttons. Select "Gorok" and defeat him with your dragon to get 400 gold and 2,000 experience points.
  • Go to Robina in Sure Would Forest and select "Bounty Hunting". Accept the Most Wanted List. Go to the right, then up. You should be at a place that leads to an area with log walls. Go in and you will see the most wanted list when you first enter. Make your way through the Renegade Scouts, Renegade Hunters, and the Renegade Enforcers until you find a tent. If you are hurt, there is a healing panel somewhere in the maze. Enter the tent and you will fight a Cut Purse, Thug, and one of the following people (and get the corresponding reward): Darcar (50 gold), Hyest (75 gold), Stounn (100 gold), Stradar (180 gold), Awper Harty (300 gold), Vaz Striker (600 gold). This can be done as many times as desired.
  • Go to Dravesgard and see Ikea. Buy the Magic Mirror and put it in your house. Click "Go" and battle all the monsters. By the end you should have an additional 260 gold. Repeat this as many times as desired.
  • Go to Nythera and do the "Potion Master" quest. Finish it and you will get no experience or gold. However you will get a junk item that can be sold for 300 to 500 gold.
  • Go back to the forest where you first began the game. Then, kill the Sneevil. Leave the forest area. You will only get 2 gold,but if you have the patience to repeat it multiple times you can get a good amount of money.
  • Go to Valencia and select on the "Bacon Origin" quest. Go to the quest where you battle the nine hydra heads. Kill all the monsters to get over 8,000 experience points and 300 gold. You also can refill on potions after you defeat one hydra head. When a text "The hydra looks for a chance to swap" appears, just use a skill that stops your enemy from running away.

Advanced CorDemi Codex

Use the following trick to get the Advanced CorDemi Codex without wasting your dragon coins. Go to Robina in the Surewould Forest, east of Falconreach. Get the bounty hunting list from her. Go east again until you get to a crossroads then go north. Kill all of the outlaws until you reach a tent. There will be three people inside. Kill them all and the quest will be completed. Sometimes you get the Advanced CorDemi Codex as a reward.

Ancient treasures

Go to Zhoom and do the random quest. When you see the phrase "Sandsea holds many secrets", do that quest. You can earn many ancient treasures to get a Ranger Armor and train it.

Basic CorDemi Codex

  • Do the "Root Of All Sneevils" quest. To complete it, go right twice, then go into the dark place.
  • Go to Warlic, then go to the mountain. Note: It is to the back of Warlic. Go straight, then go right until you see a cave. Go inside and battle all the monsters until done. Repeat this until you get the CorDemi Codex.
  • If you have a Dragon Amulet, go to Falconreach. Go to the right until you see Cysero. Go inside his shop to buy his CorDemi Codex.

Battle Core

Go to Dr. VB and select "Quest". If you are lucky, you should get the "Junkyard Driller" as an opponent. He has a higher chance to give a Battle Core after you win.

Blade Of Awe

This trick requires a Dragon Amulet or Guardian verified account. Go to Ash and select "Archknight". Add Ash to your account then go to the character page Use your best character. The best strategy when battling the necromancer is to attack, stab, and potion when needed. Once you complete the quests, return to the character page and you can buy the Blade Of Awe.

ChickenCow armor

  • To get it, you must pass through the 100-room dungeon. Click the "Travel" button or go up the ramp to the Guardian Tower then go further to the right until you reach the griffon. Click the "100-room Dungeon" button. The dungeon is full of fire type monsters. Use ice or water type weapons. At the end you will receive the ChickenCow armor.
  • Go to Amityvale and speak to Thursday. Click the "Quest" button and choose "Yaga Stone Circle". After that, the Yaga will speak to you. Either ignore the Yaga or kill them. Walk forward until you reach Guffer. Speak to Guffer, then fight. Note: Using a silver weapon is recommended. Keep repeating this quest until you get the ChickenCow armor.

Death Scythe

Note: A Dragon Amulet is required for this trick. Go to Valencia. She is on the east side of Falconreach. Complete the "Bacon Origin" quest, then the "No Horsing Around" quest. Go in the cave and defeat Death. You will have a

Doom weapon

  • Note: This requires a Dragon Amulet. Use the following trick to Doom a weapon quickly. If you have a dragon, go to Willowshire. Click "Gorgok Returns", then complete the quest and defeat all the Dravir. Talk to Gorgok and fight him. Using your dragon's Element Fire or Energy is recommended. When you win, you will get 400 gold. Repeat this for five days to a week until you have a Doom weapon.
  • Note: This requires a Dragon Amulet. Go to the pirate area and talk to the person with the quests. Note: He is the only person standing outside. Do all his quests until you get to "Smells Fishy". Summon your dragon and fight. If you win you will get 3,001 experience points, 400 gold, and a weapon you can sell for 150 gold. If you are strong enough, you can do this in less than five minutes. Repeat this until you have a Doom weapon.
  • Play the "Titan" quest from Lady Celetia. You can get a Doom weapon in about three days.

Dragon egg

Finish all the quests for Robina and Valencia, then go up to Warlic's camp. Talk to him about the dragon egg, then keep selecting "Back" until you get the egg. Select "Yay!" to get the egg.

Dragon Slayer armor

Get an Ice Dragon Scale from one of Galanoth's quests and unlock the Dragon Slayer Armor. Then, go to train and do the quest for the stones. When you get to the one where you push the button, keep clicking it until it goes on the desired number (70 or over). Then, stop clicking and you will get it.

Golden Rapier

Go to Amityvale. Find Artix and select "Random Quest". Do "Mystery Doors" and repeat until you find it. Its stats are: level 17, Damage 37 to 39, Rarity 1, Crit +2.

Monkey armor

To get the Monkey armor. either pirate or ninja, do the Monkey War. Defeat at least one wave then select "Continue". Then, select "Options" then teleport to home town.

Paladin armor

  • To get free paladin armor, go to Necropolis and talk to Artix. Select the "Save Moonridge" quest. Complete four or five waves to get the Undead Slayer badge. Click "Train Armor", then "Wear Armor".
  • Train paladin armor seven times. If you have Dragon Amulet you can train it another seven times. It is now fully trained and usable.

Paladins Wrath

Complete the "Artix vs. The Undead" quest. After you defeat the Boss, you have a chance of getting the Paladins Wrath.

Sir Jing's items

You can find Sir Jing's items by going to Oaklore Keep. Walk all the way to the left until you find a man in a catapult and a man who is not. Talk to him, and to get a new quest to kill a group of elementals. Using the Unsqueakable Farce on them is recommended. After killing them all, go up the stairs and kill three Boss elementals. Then, walk up to the chest. Open chest to choose a weapon and finish the quest.


Go to Frostvale chapter 3, act 5 and do the "Slay Bells Ring" quest. At first you will see Twinkling Snow and battle it, but there is a chance that it has the Slaybells and also the second Twinkling Snow.

Super Dragon Chow

Travel to Necropolis and do the "Save Moonridge" quest. You will find an option between "Battle" and "Strike From The Skies From Your Dragon". Choose the second one. As a reward for this quest you will mostly get helmets, but there will be a rare chance to get a Super Dragon Chow. This will give you 5 training stats for your baby dragon.

Undead Slayer badges

This trick only works if you have completed half of Artix's quests. Select the side quest "T.A Challenge". Choose the "Simple Crawler" quest, complete it, then quit the quest. This is a faster method for getting Undead Slayer badges than doing the "Battle For Moonridge" quest. You can also get one of the Necromancy Brother Helms as your item. If you are having problems, you can invite Artix to help. Note: Doom Crawlers are not weak against Element.

Wind scrolls

Go to Thyton's ninja village. Select "Random Quest" and keep repeating "Cleaning House".


Go to the 100-room dungeon. Complete the quest you should get the Wings Of 100 Flames. Go to the capes and wings and get the Wings Of 100 Infernos. Its rarity is 100.

Ninja armor

Go to the "hidden in the wind" village and go west until you reach a ninja. Complete the top guest, then go to the weapon shop and sell the reward. It should give you 150 coins.Keep repeting the quest and selling that weapon until you get over 3,500 coins. You should now have enough to buy the Ninja's "Taktiks Book". Then, talk to him and you should be able to wear the ninja armor.

Purify Doom weapons

After buying a Doom weapon, go to Artix in Doomwood. To purify it, finish all of his quests. Note: You will need 10 Undead Slayer Badges. The Shadow Reaper of Doom is white and gold once you purify it.

Upgrade Doom weapon

You must have a Dragon Amulet. Buy a Doom weapon, then go to the Crystal Lake. Move down, left three times, then up. You will find a house there. Go inside and buy the scroll to upgrade your Doom weapon.

Recommended armor

To get good armor for new players, go to the Necropolis and complete all of the Artix quests. Go to "Other Classes", then choose "Necromancer". Go to Zorbak and get undead slayer badges to become a Necromancer and fully train the armor.

Recommended weapons

  • Go to Yulgar's Shop. Go to the weapon called "Static". It hits over 10 and only costs 6 gold. It is the best cheap weapon for level 4.
  • Go north of Falconreach and go in the portal next to the Guardian Tower. Click Warlick's portrait and complete it. If you are level 8 or 7, you can buy the Shimmer (a very good light weapon) for only 100 gold.
  • Go to Oaklore, in the Keep, and go as far to the left as possible. There should be two knights and a catapult. Talk to the one on the ground. He will ask you to do a quest; accept it. All you have to do is defeat the storm elementals, most of which are fairly weak, and go to the chest. It contains a shop with three items, all priced at 0g. They are all energy weapons and have high damage levels (the sword hits for 10-20 damage). These are extremely helpful if you are just starting out, as they are all also only level two.
  • In Oaklore, go to the left until you see Sir Casm (sarcasm) and Sir Vivor (survivor). Go near them and click on Sir Jing's (surging) weapons. They will talk about how good Sir Jing was and how good his weapons were. You should then click on the "Quest" button, and you will have to face a lot of weak monsters. You must defeat all the monsters then go up the stairs. You will face three easy Bosses (they might look familiar) named Positron, Tempest, and Flood. Defeat them and you will see a chest. Open it and get the weapon according to what class you are (for example, Mage: Staff, Rogue: Dagger, Warrior: Sword). You can also trade there for a lot of money if you know how to win the Aries Battlespire PvP arena. Note: You must be level 2 to do this.
  • In Oaklore, when you see Rolith, take the left side. You will see two knights. Talk to one of those knights and ask for "Sir Jing's Weapons". Accept the quest, kill all monsters, climb up the stairs, kill the three elementals and open the chest. You can now buy the threee weapons of Sir Jing for 0 gold. Those weapons are ideal weapons for levels 1 through 5.
  • When you first start the game and need a good weapon for any class, go to Oaklore Keep. Go to the left and talk to the two knights sitting on the catapult. Do Sir Jing's weapon quest. It has good experience for 1 to 5 levels. Sir Jing's weapons are very good, especially at the Hydra part.
  • The strongest light weapon type is called Destiny. To get it, first buy the Doom weapon from the merchant at the outskirt of Falcon Reach. After you get the Doom weapon for your class, go to Necropolis and finish all the quests that Artix assigns you. Afterward, talk to him and you may see an option to purify the Doom weapon. You will need some items in order to purify the Doom weapon. The items are from the quest called "Save Moonridge".
  • The Minor Dragonsfall Blade does 161 damage and has a minimum level 10 requirement.
  • To get easy weapons for levels 5 through 10, go to Lim in the new weapon shop. Do his quest. Note: Having Artix and Valencia is recommended. When the quest has been completed you can go to Yulgar's Forge. You can now make weapons that are fairly good.
  • Other recommended weapons are as follows.
Dragon's Revenge III (found on the quests from Galanoth or from Artix, level 40 required, 54-76 Energy damage).
Icy Sword, Icy Dagger, and Icy Staff (sold for 16,000 gold at Dragesvard weapon shop, level 35 required, 54-62 Ice damage).
Unokobi (sold at Shadow Of The Wind village, level 27 required, 41-53 Wind damage).
Shining Duo (quest reward for Yaga Stone Circle, level 20 required, 40+ damage, silver).
Twin Blades Of Doom (sold by the stranger at Falconreach, level 8 required, 36-68 Darkness damage).
Twin Blades Of Destiny (have Twin Blades Of Doom, ten Undead Slayer badges, finish all Artix's quests then click "Purify Doom Weapon"; level 8 required, 36-68 Light damage).

Recommended items

Try finding the following items.

Dragon Slayer armor (finish the second quest from Gaanoth to wear it).
Gorillaphant Ivory Ring (Melee Defense +1 and Bonus +2)
Hair With Wings (sold at Osprey Cove).
Ranger armor (from Zhoom; recommended finishing the quest the hard way).
Twilly Punting Hat (Luck +1, STR +1, Bonus +1)
Wings Of The Hundred Flames (100-room dungeon).