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Easy gold

  • Once you have acquired enough gold in Bowerstone Market from the Blacksmith job, go to the Bowerstone Slums and buy the most expensive weapons from the weapon trader. Next, go to Fairfax Gardens and sell them to one of the wandering merchants (must be a weapon trader). You will gain over 30% in profit. Continue this process until you are very rich.
  • In Westcliff when Barnum wants you to invest in his project for 5,000 gold, do so. In about ten years Westcliff will not be poverty stricken or slummy. It will be wealthy. He will give you 15,000 gold.
  • Setting up what you need begins in Sparrow's Childhood. Give all five warrants to the guard. When Sparrow reaches adolescence (early adulthood), get a job as a blacksmith. Earn at least 10,000 gold on top of however much gold you need to get the new clothes, books, and other items desired. Because you turned in the warrants to the guard, you will be given a 50% discount from all merchants in Old Town Bowerstone. Go to Oakfield and finish the "Hero Of Strength" quest. When done, return to Old Town Bowerstone and go up to the weapons merchant. Make him love you and, if you can, make him fear you as well (if he hates you then you will get higher prices). Love and Fear have 15% discount effect for each of them. Both to the maximum plus the 50% means you will be getting an 80% discount. Buy all of his steel weaponry and go to Fairfax Gardens, where all merchants have between a 35% and 40% markup in prices. Sell them to the weapons merchant there. Do not make them Hate, Fear, or Love you because this will decrease the amount they buy the weapons). This will turn 5,000 gold into 20,000 gold. Sleep for 24 hours at a pub and repeat the process. If he has not restocked with steel weaponry, sleep for 24 hours again. Check in with him after every time you wake up. He will definitely be restocked after two days sleep. Basically, you are becoming a trader. You can own everything in a matter of a few hours, because you can get well over 100,000 gold in under 10 minutes. Also, if you find steel weapons with two augment slots, make sure you keep one ranged weapon and one melee weapon for yourself. Weapons with two augment slots are difficult to find in stores.
  • Almost at the beginning of the game you must wait for Theresa on the Bowerstone Square. Earn some money by smithing. You will probably earn 3,000 to 5,000 gold before Theresa arrives. Then, play the game without spending any money, until you find "Hammer" (the Hero of Strength). Theresa will then say that you may want to upgrade your equipment, and that there is a big sale (50% off) at the blacksmith in Bowerstone. Buy weapons for as much money as possible, then go to the Fairfaxgarden and sell your bought weapons for +35%. When the shop is out of weapons, sleep for 24 hours and they will have new ones. Sometimes it will take two days to restock. Every time you walk, you can almost double your amount of money if there are enough weapons. When you are rich enough, buy the blacksmith which gives you an additional discount. You can buy weapons for 15% of the price. If done correctly, you will have a million gold in an hour.
  • To use the clock trick for lots of money online, go to your systems settings. Instead of trying to change the clock, change the time zone. No matter what time zone you are in, set it to the very top (GMT-12 Tokelau). Go into the game and save. Return to the system settings, and change the time zone all the way down (GMT+14 Kiribati). Return to the game to get lots of money (depending on how much property you own).

Sculpture plinth locations

Find and activate the following sculpture plinths, then go to the Oakvale sculptor to have them created to gain Renown.

Oakfield: Near the Sandgoose Inn.
Fairfax Castle: On the grounds in the circular water feature.
Brightwood: North part of map next to the gate and ruined castle.
Westcliff: Next to the middle of the map near the shooting range.
Bloodstone: On the waterfront/docks.

Silver Key locations

Silver Keys can be found at the following locations.

Guild Cave
  • In first big room after you enter from Bower Lake, after the big dive, in the left corner on the way to the door.
Bower Lake
  • On the island by the entrance to the Bower Lake tomb.
  • Directly north of the Bower Lake region exit (Brightwood east), just above the center on the map, on the far right.
  • In the Tomb of Heroes. In the next room where you see Charlie, the key is on the right behind a pillar. The dog should react to it. Note: Access to caves requires the "Rescuing Charlie" quest.
  • In the gypsy camp. Instead of leaving under the gate, go to the back and follow the dirt path. Then, climb the structure's stairs ahead of you. The key is at the top.
  • On Bowerstone Road on the small, high, isolated island where you meet the ghost for an early quest. A statue of someone looking out to sea there.
  • In the Gemstone Grotto. When the bridge is down and you must dive down, keep swimming as far as you can go then follow the track. Follow the grotto around and you will find it.
  • Buried on the left, just before you enter the Hobbe Cave's monster central room with an "S"-shaped pathway.
  • By the old shack building where the exit of the Hobbe Cave comes out. Run around the edge and overlooking the canyon is a Silver Key.
  • Upon the broken rail tracks, at the very end of the tracks going north.
  • Inside the Temple Of Shadows, in the room to the left with all the fancy chairs.
  • On the south of the lake on the way to the Temple Of Light.
  • In the north corner of the field of the house with the windmill.
  • Wellspring cave, behind the first water fill up point. Take the left tunnel from central.
  • In the first large room of the Echo Cave (located between the Rookridge road exit and windmill house).
  • In the Manure Manor, the first on the right coming from Rookridge.
  • Upstairs in the Porridge Cottage, next to the sculptor.
Bandit Coast
  • The key is about halfway down the path on the left. Your dog should react, but if not it is on the path before it turns 180 degrees and above the circle path shape according to the map.
  • In the first camp in a building on the left, after crossing the first bridge.
  • In an alcove by the water's edge. Before you go in to the ruins, jump down and go back to get out. You will see it on the left.
  • In the spiral staircase (at the top of Howling Halls).
  • Down by the docks on the right.
  • Available at the end of the first left track, coming from Bower Lake.
  • Located at the southern-most part of the Bandit Camp, to the right of an iron wrought gate. Bandit Camp is slightly south of the big black structure on the map, on the west side of the river.
  • At the end of the broken bridge above the previous gargoyle.
  • In the final area of the Farm Cellar area, where you get The Enforcer. To gain access, you must have done "The Blind Date" quest and bought the farm.
  • In the final puzzle room of Archon's Knot.
Bowerstone Market
  • In the furniture shop's cellar. Shoot the symbol to open the Cullis Gate.
  • In the secret passage. To get there, go to the carriage place and follow the path down to the water and jump in. The entrance is under the steps of the southeast dock. Look for the ripple.
  • Buried behind the pub. Take the dog down to find it. Collect it before completing the game.
Bowerstone Old Town
  • In a cellar just to the right of central in the furthest alley according to the map.
  • On the upstairs balcony of the "The Invisible Hand" house. This is the first house on the right coming from Bowerstone Cemetery.
  • Under the staircase in the Old Town Warehouse. Buy or smash the door.
Bowerstone Cemetery
  • In the little camp after you go under the bridge and go to the right. On the map, it is the road slightly below the mansion.
  • Directly behind where you just stood at the top of the hill.
  • In the Shelley Crypt, just after you open the first chest and go back in to the crypt room with all the open concrete coffin, notice the wall on the far side of the room. Break it down to find the key.
  • On the top floor in the Cemetery Mansion, in the fireplace.
Fairfax Castle
  • In Lady Grey's Tomb, second floor on the way to the exit. The key is just to the right of the door as you come out from the stairs.
  • Underneath the steps to the big castle/mansion.
  • Before you enter the first swamped town area. The key is up the stairs in the building on your left.
  • On the left as you enter the wide open cemetery with fog covering the floor.
  • In the final room of Twinblade's Tomb. To get access, do the "Love Hurts" quest.
  • In the sarcophagus, in the final room of Twinblade's Tomb.
  • On the grass ledge as you come out of Twinblade's Tomb on to Wraithmarsh.
  • In the next room. The far left wall is destructible in the Shadow Court. To gain entrance, do the "Hero Of Skill" quest.
  • In the sarcophagus of a small crypt on the right, as soon as you enter Bloodstone. To get in, go to the expression statue room on the right as soon as you enter Bloodstone.
  • Just up from the last gargoyle. Do not go in the cave entrance. Instead, bear to the right of it and vault down for it. To get there, do the "Treasure Island Of Doom" quest.
  • Back in the entrance of the Sink Hole Cavern, after completing the "Treasure Island Of Doom" quest.
  • In the cellar next to the furniture shop. Open the locked door inside with the hit switch.
  • In a dive spot at the end of the dock, underneath the crane on the way to the Sinkhole Cavern.

Silver key chests

Use the indicated number of silver keys to open the corresponding chest.

One silver key
  • In the southern area of the Bowerstone lake, directly opposite where the path splits in three directions. It contains the book "Dog Tricks - The Bunny Hop".
  • In the Bowerstone graveyard to the left of the statue when facing it.
  • Travel on the path from Bowerstone Lake towards Brightwood. You will find some ruined arches. Note the debris on the side of the path which has three arched windows. Opposite the debris is a path leading to a single archway. Go through that archway to find the trap on the right (east on map).
Five silver keys
  • Travel on Fairfax road in Bowerstone. Look for it on the left side in an fenced-in area next to a small pond.
  • Travel from the Old Bowerstone Market and enter Rookridge. The chest is on the left past the tree and dig location. It contains 500 gold.
  • Travel from Old Bowerstone to Cemetery road to reach Rookridge Road. When you enter this area from Cemetery road, follow the right side when the path splits. Follow it to a kneeling statue, with the chest next to it. It contains a ruby.
  • Travel on Bowerstone Road in Rookridge. Go to the southern-most part of the map and follow the turn to a chest next to a kneeling statue.
  • Inside the ruined tower in the middle of the Brightwood map.
  • Search the shooting range in Westcliff near the middle of the map.
Ten silver keys
  • Go through Oakfield cemetery and follow the path up. You will find the chest the end at the northeast of the map. It contains a Slash and Burn Augment.
  • Search a tomb at the bottom of the map.
  • At the westcliff path there is an "O" on the map. Search the area where the path reaches the "O".
  • Go to the right side of the Gypsy Camp. Go through the opening in the fence (after it appears later in the game) and follow the dirt track to a ruined tower. The chest is at the base of the tower. It contains the Storm Star Augment.
Fifteen silver keys
  • Follow the path past the Inn in Rookridge. Move along the rail track. Search the area around a wooden water tower to your left.
  • Search under the stone stairs in the Cullis Gate area in the southeast of the map.
  • Travel in Wraithmarsh towards Bloodstone to find a chest on the right.
Twenty silver keys
  • Travel on the road to Westcliff and search the ruined slave camp at the southern part of the map.
  • Travel from Bloodstone into Wraithmarsh. Follow the path left and to the end.
Fifty silver keys
  • Purchase Fairfax Castle and look in the throne room.

Gargoyle locations

The gargoyles can be found at the following locations. They can sometimes be heard before they are seen. Use the Fine Aim skill to shoot and destroy them. The first Gargoyle you destroy gives you a map and starts the side quest to destroy all fifty of them.

Guild Cave
  • In the big open cavern with water and lots of bridges. Oh the highest part of the island with the stalagmites and the stalactites.
Bower Lake
  • Slightly north of the Brightwood exit, near a silver chest.
  • On the same structure to the one mentioned above.
  • South of the Bower Lake Tomb on the nearest ruin.
  • In the Tomb of Heroes. After you go through the first big room, the gargoyle is behind you while in the corridor Note: Access to caves requires the "Rescuing Charlie" quest.
  • By the gypsy camp. When inside, go as far as you can west to the cliff edge and look down across the water. Note: This is area is blocked off early on; try after you have been to Bloodstone.
  • On the right before you go in the Hobbe Cave after making the big dive down from the broken bridge.
  • In the Hobbe Cave, in the cylindrical room with the spiral map round the outside. Look up and you will see it.
  • In the mountains, directly at the top of the wheel device at the top.
  • In the Temple of Shadows, in far right corner as you go in. The Temple of Shadows is the big church on the hill. To gain entrance, you must eat five Crunchy Chicks at its gates.
  • Above the entrance to the room you just entered inside the Temple of Shadows with the key there.
  • Behind the sculptures house in Oakfield; Central north of the map.
  • On the bridge opposite the tavern.
  • On the ruins on the north east lake; top left corner of the map.
Bandit Coast
  • Down the left path through the double doors. On the left in a cubby hole.
  • At the furthest left camp on the map. Stand in between the cart and the barrels at the far end and look left, very high.
  • On the left of the path just after the first Balverine attack. At the first left off the main path, turn around.
  • Go to the top of the big structure before you cross the first bridge. Vault down and it is straight ahead.
  • Before you go in to Howling Halls, stand at the top of the stairs in the ruins. Look behind you and up and left.
  • In the far right corner of the main hall in Howling Halls. Note: It is a very large room.
  • To the right of the gravel path down to the docks. Stop on the first wooden part and look up at the cliff.
  • On the back of the black structure on the southeastern island on the map.
  • Above an arch on the way to Westcliff (behind you when going there). It is near the southwestern-most water on the map.
  • Opposite of the left ramp in the Forsaken Fortress.
  • Behind you as you drop down in Archon's Knot. To get there, vault from the broken wall next to the Cullis Gate you open to get to Wrathmarsh.
  • After buying the Brightwood Tower for 250,000 gold, stand by Garth's bed and look out the window to see another gargoyle.
Bowerstone Market
  • In the eastern outer wall, up the stairs, as far as the walkway takes you.
  • Down by the riverfront on the east side of the river, through the small tunnel.
  • On the second floor of the furniture shop in the town square. Found in the furthest room upstairs.
  • In the carriage compartment (east side of the bridge). Take the carriage somewhere to get in then fast travel back.
Bowerstone Old Town
  • On the side of the watertower-style building on the side of the big warehouse. It is on the way to the exits to both Rockridge and the cemetery.
  • On the stairs of The Felling Residence. Purchase or kick the door in. It can be found almost in the middle of the map, just slightly lower.
Bowerstone Cemetery
  • After going through the main cemetery, go up the steps and bear right to the tomb at the end. Stand back and the gargoyle is up and slightly to the right.
  • Found up the next set of stairs from the one previous gargoyle. Go up the next set of stairs above them and look behind you. You will see it above the tomb.
  • Go right to the bottom of the map. Go to the bottom right, by the square. On the steps, turn around and shoot it on the left.
  • Found on the big wall behind the closed gate to the path directly south of the Cemetery Mansion. Stand by the closed gate and you will hear him.
  • In the Shelley Crypt in the mini activation stone room, next to the far right torch.
Fairfax Castle
  • In Lady Grey’s Tomb – Fairfax Gardens, as you go in and down the steps. Before you jump down, go straight ahead.
  • Above the entrance to the big castle/mansion.
  • In the Fairfax Castle, in the library.
  • In the building opposite the cage you were stashed in.
  • Behind the building as you cross the first swamp in to Oakvale. It looks like an old carriage building.
  • Just after you cross through the wooden tunnel bridge, at the next set of ruins. It is on one of the pillars on the right side before you go up the steps.
  • After the fog ground filled graveyard, just before you go under the next bridge, turn around. It is on one of the tombs on the right.
  • Above the door in the final room of Twinblade’s Tomb. To get access, do the "Love Hurts" quest.
  • Above the moving spiked floor entrance in the Shadow Court. To gain entrance, do the "Hero Of Skill" quest.
  • On the first crane you find on the docks.
  • On Lion Head’s Isle, by the big waterfall as you come out of the island area (after you dive in). You must do the "Treasure Island Of Doom" quest to get here.
  • On the first tier, as far south as you can go, up a level in front of you.
  • On the rocks, out to sea. Jump in the sea as far as you can to the north. Swim out a distance to find them.

Gargoyle treasure

The following treasures will appear in chests for every ten Gargoyles you destroy (in order).
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  1. "Dog Tricks! The Growl"
  2. Potion Of Life
  3. Three Emeralds
  4. 10,000 gold
  5. Ghoul Augment
  6. Joke
  7. The Rammer (legendary crossbow)

Demon Doors

Demon Doors can be found at the following locations.
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Winter Lodge
Location: The path leading from Wraithmarsh to Bloodstone.
How to open: Play a lute perfectly. This takes a while as you must hold the expression.
Reward: Master Longsword
The Arid Sea
Location: Bower Lake
How to open: Respond to his script using expressions. To perform all the required acts you must progress in the game and spend some time in the bookstore buying and learning expressions. Many of those can be learned in books from the Bowerstone Book Store, but several (for example, Laugh and Worship), can only be acquired based on your actions and renown. The order is Laugh, Fart, Point and Laugh, Middle Finger, Vulgar Thrust, Growl, Bloodlust Roar, Worship, Dance, and Blow A Kiss.
Reward: Lucky Charm Augment
Forgotten Keep
Location: Bowerstone Cemetery
How to open: This Demon Door is hungry and wants to eat some meat. You can buy him anything or you can kick a chicken towards him. He will open his mouth wide and you will get some experience points for going through the trouble of having to kick the chicken.
Reward: Balverine Strength potion, Practiced Skill potion, and Infused Will potion.
The Sepulchre
Location: Brightwood
How to open: You must have cheese to open the door. After that he will tell you to get Muttonchops (otherwise known as The Chops) from the Bowerstone barber and a Posh Gentlemen's Shirt or Noble Blouse from the Bowerstone tailor. When you have those, go to Oakfield and buy the Farmer's Hat from the clothing stall. Next, go to Bloodstone and buy the Dreadlocks from the barber. Finally, buy the Strumpet Skirt from some of the wandering traders (can be found around Rookridge). The main objective is to get your Ugliness as high as possible.
Location: Oakfield
How to open: The Demon Door always wants to see true love. Have a person fall in love with you and make them follow you. Propose to her in front of the door and he will open. If you are already married, have your spouse follow you to the door. After the door speaks to you, blow him or her a kiss and the door will open.
Reward: Serenity Farm marital home, "Come Hither Dear" book (teaches the expression "Come Back To My Place", and the legendary mace Hammerthyst.
Memory Lane
Location: Rookridge
How to open: The Demon Door wants to see a dog show. Have your dog perform four different tricks. Perform an expression, and depending on what your dog knows, he will react to it. For example, Point and Laugh and the dog will urinate on the door; Fart and the dog will cower, play fetch and do the Chicken expression and he will roll over.
Reward: Potion Of Life
The Vault
Location: Westcliff
How to open: This Demon Door wants to see someone really bad. You must have a Corruption level that is higher than the Purity level. The easiest way is to buy real estate and drive up rents and prices on your properties. You can check your Corruption level by pausing game play, selecting "Logbook" and viewing your Personality.
Reward: The legendary mace, Calavera.
Terry Cotter's Army
Location: Wraithmarsh
How to open: Bring a large audience to him. You need at least ten followers. Note: Have people follow you, then fast travel to The Drowned Farm. Also, sometimes a Banshee will be here. If so, use Time Magic to slow down their minions and kill them quickly before you lose your people.
The Sanctum
Location: Fairfax Gardens under the castle.
How to open: Will not open until he is the last Demon Door remaining.
Reward: Marcus' Poems and 50,000 gold.

Wraithmarsh Demon Door

To open this Demon Door you must bring a large audience to see him. A group of about ten people should do. Once you have your followers, fast travel to Brightwood Tower and use the Cullis Gate on top of the tower to warp to Wraithmarsh. Then, just walk up to The Demon door a short distance down the path and wait about two minutes for him to finish his speech. He will then open up and you may enter. The prize that awaits you is in an area called "Terry Cotter's Army" (a reference to the Terra Cotta Army). Go through the house and into the cave out back to discover a cave filled with statues (Terry Cotter's Army). Make your way through the statues to find a chest containing The Perferator, a legendary turret rifle.

The Box Of Secrets shop items

The following is the list of items needed for the Box of Secrets trades in the Knothole Island bonus downloadable content.

"A lovely hairdo" (Cascading Hair): Trade for two Table Wine.
"A rare ranged weapon" (Hal's Rifle): Trade for Pure Experience Extract.
"A rebellious costume" (Black Wheel Gang outfit): Trade for Pretty Necklace.
"A saintly weapon" (Judges Steel sword): Trade for Monk Robes.
"A sexy garment" (Knothole Skirt): Trade for "Marriage And How To Survive It".
"A strong willed weapon" (Staff of Wrath): Trade for diamond.
"A stylish accessory" (Greaser wig): Trade for Eternal Love Ring.
"A weapon of note" (Axe of Disharmony): Two Lutes (can be obtained from the Bowerstone general store).
"An evil weapon" (Wretcher's Blade): Trade for three Crunchy Chicks (can be obtained from general stores or the gypsy camp general goods seller).
"Barbaric garments" (Brodican Warrior Queen Outfit): Trade for two "Murgo's Big Book Of Trading" (can be obtained from Bowerstone bookstore or furniture).
"Barbaric weapon" (Brodican Mace): Trade for Regal Purple Dye (can be obtained from clothing or beauty vendors that stock dyes).
"Murderous attire" (Assassins Outfit): Trade for two Puny Carrots (can be obtained from food sellers in Bowerstone Market or Bloodstone).
"Vile attire" (Chasm Outfit): Trade for two Crucible Peanuts.