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More:Fallout 3: Big Gun Weapons

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The Burnmaster is a very powerful flamethrower. It is found at the Franklin Metro Utility inside the Falls Church Metro.


Complete the "Reilly's Rangers" quest and ask for one of Brick's miniguns. Alternately, kill Brick and take her minigun.

Experimental MIRV

This is a special Fat Man. It is found in the bomb shelter section of the Guard Depot. All five Keller Family Transcripts must be found first. It fires eight Mini Nukes at once in a random spread pattern. This does amazing amounts of damage, but is essentially useless other than for entertainment value, or for leveling entire towns. Its damage is 1610 x 8.

Miss Launcher

This weapon can be found in a safe inside Fort Independence.


Created by doctoryoo.

You can find a unique Gatling laser named Vengeance under an outcropping of rock jutting above a bloody lake at the far rear of the Deathclaw Sanctuary. Go as far into the sanctuary as you can to the southeast. It should open up into a large cave. You will see a large rock in the center of the cave. It is approachable from the south, and is illuminated by some glowing fungus. The bloody pond is filled with corpses and next to one of them is Vengeance, which is in relatively good condition when found.