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Project Purity code

The code to activate Project Purity at the end of the game is "216".

Arlington Cemetery North: Abraham Lincoln shrine

The house with the Luck bobblehead also contains a hidden shrine to Abraham Lincoln.

Canterbury Common: Investing in Traveling Merchants

Go to the area on the complete eastern side of the map in the very middle. You should soon discover a town called Canterbury Commons. Once the two costumed NPCs are done fighting, talk to the person named Uncle Roe. Choose to talk to him about the caravan merchants, then about organizing them into a special group. Once you are able to invest your caps in the merchants, the caravans will have better and more varied merchandise, while the merchants themselves will have better repair skills and more caps on hand at a time. Every initial investment in each merchant will cost 200 caps, while the second will cost 500 caps. With the Master Trader perk, each investment will be cut in half. You are only able to invest twice in each merchant. Once you fully invest in each caravan, the vendor will give you a special gift. Doc Hoff will give you several Stimpaks the next time you talk to him. The amount of Stimpaks varies based on your level. At the maximum level he gives you seven of them. Lucky Harith will give you one Mini-Nuke, Crow will give you his special Eyebot Helmet, and Crazy Wolfgang will give you a varying amount of Stealth Boys (at the maximum level he gives 6). The merchants and what they carry is below.

Lucky Harith: Weapons and ammunition.
Crow: Armor and clothing.
Doc Hoff: Food and chems.
Crazy Wolfgang: Miscellaneous goods and junk, also has best repair skill (at 75) when fully invested.
Submitted By: Purple Haze.

Fort Independence: Easy items

This trick requires a Sneak skill of at least 60. Go to Fort Independence with some scrap metal. Once there, speak with Protector Casdin. Tell him you have junk that you would like to give him. In return he will offer 5.56mm rounds, frag grenades, RadAways, and Stimpaks. Select whatever item desired, then save the game. You can then steal your scrap metal back from Protector Casdin. Sell the scrap metal back to him repeatedly to get as many of those items as desired.

Fort Independence: Full armor and energy weapon repair

To get your armor and energy weapons repaired to full health, go to Fort Independence. Accept the technology side quest. When you give the person Power Armor, Enclave Power Armor, or any energy-based weapon, as soon as he gets it, the item will be repaired to 100%. To get the items back you have to kill him. Note: This can only be done once, so use it wisely.

Girdershade: Nuka-Cola collection

North of the Dunwich Building in the southwestern part of the map is a town called "Girdershade". There, you will find two shacks. One of them has the name Sierra Petrovita. Enter her shack and you will find the only Nuka-Cola collection in the game.

Hubris Comics: Text adventure mini-game

Go to the Publishing wing of Hubris Comics. You can play a text adventure game named "Reign of Grelok" on some of the terminals. The objective of this game is to kill Grelok. Type "N", "S", "E", or "W" to move around in the mini-game and simple one word commands to interact with the objects and people. You can also type in obscenities for funny responses.

Megaton: Hidden sniper rifle cache

You can find a sniper rifle and other supplies hidden in a rock near Megaton.

National Guard Armory: Secret weapons cache

There is a hidden area in the National Guard Armory that contains an experimental MIRV gun (the most powerful weapon in the game) and the Small Arms bobblehead.

Rivet City: Unlimited Karma

This trick can be done as many times as desired, but your sneak must be at least 60. Donate all of your Caps to the priest in Rivet City. After this is done, you can pick-pocket him. Your Karma will only go down 5 points. This pales in comparison to how much Karma you gained from donating (varies on how much was donated).

Scrapyard: Dogmeat

Dogmeat is the only animal character you can have as a follower. Accept Moira Brown's quest to go to a place called Minefield. You will usually encounter Scrapyard on the way. If not, you can go there directly to the south of Minefield. Keep searching the Scrapyard and you will eventually find Dogmeat.

Vault 112: Skip Megaton storyline

After you leave Vault 101, look around the wastes in the east section towards Tenpenny Tower. You will encounter military robots. Kill them to make the process easier, assuming you do not encounter a Robobrain or a Mister Gutsy. You will find a repair shop called "Smith Casey's Garage". Go inside and there will be Mole Rats and Radroaches Kill them and go into the repair bay area. You will find an electrical switch. Push it, and you will find yourself going lower into the garage. Eventually you will find across a vault doo (Vault 112) Go inside and a friendly Robobrain will say that you do not have the proper clothing. It will give you a Vault 112 jumpsuit. Walk through the Vault. You will find chairs that are occupied by people. Find an empty chair and you will find yourself as a child. One of the adults will tell you to talk to Betty (Dr. Braun). She will tell you to hit another kid. Do so and go back to her. She will tell you that you did a good job. She will also tell you to go break up a family's marriage. Instead of doing this, go in the abandoned house and look inside. There will be some items that can be activated. Press them in this sequence: radio, pitcher, garden gnome, pitcher, cinder block, garden gnome, and empty Nuka Cola bottle. A huge computer will appear. Activate the option with the Chinese soldiers. Step outside and you will see the Chinese killing every inhabitant in Tranquility Lane, except Betty. Talk to her and you will be free to go. Leave the simulation and you will meet your father again and will have skipped most of the storyline.

Vault 112: Failsafe code

Created by jackflowproductions.

When you are on the quest to find your father, stop by Vault 112. Once you enter the Tranquility Lane, stop by and talk to Betty. Once you have talked to her, go make the boy cry. Talk to her again afterwards. Make your way into the abandoned house and activate these objects in the following order: radio, pitcher, garden gnome, pitcher, cinder block, garden gnome, and empty bottle. This should activate the portal to your right. Go to the terminal and follow through there.

Crashed UFO and alien location

Created by Robbaz.

Move north and slightly to the west of Minefield. You will find the VAPL-66 Power Station. Follow the power lines north until you hear a radio signal Athena. While staying in range of that signal, search the surrounding rocky area until you find the ship.
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Super Mutant Behemoth locations

There are five Super Mutant Behemoths that can be found and killed. After they die they cannot respawn. You can find them at the following locations.

  • Galaxy News Radio: This Behemoth will destroy a wall just outside the GNR Building as you enter the area (quest related).
  • Evergreen Mills: At the bandit camp near Vault 112, a Behemoth is behind an electric enclosure beside the train tracks. When the generator powering the enclosure is destroyed the Behemoth will escape.
  • The Capitol Building: Use the west entrance and go inside the main room. Look on the map. The room is straight down the hall from the entrance. However debris will force you to find an alternate route there.
  • Takoma Industrial: Located east of the GNR Building at the end of the map. The Behemoth is just north of the factory, standing in the middle of some wrecked cars.
  • Jury Station: Go west until you find a group of crumpled up train cars. Search this area until the Behemoth appears. You will know if you are in the correct area if you see a teddy bear in a shopping cart.