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Item Code
Agility 000388E5
Barter 000388F3
Big Guns 00038906
Charisma 00038850
Endurance 00038834
Endurance 00038834
Energy Weapons 0003892F
Explosives 00038930
Intelligence 0003885C
Lockpick 00038931
Luck 000388E6
Medicine 00038950
Melee Weapons 00038951
Perception 00038833
Perception 00038833
Repair 00038952
Repair 00038952
Science 00038953
Small Guns 00038954
Sneak 00038955
Speech 00038956
Strength 00038832
Unarmed 00038958

Person and objects

Use one of the following entries with the player.placeatme code. Note: Use 1 for the value of the x axis and y axis. You can use the same entries with the player.removeitem code to remove the same item.

Effect Code
Andy 0009B172
Andy 0006B237
Andy 00074163
AudioTemplateAntQueen 000B15F9
AudioTemplateBlowFly 0009B91A
AudioTemplateBrahmin 00028047
AudioTemplateBrahminPack 000AA7C0
AudioTemplateDeathclaw 000A7B1E
AudioTemplateDog 0003E632
AudioTemplateFeralGhoul 00065712
AudioTemplateMirelurk 00078803
AudioTemplateMirelurkKing 000C4977
AudioTemplateMoleRat 0007079D
AudioTemplateRadRoach 0003AEF7
AudioTemplateRadScorpion 000AF619
AudioTemplateRobotMrHandy 0004D036
AudioTemplateRobotProtectron 0005FCCB
AudioTemplateRobotRobobrain 0005CC52
AudioTemplateRobotSentrybot 0005CC51
AudioTemplateSentryTurret 000B9B5C
AudioTemplateSuperMutantBehemoth 00024103
AudioTemplateTurretCeiling 0001E821
AudioTemplateYaoGuai 0003FB04
Backup Protectron Unit 000C053E
Bandit 0007DCFB
Bloatfly 00092C3D
Brahmin 00021490
Brahmin 000A4E5D
Brahmin 00027FAD
Brahmin 000CA032
Brahmin 000A5396
Brahmin 0001F67C
Brahmin 0001CFA2
Brahmin 0008B5FE
Brahmin 0007E1B4
Button Gwinnett 00003A78
Centaur 00068646
Centaur 0001CF90
Cerberus 0002B8EA
Clancy 0002D3BE
Crow's Pack Brahmin 00027DEB
Dean Dewey 0002F582
Deathclaw 000AF836
Deathclaw 000C290A
Deathclaw 000B0449
Deathclaw 00031E29
Deathclaw 000BCC4D
Deathclaw 0004E140
Deathclaw 0004EE09
Deathclaw 0003210D
Deathclaw 0001CF72
Deathclaw 0001CF9A
Deathclaw 000C3280
Deputy Steel 0001D76F
Deputy Weld 0002040E
Doc 0004E79C
Dog 0001CF9C
Dog 00076926
Dogmeat 0006A772
Enclave Eyebot 00062DEA
Enclave Eyebot 00079F2B
Enclave Eyebot 0005AE49
Enclave Eyebot 0006A901
Enclave Eyebot 00059BC0
Enclave Eyebot 0001CF73
Enclave Eyebot 00062EAC
Enclave Eyebot 00043EC0
Enclave Eyebot 00097161
Enclave Sentry Bot 000AEC21
Enclave Sentry Bot 000AEC51
Enclave Sentry Bot 000AF5E5
Enclave Sentry Bot 000AF5E4
Ethyl 0002B8E5
Eye Intercom 00034020
Eye Intercom 000BC11C
Eye Intercom 0008F086
Factory Protectron 000BAE92
Failed FEV Subject 0007B861
Fawkes 0003D34E
Feral Ghoul 0009FAFA
Feral Ghoul 000BAD1A
Feral Ghoul 00072B87
Feral Ghoul 00072B59
Feral Ghoul 00052B9A
Feral Ghoul 00003AD8
Feral Ghoul 0005C342
Feral Ghoul 000AE86C
Feral Ghoul 0001CF7A
Feral Ghoul Roamer 00072B8A
Feral Ghoul Roamer 00072B88
Feral Ghoul Roamer 00072B79
Feral Ghoul Roamer 0001CF77
Feral Ghoul Roamer 00072B7F
Feral Ghoul Roamer 000A09CF
Fire Ant 000C8063
Fire Ant Nest Guardian 0006020B
Fire Ant Soldier 000AEDE4
Fire Ant Soldier 000393ED
Fire Ant Soldier 000854D5
Fire Ant Warrior 000C58EF
Fire Ant Warrior 000C72C9
Fire Ant Worker 000393EC
Fire Ant Worker 000AEDE3
Fire Ant Worker 00083EB5
Fluffy 0001FEC8
Four Score 00027FA7
Giant Ant 00027053
Giant Ant 0001FB34
Giant Ant 000BF5B8
Giant Ant 0002F005
Giant Ant Queen 0001CF7F
Giant Ant Queen 00034785
Giant Radscorpion 000307C2
Giant Radscorpion 0001CF9E
Giant Radscorpion 00032D2B
Giant Soldier Ant 0001CF80
Giant Soldier Ant 00032D2A
Giant Soldier Ant 00029036
Giant Worker Ant 0001CF81
Ginger 0007DD06
Glowing One 0003D807
Glowing One 00058772
Glowing One 00072B82
Glowing One 00073204
Glowing One 0001CF7B
Godfrey 0007F476
Harith's Pack Brahmin 00027DE7
Hoff's Pack Brahmin 00031189
Hooligan 0007DCF5
Invader Ant 00034777
Jitters 0002F585
Liberty Prime 0005FD26
Mad Brahmin 000CAAC0
Maintenance Protectron 0002D509
Marigold Ant Queen 0003181D
Mark I Turret 000603AA
Mark II Turret 0008F7B0
Mark II Turret 0006F772
Mark II Turret 0007B235
Mark II Turret 0008646C
Mark II Turret 0008646B
Mark II Turret 0008646A
Mark IV Turret 0007B23B
Mark IV Turret 0008646E
Mark IV Turret 0008646F
Mark IV Turret 0008646D
Mark V Turret 000A8A5C
Mark VI Turret 0003118D
Mark VI Turret 0007C166
Masterbrain 0001EE61
Meat 0002B8E7
Metro Protectron 0001D6E2
Metro Protectron 0003CAC5
Milo, Shipping Foreman 0004D5B7
Mirelurk 0004E5EB
Mirelurk 000A29F4
Mirelurk 000A289F
Mirelurk 0001CF83
Mirelurk Hunter 0001CF84
Mirelurk King 0007D410
Mirelurk King 0002D3BD
Mirelurk King 00047E87
Mister Buckingham 0001E746
Mister Gutsy 0009487F
Mister Gutsy 00021EC1
Mister Gutsy 0007BDA7
Mister Gutsy 00021EC0
Mister Gutsy 00021EBD
Mister Gutsy 000391AE
Mister Gutsy 00021EBE
Mister Handy 00036F89
Mister Handy 00058A0C
Mister Handy 000AC5F3
Mister Handy 00033581
Mister Handy 0002977A
Mister Mulberry 0001D770
Mole Rat 000A3D15
Mole Rat 0008840C
Mole Rat 000526E2
Mole Rat 0005BB10
Mole Rat 00053389
Mole Rat 00054D75
Mole Rat 0001CF9F
Mr. Handy 000296C5
Muffy 0003358A
Mutated Forager Ant 00032909
Muttface 0007DD0B
Nuka-Cola Security 00030522
Outcast Protectron 00071896
Outcast Robobrain 0006C5CD
Pete 0007DD0D
Private Jones 0001E747
Protectron 0001CF8B
Protectron 000A53F0
Protectron 00036F87
Protectron 000A592B
Protectron 000ABD6F
Protectron 0005BB02
Protectron 00039AF9
Protectron 000B2997
Protectron 00067386
Protectron 0006639F
Protectron 000663A4
Protectron 0005AC77
Protectron 0001CF8E
Protectron 0006639E
Protectron 0001CF8D
Protectron 00094868
Protectron 0001CF8F
Protectron 000A4527
Protectron 000A4426
Protectron 000A4524
Protectron 000A4528
Protectron 000A4529
Protectron 0005C3AA
Protectron 00031810
Protectron 0003995B
Pumpkin 000C79DE
Radroach 000C8231
Radroach 0002D4C7
Radroach 0002A171
Radroach 0006490C
Radroach 0001CF7C
Radroach 0005B3BE
Radroach 0002D6F7
Radroach 00032D2C
Radroach 000306CC
Radroach 000C595E
Radroach 000A11FA
Radroach 0009E897
Radroach 0003E592
Radroach 0001EFE3
Radroach 00020AF7
Radroach 000569B2
Radroach 000522DB
Radroach 0006B238
Radroach 0006B970
Radroach 000A25B1
Radroach 00030D89
Radscorpion 00044DCE
Radscorpion 0001CF9D
Raider Guard Dog 0001CF87
Rex 0007DD14
Robobrain 0001CF6D
Robobrain 0001CF89
Robobrain 0001CF74
Robobrain 0001CF70
Robobrain 000A5C6C
Robobrain 000500B8
Robobrain 0009487E
Robobrain 0004B03D
Rotting Brahmin Corpse 0001D3CD
Samuel 000CAADA
Sawbones 0002131F
Scavenger's Dog 00073E07
Scavenger's Dog 00073242
Scavenger's Dog 000C938B
Scavenger's Dog 0007323E
Scavenger's Dog 00073E10
Scavenger's Dog 00073E1D
Scavenger's Yao Guai 00073243
Scavenger's Yao Guai 00073E1E
Scavenger's Yao Guai 0007323F
Scavenger's Yao Guai 0007480F
Scavenger's Yao Guai 00073E23
Scavenger's Yao Guai 00073244
Scavenger's Yao Guai 00073E12
Scavenger's Yao Guai 00073E08
Sentry Bot 000A5D4E
Sentry Bot 0005F9CC
Sentry Bot 000AB4A1
Sentry Bot 0001CF8A
Sentry Bot 0001CF75
Sentry Bot 0001CF71
Sentry Bot 0001CF6E
Sentry Bot 0005F9D1
Sentry Bot 000A5C6E
Sentry Bot 00094881
Sentry Bot 0005F9CB
Sentry Bot 0002D06B
Sentry Bot 00094880
Sentry Bot 0005F9CA
Sentry Bot 0003A6FF
Sergeant RL-3 00094867
Shakes 00018FAE
Stefan 0006C559
Super Mutant 000B05E4
Super Mutant 000B05E5
Super Mutant 00020776
Super Mutant 00094EC5
Super Mutant 00094EC6
Super Mutant 00027FB4
Super Mutant 000BE92D
Super Mutant 0003A147
Super Mutant 000205D9
Super Mutant 0001CF93
Super Mutant 000C8513
Super Mutant 0004147C
Super Mutant 000B05E3
Super Mutant 00014C50
Super Mutant 0002DB93
Super Mutant 0001D529
Super Mutant 0001D6EA
Super Mutant 0001D6EC
Super Mutant 0009E8E8
Super Mutant 0002DB94
Super Mutant 0009E8E4
Super Mutant 0009E8E7
Super Mutant 0009E8E6
Super Mutant 0009EE04
Super Mutant 0009E8E9
Super Mutant 0002AB96
Super Mutant 0004147E
Super Mutant 0009E8E5
Super Mutant 0009E8E3
Super Mutant 000513EE
Super Mutant 000251B2
Super Mutant 00014C79
Super Mutant 000C34D2
Super Mutant 00029035
Super Mutant Behemoth 0001CF95
Super Mutant Behemoth 0001F567
Super Mutant Behemoth 0006F587
Super Mutant Behemoth 00028FED
Super Mutant Behemoth 0004BAF8
Super Mutant Behemoth 00097F30
Super Mutant Brute 0009E8DE
Super Mutant Brute 00092C4C
Super Mutant Brute 0003A148
Super Mutant Brute 00094EC8
Super Mutant Brute 0009E8E1
Super Mutant Brute 0009E8E2
Super Mutant Brute 00094EC7
Super Mutant Brute 0009E8E0
Super Mutant Brute 00092C4F
Super Mutant Brute 00094ECA
Super Mutant Brute 000513F1
Super Mutant Brute 00027FB6
Super Mutant Brute 00027FB3
Super Mutant Brute 00094EC9
Super Mutant Master 00027FB2
Super Mutant Master 00094ECC
Super Mutant Master 0003A149
Super Mutant Master 00094ECE
Super Mutant Master 00094ECB
Super Mutant Master 00094ECD
Super Mutant Master 00092C4D
Super Mutant Master 00092C4E
Talon Company Guard Dog 0008F0CF
Thomas Jefferson 000C053F
Uncle Leo 0004F793
Vicious Dog 000AB48B
Vicious Dog 000381DF
Vicious Dog 0005CC80
Vicious Dog 000406AA
Vicious Dog 0001D418
Wadsworth 0007F477
Wolfgang's Pack Brahmin 00027DE5
Yao Guai 0001CFA0
Yao Guai 000C394C
Yao Guai 000838B4

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