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Weapons strategies

Use the following steps to make the battle with the Emerald and Ruby Weapons easier. Note: This must be done after Meteor is summoned and the Highwind is in your possession.

1. Before fighting either Weapons, find and equip the Morph Matera before returning to the Undersea Reactor in Junon. Go through the sight-seeing tunnel (where the ocean can be viewed) and enter battles until the Ghost Ship appears. Use Morph when the enemy is low on HP to change them into an item called "Guide Book".
2. Leave Junon and return to Kalm. Go to the last house on the right, next to the bar. Go upstairs, where an old man will be encountered. He will explain how he wants to understand the afterlife, and ask you to find three items: Guide Book, Earth Harp, and Desert Rose. He will notice that you already have Guide Book and give you the Underwater Materia.
3. Equip the Underwater Materia. It does not gain AP and will not duplicate. This Materia removes the time limit when Emerald Weapon is encountered.
4. Defeat Emerald Weapon (a few mastered Mime and Knights of the Round will be helpful) to receive Earth Harp. Take it back to Kalm and give it to the old man to receive Master Summon (Red), Master Magic (Green), and Master Command (Yellow) Materia. These Materia can not level up or duplicate, but have all the abilities of their single counterparts. Master Summon grants all Summons for as long as MP are available. A similar effect is also used by Master Magic. Master Command is a little difficult to work with, but is still worth it.
5. Equip the new Materia and ram into Ruby, who is minding its own business in Gold Saucer. With luck, the single character Ruby allows to stay and fight will be ready to deal with this massacre.
6. Defeat Ruby and take Desert Rose to the man in Kalm to receive a Gold Chocobo. You probably will already have one, as Knights Of The Round is required for the Weapons battles. A good combo to use against the Weapons is HP Absorb + Knights (mega damage and mega boost in HP).

Equip your character with a Wizard Bracelet and for a weapon. Link a mastered Knights Of The Round or Master Summon materia to an HP Absorb. Then, link a mastered Counter (not Counter-Attack) to a Mime materia. Equip a mastered HP and MP Absorb, and equip a mastered Final Attack to a level 2 or higher Revive materia. Equip this on as many characters as you have the materia available. For Ruby Weapon, you only need to equip it on one character and kill the other two. The affect of this is if you cast Knights Of The Round at the beginning of a battle, you can mime it every turn to absorb over 9999 HP. The game will display a lower number, but you are really absorbing 9999 plus that number. When you get hit, you will counter attack with Knights Of The Round, absorbing any HP that you lost. Using this, you cannot lose unless you get killed in one hit, or if the enemy is too fast for you to counter-attack. If this happens the Final Attack + Revive will keep you in the battle.
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5X-Cut Materia combo

There is a way to increase the 4X-Cut ability of a LV2 Double Cut Materia. Since you cannot pair it with Support Materia, pair Master Command with Added Cut, and equip a LV2/Mastered Double Cut in another slot. When you use 4X-Cut in battle, your character will retreat, then attack one more time. Any command used, even magic spells/summons/items will get an extra attack afterwards. The only drawback is that Added Cut will also affect curative magic or items, even when used on an himself, or on another ally.

Good combinations

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  • Cover + Counter + Elemental with either Fire, Ice, Bolt, or Earth. Effect: Character covers for teammate and counter-attacks with an elemental attack.
  • Quadra magic + Bahamaut ZERO. Note: This does work with Knights Of The Round. Effect: Casts a summon four times in one turn.
  • Final Attack + Phoenix summon. Effect: When character dies he immediately casts Phoenix and is revived.
  • MP Turbo + Knights Of The Round, Effect: Increases damage from 80,000 to 129,987 AP.
  • Sneak Attack + any Barrier or Haste. Start battle by immediately casting whatever you linked it with.
  • Mime. Effect: Mimics attack preceding it. Especially useful when it follows Bahamaut ZERO or Knights Of The Round.
  • Cover, Counter (usually 3), Counter Magic + Bahamut Zero, Command Counter + Deathblow (Works best with Cloud). Effect: Cloud takes the hit for teammate, counter attacks three or more times, does a Deathblow attack, and casts Bahamut Zero; all without using a combat round. Also, if the first enemy dies when Cloud counter-attacks, he moves on to the next target.
  • Equip Cloud with his Ultimate Weapon and the Mystile armor. Equip Counter + Counter, Counter + Counter, (command) Counter + Deathblow, Added Effect-Hades on the weapon. Equip HP/MP Absorb-Master command, (Blue Materia) + Double Cut on the armor. Effect: Cloud will counter attack five times ending with a deathblow taking on some (if not all) of the effects of Hades. If your opponents have not already been killed, choose to attack to take some of their HP. If the Double Cut materia is mastered and Cloud's HP is nearly full, he can gain up to 3996 HP points.

Regular damage while using Morph

Find Yuffie's Conformer weapon on the Gelnika (Disc 2/3). Equip it and the Morph materia on her. Have Yuffie morph something in combat. Instead of causing 1/8th of normal damage, her Morph attack will causes regular damage, which speeds up the morphing process.

Morphing enemies quickly

Equip the Morph Materia paired with Sneak Attack Materia then Mega All Materia. Your character will automatically Morph the enemies at the beginning of a battle. This trick is very useful when you want to Morph multiple enemies. However, it will only work most, but not all, of the time.

Double Cut Materia

Go to the sunken Shinra ship and enter the door behind the save point. Go to the bottom floor's upper-right corner and press Circle (PlayStation version) to get it.

Added Cut Materia

  • In the Great Glacier, go to the top right corner. You will now be in a place that has four paths. Take the left-most path to reach one of those paths that connect others. Go up one screen then look on the ground. It is difficult to see, but if you look carefully you will find an Added Cut Materia on the ground.
  • In Great Glacier, go all the way to the right corner, which is Area 13 where you get the Alexander Materia. After the Boss fight with Snow go back to Area 12 and go forward one screen. On the second screen at the top right will be a open spot with the Added-Cut Materia.

Summon Materia locations

Choco Mog: Talk to the Chocobo at the front of the farm and reply "Waaark".
Shiva: At the Junon coast after saving Pricilla.
Ifrit: On the boat after beating Jenova-BIRTH.
Ramuh: Lying on the floor in the Chocobo Jockey waiting room.
Titan: In the wreckage of the Gongaga reactor.
Odin: Defeat the Lost Number enemy inside the Shinra mansion safe.
Leviathan: Defeat everyone in the Pagoda in Wutai.
Kjata: Walk to the second area in the Sleeping Forest and it will be floating around. Wait in the spot where it is first seen, then tap [Action] to take it. Do not use against fire absorbing enemies.
Alexander: After the snowboarding sequence, find the hot spring and touch it. Then find the area where you leave markers and keep to a straight path. Find the hut there and enter. Leave through the downward facing door. Go right, find the cave and talk to the person inside. Defeat her and the materia will fall from the sky.
Bahamut: Defeat the red dragon at the Cetra shrine.
Typhoon: Defeat the Ultimate Weapon a few times until it dies. A crate will remain. Go to the jelly object on top of the mountain and its at the end.
Neo Bahamut: After Geas cliff; just pick it up.
Phoenix: Found while collecting the Huge Materia at Mount Condor. After defeating the enemies and the man sends you out to check on the condor egg, it can be found on the ground.
Hades: On the wreckage in the Gelinka.
Bahamut ZERO: Collect the four Huge Materia. Store them in the Observatory, then look closely at the blue Huge Materia.
Knights Of The Round: Found on the island only on the final disc. It is unmarked at the top right of the map, and requires a Gold Chocobo to reach it.
Ramuh: After you defeat Dyne at Coral Prison, you will go up an elevator and into a room with Chocobo riders. There will be stalls at that location. Press Circle at the very last stall to get the Ramuh materia.

Getting the Knights Of The Round materia

Get a Gold Chocobo. Go to the top right area on the map. Although nothing will appear on the map, a small island will appear. Go on it and get off the Chocobo. You should see a small opening. Enter it to find the Knights Of The Round. The Gold Chocobo can also be used to find other materia caves.
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Getting the Underwater materia

Go to the underwater tunnel by using the elevator in Juno. Equip the Morph materia on someone and fight until encountering the Ghost Ship enemy. Morph it, and the ghost ship will turn into the Guide Book. Give it to the old man in the right-most house in Kalm. He will give you the Underwater materia. This materia eliminate the timer when you fight Emerald weapon.

Getting the Contain Materia

Get one Miment Green and give it to the White Chocobo before Mideel is destroyed. Then, scratch it behind the ear.

Elemental Materia

Just after you get the Highwind and Tifa becomes the party leader, go to Nibelheim. Enter Tifa's house and go to her room. Approach the piano and press Action. Tifa will say "Cloud... Cloud was playing". You will then find a hidden Elemental Materia.

On your first trip to Shinra HQ, you will meet Mayor Domino on the 62nd floor. He has a Keycard that he is willing to give you if you guess what the password is. If you get it correct on the first guess, he will give you an Elemental Materia as a bonus. To get the Keycard and Materia without going through the trouble of finding the hints, take the elevator down to the first floor and use the save point outside. Go back to Domino and take a guess at the password. If you are wrong, reset the game and guess until you are correct.

Master Materia

To get Master Materia (Magic, Summon, and Command), have every materia of a color mastered. Then, return to Cosmo Canyon. Go to the color of all the materia you mastered. It will exchange all the Master Materia of that color and you will get the mastered materia. Do the same thing to every color to get all Master Materia. Alternately, defeat Emerald Weapon in the ocean off Junon. After you win, go to Kaml. Go to the house to the right. The man there will exchange all three Master Materia.

Use the following trick to get Master Magic, Master Command, Master Summon and Gold Chocobo. Morph the Ghost Ship in the tunnel in the Underwater Reactor. Take the Guide Book (which eliminates the time limit with Emerald Weapon) to the man in Kalm in the right-most house, up stairs. Defeat the Emerald weapon to get the Earth Harp. Defeat the Ruby Weapon to get the Desert Rose. When you have all of these, take them to the man and he will give you the Master Magic, Master Command, and Master Summon and a Gold Chocobo.

HP <-> MP Materia

This trick requires a Black Chocobo. There is a desert cave located just opposite the Golden Saucer. Use a Black Chocobo to gain entry. Once inside, you will be able to get the HP <-> MP Materia. This Materia swaps your HP stats with your MP stats. For example, if your HP/MP is 9999/888, with this materia equipped it will be now 888/9999.

Super MP Absorb

Get the MP Absorb and Master Summon (W-Summon is suggested) materia. You can do this with any character, but Cloud is recommended. Equip the character you want to absorb MP with MP Absorb (it does not have to be mastered) linked with Master Summon. Enter a battle with this materia equiped and summon Knights Of The Round (two times if you have the W-summon materia). Once the summon is complete you will receive anywhere between 600 and 700 MP. This ability is very useful against the Ruby Weapon and Sephiroth.

Unlimited Regen

Instead of using Regen, which has a limited time of effect, equip yourself with an item or Materia that absorbs Poison. Make sure that it does not nullify Poison. Then, Poison yourself and you will recover health every turn until the very end of the battle. The best way to use this strategy is to equip the Poison Ring or the combination of the Elemental Materia level 3 with the Poison Materia in your armor.

Healing more effectively

Equip Restore Materia linked to All Materia. When in battle, you can heal everyone in your party using the same amount of MP as if you were just healing one person.

Enemy Skill Materia locations

Hojo's Experiment Chamber on the 68th floor of the Shinra Tower
In Midgar after defeating the H0512
The New Training Center in Junon
Sleeping House in the Forgotten City
The Chocobo Sage's Green Chocobo after you get the Highwind (post-meteor)

Getting the Contain Materia

Get five Miment Greens and go to Mideel at any time. Give the White Chocobo the greens, then tickle it behind its ear.

Go to the Chocobo Ranch and buy one of each Green. Then go to the Chocobo Sage's house and buy the other two Greens. Go to Mideel and up to the top level. Talk to the little White Chocobo and give him the Greens. Then, tickle him behind the ear and the Contain Materia will appear.

Bahamnant ZERO Summon Materia details

 PC  Walk around after boarding the Shinra No. 26 spaceship on disc two. Your party will be able to go down to the space pod or up the ladder to the right to the huge materia. Go to the huge materia and use the talk button at the tall glass to speak with Cid. He will explain the controls in this part of the game. Talk again at the case and enter the password OK [Keypad Enter], Switch [Keypad Delete], Cancel [Keypad Insert], Cancel [Keypad Insert] to collect the Key Item "Huge Materia". After travelling to Cosmo Canyon later in the game, talk to Bugenhagen. He will take your party up to his observatory. Approach to the Blue huge materia and get closer. Your party will receive the Bahamnant ZERO summon materia.

Materia Caves

The location and contents of four Materia Caves are as follows.

Materia Cave #1, Knights of the Round: This cave is located far north of the Chocobo Farm and can only be reached by a Gold Chocobo.
Materia Cave #2, Quadra Magic: This cave is south-east of the Chocobo Farm and can be reached with the Highwind and a Green Chocobo.
Materia Cave #3, Mime: This cave is far West of Rocket Town use a Blue Chocobo to get there.
Materia Cave #4, HP<->MP: This cave is north of Corel and can be reached with a Blue Chocobo.