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Low level advantages

Since the enemies level up as you do, try to keep your level as low as possible for easier battles. As long as your magic is good, defeating your opponents will not be a problem. Draw high level magic when your level is low to increase your status.

Increasing stats

  • You can increase all your stats by using GF Eden's Devour ability by eating the following:
Hp: Rinoa in Adel + 10 HP, Ruby Dragon + 10 HP
Str: T-Rexaur + 1 Str
Vit: Adamantoise + 1 Vit
Mag: Behemoth + 1 Mag
Spr: Malboro + 1 Spr
Spd: Pu Pu + 1 Spd
Note: If you eat a Cactuar your health is fully replenished.
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  • The following trick requires Doomtrain, Eden and Tonberry. You also need Doomtrains ability Forbid Med-RF, Edens ability GFAbl Med-RF, and Tonberrys Familiar and Call Shop abilities. You also need to have been to all of Esthers Shops. Go to Esther Pet Shop in the Call Shop ability, then buy either Giant's Rings, Power Wrists, Force Armlets, or Hypno Crowns.
Refine them with GFAbl Med-RF into their next form:
10 Giant's Rings to 1 Gaea's Ring
10 Power Wrists to 1 Hyper Wrist
10 Force Armlets to 1 Magic Armlet
10 Hypno Crowns to 1 Royal Crown
Then, use the Forbid Med-RF to turn them into status-ups:
1 Gaea's Ring to 1 HP Up
10 Hyper Wrists to 1 Str Up
10 Magic Armlets to 1 Spr Up
10 Royal Crowns to 1 Mag Up
It takes 150 000 000 gil just to get 100 of the status ups, each. Although this will take a long time, is shorter to do it this way then to eat monsters. You can also Refine Vit Ups by buying Vit-J Scrolls and using the GFAbl Med-RF to Refine 10 into 1 Orihalcan, then Refine 10 of those into 1 Adamantine, then use Forbid Med-RF to turn 5 of those into 1 Vit Up. You also can Refine Spd Ups by fighting a lot of Cactuars on Cactuar Island, and getting 100 Cactus Thorns then Refine them with GFAbl Med-RF to 1 Hundred Needles then Refine that using Forbid Med-RF, into 1 Spd Up.
  • To get Squall's high HP early, learn Siren's L-Mag-RF before you go to Timber. Get Squall to a high SeeD rank. Answer all the SeeD answers before going to Timber. Walk around the outside of Balamb until you get your pay. Enter Balamb and buy 10 Tents and refine them into 100 Curagas. learn Quezacolt's HP-J ability and equip the 100 Curagea to his HP-J.
  • Use the following trick to get very strong early in the game. This can be done before or after your first trip to the Fire Cavern, but it will not be much help unless you have Ifrit, Str-J ability, and Siva's I Mag-RF ability. Either way, go down to the shoreline and keep fighting the Fastitocalon-Fs that appear. Each set of two will yield 6 AP; and it would help to have Ifrit learn Str+20% while doing this. Sometimes they will drop Fish Fins, and with the I Mag-RF ability, each of these can be refined into 20 Water spells. Once five Fish Fins are collected, they will be equal to 100 Water spells. Water junctions incredibly well to any stat, and the best way to use the spell is to junction it all to Squall's strength. With 100 Water, and Str+20%, Squall will be doing a massive amount of damage.
  • Use the following trick to obtain a 255 strength stat on Disc 1. It only works for one person(Squall recommended). Junction Shiva to a party member. She has the Str-J ability. Level up to level 30 or higher. Have Quezacotl learn the Card Mod ability. Have Ifirit learn all the strength boosting abilities (Str+20%, etc.) and Junction it to Squall or anyone else in your party. Win the Quistis card and the Zell card. Defeat Diablos by rubbing the magical lamp that Cid gave you. Have Diablos learn the Time Space magic refine ability. Using the Card Mod ability, turn the Quistis card into three Samantha Souls, and the Zell card into three Hyper Wrists. Use one Hyper Wrist on Ifrit so he can learn Str +60%. Turn the three Samantha Souls into Triples using the Time Space magic refine ability from Diablos. Give all these Triples to the desired party member. Junction Triple to Strength and the result is that your strength will skyrocket to at least 130+. To get to 255, use Ifirit's Str +20, 40, or 60% abilities. If it does not work, junction Diabos to the party member, since he has the Ability x3 ability, allowing you to junction all three Strength boosters to the desired character. You should now have acquired maximum strength while still on Disc 1.

Easy gil

  • Tonberry's Haggle and Sell High abilities as well as Carbuncle's Recovery Medicine Refining ability must be learned for this trick. Obtain 75,000 gil and by 100 Tents from any shop. Refine them into 25 Mega-Potions, which can be sold for 7,500 gil each. This results in a profit of 105,000 gil.
  • Battle Mezmerizes or refine their cards, you can use Carbuncle's Recovery Medicine Refinement to turn each Mezmerize Blade into two Mega Potions. This more than triples the profits from the previous method listed.
  • Build a high speed level, the Rare item ability, hit at 255%, and a high strength stat. Go to Cactuar Island and fight Cactuars. You will usually acquire an item called Jet Engine, which can be sold for 150000 gil.
  • This trick requires the Recov-Med-RF. Go near the Trabia Garden. When you get there, you should that it is surrounded by mountains. Go to the opening of the mountains and find the area not covered with snow. Go on it and defeat a Mezmerize to get some Mezemrize Blades. Use the Recov-Med-RF ability on the Mezmerize Blades to transform one blade into two Mega Potions. You can either sell the Mega Potions for 5,000 gil or save them to cure yourself.
  • This trick works on Disc three with the Recov Med-RF. Go outside of Esther to encounter a monster called a Mesmerize. After you defeat it, you will get an item called the Mesmerize Blade. Get 100 of those and then use the Recov Med-RF on it to get 200 Mega Potions. Sell the 200 Mega Potions for 1,000,000 gil. This trick works better if you have the Mug ability.
  • Make sure you have good status defense, then fight Malboros. When you defeat them, you will most likely get either eight Malboro Tentacles or ten Curse Spikes. Use Siren's St Med-RF ability to change one Curse Spike into one Remedy or one Malboro Tentacle into two Remedies. You can sell Remedies for about 375 each using Tonberry's Sell-High ability. For example: 40 Remedies can get you an instant SeeD Rank A's pay (30,000).
  • After the trip to Esthar, fight and mug a lot of Mesmerizes. Mug Mesmerize Blades from them. Use one of Carbuncle's abilities to refine each blade for two Mega-Potions. Each will sell for 5,000 gil. Use Tonberry's Sell High and Haggle abilities for more money.
  • The following trick requires the GFs, Tonberry and Carbuncle. You also need Tonberrys abilities Sell-High, Haggle, Call Shop, and Familiar, and Carbuncles ability Recov Med-RF. You also have to visit all of Esthers Shops. You can get all of this by Disc 3. Use Call Shop to access the Esther Shop, Buy at least 2 Cottages, then use the Recov Med-RF Ability to refine them all into Mega-Potions. Sell the Mega-Potions. The Cottages cost 1,800 gil or 1,350 gil with the Haggle ability (recommended). With the Sell-High ability you can sell each Mega-Potion for 7,500 gil but only 5,000 gil without it. You can do this trick with or without the Haggle or Sell-High abilities, but you make more money with them. Note: You can do this trick with Tents also, at the beginning of Disc 2 when you are Laguna. You can learn Carbuncles Recov Med-RF ability, then when you are at the D-District Prison you can buy Tents at the shop on Floor 8, then Refine them and sell the Mega-Potions.
  • This trick requires Quezacoatl's Refine Med-RF ability. Buy 100 Tents for 100,000 Gil. Refine the tents into 25 Mega-Potions. Sell the Mega-Potions for 125,000 Gil. Your profit will be 25,000 Gil each time this is done. To make more money, you can also get Tonberry's Haggle and Sell High.
  • This trick requires at least 4,000 Gil, the Carbuncle's Recov Med-RF ability, and to speed up the trick, the Tonberry's Call Shop, Haggle and Sell-High abilities. Buy four or more Tents at any shop and refine these into Mega-Potions with the Recov Med-RF ability. Then, sell it at a shop to obtain 5,000 Gil. With the Sell-High ability, you will obtain 7,500 Gil and with the Haggle ability, you need 3,000 Gil.
  • About the time when you can rent a car, get your SeeD rank to 19 or above. Buy about 6 or 7 Fuels and rent a car. Keep driving around where you can buy fuel until the fuel you have runs out. You will get about 3 SeeD paychecks, which will pay for the car, more fuel, with money left over.
  • Make sure that you have the Carbuncle GF and its ability Recov Med RF learned. It only requires 30 AP. Then, go out into a place where there is a large chance that you will encounter Mesmerizes in random battles (for example, at Esthar before the Lunar Cry or in Trabia's Bika Snowfield near Trabia Garden). Use Diablos' Mug ability to get Mezmerize Blades from them. Usually, you get two or six from each Mezmerize. Once you have 100 Mezmerize Blades, refine half with Recov Med-RF. You should now have 100 Mega-Potions. Each Mega-Potion can be sold to a store for 5,000 Gil. Sell your Mega Potions to acquire the 250,000 Gil. Then, refine the other 50 Mezmerize Blades into 100 Mega-Potions with Recov Med-RF. Sell them for 250,000 Gil, giving you a total profit of 500,000 Gil. Later, if you obtain the Tonberry GF (available anytime after the mobility of Balamb Garden) and teach it the Sell High ability, you can sell any item for 1.5% its original price and get even more of a profit.

Saving money

This trick will save 50,000 Gil. When Balamb is under Galbadian control, go to Zell's room and save the game. Go to the Harbor. You will find a Tabloid Reporter hiding behind military vehicles. Pay him for all the information he has then reset the game. You will have all the information, and still have your money.

Easy experience

  • Equip one character with Auto-Haste, Initiative, and Junction 100 Pain spells to their attack. They will go first, and blind/poison/silence the target monster (this works well against Behemoths). Have another character cast Zombie on the helpless monster, and have the third character use the Revive ability on the Zombied monster. Behemoths cannot see to counter attack, and Silence keeps them from using their high-level magic. In all Final Fantasy games, undead monsters are injured by curative magic, and killed by Life spells, Phoenix Downs, etc. Use this technique when fighting the Behemoths in the Deep Sea Research Center on the south-western-most corner of the world map to accumulate experience and build your characters. Note: This only works on monsters that are susceptible to Death magic. Bosses are immune to this trick, as are Ruby Dragons and Imps. Those opponents must be killed by traditional means; however the Diablos summon kills most Imps in one hit.
  • When in the Disc 3, have Quistis in your party and have her life low or in the yellow. Go to the island on the far left of the world map and use Degenerator on all the enemies. This will result in easy experience for your party.
  • Before fighting sorceress Edea in the Galbadian Garden, go to the arena. Walk around on the ice, and you will eventually fight hockey players. They are easy to defeat and give you approximately 15 High Potions, with a lot of AP and experience points after each battle -- which is necessary to defeat Edea.
  • Once you have Odin, (Odin and Gilgemesh GF), travel to the Island Closest To Hell. Get into a fight, run, and repeat until Odin appears. Odin appears once or twice every seven to ten battles.
  • Get the Level Up and Mad Rush abilities, and have 100 Blind and 100 Beserk junctioned to the characters' Status Attack. Travel to Trabia and the Bika Snow Field. When you encounter the Snow Lion, attack him so that he is Berserked and Blinded. Alternately, use magic or draw his Berserk. Snow Lion will now attempt to attack your party, but fail. Use Lv Up on him until you cannot use it any more (starts to fail). Then, cast Mad Rush on your party then return between five to ten minutes later and he should be defeated. You will receive about three bars of EXP if you are on level 70 and even more bars if your level is lower.
  • Go the forest near Trabia Garden and fight a Snow Lion. It is usually accompanied with Bite Bugs. Cast Blind and Berserk on the Snow Lion then level it up to 100 with Tonberry's Lv Up ability. Kill it to get 2000 to over 3000 experience points. Casting Mad Rush on you party members makes this faster, since they will attack by themselves.
  • After you acquire Shiva and Quezocoatal from the computer at the beginning of the game and are able to go to the beach outside the Garden, go there. Equip the GFs and set Shiva to learn Doom. Fight the Fastiticolon-F's on the beach. You are guaranteed 6 AP from each battle. When Shiva learns Doom, go to training center in the Garden and equip Doom to your ability list. Run around the right side of the training center and fight T-Rexaurs repeatedly, using Doom on them. You will get plenty of experience, and 10 AP from each battle. When you get to about level 30, they will start to drop Star Fragments. This will only work when you are by yourself. A normal monster's level is always around 10 levels below the person with the lowest level in your group. To fully utilize this, wait until you have the stat bonuses from the GFs and train at the training center until you are level 100.
  • You can easily get to a very level early in Disc 1, but it is time consuming. On your first SeeD mission, to the Dollet communications tower, you will fight an Anacondaur. This big snake gives you a large amount of experience per battle, and if you have your GF Shiva at a high level the battles should be easy. You can do it either here or in a small forest outside of Timber. It can take up to four to five hours to get up to level 100, but it makes the Boss battles on the first two discs easy.
  • Go to the Island Closest To Heaven with Quistis in your party. Keep her health in the yellow and use Degenerator in a battle. This will end the battle quickly and give you lots of experience. Keep doing this for each battle on the island and you will be at level 100 quickly.
  • The following trick can be used to obtain level 100 easily in Disc 1. When you reach Timber, go over to an area outside the city on the world map called Shenand Hill. It is a rocky area with a hidden Thundara Draw Point. Run around this area. The only monster you will fight are Vysages, Righty, and Lefty monsters. Mug and kill them. You will always easily get 800 to 1,100 experience points. They also drop rare items such as Lightweights and Life Rings which can be turned into powerful level 3 spells like Full Life and Haste.

 PlayStation  When you have Ragnarok and GF Odin, fly to the Island Closest To Hell. Make sure you have lots of HP. When there, run around your ship until you start a battle. When it begins, press L2 + R2 to run away. If you are lucky, Odin will appear and kill the enemies. If not, try again. You will get lots experience points from the enemies there. If you do not want to lose all your hard work, save often. You should bring some Tents with you.

Easy AP

  • Start the game as usual and get Squall, Quistis and your GFs leveled up (over 20 for people with GF equipped). Complete the Ifrit sequence and go on to the regular Dollet Town mission. Finish everything up to the spider robot. Knock it out once, then when it begins repairing itself, use another summon (two if it takes that long to get back up), knock it out with a GF again, then run away as Zell suggests. This results in 50 AP points, which can be repeated as long as you watch the timer.
  • Take Balamb Garden to Edea's house and go north until you find a large desert (Kashkabald desert). You can fight Cactuars, Chimeras, and Abyss Worms if you stay on the sand. Find a Cactuar or two, and kill them. Each one defeated will result in 20 AP, which is helpful for learning moves that require a lot of AP, such as Alexander's Revive.
  • Have Quistis at very low life so she can Limit Break. Also have the Degenerator attack learned. Go to the Island Closet To Heaven or Hell (Hell recommended due to minimum status effect) and use it on the level 100 beast. Everyone should get at least one level up with every fight. This will always kill any monster besides a Boss. Repeat this to get all characters to level 100.
  • For an easy 400 AP points, when you fight the X-Atm092 you can get 50 AP points per battle. Although, your ranking will go down by 10% every time, you will still become a SeeD.
  • After getting the Ragnarok, go to Cactuar Island. Run around until you are confronted by a little Cactuar. Kill it quickly or it will escape. For each one you kill, you will get 20 AP.
  • Have Irvine with his health in the yellow at Cactaur Island. Make sure he has a very high speed or initiative ability. Get into a fight and have him use his Quick Shot. If done correctly, instead of only getting one with Squall, you can usually get three at a time, giving yourself 60 AP.
  • After you get your Garden moving can control it yourself, go to the southeast continent. Fly along the shore until you find a narrow passage where your Garden cannot fit through. Get out of the garden and walk through to go to a desert. Once there, you will find Cactaurs, Abyss Worms, and Chimeras. The Cactaur are worth 20 AP each and sometimes appear in groups of three. It is an easy kill, as they have low HP and defense.
  • After the Lunar Cry occurs, return to Esthar (before you see Edea). From the Airstation inside of Esthar, walk to the end of the screen. Then at the fork in the road, make a right. Go to the save point and save the game. You will be healed as well by the machine that the save point is inside. After that, walk until you reach the screen where three skytubes end. Walk up the road due north, and there will be another screen. There is another fork in the road here. Go right, but stay on this screen. There will be a black figure against the railing. Go up and talk to it. It should say "Heeheehahahee". You will be forced into a fight with an Elnoyle. If you have not drawn 100 Holy, do so now. Cast Doomtrain on it and then attack with physicals. When it dies, it will give you 1000 EXP, 18 AP, and two Energy Crystals. Leave the screen and return. It will be back again, allowing you to repeat this procedure. It will always return as long as you do not move on to Disc 4.
  • At the beginning of the game, fight the Fasticalons on the beach. One fight nets you 6 AP. Use this to learn Shiva's Ice Magic Refine skill to turn Fish Fins into Waters and junction them to your stats (Strength in particular). You will have an easier time with battles.
  • Use the following trick to get lots of AP quickly before your first visit to Galbadia Garden. Make sure Siren has learned Treatment. While it is not required, this will make the fights a lot easier. When you take the train to the East Academy Station, get off but do not go into the forest. This will trigger the Laguna dream and you will have to go through of that. Instead, go down to the beach near Timber. To the west of this beach is a plateau that has brown terrain near its foothills. You will frequently find the enemy Vysage here. He has two hands and a head, which are each separate targets. He also casts Darkness, Slow, Silence. and Confusion, but these can be negated with Treatment. Summon GFs a lot to defeat him easily. You will get 12 AP per battle. Be aware that you can also draw useful Esuna and Haste magic from the head, and the arms carry Blind, Drain, and Slow.
  • When you have the Ragnarok, go to Cactuar Island and fight the big cactus that pops out of the ground. When you fight it, use the magic called Meltdown if available. Then, attack it rapidly with Leviathan and Water. Also, use Squall's Limit Break Renzokuken and Zell's Limit Break Duel to damage the Jumbo Cactuar. You should at least have the "Twin Lance" Gunblade and the "Maverick" Gloves when you fight it. You should soon defeat it. You will get the Cactuar GF. Then, walk around the island and fight small Cactuars. They are very difficult to hit, but you will get 20 AP for each one defeated.

Easy AP and experience points

  • Go to Cactaur Island earn 20 AP for each Cactaur that is defeated in battle. Cactaur Island is the small island covered by a desert.
  • Get the Tonberry GF and equip the Lv Up ability. Get Diablos and equip the Mug function. Use the Ragnarok to go to the top of the Vienne Mountains and fight the blue dragons. Use Lv Up, then Mug and he will automatically die. If he does not, repeat Lv Up and Mug. The experience from a maximum level Blue Dragon exceeds 1000 points. Note: Do not try this with anything else, as it may create a dangerous monster.
  • Display the world map and travel to the left-most island. It contains powerful monsters that can easily level up your characters after battles.
  • Once the Ragnarok is obtained, fly to the island closest to the east or west of the world map. The name of the islands should be Island Closest to Heaven or Island Closest to Hell. Defeat the difficult opponents here to accumulate AP and experience.
  • Use the following trick on Disc 3 or 4 to gain quick AP. When you get the Ragnarok, go to Cactus Island where you can get Cacture. Run around until you are fighting little cactuses, but make sure you have Auto-Haste junctioned. After winning the fight, you will get 20 AP from only one cactus. However, if you manage to defeat two or more you will get 40 to 60 AP.

9999 Health

Get to level 43 or higher and draw or refine an item into 100 Curaga. Do not level up. Instead Junction 100 Curaga to HP. If you are not at 9999 HP, put on HP +20%, HP +40%, or HP +80 %.

Early health

When you go to the Tomb of the Unknown King, get Brothers and their Cards. Use Quetzacoatl's Card Mod ability on Sacred's Card to get 100 Dino Bones. Then use Diablos' TimeMag Refine ability to make 100 Quakes for each character. All of your characters should have 2000+ health at around level 15.

Drawing magic

At the start of the game, draw all the low level magic you want since you can refine it with Mid-Mag-Rf (a GF ability). However, since you get all the high level magic early, do not draw it from enemies (Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Triple, or Curaga). If you do and do not use up all of the mid level magic, you will not have enough room towards the end of the game to draw Flare, Ultima, Holy, or any other strong magic. When you receive Alexander from Sorcoress Edea after the Galbadian Garden/Balamb Garden battle (you must draw it from her), you will be able to make him learn High-Mag-Rf, which will let you refine mid to high level magic. The mid level magic is fine to this point, since you will get other magic such as Tornado, Meltdown, Reflect, and Quake to junction to your stats before then.

More HP

Have magic Full-Life, learn GF HP-j and HP +80%. Equip Full-Life on HP Magic and have Ability HP +80% equipped.

Ending scene

Allow the credits to complete after the final FMV sequence to see Squall and Rinoa.

Change the clock's colors

  • Accumulate 99 hours and 59 minutes of playing time. The clock will then start over, but now be in red numbers rather than white.
  • When you reach 99 hours and 59 minutes with red numbers, the color changes to blue. You can continue accumulating time to change the colors to yellow, green, then purple. The colors no longer change after reaching 99 hours and 59 minutes with purple numbers. This corresponds to 600 hours of game time.

Dancing soldiers on control panel

 PlayStation  You can toy around a bit with the Missile Control Panel. Choose to go to the equipment inspection screen to see the equipment used by the Galbadian Army. Hold Triangle + Square and press Up or Down. The scene will switch to either a dancing Galbadian Soldier or Elite Soldier.

Auto navigation

 PlayStation  After you get the Ragnarok airship in Disc 3, while flying the ship stop and press Select(3) to display the world map. Then, move the hand pointer to any of the yellow dots on the world map. Press X then select "Yes". Then the ship will auto fly to that location will without you having to steer manually.

Lunch Lady's kid

if you talked to the Lunch Lady to the left in the Garden, she will tell you about her son and how he went out on his own. You can actually meet him after the Boss Battle in FH (with BGH251F2). In this part of the game, you will be left alone. Meet up with Irvine at the top of the elevator, then go back the area where you just fought the Boss and talk to the teenager in yellow. If you ask if he is the Lunch Lady's son he will board the Garden.

Eyes On Me instrumental version

To hear the song "Eyes On Me" (instrumental version), hop in the Ragnorok or Flying Balamb Garden and fly to Shumi Village. Go to the Hotel/Inn and the song will be playing.