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Rare card locations

, , , Christian L., Brian M, and

Alexander: Piet in Lunarside Base.
Angelo: Watts, on Forest Owl's train.
Bahamut: Defeat Bahamut.
Carbuncle: CC Heart.
Cerebrus: Defeat Cerebrus.
Chicobo: Summon four Large Chocobo at all six Forests, then proceed to the Chocobo Shrine.
Debuchocobo: Man sitting on the bench in front of the Balamb Garden Library.
Diablos: Defeat Diablos (Use the Magical Lamp obtained from Cid to find it).
Doomtrain: Timber Pub bartender (Queen of Cards quest).
Edea: Edea at her house.
Eden: Defeat Ultima Weapon.
Fat Chocobo: Man in front of Balamb Library (Queen of Cards Quest).
Gilgamesh: Card Club's King.
Ifrit: Defeat Ifrit in the Fire Cave.
Irvine: Flo, female station master at Fisherman's Horizon (Queen of Cards quest).
Kiros: Man in black suit in Deling shopping area (Queen of Cards quest).
Komoguri: Little boy in a blue shirt running around Balamb Garden's hall.
Laguna: Ellone in Lunarside Base.
Leviathan: CC Joker.
MiniMog: Boy running laps around Balamb Garden.
Minotaur: Defeat Brothers.
Odin: Defeat Odin.
Pandemona: Zell's neighbors; man standing in front of Balamb hotel.
Phoenix: Esthar presidental assistant (Queen of Cards quest).
PuPu: Look for UFOs to pass by during a battle in the following places (you must have Diablos' "Enc-None"):
  • 1. Outside Winhill Town
  • 2. Mandy Beach, northeast of Timber
  • 3. Heath Peninsula, east of Trabia Garden
  • 4. Kashkabald Desert.
  • After sighting all four, fly the Ragnarok to the rocky cliffs above the Chocobo Shrine. Encounter a UFO and defeat it. Then, head to the crater where Balamb Garden used to be. You will encounter a PuPu. Feed him five elixirs and you will be rewarded. Its only a level 5 card, but is definitely the hardest card to find.
Quezacotl:Fisherman Horizon's male station master (second floor in the station house).
Quistis: "Trepe Fan Club" member #2 in Balamb Garden lecture room.
Rinoa: Lose the Ifrit card to General Caraway in Deling City. It can be won back from Marlene in Fisherman's Horizon.
Secret and Minotaur: Defeat Brothers.
Seifer: Cid at Edea's house; or from Cid on disc 1 immediately before going to Timber on the mission.
Selphie: Selphie's best friend in Trabia Garden.
Shiva: Trade "Girl Next Door" to Zone.
Siren: Card Master on second floor of the Dollet Pub; walk east to battle him.
Squall: Laguna at Esthar Presidential Building.
Ward: Dr. Odine in Esthar.
Zell: Zell's mother in Balamb town.

Cards from leaders

Shumi Village: Deling City
Elder: Boss Cards
General Caraway: All his cards
Ultima Weapon: Bite Bug
Gerogero: Blood Soul
Oilboyle: Caterchipillar
Abadon: Funguar
Model Type 8: Red Bat
Krystra: Gayla
Sphinxara: Cockatrice
Tiamat: Blobra
Gargantua: Gesper
Propagator: Fastitocalon-F
Elvoret: Riona (must lose Ifrit to him then he will use Riona, then talk to him again and he will say he lost it to Martine (Mayor of FH).

Find Ko-Chocobo card in Disc 4

In order to find this card, you must have defeated all the CC group members, the Card King, and have met at least one time with the Card Queen. On the chain in Altemisia's Castle, head to the northern door (nearest to the castle) to return to the world map. There is a Chocobo forest near here. Go and get a Chocobo, then head to the island where you found Edea's home. There is a desert on this island where you will find the Ragnarok. Enter and you will find Shu near the entrance. Start a card game with her after the short dialogue, . Save before playing against her, as she is a difficult opponent.

Find level 6 and 7 Boss Cards

On Disc 2 in Fisherman's Horizon, immediately after saving Mayor Dobe, when Squall decides to look around by himself, go back to the mayor's house. Go to the right of the house where Squall and Rinoa will sit and talk. Martine will be there. He has a lot of level 6 and 7 Boss Cards. Be careful though, as he is a very good player and has a lot of good cards; He "confiscated all the cards from the students at Galbadia Garden." He will want to play for just one card, though. It will be to your benefit if you can push the rules to be diff.

To get all the level 6 Boss Cards early, go to the classroom in Galbadia Garden. Its a good idea to have a good team of cards before you do this, with some GF cards (for example, Diablos, Ifrit, Angelo, Malboro and Granaldo). When Squall leaves the visitors room in a huff, explore the Garden. There are two classrooms. One of them has three people in it. They all talk about cards and they all play. The girl has all 10ten of the level 6 Boss Cards. Using skill, sense, and a few good cards, you can get all the level 6 cards within thirty minutes. Get as many as possible because they refine into useful items.

Find level 8 Chicobo Card

Go to the beginners Chocobo Forest and find the mother Chocobo. Use the "Zinner" for finding Chocobo's and listen carefully until you heae a sound. Use the "Zinner" again to "Catch Chocobo" and the mother Chocobo will dig up some items for you. Repeat this at all six Chicobo forests, then head to the Chocobo Sanctuary in Esthar. By using the mother Chocobo you get in the Chocobo forest on Lenown Plains in Centra. When you arrive, all the mother Chicobos will do a dance. Talk to the baby Chocobo and he will give you the card.

Locations for Chocobo forests

  • Tribia Peninsula, winter island
  • Tribia Peninsula, Sorbald Snowfield
  • Tribia Peninsula, Bika Snowfield
  • Centra Peninsula, Nectar Island
  • Centra Peninsula, Lenown Plains
  • Esthar Peninsula, Talle Mountains

Find the Gilgamesh Card for Holy Wars

It is very easy to get Gilgamesh's Card to get Holy Wars. If you have gotten the card before Disc 4 from Card King, refine it into 10 Holy Wars when you reache the Ragnarok in Disc 4. Make sure the rule use earlier is not too complicated. Open, Sudden Death, Elemental are acceptable. "Same" is still acceptable, but if "Plus" or "Random" is applied, it will be more difficult. Both Xu and Quistis have the card in the Ragnarok. It is up to you to play with either of them, but since Xu uses the rule applied earlier, it is an advantage to play with her instead of Quistis (who uses all the rules). Xu uses the card very frequently -- if it is not in your hand. It is possible to get 100 Holy Wars by this method.

Card mods

Abbys Worm: 1 for 1 Windmill
Adamatoise: 3 for 1 Turtle Shell
Anacondour: 1 for 1 Venom Fang
Angelo: 1 for 100 Elixers
Bahamut: 1 for 100 Megalixers
Belhelmel: 1 for 1 Saw Blade
Bite Bug: 1 for 1 M: Stone Peice
Blitz: 1 for 1 Dynamo Stone
Bomb: 1 for 1 Bomb Fragment
Cactuar: 1 for 1 Cactus Thorn
Cocatrice: 1 for 1 Cocatrice Pinion
Creeps: 1 for 1 Coral Fragment

Regaining modded cards

Refine the rare cards desired, but not all of them. Defeat the Card Club Group before time compression occurs (when you fight the fake Sorceresses). Get the Ragnarok on Disc 4. Re-challenge all of the Card Club members. If you are lucky, your card will re-appear in somebody's hand in the group. Note: This may not work with the character cards or level 9 GF cards.

Card game tips

Save the game before playing an opponent you have not played before. If you use rare cards someone might defeat you and take them. Card many enemies so that you can card-mod them to get items. Also, play many people to get items, such as wizard stones. Never give up a rare card - keep trying until you are successful. Be patient if you cannot card a good enemy, just keep trying.

Once you get Quistis and some Bomb cards, go to Balamb near the docks. You will see a man leaning over or a girl and a dog in the area. Challenge them for level 5 cards. To create the best strategy for them, have 3 Marlboros, one Elastoise, and one Biggs and Wedge. First, use one Marlboro to the DL corner. Use another to the CL. Use the Elastoise to either the UR or CR corner. Do the CR only if you cannot place it UR. Then, depending on where they put their last card, is where you should use the Biggs and Wedge card or the final Marlboro card. Using this strategy, you will never lose with these two opponents. The worst you can do is tie. However, this is only for the beginning parts of the game. The best time to do this is immediately after the Fire Caves. You can get Squall's second best sword easily by doing this at the very beginning of the game.

Missed cards

The following trick can be used to get cards missed during the CC Quest and the Queen of Cards Quest. On Disc 4, all the CC members are scattered around the Ragnorok, but only if you have defeated the CC King earlier in the game. To get cards missed in the Queen of Cards Quest, you will find the Queen on the southern peninsula of the Esthar continent. She is not visible on the world map, so you will have to do some searching. Note: The CC members use various rules from around the world. The Queen will always use all the rules.

You can find the Card Queen on the Abadan Plains, south of Esthar. She will have any card you would have obtained during the Queen of Cards side quest in the previous discs. Go to any of the CC members or the Card Queen and win any rare card from him/her. Using Quezacotl's Card Mod ability, you can refine it into a rare item(s). Repeat this to get many rare items.

To complete your card collection, in disc three, go to Dargeleo and play cards with a red-haired man (he owns all the ship cards). Then, in disc four, go to Treno and enter the card club. Every card-player has different kind of card (i.e. Mobols, Summons, Bugs, etc.)

You can initially get Angelo's card from Watts at Forest Owl's train. If you missed that opportunity, you can get it at the White SeeD Ship from Watts.

Go to Shumi Village. Go to the elevator to the city and face Artisan. He has Boss cards such Tiamat, and even better ones.

Get a card back

To get a card back, challenge your opponent again. There is a 50% chance that he or she might use the card you lost.

Obtaining rare cards

To obtain rare cards like Iguon, Tri-point, Gargantua, Jumbo Cactuar, etc. just look at the bottom right corner of your card stats when you win one. A list of two monsters will appear. Keep carding the first monster until you get the card which has the monster listed. Once you have got the card and you want another one, keep carding the second monster until you get one. Then, repeat this process.

When you are about to get a rare card (Minimog, Qustis, Zell, ect.), save your game. There is a good chance that your opponent will use that card again.

Early cards

For some early cards, make sure you talk to the man on the second floor near the elevator. He will give you some starting cards allowing you to begin playing people from this point forward.

Easily removing one card game rule

Go to the region that you want to remove the rule. Ask people to play the game. After the menu that shows the region, "Trade Rule" will appear. Quit the card game without playing. Repeat this several times until the menu displays that the rule "... is abandoned from this region".

Do not get a hard card rule in a new region

When you go to a new region and ask a card player to play, he/she will say "I seem you know the rules of this unfamiliar region, let's play with ???'s rule". Do not accept the challenge, and talk to the player several times until he/she only says the desired rule before accepting the challenge.

Easy Card Queen's quest

The Card Queen quest may be difficult part of the game because of her random movements and her difficulty as an opponent. Use the following information to save time. You should know that she wants the Minimog, Sacred, Doomtrain, Kochocobo and Alexander cards. When you play against her, you should give her every card she wants in as few card games as possible. When she finally goes to Dollet she will reveal all the locations of the rare cards at once. There is a small probability that she will head to Dollet when you give her one of the previously mentioned cards. If you want to save time again, keep in mind that:

  • When she is in Balamb, she will probably go to Deling City (but sometimes if you lose the Siren card to her she might go to Dollet).
  • When she is in Deling City, she will probably go to F.H.
  • When she is in Dollet, she will probably go to Deling City.
  • When she is in the Shumi village, she will probably go to Dollet (and sometimes Deling City)
  • When she is in Winhill, she will probably go to Esthar.
  • When she is in Esthar, she will probably go to the space.
  • But when she is in the space, she will probably go to a random place.

To get the five cards from The Card Queen herself, do not challenge her until Disc 4. Then, find the aircraft and find Tear's Point. Go southwest of Tear's Point and find the crash site. In there, you will find the Queen. Challenge her in that site and all five cards are easy pickings. Be careful as she will kill you if you are a dumb player. Also, when you lose a precious card the PuPu, Level 8-10 Cards, you might okay. That player will play the same card you lost in the next game. Just challenge the person again and depending on your luck you may win the card back.

Play cards with Zell

When Squall takes charge of Balamb Garden, compose a party without Zell. If you go to the first floor, you will find him near the library. You can now play cards with him. He is not a great opponent and he does not have good cards.

Getting the Debuchchocobo card in Disc 4

Defeat all the CC group members, the Card King, and meet at least one time with the Card Queen. On the chain in Altemisia's Castle, head to the northern door (nearest to the castle) and you will find yourself on the world map. There's a chocobo forest near here. Get a chocobo, then head to the island where you found Edea's home. There is a desert on this island where you will find the Ragnarok. Go in and have a card game against CC group Diamond (the two girls that always talked each other at Balamb Garden in the main hall).To find them, head to the control room. Take the elevator and go straight ahead after the CC group Joker. Take the stairs on the right.

Best Cards

The best cards are Diablo, Vysage, Death Claw, and Tonberry.

                             3       2
          Example: Tonberry 4 6 vs. 4 7     Death Claw
                             4       4

Since 6 and 4 are the closest, 6 is going to flip 4's card because 6 is bigger than 4. However, it is impossible to flip an A because A's are the best. If you see a card with A, avoid it unless you find a weaker side of the card that you can flip.

Easy opponent

Go to Timber. In the back alley that leads to the TV tower is a drunk lying on the side of the streets. He is a terrible opponent and is extremely easy to card, but also has good cards. Since he is next to a save point, if you lose to him you can reset to recover the lost card.

Card mod list

1 Geezard = 5 Screw
1 Funguar = 1 M-stone piece
1 Bite Bug = 1 M-stone piece
1 Red Bat = 1 Vampire Fang
4 Blobra = 1 Rune Armlet
1 Gayla = 1 Mystery Fluid
1 Gesper = 1 Blackhole
1 Blood Soul = 1 Zombie Powder
5 Fastitocalon-F = 1 Water Crystal
1 Caterchipillar = 1 Spiderweb
1 Vysage = 1 Wizardstone
1 Cockatrice = 1 Cockatrice Pinion
1 Grat = 1 Magic Stone
1 Buel = 1 Magic Stone
1 Mesmerize = 1 Mesmerize Blade
1 Glacial Eye = 1 Arctic Wind
1 Belhemel = 1 Saw Blade
1 Thrustaevis = 1 Shear Feather
1 Anacondour = 1 Venom Fang
1 Creeps = 1 Coral Fragment
1 Grendel = 1 Dragon Fin
1 Jelleye = 1 Magic Stone
1 Grand Mantis = 1 Sharp Spike
1 Armadodo = 1 Dino Bone
1 Forbidden = 1 Betreyal Sword
1 Tri-Face = 1 Curse Spike
1 Fastitocalon = 1 Water Crystal
1 Snow Lion = 1 North Wind
1 Ochu = 1 Ochu Tentacle
1 SAM08G = 1 Running Fire
1 Death Claw = 1 Sharp Spike
1 Cactuar = 1 Cactus Thorn
1 Tonberry = 1 Chef's Knife
1 Abyss Worm = 1 Windmill
5 Tutrapod = 1 Healing Mail
2 T-Rexaur = 1 Dino Bone
1 Bomb = 1 Bomb Fragment
1 Blitz = 1 Dynamo Stone
1 Wendigo = 1 Steel Orb
5 Torama = 1 Life Ring
1 Imp = 1 Wizard Stone
4 Blue Dragon = 1 Fury Fragment
3 Adamantoise = 1 Turtle Shell
3 Hexadragon = 1 Redfang
3 Iron Giant = 1 Star Fragment
10 Behemoth = 1 Barrier
10 Chimera = 1 Regen Ring
1 Elastoid = 1 Steel Pipe
1 GIM47N = 10 FAST AMmo
4 Malboro = 1 Malboro Tentacle
10 Ruby Dragon = 1 Inferno Fang
10 Elnoyle = 1 Energy Crystal
1 Tonberry King = 1 Chef's Knife
1 Wedge,Biggs = 1 X-Potion
1 Raijin,Fujin = 1 X-Potion
1 Elvoret = 10 Death Stone
1 Quistis = 3 Samantha Souls