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Portland: Make it snow

To change the weather to snow, find the auto shop in Portland. Start the car dealership missions where you must sell cars to people by doing what they want. If you manage to reach level 9, it will start snowing to make it more difficult to drive in. Note: This weather does not last all the time.

Shoreside Vale: M60

There is an M60 in the airport. Go to the parking lot. There should be a small opening to your left. When you go through it, there is a ramp going on top of the fire station. To your left when you are up there is a ledge going around the airport. There is a secret package and magnum. Keep going around the airport until reaching a dead end. There is a small gap between the edge and an airplane hanger. Drive of the edge onto the airplane hanger to find an M60.with 100 ammo.

Shoreside Vale: Unlimited rocket launcher ammunition

Go to the Wichita Gardens area. At this point, drive around the buildings until you see an Angel motorcycle abandoned on the side of a building. Get on and the AWOL Angel high-score side mission will begin. Play the game as you would in Portland, however, this side mission rewards you with rockets when the mission ends, either by killing the driver or destroying the Angel. You will receive a large amount of rockets that will end up at 9999 maximum within five to eight mission sessions. Note: You do not have to place a new high score to receive the rockets.

Staunton Island: Smiley face "Hello Again"

Look for the place where you have to chase the "priest" to in the Church missions. It is a garage-type place. Look for the white stairs and climb up. Jump over to the roof to your right then run straight ahead. Jump off to the right of the wall. Follow this wall until you find the ramp. Once you reach the ramp, do not go up it. Keep following the wall and run to the back. Turn to the left to find the hidden location. In Grand Theft Auto 3 the sign said " You are not suppose to be here". Instead, the sign has a smiley face with "Hello Again".