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Booby Prize mission: Easy completion

This tip is easy for those skilled on the PCJ-600. When you enter the race, all three opponents are on a Sanchez. Steal the PCJ-600 and try not to get your back tire bumped by one of your opponent's front tires. As long as you do not get bumped or knocked off the bike, you should not have that much of a problem finishing in first place.

Calm Before The Storm mission: Fly helicopter

During this mission for JD, when the helicopter makes its second stop on the top of the building in the Red Light District, get a bike. Drive it up the stars. Make sure not to kill anyone or the mission will end. You can press Triangle next to the helicopter to board it and fly around.

False Idols mission: Easy completion

After you go to the church in Stanton Island, you make sure that there are no cars around you. Then, enable the "Destroy all cars" codes during the first thirty seconds. Because all of the idols are in a car or a boat you will be able to complete the mission easily.

Friggin' the Riggin' mission: Easy completion

Before going to Donald Love to start the mission, go to the Staunton Island Ammu-Nation. Buy body armor and an AK-47 with at least 200 rounds of ammunition. Next, steal a Patriot or other maneuverable heavy vehicle. Bring it the area where you begin the mission (Don's office). Begin the mission and fly through the intermission sequence. When you reach the Forreli Riggin' Garage, plow over the first two Forelli's. Get out of your car and pick up the grenades that are located between two white Pony's on your left. Blow up Pony's or you will have to chase them down later. Next, use the leftover grenades to blow up the Riggin' machines and save some flamethrower ammunition. Using the AK-47, shoot down any Forelli gang members that enter the building. It is recommended that you pick up the sub-machine gun ammo that the Forelli's drop to save money. After you have lit all the ballots on fire, you will have a bit of trouble getting out of Fort Staunton. Shooting down all the attacking Forelli's will give you a wanted level of two to four stars. However, once you have escaped Fort Staunton, the mission will be completed and you will have collected $1,500 as a reward.

Grease Sucho mission: Easy completion

Steal an LCPD car and turn on the siren before entering the corona, and keep in throughout the race. This will help keep collisions to oncoming traffic to a minimum. You also do not have to go through the corona as long as you pass by it closely. After the mission there will be an intermission sequence where Sucho will drive past you and take off. You must kill him in order to finish the mission. Keep the siren on the police car and take off in pursuit. Drive by and shoot the Thunderrod with your gun (Mac 10, Uzi, or Tech 9). He will get out and run. Just run him over or shoot him. You might have to give chase on foot to finish him off.

No Son Of Mine mission: Easy completion

Use the shotgun and aim for the hitman behind the cars. Forget about the hitman behind the wall for the moment if they cannot hit you. Doing this will result in the car exploding, killing all hitmen. The high traffic might also cause a chain reaction with other cars exploding. If done correctly, this reaction could last until the other hitmen arrive and can also cause the arriving hitman car to be set on fire. When the reaction stops and other hitmen arrive, the burned cars can help provide a little cover from all of them shooting you at once. However, after about ten to twenty seconds worth of explosions you can get a one star wanted level.

Slacker mission: Early Molotov cocktail

On the "Slacker" mission when you go to pick up the dealer, there will be a man sitting on the middle bench near by the yellow marker. There will be a man in a red hat and brown coat. He has a Molotov cocktail. If you kill him you can take it. You can fail that mission, start it again, kill the man again, and get another Motolov cocktail.
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The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade mission: Easy completion

As soon as you enter the tanker, go straight until you see two halls (one to your left and one to your right). Take the right hall to find a Magnum. This has a decent one-hit kill shot power. Take the the hallway that was toward your left to find another hall to your left. Go down that hall to get Body Armor. Continue down the stairwell to begin the actual fight. Using the Magnum you picked up, shoot at each of the Leone goons. You cannot simply stay in one area and shoot them all down. After you are surrounded with two or more goons, run around the room until you get a good distance between you and them. Continue aiming and shooting down the Leones until an intermission sequence shows a much tougher goon enter the hold. Use the rest of your Magnum ammo on him, then take out another good offensive weapon. Finish him off with that weapon. If you managed to finish this mission fairly quickly, he will leave behind a powerful sub-machine gun or AK. You will unlock both the Overalls outfit (Jason attire) and the Chainsaw TV mini-game event.

Taking the Peace mission: Easy completion

During this mission you must take control of Paulie Siddaco's car and kill the gang members. Enable the "Pedestrians follow you" code. After taking control of his car, he will exit. Drive to the area where you kill the gang and they will not attack you, making it easier for you to kill them. After you complete the mission, Paulie Siddaco will be in your van.

Wong Side Of The Tracks mission: Chinese food

After completing the Wong Side Of The Tracks side mission, go directly to your Portland safehouse. You should see Chinese food on the table in the safehouse.

Vigilante missions: Quick completion

Enable the "Spawn Rhino" code and start a Vigilante mission. Get out of the tank and enable the "Destroy all cars" code. It will destroy the car that the suspects are in. Enable the "Spawn Rhino code" again and get in. Repeat this as many times as desired. You will complete the mission in less than ten minutes.

Enable the "Spawn Rhino tank" code, get in then press Up to start the Vigilante missions. Crash into the cars and bikes you are chasing and they will explode.

Easier mission completion

When you get to the point where you can do missions for Ma Cipriani ("C" on the map), do not continue them until they are your only option. After Ma's "No Son Of Mine" mission, she will send hit men after you. They will continue to appear until they are all killed, making future missions more difficult to complete.