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Unless you have a license, do the "Fly plane without pilot license" trick to get a plane or helicopter early. Fly to the top of Mount Chiliad. On the east side where campers are parked, there will be rocks. There should be a parachute on those rocks.

After you unlock Mount Chilad area, take a Sanchez to the top of the mountain. Once at the very top, look for a mobile home, and a van. Behind them is a parachute. Pick it up, then look for the ramp by the flag. Driver very fast and jump off. After a few seconds in the air, jump off the bike, then press Circle to deploy your parachute, or you can wait to do some free falling. You can also jump off of some high buildings, and out of airplanes.

There is another parachute on the top of the mountain (by the two vehicles). You can fly the Dodo up there, take off, and jump out of the plane whenever you desire. Just press Circle and the parachute will open. By the time you get back to the mountain, another parachute will have respawned. Note: Sometimes when you jump out of the plane, it will not explode, even from that altitude.

If you ride to the top of Mount Chiliad, you will find yet another parachute location as well as a BMX bike race marathon as well as a speed ramp which you can use to fly of the mountain if desired.

Climb Mount Chiliad faster

Get a BMX bike and go to Mount Chiliad. Ride up the mountain (not on the road). Tap as hard as you can with the BMX bike, and you will be able to climb the mountain faster.

Mountain ramp

 PlayStation2  Climb the mountain in Whetstone with a mountain bike or Sanchez. Once at the top, you should see two RVs parked. Go in between them to find a parachute. Pick up the parachute, then turn around to face in the opposite end of the mountain. There should be a small ramp perched near a wooden rail. Take the Sanchez (or mountain bike) and go at full speed at the ramp. Once you hit it, hold Left Analog-stick Away to do multiple back flips. Press Triangle to get off the Sanchez and press Circle to deploy the parachute.

Easy money

Get to Mount Chiliad and go behind the RVs. Pick up the parachute and get on the mountain bike, which will start a challenge. Go off the ramp to the right and get off of your bike in mid-air. Pull the parachute and you will not hit the ground, but instead be put back on the bike with the chute still open. You can keep going off the ramp repeatedly to get as much money as desired.

Go to very top of Mount Chiliad. There should be cars, a bike, and a parachute. Get on the bike and it should start a mission. Instead of doing the mission, go forward and you should see a flag with a ramp next to it. Get on the bike, go very fast, and jump off the ramp. Once you are going down, the screen should blur. Do not jump off the bike; just keep going then you should respawn back on the mountain. You will get an insane jump bonus for about $300. Repeat this to get as much money as desired.

Maximum cycling skill

Go to the top of Mt. Chiliad. Get the mountain bike and enter the race. Go over by the two campers and pick up the parachute. Get on the bike and pedal over to the memorial next to the flag. Get lots of speed and bunny hop off it. Then, jump off your bike in mid-air. Pull the parachute then wait for it to send you to the top again. Go off the memorial again, and this time do tricks. Keep doing this until your cycling skill is all the way up. This will take about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Two player mode

Go to the General Store in Dilmore. There is a two player icon there. The second player will be able to change their character.

Manhunt reference

There is a junkyard in the Mount Chiliad/Shady Creek area that is exactly like the junkyard level in Manhunt. You can also find a Dozer here to drive.