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Secret rooftop hideout

Go to the Greasy Choppers Bike Club. Go north about a half block. On the left hand side is a building with stairs (going over a gun that you can obtain). Go up the stairs to the roof to find a shack that can be used to store any motorcycle-class vehicle, etc. It only costs $1,000.

Molotov cocktails

Go to where the Hyman Condo is located and go past the save point. Follow the alley until it reaches the street. Across the street you will see a restaurant named Tacocalypse. Enter the outdoor eating area and turn left to find the Molotov cocktail.

Drowned man

Go off the coast to the east of the Greasy Chopper to see man in swimming trunks that drowned due to a brick tied to him.

Dead turtle

Go off the coast to the east of the Greasy Chopper to see a dead turtle.

Extra trick money

Get a Sanchez motorcycle go near the Hyman condos. While on the Sanchez, face the door that leads to the roof of the Hyman condos at an angle. Try to wall ride on the side of the door by holding the wheelie (Down) and pressing the gas fully. If you do wall ride and warp to the top of the condo, you will get a trick worth $195 compared to a normal ten second wheelie getting nowhere near that much.

Buy the Hyman Condo and go to the rooftop with a Sanchez or a PCJ 600. Go very fast and make a left turn where the long part of the roof is located. Do a wheelie immediately before you hit the rail. You should go up in the air and spin like crazy. It is possible to get over 1500 degrees of rotation and over $250.

Easter Egg

Go on top on the VCN building, onto the helipad. The fourth window in from the right will be an invisible wall. Get to the corner of the helipad and jump inside to find an Easter Egg. If you did not fall through, you are at the wrong window.

Huge explosion

Go to the dirt bike track. Get on the parked dirt bike, start the mission, but do not move. Wait for the three Cubans to appear and kill them. Take their bikes and put them where the original dirt bike was located. Repeat until you are satisfied with the amount of bikes there. Note: Fail the mission first, then get back on the bike -- no more Cubans will appear if you do not do this. Get far enough away not to die then either throw a Molotov cocktail or a grenade at them, or shoot one until it catches on fire. This will cause a chain reaction that will cause a enormous explosion (and give you wanted stars).

Death at the tracks

At Hyman Memorial Stadium, enter in the Hotring Racer event. Instead of racing, park your car at a safe location (such as on top of higher ground next to the pit stop). You can exit the car and shoot drivers coming around. The race will not end until you have completed twelve laps or have exited the event. Note: Explosives and flames will not damage any other race car.

Ronald Reagan poster

 PlayStation2  Go to the Ammu-Nation. Go straight, never turning, through the door until you hit the wall. Then, look to your left to see the counter that has mannequin heads with helmets on them. Jump on the mannequin heads (not just the counter because you need all the height you can get), then face and touch the wall. Barely tilt the Analog-stick Down so that Tommy's back is now facing the wall and still, if not barely touching the wall. Equip the rocket launcher hold R1 to enter aiming mode. Turn around so that you are facing the wall again, and look slightly up. You should see a Ronald Reagan poster where he is holding a Colt .45 besides a person with bullet holes.

Project Gotham Racing reference

Enter Hyman Memorial Stadium. In the Hotring Racing inside the dome, there are various billboards. One of them says "Earn Money Not Kudos," referring to the points you earn in Project Gotham Racing.