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Easy money

To get a large amount of money in a short time, get the Rhino Tank from Fort Baxter Air Base. Drive it to Escobar International Airport. Once there, activate the Vigilante missions. Almost all of the chases will take place on the airstrip. They appear one behind the other and can just be rammed with the tank or fired on. It is possible to get to level 66 in vigilante mode with 760 kills and $5,000,000 in about a half hour. If you get stars, drive to Sunshine Autos, and jump into a car, then drive into the Pay 'N' Spray. You should have a large amount of mission time to drive there and back to the airport with no problems.

Rampage and hidden package

Go to the airport and find the billboard with a surfer. Directly across from it is a plane. Enable the "Sabre Turbo" code and go all the way to the wall. Make a 180 degree turn to face the billboard. At full speed, align yourself so that you will hit he ramp and fly with a cinematic view of your car landing on the roof. You can now find a hidden package and rampage. The rampage requires you to blow up ten vehicles, You can do this easily by enabling the "Destroy cars" code.

Enter airport with weapons

When facing the airport building, go through the gate to the left that leads into the runway area. Follow the airport building itself around as far as you can and still have a window to your right. The last airport window is fashioned into the cement of the building, but there is just enough space for you to walk up to the outside portion of it. If you walk up this outside portion and veer slightly to the left you, will instantly appear on the other side of the glass. This may require several attempts.

Park a car by the entrance to the airport. Jump on the car, then jump over the rail.

Get a Baggage Handler. Then, enabling the "Better driving skills" code. Next, drive at full speed at the security check and once you are halfway in, press L3. If done correctly, you should be inside the airport while still on the Baggage Handler with your weapons.
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Drive into the airport and park next to the metal detector. Jump over the fence. You cannot use the gun in the airport, but it will be in Tommy's hand.

Free ammunition

Drive to Escobar International Airport. Walk through the metal detector. All your weapons will appear outside the airport, even those that were completely out of ammunition. Leave and pick them up. Each weapon, even the ones that were out of ammunition, will have earned a load of ammo.

Go into the police station and change into the cop uniform. Then, buy one of each weapon you like and go to the airport. Because you are wearing the uniform, you will be allowed to enter with all of your weapons. However, as you pass in and out of the metal detector, your range of firepower will be waiting outside. Keep doing this for awhile and you will have all the ammunition needed.

Rocket launcher

On the long drive to the airport, there is a short left turn into the Hooker Inn hotel. There is a rocket launcher in the pool there.

Spaz 12 shotgun

Look behind the wave-shaped billboard (unique jump) in front of the airport terminal to get a Spaz 12 shotgun.

Easy trick money

 PlayStation2  Get a Faggio and go to the runway where the plane lands and takes off near the hangers. Go to one of the ends and get up to speed, which is not very fast. Press Up + Square + Hand Brake. When you have gotten your back wheel off of the ground, release Square and push the gas. If you drift to one way, very slightly turn the same way and ride it out as far as you can go. If done correctly, you can get well over 2000 feet and lots of money. It is very tricky, but you can do a wheelie about the same distance at the same place with the Faggio.

Quick energy gain

When inside the airport, ride an escalator to regain your energy quickly.

Runway support

Take a boat to the runway at the airport. Look underneath to see that the part of the runway that extends over the water is not supported at all, with the ground visible on the seawall behind it.