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Phallic symbol

When you are at Leaf Links Golf course at the country club entrance, turn so your back is facing the entrance and you are looking out to the city. Turn left less than a quarter turn to see three large buildings. If it is dark, but before 00:00, hours you will see lights in the windows of these buildings. The largest building will have a symbol of a penis with two balls. Every 15 seconds, a squirt will appear from the top of the building.

Easy money

Go to the golf range and kill some old people there, They should have a lot of money.

Reload weapon

If you have a Uzi or another gun that you can keep when it is out of ammunition, go to the golf course. Walk through the entrance then walk back out. When you pick up your weapon, it should be as if you just picked it up or bought it. Note: This may not always work.

Many guns

At the golf course, kill the guards at the gate. Walk through the metal detector with a gun, and a lot of guns will appear.

Golf club weapon

Sometimes there is a group of people outside the golf course. Kill them and take the golf clubs.

Bring weapons on golf course

Park any car to the left of the entrance to Leaf Links. Jump on your car then onto the ramp made of golf clubs on the other side. You are now on the course with all of your weapons. This is quite helpful on the Four Iron mission.
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Take a helicopter from a hideout or wherever else over the golf course, and land inside. You can also do this with a boat, but this can be hazardous as you may drown getting out. Another way is to use the bridge that extends over the road outside the course, on the same island. If you walk/run up to the bridge and then jump over the railing, you will be inside the course with your weapons.

Annoy guards

Get a PCJ 600 motorcycle and position yourself directly outside the golf club (where the guards usually take your weapons). Move back far enough so that you can to nearly top speed. Ride straight past where your weapons are usually confiscated and go into the golf course. The guards will try to chase you, but you will easily outrun them. If you were quick enough through the gates, you will still have all your weapons.

Make guards follow you

Walk into the golf club. You will lose your weapons. Enable one of the "Weapon tier" codes. A guard will follow you when you shoot. Another method is to drive into the golf club on a motorcycle. A guard will follow you in a Caddy.


Go to Leaf Links golf course and move far down the back (where there is a narrow brown bridge connecting the small island with the big one). When on the bridge, you should be able to see a shark in the water.