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Easy money

Go to West Haven Community Healthcare Center, near the bridge to Starfish Island. Stay there, and most of the time, two opposing gangs will start a fight and eventually kill each other. They pack Colt 45s and some money. Do not stand in the middle of the battle or you will get shot.

Use the following trick to get an easy $1,050. After completing The Job mission, you can return to the El Banco Corrupto Grande bank that you robbed. Go up stairs and you will get four stars on your wanted meter. Continue to the office where you met the bank manager during the missino. Near the chair are two rolls of money. Take them, exit the office, and go up the second flight of stairs. Go into the room where the elevator is located (just to your right). You should see three rolls of money there. Take them and escape. Note: You can immediately go back in the bank after exiting and the money will be there again.

After purchasing the Sunshine Autos, steal a car and start running over the men directly outside of the dealership. They carry lots of money and Uzi ammunition.
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Sniper rifle

Go to Sunshine Autos, then head north until it ends. Turn right and then find the alleyway that connects the two roads. Go in it, turn right, and find the set of stairs. Go up the first, then there is another. Go up that then go to the corner furthest away form the stairs.

Sniper location

A good location where the police, FBI and Army will have a hard time to getting you is the hospital.

Start a gunfight

Purchase the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory in Little Havana. About a dozen of your men will stand around it. Locate a group of Cubans nearby. Hit one of them, then walk, do not run, back to the Ice Cream Factory. Your men will rush and attack the Cubans. They will shoot each other, and you can pick up any dropped weapons or money.