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Fort Baxter Air Force Base: Entering without a wanted level

Use this trick to enter the military base without getting the law on you. Complete the Cop Land mission at the Vercetti Estate. After you complete it, you will get the police uniform. It is located at the VCPD HQ at Washington Beach. Go into the locker room and put it on. Then, get a police car from the parking lot in the back and drive to the Fort Baxter Air Force Base. You can now enter the base and be able to get the Hunter attack helicopter. Note: This is best done between 20:00 and 24:00.
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Submarine and cargo ship

You can find a sunken ship and a submarine up north off the coast. The submarine is directly north of Ammu-Nation and The Tool Store at Vice Point Mall. The cargo ship is east of the submarine.

Note: The submarine is Soviet, as indicated by the red star on it.

Colonel Cortez's sunken yacht

 PlayStation2  After you finish the Colonel's missions, continue the game until you are able to get a helicopter. Find the harbor on the third island and fly to the south of it. Look around and you should see an oddly colored object under the water. Switch to first person view while in the helicopter and press L2 + R2 at the same time to look beneath you. You should be able to see the Colonel's sunken ship.

Drowned man

On the first island somewhere along the thin channel is a docked Dingy. Take it and go south until it opens up into the ocean. Make sure you can see the bottom along the left wall. As soon as it opens up. follow it and you will se a man at the bottom with his feet in a cement block.

Get to second island early

Use the following trick to get to the second island without cheating, or having the "saving cheat and bad reputation" message. This trick requires a Coach, one other car, and $1,000. Take the Coach bus to the Marina (where Colonel Cortez's yacht is located). Drive very fast past his dock and go to the second one. The second dock has many boats. Ram into the tree that is next to the gate. The tree should shatter and disappear. Next, take the bus and line it up along side of the dock, facing out toward the water. Get the front wheels up on the ledge. Use your other car to push the Coach into the water. Once the bus is in the water, jump on top of it and walk towards the other end of the roof of the bus. The Coach will be long enough to allow you to bypass the locked gate and hop back onto the pier. Then, take a boat and drive it to the second island. To save your game, go the Skumole Shack just north of the Greasy Chopper bar. Use your $1,000 to buy it and save the game. Now that you are here, you can get the helicopter from the police station and go back and forth as needed.

 PlayStation2  Complete 100 taxi missions. Your taxi will now be equipped with hydraulics. Get into a taxi and go to the Marina. Go up to the far gate and line up with it. Reverse your taxi so you can get a run up. Accelerate towards the gate. Press L3 just before hitting it and your taxi will jump into the air and mysteriously fly through the gate. Once you are on the other side, get out of your taxi and get into one of the boats. You can now ride to the second island. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Go to the hospital at Ocean Beach. The bridge next to it is blocked off at the start of the game. On the right side there is a gap between two cement road barriers. Start at the last intersection before the bridge with a PCJ 600 and floor it. Aim directly at the gap between the two cement barriers on the right. You will pass right through them. This may require few attempts. You may also return through the same gap, but make sure you have enough speed.

Go to the northwest part of the island and look for a large white building with docks behind it. There should be a Cheetah next to the dock. Line it up diagonally to the dock with the front of the car pointing towards the opposite way of the road. Walk along the edge of the parking lot until you find a PEG 800 motorcycle. Get on the motorcycle and start driving straight towards the Cheetah. Before you hit it, do a wheelie, then bail immediately when you hit it. You will fly off and land on the dock. Then, jump in a boat and drive to the other island. This is very difficult and will probably require a few attempts.

Get a PCJ-600 or a Freeway bike. Drive up the ramp on the east street of Prawn Island and jump the ramps on the roof to get into Interglobal Films. You will find a Packer in the northeast corner of the lot. If you park the Packer at the correct angle and distance from the north wall, you will be able to jump your bike past the barricade and on the bridge. This will take a few attempts. The only way to return is by flying the police helicopter found north of the Greasy Chopper.

Jump on the railing of the Prawn Island Bridge. Wait for a boat to pass under it. Aim and jump. Repeat this until you actually manage to land in the boat. Note: The owner will jump into the water in a panic. Drive the boat to the other island.

Get to any locked area early

 PlayStation2  Enable the "Dodo car" code and use any car. Go as fast as you can and press Analog-stick Back jump over the highest obstruction blocking the next section of the game. Keep repeating this until you get there.

Get a sniper rifle and find a place where boats are appearing. Wait until one is coming roughly straight at you, then take out the man piloting it with the rifle. If the boat was moving fast enough, it will coast up to you. You should be able to jump onto it. From there, you can get to almost anywhere. It may take awhile to find out good spots to try this. One recommended location is behind Diaz's mansion in the lawn behind the hedge maze.

Enable the "Cars float on water" code. Then, simply drive on the water to get to any island.

 PlayStation2  While traveling at high speeds in an Infernus hit the gate the connects the both islands. If done correctly, you can go through the gate on the right side. Half of your vehicle will be on one side of the gate, and the other half will be on the other side. You can press Triangle to step outside your vehicle on the other side of the closed gate.


Each rampage you complete gives you an extra $50 on the next one you do.

  • Fall off the ramp on top of the multi story parking garage. (Laser Sniper Rifle)
  • Ocean View Medical Foundation, to the right of Col. Cortez boatyard. (M4)
  • Ocean View to the right of the wooden bridge to the east of the lighthouse. (Molotov Cocktails)
  • East side of the North Point Mall near the 3321 Vice Point Safe house (M4)
  • In North Point Mall near Vynal Countdown in the plants. (Rocket)
  • At the Stadium near helipad (Flamethrower)
  • In the alley to the left of the Well Stacked Pizza in Downtown (Drive By)
  • In Downtown near the VAJ finance poster behind the statue with the black pearl (Mini gun)
  • Enter the Moist Palms Hotel Parking Lot in Downtown and turn to your right. (M60)
  • Vice Port on the huge boat to the left of the Boatyard. (Rocket)
  • On the top of a roof behind Cafe Robana, Ramp behind building gets you access to the roof. (Kruger)
  • Right on top of the Airport Terminal (Rocket)
  • In Airport Terminal behind the stairs in the back. (Auto Shotgun)
  • To the right of the ARMY/Air Base. (Mini gun)
  • Find the rocket launcher in the hooker in pool to the left of sunshine autos. Then keep going back and look left. (Grenades)
  • Up the white stairs across from Ammunation in downtown. (Colt .45)
  • Go to the building to the right of the 3321 Vice Point safe house, a rampage is behind it (Colt .45)
  • Behind the "standing" building where you get armor across from the Malibu Club, a rampage will be on the top diving board.(Laser Sniper)
  • On Ocean Beach where you find the shotgun by the bench, head west on the wooden board walk, head up the grass and look against the building (Auto Shotgun)
  • To the right of Bunch Of Tools, in the direction of the parked car is facing are white stairs. Go up them and head left. It is behind a small maroon wall. (MP5)
  • Two rooftops to the right of Cherry Poppers, you will need a helicopter. (Bolt Action Sniper Rifle)
  • In front of the Printing Works there is a billboard. Count four houses to the right and go behind the fourth house. (TEC-9)
  • Head south from the Leaf Links Golf Club and find a gap between the wall and the road. Head down and its to the left. (Chainsaw)
  • To the left of the VCN building, there are white stairs. Go up to the top. (Molotov Cocktails)
  • Find Raphel's clothing shop. Go in the open door in the direction the neon sign is facing. It is to the left. (Chainsaw)
  • Go to where Avery meets you, but keep going straight to the cul-de-sac. (Drive By)
  • Find the Securicar then go around to the back of the bank. It is by the loading bay (Katana)
  • When coming from Little Havana to Starfish Island, take a right and stop at the first gray gate. Jump it using a car to jump on and follow the driveway to the rampage. (Run over)
  • From the garage where you parked the tank in "Sir Yes Sir". Go straight and stop halfway before the corner. Get out and take a right through the lawn to find it in the B Ball court. (Shotgun)
  • On Ocean Beach to the north of the light house by the shore. (Run over)
  • Across from the boatyard in Vice Port to the right on the dock without a roof. (Rocket)
  • From 3321 Vice Point drive to your right and its behind the second huge building. (Drive By)
  • Take a right out of the city scrap junk yard road. Take the first right you see. At the billboard go in the alley all the way to the end by the water and take a left at the end of the alley.
  • From the Ocean Beach Hospital, take a right out of it and take the second left. Look to your left and take the first gap in the hedges, go straight and look right.
  • Go behind your lawyers office and head straight. Look right and go to the top of the spiral, go down the ramp and pick it up.


The following properties can be bought for the indicated price.

  • 1102 Washington Street: $3,000
  • 3321 Vice Point: $2,500
  • Elswanko Casa (with 1 garage): $8,000
  • Hyman Condo (with 3 garages and a helipad): $14,000
  • Links View Apartments (with 1 garage): $6,000
  • Ocean Heights (with 1 garage): $7,000
  • Skumhole Shack: $1,000


The following stores can be robbed.

Island 1
Gash (in North Point Mall)
Countdown Vinyl (in North Point Mall)
Jewelry store (in North Point Mall)
Hardware store (in North Point Mall)
Jewelry store
Hardware store
Island 2
Jewelry store
Hardware store
Cafe´ Robina
Deli restaurant