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Completion bonuses

Successfully complete 100% of the game. You will get unlimited ammunition, double vehicle health, 200 health, and 200 armor limits. A new set of clothes will be delivered to the Vercetti Mansion. If you look closely it reads; "I completed Vice City and all I got was this lousy T-shirt". Walk into the pink circles surrounding the men at your mansions and they will follow you as bodyguards.
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To complete 100% of the game, all of the following tasks must be done:

  • Complete all missions from the following people and locations: Ken Rosenburg, Avery Carrington, Colonel Juan Cortez, Ricardo Diaz, Vercetti Mansion, Love Fist, Biker Gang, Umberto Robina, Auntie Poulet, Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company, Kaufman Cabs, The Malibu Club, InterGlobal Film Studio, Pole Position Club, The Printworks, Shipyard, Sunshine Autos, Phil's, Game End Missions.
  • Complete all miscellaneous jobs: PCJ Playground, Trial By Dirt, Test Track, Cone Crazy, four Checkpoint Chopper Missions, RC Car Race, RC Plane Race, RC Chopper Checkpoint, Rifle Range, six Street Races, five Assassinations.
  • Buy all hideouts and businesses: Elswanko Casa, Links View Apartments, Ocean Heights, Hyman Condos, 1102 Washington Street, 3321 Vice Point, Skumhole Shack, Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company, Kaufman Cabs, The Malibu Club, InterGlobal Film Studio, Pole Position Club, The Printworks, The Shipyard, Sunshine Autos.
  • Hold up all stores: Corner Store (Vice Point), Dispensary Plus (Vice Point), First Jewelry Store (Vice Point), Gash (North Point Mall), Music Store (North Point Mall), Second Jewelry Store (North Point Mall), Hardware Store (North Point Mall), Bunch of Tools (Washington Beach), Ryton Aide Pharmacy (Little Haiti), Pharmacy (Downtown), Third Jewelry Store (Downtown), Deli (Little Havana), Doughnut Shop (Little Havana), Laundromat (Little Havana), Screw This (Little Havana).
  • Collect all 100 Hidden Packages.
  • Perform all 36 Unique Jumps.
  • Complete all 35 Rampages.
  • Complete all special vehicle missions: Vigilante (level 12), Fire Truck (level 12), Ambulance (level 12), Taxi (100 fares), Pizzaboy (13 deliveries).

Hidden package rewards

Collect the indicated number of hidden packages to get a reward at the specified location.
Christopher Jensen, and

10 hidden packages: Body Armor at hideouts.
20 hidden packages: Chainsaw at hideouts.
30 hidden packages: Python at hideouts.
40 hidden packages: Flame thrower at hideouts.
50 hidden packages: Laser Scope Sniper Rifle at hideouts.
60 hidden packages: Minigun at hideouts.
70 hidden packages: Rocket Launcher at hideouts.
80 hidden packages: Sea Sparrow at Starfish Island Mansion's Helipad.
90 hidden packages: Rhino at Fort Baxter Air Base.
100 hidden packages: Ultimate Secret Vehicle (Apache Helicopter) at Helipad next to Hyman Memorial Stadium. You can use this vehicle to do Brown Thunder vigilante missions.

Criminal ratings

Note: Cheating in the game except for health, armor, and weapon codes will drop your criminal rating by a few thousand each time.

1. Untrustworthy
2. Embarrassment
3. Hacker
4. Cheater
5. Total Liar
6. Upstanding Citizen
7. Nobody Special
8. Litterer
9. Shoplifter
10. Vandal
11. Do boy
12. Pickpocket
13. Clepto
14. Snitch
15. Rat
16. Leech
17. Scam Artist
18. Trickster
19. Numbers Runner
20. Hustler
21. Bully
22. Riff-Raff
23. Scalawag
24. Ruffian
25. Outlaw
26. Thug
27. Drop Man
28. SA Goon
29. Goon
30. Jailbird
31. Ex-Con
32. Felon
33. Bag Man
34. Wiseguy
35. Wheelman
36. Hired Muscle
37. Hatchetman
38. Headhunter
39. Enforcer
40. Ronin
41. Fixer
42. Hitman
43. Associate
44. Butcher
45. Cleaner
46. Assassin
47. Consigliore
48. Made Man
49. Right-Hand Man
50. Executioner
51. Lieutenant
52. Underboss
53. Capo
54. Boss
55. Kingpin
56. Don
57. Godfather

Media coverage

Get your wanted level to six stars to get your pursuit covered in the media. A helicopter and chase meter will appear. Keep running from the helicopter to increase it. Every 100 seconds of game time will result in an increased level of media coverage. Pause game play and look at your statistics to see messages that indicate at your media level. You will start with a story in UFA Today and progress to television news and continue until it is a crisis.

If you have a bazooka (recommended), rocket launcher, moltov cocktail, flame thrower, or anything that causes total mass chaos with a decent amount of ammunition, back up to a wall. Try finding a wall that no one can see you from the left or right. Start launching or burning any cops or pedestrians that you see. The higher the stars, the more media attention .Note: If you get busted or die, you will not get any of the media points. At one star, keep shooting or burning any pedestrians or cops. At two stars, start launching or burning any police cars and "on foot" officers that approach you. At three stars start launching or burning the cops on foot, the police cars , and the Banshees, Cheetahs, Infernos and any other fast undercover police cars. At four stars, start launching or burning police cars, on foot cops, undercover cars, and any S.W.A.T. helicopters (before the S.W.A.T. members lower themselves from ropes). At five stars, launch or burn anything that moves. At six stars, enable the "Lower wanted level" code.

Ignored: 0-19
Boring: 20-49
Vaguely interesting: 50-74
Local paper page 7: 75-99
Front page of local paper: 100-149
Vice Courier page 2: 150-199
Vice Courier front page: 200-249
Local TV 3 a.m.: 250-299
Local TV news: 300-349
Local TV live coverage: 350-399
UFA Today page 12: 400-499
UFA Today page 4: 500-599
Picture in UFA Today: 600-699
National TV 4 a.m.: 700-799
National TV news: 800-899
National TV live coverage: 900-999
International news: 1000-1199
National crisis: 1200-1399
International crisis: 1400-1599
World event: 1600-1799
Stuff of legends: 1800-?

Alternate character in FMV sequences

Enable one of the various character costume codes (not the "Pedestrian costume" code) three or more times before starting a mission. During the FMV sequences, the character you selected will replace Tommy. Note: This works best with Candy Suxxx.

Easy weapons

Free weapons are hidden all over the city. The flamethrower and rocket launcher, are two especially powerful weapons. They can be found near the boat yard and car showroom. These all respawn within a few game hours. Collect all the desired weapons, then save at a nearby hideout. The game will advance six hours and all your hidden weapons will have respawned. Do this three to five times, and all your company assets will be close to full, and you can make the rounds to get paid.

In missions where you get a new weapon, fail it intentionally after getting the weapon. You will be able to get it over and over again by repeating this step.

Cheaper weapons

Use the following trick to get expensive weapons for cheap prices. Go to the first Ammu-Nation in Ocean Beach (with the cheapest prices for weapons) and buy all the machine gun and shotgun ammunition desired. Afterwards, go to the Ammu-Nation in Downtown and buy the weapons in the same category (the machine gun and shotgun). Only purchase the guns one time each. When you do that, all the ammunition you have with your cheap shotgun and machine gun should be converted to the newer and most expensive guns. This is very helpful in the beginning when your income is not too high. However, this trick does not work with all the weapons.

Recommended scope weapon

The PSG-I is not as good as the standard sniper rifle. The scope on the rifle is solid, and the dot never gets larger or smaller, unlike the laser dot of the PSG-I.

Extra ammunition

If you do a rampage, the type of weapon for it will be taken from you. However, the weapon that you had prior to starting the rampage will double in ammunition. For example, if you do a shotgun rampage and have an Uzi equipped, you will lose all your shotgun ammunition, but have double the Uzi ammo. Note: You do not have to pass the rampage to get the ammunition.

Unlimited ammunition

Go to any Ammu-Nation store and choose a gun. Keep buying it until you get close to 9999 rounds. The next time you buy it, the ammunition count for that gun will disappear and you will have an unlimited amount.

Use the following trick to get unlimited ammunition on the MP5. Buy unlimited ammunition for a submachine gun-class weapon for $300, then buy (or find) the MP5, which is $3000. It uses the same ammunition, and you will save a couple thousand dollars.

After you finish the last story line mission, the mobsters who are outside of your house carry Uzis. Kill a lot of them and you should have unlimited ammunition for that weapon. Then, but or find the MP5.

If you have a weapon that you want to get unlimited ammunition for, do a rampage. There is a perfect rampage located at the Oakdale Toilet, just a few blocks from the hotel with your hideout. For example, if you have a rocket launcher with 4 rockets and you want to give it unlimited ammunition, switch to the rocket launcher and walk into the skull icon for the rampage. For two minutes, just allow the game to idle. When the rampage ends, whatever weapon you were given for the rampage (for example, at Oakdale Toilet it is a chainsaw) is removed from your arsenal. However, whatever weapon you had in hand (such as the rocket launcher) when you walked into the rampage has its ammunition doubled. To double your ammunition again, just walk into the rampage skull after it regenerates. Or, just stand where the skull was and you will do one rampage after another as the skull regenerates. The rampage at Oakdale Toilet is recommended because you will lose the chainsaw. However, that weapon can be easily replaced with a baseball bat (behind the your hotel) or another chainsaw (from one of the early missions for Cortez). This strategy also allows you to mix weapons from different tiers so that, for example, you can have the tier three weapons with a rocket launcher instead. Save your game once you have the weapons you want with unlimited ammunition.

Quick reloads

Go to the Rifle Range at the Ammu-Nation in Downtown and get a score of 45 points.

When using a gun, instead of using up an entire clip and waiting for Tommy to reload, quickly switch out your weapon and then switch back to it, It will be fully loaded without having to wait through the normal reload animation.

Shoot faster

 PlayStation2  You can shoot people faster by pressing Circle(2). Note: This does not work with all weapons, and you may also need to aim first.

 PlayStation2  To shoot the .357 magnum as if it were a semi automatic weapon, target a pedestrian and shoot. Then, quickly press R2 or L2 to switch targets and shoot again. If you continuously to this, you will shoot the magnum more rapidly than if you were shooting normally.

Alternate Ruger, M4, or M60 aiming

 PlayStation2  To aim with the Ruger, M4, or M60, like the shotguns or pistols, set yourself on fire with a Molotov cocktail and press R1.

Easy armor

When you have a five star rampagem find an empty S.W.A.T. vehicle. When you get in, you will have armor. Note: This only works once per S.W.A.T. vehicle.

Shoot down police helicopters with one sniper shot

Use the sniper rifle and aim at the joint between the rotors and the helicopter to take it down with one shot.

Stop police helicopters from shooting you

Get a wanted level of 3 or higher. When the police helicopter appears, shoot it directly where the bullets are coming from. It will not shoot you because your bullets are blocking them. This may not work all the time. The best guns to do this with are the Ruger, Colt M4, M60, or any other gun that has first person view aim.

Taking out police boats

 PlayStation2  If you are in a boat in the ocean and the police are chasing you, press Triangle and you will not be driving it anymore. The police will stop chasing you and it seems that they do not even notice you are still on the boat. Take out the rocket launcher and blow up the police boats. Start driving again and repeat as needed. You can also hop onto the police boat if it is close to you. However, you must quickly shoot the cop, because he will attack you.

Use police spike strips

To use police spike strips to your advantage, get three or four stars on your wanted meter. Find an officer on foot that can lay down the spike strip. Try to dodge the spike strip and lure the pursuing officers to pop their tires on it, giving you a chance of escaping.

Escape from police

  • If you are being chased by the police and are near streets with alleys, drive near the alleys. Jump out the car at the correct moment and fall into the alley. The police will drive past, giving you some time to run. You can also get out of a heavy car and leave it to block an alley. This is useful if you have a high wanted level.
  • Find a shore and wade into the water just short of drowning point. Crouch and the cops will not fire at you, but the police chopper will find you.
  • Enable the "Car floats on water" code. When there are cops after you, just go into water and they will stop chasing you.

Police fly away

Enable the "Rhino tank" and "Dodo cars (flying)" code. Sit in the tank and enable the "Faster game play" code as many times as desired. Get a wanted level. You will see the policy vehicles go flying when they hit you.

Run over target without police attention

Get a car (not a bike) then drive to the person you want to kill slowly. Drive over him slowly, then get out and look at the bottom of your car. They will now die while you are out of your car. Get back into our car, then back up or move forward to get their money. Note: This can also be done to cops.

Police hostage

Raise your wanted level and wait for a police car with two cops inside. Wait until they are away from the car. Then, one will get in the passenger's side. Run to the drivers side and start driving. The cop will now be yelling at you.

Increase your accuracy rating

Once you kill someone, take out an M4 and crouch down. Use the manual aim to shoot the body. After a few rounds, your accuracy rate will start to increase little by little. Note: You can also raise your "Head Shots" stat by shooting them in the head.

Go to the boatyard were Colonel Cortez is located. Go back behind the gates with a helicopter. There should be a very big boat; the one that you were on for the "The Party" mission. Land beside it, in the southwest corner of the map. Take a gun and continue to fire at it. You will notice that your accuracy will go up. When you save after this, your criminal rating will have also risen.

Minimize health damage

When doing a mission that requires chasing down your target from a building or enclosed location containing no fast vehicles (for example, Four Iron) or a mission that requires you to escape from similar areas (for example, Mall Shootout), travel on a motorcycle. Not only will this provide an efficient edge on your mission, but it will also minimize damage to your health.

Pickup truck drive by

Jump on the back of a pickup truck with an Uzi or another gun. Snipe everyone as you drive by. Be careful when firing -- if a cop hits the truck it will probably speed off, knocking you off.

Ride on hoods

An easy way to snipe the police and people on the sidewalk is to jump on the hood of a car when it is stopped at a red light. When the car starts driving, you will stay on the hood. When the police chase you, they will hit the car that you are on, making the driver mad and forcing him to drive faster. If they do not drive faster, it will still be difficult for the police to knock you off. Do not stand at the very top of the car, as you tend to slide off the back. Get on the very front, in front of the windshield.

Destroy the Dodo

You can blow up the Dodo plane flying overhead (pulling the banner) by using the rockets on the Hunter.

Shoot seagulls

Go to a location with a lot of seagulls, such as the lighthouse at Washington Beach. Use a sniper rifle to zoom in close and shoot a seagull. Their small and fast, so it is a challenge to hit them. When you do, they will explode in a burst of feathers, similar to when you shoot boxes. Note: The game keeps track of how many seagulls you have sniped on the "Stats" screen.

Increase walking total by doing nothing

Get in front of a truck, preferably a Bobcat. Make sure it stops. Jump over the front and stand in the bed of the truck. The driver will start to drive again. Even though you are just standing in the truck, your walking distance total will increase.

Steal a police boat

Take a boat and ramp it so that when it lands it will be upside down. Quickly get out so you will be standing on the hull. Take out a rocket launcher and shoot any boats that are in range. After awhile, police boats will come after you. Take a manually targeting gun and shoot the officer though the glass. If done correctly, you should be able to get the police boat and have the police after you. Note: This is difficult to accomplish.


Enable the "Tommy groupies" code and run around to get a lot of women chasing you. When you have quite a few, punch a couple of them and they should all start fighting. This will happen most, but not all of the time. Some of the women drop a lot of money when they die.

Scare passenger

 PlayStation2  This trick works very well at a red light. Find a car or truck that has a passenger as well as a driver. Run up to the car or truck's driver-side door and press Triangle to open it. As soon as Tommy starts to get in, press X to accelerate. If done correctly, the passenger will still be in riding along, screaming and scared. When you slow down, they will run away.

Easy money

Occasionally as you wander around the city, you will encounter a cop fighting with a gang member (especially in Northpoint Mall). If you step in and hit the gang member, you will receive a $50 Good Citizen's Bonus when the gang member dies. Once the guy is on the ground, you can continue to kick him and receive the bonus two or three more times (until the body disappears). This is an easy way to get some quick cash, and do some fighting in the process.

Knock over the parking meters on the sides of the streets to get money. They give just as much (if not more) money then a person or a clerk from a store.
, , , and

Enable the "Tommy groupies" code. Run around until you have a large group of women following. Lead them to the nearest alleyway or garage and just beat them all to death. Using weapons calls too much attention from cops and paramedics.

Enter any store and point a handgun at the clerk until he gives you money. Hold the gun for a few seconds until he stops giving you money, then run away and hide or enable the "Lower wanted level" code. Note: Do not do this in an Ammu-Nation store as the clerk will pull a gun.

 PlayStation2  Enable the "Rhino" code and press L3 to start the vigilante missions. After every kill, you will begin to get more money. After a while, you will have over $1,000 per kill. When the cops are on you after a kill, enable the "Lower Wanted Level" code.

Go to a hideout that generates money. Get the money and save the game. The game time will advance three hours and more money should be available. Repeat this as much as needed. Note: This does not always work.

Buy Sunshine Autos for $50,000 to unlock the Vice City racer missions. Go down to the pink circle, then choose the Vice City Endurance Race. Note: You must have $10,000 for the entrance fee. Enable the "Weapons (tier 2)" code and drive a car in front of the racers. Select the rocket launcher and very carefully (and at a good distance) blow the cars up. You can then win the race with a vehicle as slow as the Faggio for the $40,000 prize.

After buying Sunshine Autos, enable the "Dodo (flying) car) code and go to the Vice City Endurance Race. Race it, and you will win the $40,000 prize.

Start the fire fighter missions and get at least 100 fires to make about $30,000.

Drive down the road in front of the Ocean View hotel south. Turn right at the first street after the hotel. Make another immediate right on to the street behind the one your hotel is on. Turn left immediately after that to enter a parking garage. Go to the top of the parking garage. When you get to the top, turn right to find a Stallion just before the wall. Enter the Stallion to start the Cone Crazy mini-game. Basically, every time you beat the best time, the prize money doubles. To use this to your advantage, beat it with 1 second remaining, then beat it with 2 seconds remaining, then 3, 4, etc., with each attempt just slightly beating the previous best time. By the time you beat it about 23 times, you will have reached the most amount of money you can have. Save the game after every attempt so that way you do not miss an opportunity to double you money if a mistake is made. Also, in order to do it over again you have to go all the way back down to the street and come back up and enter the Stallion again. Note: If you have $999,999,999 and you do it again, the game will actually lower your money and your criminal ranking.

Instead for shooting a regular pedestrian, try shooting taxi drivers to get more money. Note: This does not work all of the time.

The quickest way to make money is to pick up a prostitute and take her to the beach. Beat her up and you can take double the money. You can get up to $500 by doing this.

After you have bought a property and have completed the missions to earn money from it, enable the "Faster game play" code. Go about one block away and wait for about four to six hours of game time. Go back to the property and the amount earned should be fairly high.

Get a rocket launcher and a three star wanted level. Shoot down the police helicopters that fly overhead. When they crash and explode, you will get about $300. You can do this to any of the police helicopters that fly overhead during a chase

If you get into a taxi, sometimes you will get cash that the taxi driver has made.

Enable the "Pedestrians riot" code. Let the pedestrians kill each other, then collect all their money. Note: Make sure they do not kill you.

Complete the first Cuban mission with wearing Cuban gang clothes and you will get a $100 bonus.

Use the following trick to raise your Criminal Rating while getting lots of money. Buy Sunshine Autos; there is a Pay N' Spray there that will be needed. Get any car and put it in one of the garages, preferably the one directly across from the Pay N' Spray. Get a Rhino and do the Vigilante missions at the airport. When your wanted level gets up to the point where the police chase after you, drive the Rhino to Sunshine Autos. Drive the tank down to where the garages are, but not all the way. Get out, and it will block the alley from cops that are chasing you. They will explode when they hit the tank. Get in the car that you stashed in the garage and drive into the Pay N' Spray. Your wanted level will disappear and your criminal rating will increase. This is also a good way to get lots of money, as most of the cars spawned during the Vigilante missions will be there at the airport. It is possible to get up to level 135 on the Vigilante missions and over $17,000,000.

Have a 9mm pistol or the first machine pistol. Lock on a store owner inside and wait for him to give you money. when he has done this, slowly walk away outside while still locked on to him. When you are outside on the pavement, disengage your lock and the man will not sound the alarm. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Get a Faggio and go down a long straight road. When you are up to full speed, lean forward then hit the brakes. You will start to do a stoppie. However before you stopm hit the gas and release the brakes. You should be riding on the front tire. You will get a lot more money by doing this when compared to a normal stoppie. You must keep going straight or else you will begin to spin around and it will not work.

Find a safe location to go on a rampage. When helicopters appear, shoot them down with the rocket launcher to get $300. Keep doing this to get more.

Enable the "Tommy groupies", and "Spawn Rhino tank" codes. Walk around in front of the biggest mall. When you have a lot of girls around get in the Rhino and run them over. You must quickly enable the "Lower wanted level" code afterwards.

Easy health

While in a mall, buy something to eat at the food court.

If you are low on health, go to one of your hideouts. Go to the save icon. You do not have to save the game. Select "Cancel". When you get back to the normal game screen, your health will be at 100.

Kill a few people, and an ambulance will arrive to treat the wounded. Steal it for a 20 point health increase.

Easy kills

 PlayStation2  Use the following trick to kill without being caught. Use a motorcycle (recommended because you will not get hurt) or other vehicle and drive very fast towards a group of people. Then, press Triangle to bail. The vehicle should run over or hit a lot of people. You can then collect their weapons and cash.

Enable the "Weapons" code, ad get a large number of remote detonated grenades. Throw one into the middle of the street and wait for a car to drive over it. When it does, detonate the grenade and the car will do a flip or something else while exploding in flames. You can do this while at a mall or another area where there are big groups of people. Throw grenade into the middle of the group, then get to a safe distance and detonate them.

You must have first purchased the Hyman Condo or have the Vercetti Estate. Take the helicopter from one of those two places and take it to a skyscraper or tall building that you can land on. Next, use the sniper rifle or rocket launcher to shoot at vehicles on the ground. None of the police forces can get you from there, except the helicopters. Use a rocket launcher to take them down.

Use the following trick to kill the police without increasing your wanted level severely. Angle the blade of a helicopter so it hits the police.

Easy rampage

If you are doing a rampage that requires a certain number of vehicles to be destroyed and you are near somewhere with a large garage, go over to it. Open the garage and blow the cars up while they are still inside. Walk away so that the garage closes, then return and the cars will be in perfect shape again. Blow them up again, and repeat the process. This is very useful for the two RPG rampages near Sunshine Autos (on the airport roof and on the big ship); and the chaingun rampage (near Fort Baxter). Since Sunshine Autos has so many large garages, it is easy to fly over in a helicopter, get the rampage, then fly back to Sunshine Autos to do the trick.

To do a rampage mission without losing any of the guns, before starting it go to Escobar International Airport. Enter through the security checkpoint. All the guns will now be outside the airport. Do the rampage mission. You can also save after doing a rampage without taking your weapons back. The weapons will be there and will not disappear. You can also do all rampage missions by this procedure. Pick up the guns after doing all the rampages.

Easy car destruction in chase missions

Attacking a target vehicle in a car chase is often not easy, particularly if you are required to destroy it. Anti-vehicle weapons do not arrive until later in the game, forcing you to make do with inefficient small arms. You can save themselves a lot of effort if they use a scooter or motocycle's unique shooting ability to attack escaping cars. Tommy Vercetti can shoot submachine guns straight ahead on any scooter or motorcycle. Simply follow a target vehicle and unload in its rear. Experience shows this tactic is much easier and quicker than trying to ram a vehicle or shoot it from the drive-by view, especially when using the HK MP5. Players may find the scooter particularly suited to this tactic, since it can weave and dodge obstacles more easily than any other two-wheeler, and without losing speed.

Better underwater view

To see things more clearly underwater, steal a Caddy, such as the one in the bushes around the lighthouse. Enable the "Car floats on water" code. While driving on the water, look through the windshield and underwater objects will now be in clear view. This is useful when looking at the underwater life and objects such as the Russian submarine.

Clothing reactions

Your clothing will result in different reactions during missions. For example, when you go to the Cubans for the first time, try wearing golf clothes. Your new contact will make fun of you, calling you a woman and you will make fun of him.

Same clothes

Whenever you see Kent Paul, he will be wearing the same clothes as Tommy Vercetti, but with a different color shirt (red).

Save money with prostitutes

Get a convertible or another open top car. Pick up a prostitute and drive directly to a bush, grass or trees. Your health will jump up and she will get out almost as soon as you stop, without all the car rocking. If you decide to watch the rocking car or cannot find a convertible, jump out as soon as your health reaches 125 (and save the final charge), or kill the prostitute to get your money back.

After using a prostitute, your health should be at 125 and she will soon exit your vehicle. When she does, use the drive-by view to the direction she is at and shoot her before she escapes. Then, exit the vehicle and get your money back.

Screaming prostitute

Enable the "Car floats on water" code, then get a nice looking car. Pick up a prostitute and drive off onto the beach and into the water (watch for high waves). After you are far off from land, stop. She will do her thing and you will increase health. The poor girl will not be able to get out and will scream continuously until you finally drive her back to land.
Wagondog via

Candy Suxxx fliers

After completing the Dildo Dodo mission for Steve at InterGlobal Films studio, look at the flyers on the ground were you flew over. You should see some with a picture of Candy Suxxx and a title called "Bite". These are the flyers that you dropped from the plane.

Zombie Elvis newspaper headline

Look closely at the newspapers to see a headline referring to a "Zombie Elvis Found" with a funny picture underneath.

Giant shark

The giant shark from the InterGlobal Films studio can be seen in the water. You may need to complete all the missions for InterGlobal Films for it to appear. Since it moves around, there is no way of knowing where it can be found.

Run longer

 PlayStation2  Tap X instead of holding it to make Tommy's stamina last longer.

Move faster

 PlayStation2  If Tommy's stamina runs out from running too long, repeatedly press Square instead. Hopping will still be faster than walking.

Dodge cars

 PlayStation2  When a car is driving directly at you, press Square when it gets close and Tommy will jump sideways, saving himself from being run over. For example, when the police are chasing you, they will try to hit to kill you. Press Square at the correct moment to save yourself from a collision.

Avoid getting busted

 PlayStation2  When pulling someone out of their car, immediately hold X and push the Left Analog-stick away from the car to avoid entering the vehicle. This is especially useful when cops are nearby to avoid getting busted. It can also be used if you want to beat someone up before stealing their car.

 PlayStation2  When you steal someone's car and you have a cop directly behind you, instead of accelerating forward press the Square + Left Analog Stick Right or D-pad Right if he in the driver's side door or Square + Left Analog-stick Left or D-pad Left. You will knock the cop down and successfully get away.

Avoid drowning in vehicle

If your car flips over while in water, enable the "Health" code. Then, enable the "Rainy weather" code and the "Car floats on water" code (if not already enabled). Keep repeating the "Health" code in between and after these codes. Your car should eventually flip back over and float on the water. This technique requires speed and practice. Note if you are in a Rhino, your chances of flipping back of are small; and if you make it, the Rhino will fly and bounce in the air.

Restore health

Go to your hideout and go to "Save". Either save or leave without saving and your health will be restored to full.

Free car repair

Go into any garage and blow up your car. Run away quickly and make sure your garage door closes. Return, and your car will be new.

Free Pay 'N' Spray

Immediately before you go in to a Pay 'N' Spray, enable the "Full health" code.

Decrease wanted level to zero

Go to your hideout and go to "Save". Load the most recent save and your wanted level will drop to zero.
David Wang.

You can clear your wanted level by entering a RC Racer Competition. You do not have to complete the competition to clear your wanted level.

 PlayStation2  If you have a wanted level of any kind, find an RC van (Top Fun). Go in and when you start that mission, press Circle to destroy your RC vehicle. You will no longer have any cops after you. You can do this as many times as desired.

Increase wanted level quickly

Steal the Apache helicopter and fly towards one of the advertising airplanes that tow a banner. When you are close enough, shoot a missile at it. If you hit it, the plane will explode, giving you at least three stars. Do this about four times and you will have all six stars.

Depending on your game progress, you can go to the bank you held up and run up the stairs for an instant four stars wanted level.

To get a six star wanted level very quickly, go to the VCPD HQ that you broke Cameron out of. Kill all the police inside you will end up with six stars. Bcareful when you walk out. There will be a swarm of police and military outside.

Wanted level with police or FBI uniform

Cycle through the "Pedestrian costume" code until you are wearing a police or FBI uniform. If you shoot a gun, you will automatically get a one star wanted level.

Drowned pedestrians

Go to any dock with people on it while you are on a motorcycle and drive slowly on it. Some of the people (including cops) will dive in the water to avoid you, as they do on the street. Get off the bike and look down into the water without falling in. You can see their dead bodies floating in the water.

Go to a dock with people. Find a person and park so that he or she is between you and the water. They still have to be slightly front of you. Honk the horn and they may run into the water. If they do not -- try again. Then, other people will try to crowd around the body and keep running into the water.

Enable the "Car floats on water" code and get a gun that can do a drive by with. Drive near a boat and shoot it until it is up in flames. Wait until you hear it explode, then go over. You should see a dead person floating in the water. Run him or her over and they should sink if done at the correct moment and location on their corpse.

Pedestrian suicides

Get in a helicopter and go under a bridge. Look up and you may see someone throwing themselves off it to their death.

Knock pedestrians down with fire hose

 PlayStation2  On the west island on the map, there is a VCFD fire truck near the fire station. Get into it and pull out of the fenced in area. Hold Circle to use the water gun. Aim it low at people to knock them over. If you are quick, you can get out and run over to them before they get up. While they are on the ground, you can kick them a few times to get their money (if they have any). This helps you avoid getting into fights with the pedestrians.

Blood splatter

Kill someone with the chainsaw while you are running and blood will splatter on the screen.


It is possible to see rainbows after a rain storm or thunder storm. Try looking near the Hyman Memorial Stadium, on the side where the helicopter pads are located.

Phone numbers

The phone numbers in the game actually exist. For example, 1-866-434SELF (Think Your Way To Success), 1-866-9SAVEME (Pastor Richard's Salvation Statue), and 1-866-PILLAGE (Thor's Advice hotline). Note: Thor's does not really cost $175.

Degenatron game system

Go to to play the "Degenatron" game system mentioned in the radio commercials in the game through an emulator.


One of the radio stations features a man selling self help programs. One is called "Learn, Start, Do", short for LSD. Another is "Motivate, Demonstrate, then Motivate Again", short for MDMA or Ecstasy. Another is "Think, Hold that thought, Complete", short for THC, the chemical in marijuana.

If you listen to the KCHAT radio station long enough, you will hear a commercial about "". In The commercial the announcer says, "Forget about flowers. Send a real live present that shows how much you love someone. Everyone loves kittens! A grieving widow can be consoled by a new puppy in her life! For the man who has everything, what about a white rhino for the living room? Or a miniature Pekinese fighting b****? If it's got a central nervous system, we've got it ready to go in a box to your house." is a working site and links back to Rockstar Games.

Lance preview

Start a new game. When the intermission sequence where Tommy makes the drug deal appears, look at the pilot. The pilot is Lance.

Grand Theft Auto 3 references

There is an airplane with a banner on the back that flies around Vice City. When you fly a helicopter or a plane around it, or zoom in on it with a sniper rifle, you can see that it is an exact duplicate of the full-winged Dodo from Grand Theft Auto 3.

In a mission brief for Avery Brooks, you will meet Donald Love. Avery will give a lesson about real estate prices going down because of a good old fashioned gang war, or an outbreak of plague. In Grand Theft Auto 3, Donald Love says the same thing almost word for word.

In the last mission for Phil Cassidy, you see him blowing off his arm. During game play, Phil keeps hallucinating that he was in the jungle fighting. In Grand Theft Auto 3, he states that he lost it in Nicaragua, which is where he was hallucinating.

If you listen to KCHAT long enough, Amy will eventually bring on a guest, Gethsemanee, who is in a coven and talks about crystal balls among with other witch topics. During the interview, Amy will accept calls and a English man from Hampshire named Freddy, calls asking the lady, "Supposing I'd been a bad boy. Like if I hadn't learnt my spells or something. Would I, I get smacked with it?" He goes on to also say "But you must hit Freddy with your broom. Freddy has been very naughty and not learnt his spells. Hit me hairy legs, hit me! I deserve it!" This is the same man who calls up Chatterbox on Grand Theft Auto 3 asking for a nanny to spank him.

Phil Cassidy's refrigerator has a sticker that says "Get Away" with palm trees and a beach. The same poster is in Grand Theft Auto 3 in your first hideout on Portland island.

Listen to VROCK and you will eventually hear a commercial about Ammu-Nation having a blow-out sale. You will hear the man in the commercial say, "just like we kicked Australia's ass". Ironically, the same DJ for the same station, Lazlow, also does station called Chatterbox in Grand Theft Auto 3. If you listen to that station long enough, he will talk to a sergeant who talks about he was in the "Australian-Amercian War". Lazlow goes on, saying that he has never heard of it.

Many callers on K-Chat and VROCK are the same ones that called on Chatterbox. For example, when listening to K-Chat when Thor is on and they go to the callers, a man named T.J. that talks about him and some friends starting their own gang called "The Blood" will come on. His voice sounds very familiar to the man calling on Chatterbox, talking badly about the British and saying that football and hopscotch are "man-sports". Also, the man that called also during the Thor interview asking about his girlfriend and was told to behead her sounds like the man who says "Liberty City Cocks rule!".

On the VCPR radio station, a guest will eventually talk about why Vice City residents should not wear clothes. In Grand Theft Auto 3, the same man calls Chatterbox saying why it should be right to not wear clothes.

If you own Sunshine Autos, drive into the garage that you drop the cars off for the list. Get a sniper rifle and look at the computer in the garage. It says "Kruton 9000" on the screen. This is also on Joey's computer in his repair garage in Grand Theft Auto 3.

When you are driving around Escobar International Airport, one of the billboards reads, "Vacation In Liberty City".

On KCHAT while Amy is interviewing Claude Mageno, a man calls up and asks Claude a question. He he is Morgan Meriwell from Double Ceff FM in Liberty City. He sounds like him and says his name is Morgan.

Steal a Banshee and take it to a safe place, away from car thieves, Go to the back of your Banshee and use a sniper rifle to zoom in on the license plate. It reads "LEONY" which is a reference to Salvatore Leone, the Mafia Boss you worked for in Grand Theft Auto 3.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas references

On the K-Chat radio station, when BJ Smith is the special guest, listen to the people that call the station to talk to him. There is one man that calls asking BJ how he played against the "SA's". The SA's refer to the football team in San Andreas.

Spawn a Hotring Racer #2. On one of the doors, you will see a decal with The Burger Shot printed on it, with a big target behind the writing. That is the logo of The Burger Shot in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The Getaway reference

On the assassination mission Autocide, the two people in the truck are named Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter. The main characters of The Getaway are Frank Carter and Mark Hammond.

The Terminator reference

Look closely at the "Exploder" billboard above the 24/7 store in Little Havana to see a scene from The Terminator, in which the Terminator robot descends from an explosion.

San Andreas reference

Listen to the VCHAT radio station and you will hear a football player call in and say "Hey, I'm a first time calla". They will start talking about different football conversations. Listen for about one minute and you will hear the caller say something similar to "Well, we were beaten by San Andreas". In the original Grand Theft Auto, the cities were Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas. This is a hint towards the location or title of the fifth game in the series.

Clearer graphics

 PlayStation2  Pause game play and go to "Display", then select "Trails" and turn that option off. The game will be much clearer.

Start game faster

 PlayStation2  After you see the PlayStation2 logo, wait till the next screen appears. Then, immediately press L2 + R2 to get to the startup screen.