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All Hands On Deck mission

During Cortez's last mission, All Hands on Deck!, you can make things easier it by eliminating the entire first part. To do this, you must have a car and drive it over to Cortez's yacht. Before you step in the pink marker or even get out of your car, drive over to the adjoining yacht to the right, of Cortez's yacht. Park your car in front of the now open gate so that most of it is blocked off. Then, run (do not take the motorcycle next to the yacht) to Cortez's Cheetah. Take it and fill in the last bit of open space between the gate and your first car. Again, get out of your car and run back to Cortez's yacht. During the intermission sequence, the French will try to no avail to get on the pier.
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After the mission starts, continue to enable the "Destroy all cars" code. This will destroy all boats and helicopters, but will not harm the yacht you are on.

All Hands On Deck mission: See ultimate secret vehicle early

You can see the ultimate secret vehicle early in this mission. It is the helicopter that is attacking you.

Alloy Wheels Of Steel mission

Enable the "Rhino" code and put two tanks in front of the other motorcycles. You will have enough room to get in front. Keep up your speed and you will win the race easily because the other motorcycles will crash into the tank and either fall off or have to go around them, using up time.

Before starting the mission, enable the "Faster acceleration" and "Higher top speed" codes. The other racers may pass you for the first few turns, however they will over-shoot the turn on the first long straightaway because they are going too fast. You will see them piled up in the alley beside the curve. Keep following the markers as fast as you dare, and you will easily win.
Chris Major.

Take one of the racer's bikes. It is very responsive and will not tip over or slide in a turn. Note: The Angel will not retain its special qualities if saved in a garage (or destroyed and placed in a garage.)

 PlayStation2  Go to the Hyman condo hideout and enable the "Never fall off motorcycle" glitch with a Freeway bike and go to the starting point. You now will not fall off at all, unless you press Triangle because your Freeway is on fire. If you press Square and aim at someone with a gun; or press Circle, the glitch will end.

Before you start, do not take an Angel or a Freeway at the right. Instead, go to the right hand side and knock the driver of the bike. He is now out of the race. The bike you take is much faster than the others, and has better turning ability.

Autocide mission

Before you start the mission, have a Hotring Racer #2. Enable the "Health" code. For the people in the cars and boat, use a rocket launcher. For the man on the motorcycle, you can bash him head on if you drive on the wrong side of Ocean Drive and come from the way that the North Point Mall is located.

Autocide mission: Character references

The people you have to assassinate have very similar names as characters from other crime games.

Marcus Hammond: Mark Hammond from The Getaway
Franco Carter: Frank Carter from The Getaway
Nick Kong: Nick Kang from True Crime: Streets of L.A. (yet to be released)
Dick Tanner: Tanner from Driver
Charlie Dilson: Charlie Jolson from The Getaway

Back Alley Brawl mission

Drive fast towards the chef. Jump out of the car before you get too close. The car will then hit the chef and kill him. Pick up the cell phone. When the three chefs appear, they will protect you instead of trying to kill you. Another advantage is that Lance will follow you. When the car pulls up to the hotel at the end of the mission, Lance will get out with you, and the car will drive away by itself.

When you go to the alley where the chef is located, find him but do not get too close. Line him up with your vehicle and get a good run for it. Run him over so that you do not have to risk getting beat up. Then, get out and pick up his cell phone.

Back Alley Brawl mission: Chef bodyguards

Enable the "Tommy groupies" code. After you kill the chef, Lance and the other three chefs will protect you, even after the mission is completed. This also works for other missions where you have to take people to different places.

Bombs Away mission

Instead of chasing boats and a car, you can run over all the Cubans with the RC plane. Then. just drop the bombs and blow up the boats.

When you first start the mission, take off then land on the other side. Drive the plane to the dock and run over every Cuban. Once they are all dead, you can bomb the boats with ease.

Cabmaggedon mission

Get the rocket launcher at the pool of the hotel near Escobar International Airport before starting this mission. When you enter the pink circle, face the boat that is located opposite the gate to the lot. As soon as you can, go towards the boat. Drive until you see the storage bins, then hop out of the taxi. Then, jump up the step at the edge of the lot. The taxis cannot get up this. Take out your rocket launcher and fire towards them. You can kill all of them with a few shots. Then, go out to attract the Zebra Taxi and fire at him. You can do all this without getting hit.

Go to where you are supposed to meet Mercedes. When there, go towards the water and you will see a garage with the black ball above it. This is 8-Ball's garage. Drive in to get your car fitted with a remote detonation bomb. Go back to he pink circle and point your car towards the water. Honk the horn, then go to the most north-eastern place in the area. Get out of the car and jump on the ledge. Move behind the boxes. When the cars are close enough, detonate the car-bomb. When the Zebra Cab appears, shoot it with whatever you want to destroy it.

Cap The Collector mission

Take a quick car to the Print Factory. Make sure it is not damaged when you arrive, as one of the men has a shotgun that can destroy the car easily. Before stepping into the circle, enable the "Faster cars" code. Once out, race to the dockyard. If you are lucky, the men have not taxed your store yet. Otherwise, when they are back on the bike, just ram into it then run over the men. The next location is Sunshine Autos. Do the same thing, although you may be able to get there before the next set of people. The next location is The Malibu Club, and the same process. There are only three sets of men. Once you have killed all six, the mission is complete

The Chase mission

After you go to Diaz to start the mission, check the window, get upstairs, then start chasing the thief. If you are good enough at sprinting and weaving in and out of tight spots, you will pass him up on the roof and jump off the edge of the building first. Then, get in the BF Injection and wait. The theif will jump down, get in, and drive you there. You will appear to be invisible at the end of the mission. Get out of the car, and you will have completed the mission by doing very little.

Check Out At The Check In mission

Before starting this mission at the phone in the airport terminal, find a helicopter and park it outside the airport. Also, get body armor (preferably with 150 armor or health). Start the mission, get the gun, and go to the farthest metal detector from you and snipe from there. Then, enable the "Lower wanted meter" code and run to get the briefcase. After that, run out, get in the helicopter, and fly it to the Downtown Ammu-Nation store. Information in this section was contributed by

Checkpoint Charlie mission

To have an easier time controlling the Squallo, enable the "Slow motion" code. The speed will be decreased, but the handling of the Squallo remains the same. Since the speed is less, the handling would seem better, allowing you to complete the mission without problems. Also, after complete it for the first time, every consecutive time after that, fog will appear that gets worse with each attempt. Enable the "Normal weather" code to make it disappear.

Enable the "Car floats on water", "Increase your vehicle's top speed" and "Better driving skills" codes. Drive a fast car into the water behind your boat, but not so far as you will drown when you get out or back in. Then, start the race with a boat. Jump out of your boat and run back to your car. You can complete the race a lot faster because you will not jump around on the waves and can turn easily.

Cop Land mission

Once accepting the mission, take Lance with you to the police station helipad in Downtown. There are stairs which lead to the helipad from ground level. Take the VCPD helicopter (Lance will get in with you), and fly it to the garage where you are supposed to trap the police officers to obtain your uniforms. Land as carefully as possible in the grassy open area just east of the garage. You will see the police car intended for you parked behind the wall in the same area. Trap two police officers to obtain their uniforms. Once you are donned in police gear, you can take any police vehicle to the mall, including the VCPD helicopter. Fly with Lance to the mall and land in the open area between the two south entrances. Once you detonate the bomb and exit the mall with Lance, enter the helicopter as soon as possible and fly over all the pursuit vehicles to the mansion. Land and run down with Lance in tow to the pink area to complete the mission. Note: Police will appear inside the mansion and on the roof; kill them off quickly to get to the checkpoint.
Nathan Hillyer.

After the mission has been completed, you will notice some of the things inside your mansion will have changed. The paintings on the walls will be crooked, and some will be taken away.

Once you plant the bomb inside the Tarbrush Café, run as fast as you can away from it before it detonates (about five seconds). Once your wanted level jumps up, enable the "No wanted level" code to return to your mansion easily.

After you lure the cops and get their clothes, enable the "Rhino tank" code. Take it to the entrance where the coffee shop is located. Detonate the bomb, then run to the tank. Make sure that Lance gets in before you leave. You will be able to return to the Mansion with no problems.

Once you have your cop uniform on, enable the "Slower game play" code. Do the whole mission in slow motion. The cops and FBI will not be able to catch you. Make sure not to spin out of control or do anything else, because they will then hit you.

Death Row mission

Go to the Malibu Club in a really fast car, such as an Inferno. Get the mission brief. Drive as fast as you can towards the junkyard. When around the corner from enable the "Rhino" code to spawn a tank. Drive towards the guards, blasting them with the tank's cannon. Once inside the junkyard, kill as many men as you can by running them over with the tank. Grab Lance and make your way back toward the tank. Then, take him to the hospital to complete the mission.

Fly a VNC Maverick (or any other helicopter) to the Junkyard instead of driving. This will not only get you there faster, but also will make getting Lance out of there a lot easier. Fly your helicopter next to the hangar Lance is held in, set it down, and kill the Cubans. When you pick up Lance, go directly into the helicopter. This will help you avoid the Diaz's men that chase after you. Then, just fly Lance to the hospital.

Get a helicopter and get the mission from the Malibu Club with it. Then, fly to the junkyard and land quickly in front of the building holding Lance. Jump into the helicopter and take off quickly because the guards will shoot it once you are inside.

 PlayStation2  When you drive to the entrance, you will meet up with a blockade of cars and Diaz's armed henchmen. Get up to speed, heading straight for the blockade. When you are a short distance from it, press Triangle to dive from the car. The car should take out most of the men, as well as the cars. This will be helpful in getting away. Then, get up and take out whoever is still standing. Then, take out resistance as you meet it and rescue Lance. Take the nearby car to escape. Watch out for Diaz's men in cars as you leave. They will chase you to the hospital.

 PlayStation2  Use the Sea Sparrow at the mansion after getting 80 Hidden Packages. Land outside of the Malibu Club. Then, fly to the Junkyard and hold R1 to use the gun. Kill the enemies and land. Then, get Lance and take him to the hospital.

When doing the Guardian Angels mission, intentionally kill Lance or Diaz. Take Diaz's car and store it in a garage. When doing the Death Row mission, use this car and take it to the garage were Lance is being kept. Get in and drive away. Because Diaz's car is bulletproof, there will be no chance that it will explode.

This mission is somewhat difficult; some preparation is needed. First, find body armor and health. Diaz's guards are armed with Rugers and 9mm Uzis. Next, get a third-person automatic weapon, preferably the Ingram Mac, found by the van in Vice Port, or a 9mm Uzi, which is found by the stairwell across from the Greasy Chopper, next to a pink high rise in Ocean Beach, or behind the southern Pay 'n' Spray on the eastern island. You will need about 250 to 300 rounds of automatic ammunition. The last weapon needed is a sniper rifle, which you can be found on a roof in Little Havana, next to the large "Kaufman Cabs" billboard. You can also purchase one in the mall. Find a large vehicle which has speed (fire truck recommended) and rig it with a bomb from 8-Ball's bomb shop in Vice Port. Quickly go to Kent Paul at the Malibu Club. Take off to save Lance. Use the handbrake when cornering. The fire truck will uproot the parked Admiral when you crash into it. You can jump out far away, and the speeding truck will carry its weight and crush the Admiral. The two guards behind it should not have much of a chance, as you will then detonate the bomb when the truck hits. Run into the junkyard with your Ingram/Uzi firing. You should drop the first four or five guards without much return fire. Take out your sniper rifle and kill the man on top of the crane. Switch to your automatic, and kill the men with Lance. Take the Trashmaster by the conveyoer belt and evacuate the area.

Enable the "Weapons tier 3" code to have a mini-gun and a sniper rifle. Take any car and drive to save Lance. When you are in the street where Lance is held, spin your car so that it will block the street (but keep it far from the garage). Position your car so that the driver's door will face the location where Lance is held. After you free Lance, return to the entrance of the garage and you will see that your car blocks Diaz's drivers. Do not run toward them. Instead, take out the sniper rifle and shoot your car. The car will explode and burn one of Diaz's cars. That car will also explode, and blow up the second of Diaz's cars. This will continue until all of Diaz's cars are destroyed. Then, take the car that is near the place where Lance was held and drive safely to the hospital. Note: You can take that car before you take Diaz's drivers down.

 PlayStation2  Have a fast car pointing north outside the Malibu Club and your sniper rifle selected in your weapon slot. When the timer starts, drive north and take the second left turn to head west across the bridge, fast. You want to exit the bridge to your left in the oncoming lane across the dirt median. Then make a quick left, right, right, left to get to the junkyard. Lance's life should still be at least two thirds full. Drive towards the blockade and when you are half way down the street, jump out of the car and crouch down (L3). They will have started shooting by now, but they are not skilled at that distance. Even if you get nicked a couple of times from 150 feet away, continue. They will not hit you very hard. Aim (R1) and fire a dozen rifle rounds into the cars in the blockade until they explode. As soon as cars start exploding, get up and switch to your targeting machine gun and approach the barricade with a slight zig-zag path. Press and release R1 while you are approaching, and if you see the pink targeting reticle appear, stop, press R1 and fire two-second bursts. Repeat this tactic. That is the whole trick to this mission from this point on, and you should practice this technique if you want to use it successfully in many other missions including Rub Out. When you are very skilled at the R1 and fire technique, you should have plenty of time to collect all the cash and ammunition that is also dropped. Note: Do not use L2 and R2. Tap R1 to re-target the closest enemy. Cycling through enemies will likely cause you to change weapons in the middle of the fight, unless you keep R1 firmly held. Once inside the fence, you will have two more waves of four to five thugs as you slowly approach, plus three to four thugs inside the hangar and a sniper on the crane. The whole idea is to not to trigger the next wave until you kill the active wave from a safe distance of 40 to 50 feet. Always keep moving (you do not have to run), keep pressing R1 to see if the targeting reticle "finds" a thug, and keep bursting two second volleys as you move towards the opening of the hangar. Never stand still unless you are shooting. Check behind you when you are satisfied you have killed off the wave, but keep moving forward. There is no waiting around with this tactic. When you get beneath the crane (and all thugs behind you are dead except the sniper) keep zig-zagging and use the R1 and fire tactic to enter the hangar. Sweep the room and free Lance. You might take a round if there is a thug remaining in a corner. Your health should still be above 80. Remember, do not let them get close to you and they cannot damage you badly. After the intermission sequence, keep tapping R1 in case you missed someone and run outside and to your right to circle the hangar. If you hear lone gunshots, it is the sniper. Either way, keep going around, and when you are back to the other side of the hanger, sprint to the garbage truck and jump in. Ignore the sniper because you are staying in motion. If you sprint to the garbage truck, Lance also sprints. Obviously, you can go ahead and kill off the sniper if desired. The chase only begins when you leave the junkyard. Make your way to the hospital and fight off two waves of attacking thugs trying to ram you off the road. When you get to the hospital, pull a U-turn so that the passenger-side door is next to the pink drop zone. The second wave of cars should crash in at the last moment if you drove in with good time. The truck will shelter Lance in case he needs it. Jump out and make sure you do not get crushed before you join him in the drop zone. The "Mission Success" message should appear.

Death Row mission: Easy money

Kent Paul is located at the Malibu club. His first mission for you is "Death Row". When approaching the entrance to the junk yard, there are an abundance of gang members. Once you have killed all of them, collect their money and let Lance die. Once the mission is over, start it again.

The meter for Lance's health will be on the side of the screen, and you must reach the junkyard before it runs out. Once there, kill all the thugs. Each thug has at least $500 on them. Since there are about fifteen thugs there, you can easily make about $75,00. Once you have killed all the thugs and collected all their money, save Lance and enable the "Rhino Tank" code. Get in with Lance, then leave the junkyard. Diaz' gang will arrive in cars and try to kill you and Lance. Do not destroy the cars. Shoot somewhere on the road next to the cars so that the cars will smoke. They will run out of their cars. Once they do this, kill them and they should have a lot of money. Get out the tank and collect the money. You should be able to make at least $10,000 total. Then, kill Lance to intentionally fail the mission. You can return to Kent Paul and start the mission again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Demolition Man mission

In this mission, you must fly a toy helicopter into a building and drop four bombs into specific points within the building and avoid getting beat or shot down in only seven minutes. There are construction workers and security guards with guns who will attack the toy helicopter throughout the building. The countdown however, does not start until you pick up the first bomb. The best way to begin the mission to find and kill the construction workers and security guards by flying into them with the propeller before you pick up any bombs. This will get them out of the way and you will get a feel for flying the helicopter and spotting where the targets are in the process. After you have killed them all, go back to get the bombs and start dropping them in the targets. Also avoid flying into anything -- with enough damage the helicopter will be totaled.

Another way to complete this mission is to pickup the first bomb and place it on the top floor first. Then, place the next bomb on the third floor, the next bomb on the second floor, and the final bomb on the bottom level.

Dirty Lickin's mission

Have a rocket launcher ready. Do not bother sniping, because the Hatians knock off most of the Cubans. Wait for a car to drive up. When it does, blow it up. Then a line of Cubans will run out from the bottom left. Also blow them up. There will one or two Cubans remaining. Snipe them to complete the mission

Distribution mission

When doing the Cherry Popper drug deals, it is easier to just go to the beaches and sell. Once one star is achieved, simply drive around until it disappears. The bonus to doing it this way is that you will always have plenty of customers, and no cop cars. The only downside is that the ice-cream truck moves very slow. However, you can easily outrun any on foot cops. Try this to make 100 sales easily.

 PlayStation2  An easy way to get a hundred sells for the mission is to go to one of the beaches. You will find the most people with no gang members. Find a spot and start selling the ice cream. While you wait, enable the "Lower wanted level" code but stop before you put in the last step of the code. As long as you do not press any buttons, you can just press Down to activate the code, which makes it helpful when a cop runs up to you. Note: You must repeat this every time, but it is a lot easier than trying to activate the full code while being chased by a cop.

When playing the mission, you will notice that the "ice cream" is most popular among prostitutes.

Driver mission

In the mission when you are racing Hilary, just stay an his tail and he may spin out.

Go to the Malibu Club, and enable the "Flying car (Dodo)" code. When racing Hilary, drive as fast as you can without flying. Since Hilary's car is much faster than yours, it will not stop flying and you will always be in the lead. When the cops show up, enable the "Lower wanted level" cheat, and cruise from there on. You will win without worry about Hilary catching up.

During the countdown, enable the "Hotring Racer" code. Get out of the Sentinel and get in the Hotring .Hilary will be ahead, but you will catch him sooner or later.

Before starting the mission, save the game at the Malibu Club. Enable the "Change wheel size" code. Pause game play and load the game that you just saved. Once the game is loaded, enabled the code again. Repeat this about five times. Then, enter the club and start the mission. The "Change wheel size" code makes certain cars go faster. In this case, your Sentinel will not go any faster, but Hillary's will. Hillary will be driving so fast that his car will spin out of control and he will crash into other cars and buildings. This allows you to get a really vary lead and Hillary will never catch up with you. Once the police catch up to you, enable the "Lower wanted level" code. Note: Not only will you be able to beat Hillary, your status will not be effected. Other codes will lower your status badly, but this one has no effect.

As soon as the race begins to count down, immediately enable the "Spawn Hotring Racer" code or something similar. The car you spawn should fall in front of you. When the race starts, you can immediately get out of the car and enter your Racer. The faster car should help you score an easy win. Note: This cannot be done with a Racer from Sunshine Autos, as it will disappear before the race.

Before racing Hilary, go to the police station on the right side by the bridge. Spawn a tank and park it in the road. Go to the Malibu Club and save the game. Race Hilary. He will run into tank and get stuck because he cannot blow up. From there, on cruise along the rest of the race and he cannot catch you.

To defeat Hillary easier, take the Stretch limo from your mansion and park it so that just a little bit of the end is still on the bridge after the police station where the girder sticks out. The rest of it should go about all the way to the middle of the street. Run to the Malibu Club and start the mission. Let Hillary get ahead of you just before that location. He will either spin around when he hits it and slam into the wall, or he will get in front of your car and become smashed to the side of the road. This allows you to get a head start while he recovers.

Before starting the mission, enable the "Slower game play" code three or four times. After enabling the code, start the mission. The game becomes very slow, but at least you can win the race.

Throw a Molotov cocktail onto the dance floor inside the Malibu Club on your way to the pink mission marker. This will result in you getting a three star wanted level and the police on your tail. Hillary should run over a police trap and popped all his tires. Avoid the trap and take your time around the corners to complete the mission with no pressure.

Do some prep-work and park some fire engines in front of the other competitors. Hopefully they will stay there and the opponents will wonder what they are doing.

Enable the "Increase your vehicle's top speed" code before going into the club. You may also need to enable the "Lower wanted level code", as the cops will come after you for street racing.

Fastest Boat mission

Use a car to run over the men with. This is much faster, and lowers your risk of dying.

Go to Diaz and start the mission. When you get outside of the fence, enable any "Weapons" code and shoot the men with the sniper rifle. Enable the "Rhino tank" code and drive it through the fence. Hop out of the Rhino and run forward out of the tank. Near the crates is a boat on land. Go behind it, crouch, and get out an Uzi. Target the enemies and kill them. Next, go to the garage and kill the three men. Do not activate the switch. Get the Rhino and drive it into the garage. Activate the switch and drive the Rhino over the men that enter. Be careful -- do not hit the boat. With the men dead, get into the boat and leave the Rhino. Enable the "Lower wanted level" code, then complete the mission.

Just before you start the mission, enable the weapons code that gives you the flame thrower. When you approach the boathouse, stop just outside the fence. Enter the fenced in area and run undetected to the right. Come back and face the first two guards. Take out the first one that is directly ahead, then the one to the right with your small machine gun. This will alert the other guards. Also take them out with your small machine gun. This will give you time to switch weapons. Now, use the flame thrower. Enter the boathouse, turning to the left, and take out the mechanics from a distance. Let them get too close and you will also go up in flames. Run around the flames to the switch and lower the boat. Then, turn and take out the rest of the guards from a safe distance with another shot from the flame-thrower. Then, run, jump in the boat, and head out.

Enable the "Weapons (tier 2)" code and take out the shotgun. Do not drive to the docks. Go to pier 2 instead. This is the next pier over from Cortez's boat. Take the boat there to the boat yard. You will not have as many guards to deal with, and the shotgun easily picks them off.

Four Iron mission

When you arrive at the driving range, go to the line of parked Caddys. Drive your Caddy straight to the edge of the river bank, behind them next to the telephone pole. Put the front wheels hanging over the edge. Next, one at a time, use the parked Caddys to ram them off the bank and into the river. The last one you use (the pink one) should be parked with the front wheels off the bank far enough where you cannot back it off. Be careful, or you will drive off the bank and die. Your last act should be to steal the last Caddy that has the guard in it. After you hijack the Caddy, the target will send his guards after you and attempt to run. He will get into the last available Caddy (the one parked at the edge of the bank). He will eventually fall off the bank, into the river, and drown. Your mission will be complete. Do not engage the guards -- as soon as the target gets into the Caddy, drive around. You can also ram his Caddy from behind to speed things up.

Make sure you have a gun of some type. When you go through the metal detector, the gun will be saved outside for you to pick up on your way out. Note: You can take a chainsaw inside with you, if you have not died since your last Cortez mission. Once inside, go directly to the driving range and pester one of the guards by jumping in his Caddy, or run up the stairs and jump off the top of the driving range. This will put everyone in motion. Kill, beat, or otherwise disable most of the bodyguards so that you can jump in a Caddy and leave the area. Go directly back to the metal detector entrance and kill the two rent-a-cops there. Walk outside, pick up your weapons, and wait for the target to exit the club. When he does so, kill him to complete the mission.

If you do not have the sniper rifle, enable the "Weapons" code to get it. Go into the range, exit back out, then park a car in the left hand corner next to the entrance. There should be a small wooden club holder there. Jump on the car then jump over the wooden club holder. You should be able to snipe the man without the guards even noticing.

When you get to the Leaf Links Country Club, go past the security checkpoint, then enable the "Weapons (tier 2)" code. Take the Caddy and go to where the target is located. Keep a fairly good distance from where he is, then change to your rocket launcher. Use it to kill him and complete the mission.

Go to Ammu-Nation and buy yourself some exceptional guns. Next, get dressed as a golfer and drive or walk to the entrance of Leaf Links Golf Club. You can walk into the pink circle if desired. Look to the far left of the club's entrance and you should come across a cylinder-like object turned over on its side, with eight flags lying across it (directly next to the hedge) . Re-enter your car and drive over to the flags. You must align the side of your vehicle with the flags. In other words, the door of your car must as close to the flags as possible, and the front of your car as close to the yellowish-whitish fence as possible. Your car should now be parked parallel to the gray cylinder. You can now use your car into a stepping stone. Jump onto the hood of your car, then turn around and leap onto the hood. Finally, jump from the roof straight onto the flags and you will be inside. You now have the ability to use your guns in the course and kill the target from a distance.

Get your new outfit, a PCJ-600, then ride to the pink circle. Do not go in. Instead, turn around, ride back down the road and take the first right. Follow that road until you see a small road that is a dead end on your map. There is a ramp located there. Get plenty of speed and jump the ramp. You will make it over the water easily. You are now on the golf course, with a full arsenal and your bike, making it easy to complete the mission.

Get some grenades from Ammu-Nation at North Point Mall. Drive the car as close to the fence on the left of Leaf Links as possible. You will see the fence with golf clubs lined against it. Jump over that fence and you do not have to worry about the metal detectors taking your weapons. You may want to kill the guards before you do this. When you find the driving range, throw a grenade at the golf carts to knock them out of commission. Throw another grenade when his guards attack, and you can kill him. Make sure you have a full health and armor.

When you get to the driving range, instead of going upstairs, ditch all the golf carts in the water (speed to it and bail). Then, go after your target. When he comes down, there will be no cart for him to get away in. He will run away on foot, making it very easy to catch up and beat him with the golf club.

Go to the pink marker at Leaf Links, but do not enter the golf course. Instead, drive to where that bridge that connects the golf course is located. Drive up there, get out of your car, then go where the bridge ends on the right side. Aim and get a jump to land on the golf course with all your weapons.

Use the following trick to to avoid dropping off your weapons at the gate, and complete the mission using a car. When you approach the entrance of the course you will notice a Comet sitting there. Get into the vehicle and drive straight down the driveway to the road and stop. If you go left, you will drive back to where you came from. If you go right, you will be headed towards the bridge that is closed. As you are driving there, you will notice a wooden bridge above that links two golf holes together. Drive until you get to the closed bridge and turn around, but do not go yet. Back up until you cannot back up anymore. You should now be facing the way you just came and see the wooden bridge you just drove under. Notice there are slanted grass slopes that are on each side of the road that lead up to a wall of bushes. At the top of the grass slopes on the sides of the road is a wall of bushes that you cannot go through. However, there is a crease where the bridge and the bush wall meet. This trick can only be done on the left side of the wooden bridge as you are facing it. Start driving up the grass slope at full speed into the corner where the bush wall and wooden bridge meet. When you hit the crease, your car will bounce into the air and hopefully land on its wheels onto the bridge. This might take a attempts. If you land upside down on the bridge, get out of the car before it explodes then jump back down onto the road and go back to the entrance of the course. There will be another Comet waiting there. Repeat this until your car lands correctly. When on the course, drive carefully towards the yellow dot where you will find the marked man and his bodyguards. When you arrive, notice that there are a number of golf carts parked and empty, except for one that has a bodyguard to the far right. While in you car, pull next to the carts parked near the driving range and push them straight back into the water. Make sure that you do not go too far and also fall in. Continue to get rid of the carts by pushing them in the water with your car, but do the cart with the bodyguard last. When you attack him, the bodyguards will come after you and the marked man will start to flee. The bodyguards and marked man cannot move too fast because they are not in the carts that you pushed into the water. Drive around so the bodyguards cannot catch you, and as you do so look for the marked man running down the golf course. When you find him, run him over with you car until he is dead. The bodyguards will then disappear. If you have to get out of your car for some reason, you will still have your guns to use. When completed, go back to the wooden bridge from which you came and jump over the side of the bridge onto the road.

 PlayStation2  When you complete the "Guardian Angles" mission, unless you ran out of bullets you will still have the Ruger. Do not die or get busted. Go to Avery and get the mission. When you get to the golf course, park your car by the left of the entrance. Get out and jump on the car, then jump again to land inside the golf course. Note: They will take away your Ruger if you walk through the metal detector. Go towards the target, but start turning towards the right. You will be directly in front of the range, but very far away. Walk towards it until you can see the target. Press L3 to crouch down. Take out the Ruger, carefully aim at the wildly-swinging target, and hold Circle. You will eventually see the "Mission Passed" message and the bodyguards will start running towards you. Run back to the entrance and back over the ramp to leave. Tap X while running to move quickly and not get caught. Note: if you get too close to the driving range, the bodyguards will start chasing you and you will not be able to simply shoot the target.

Do the Treacherous Swine mission before you do this mission. When you get in the golf course, they will take all weapons you have. However, if you did the Treacherous Swine mission before this mission, the chainsaw will still be there. Go to where your target is. As soon as he and his bodyguards see you, quickly jump off the steps. If you landed correctly, he will be face to face with you and will be trying to get away. Chainsaw him to pass this mission in less than a minute.

G-Spotlight mission

Instead of using the motor bike to complete the entire mission, only use it for the checkpoints that are in the office building. Then, use a helicopter (either from the police station or the Hyman condo) and proceed to stop at the checkpoints on the roofs of the other buildings.

First, get the PCJ 600 near the guard booth near the entrance of the movie studio. Proceed to the pink marker on your radar. Drive through the first building, hitting all the pink circles on the way (enjoy the elevator ride). When you see the first jump to the next building, fall off the building on the bike. Return to your mansion on Starfish Island and go inside. Go up to the roof of the mansion (go inside, turn left before "Tony's Room", follow the wall until the passage on right, follow passage until the stairs, then climb the stairs), get the helicopter if one is there, and proceed to hit all the pink markers. Note: You do not need the helicopter from the mansion; any available one will suffice.

The easiest way to do this mission is to take the bike to the building. Go up the steps and go around until you reach the elevator. Go around the office corner and onto the pink circle. Ahead of you should be the first building jump. Jump it on the bike. When you land on the blip, you can ditch the bike. Jump off the side of the building and make your way to an apartment with a helipad. Get a Maverick and land it on each circle until you get to the spotlight.

G-Spotlight mission: Complete without a bike

When you start this last mission for the movie studio, it calls for you to do the stunts via the red PCJ 600 motorcycle or any bike. However, this is not necessary. After doing the first two pink circle check points (one before the elevator and the other in the second building's big hole you jump to), ride the bike over to the Hyman Condo and use your helicopter for all the rest. It is fast and easier.

G-Spotlight mission: Complete with passenger

Enable the "Tommy groupies" code and start the mission. When going into the elevator, the man in the green shirt will get on your PCJ and stay with you for the entire mission.

G-Spotlight mission: New bike

No matter what condition your bike is in, ditch it as soon as the second set of stairs come down. You will find a new bike in seconds. Then, restart the run up the second steps.

G-Spotlight mission: New spotlights

After you complete the mission, the spotlight will have a picture of breasts with the word "Suxxx" under it to promote the new movie for Candy Suxxx.

Guardian Angels mission

Get some armor, a shotgun, and at least 50 rounds of ammunition for it. When the enemies appear, jump down from the roof with your shotgun. When you get down, start aiming and shooting. When the car blocks you, jump on the hood, aim, and shoot. When you get done with the first two cars, watch the lower left corner of the map. As the yellow dots approach, get ready to aim and take fire. When you get to the dirtbike part, have a gun since you can shoot ahead and not have to use the drive-by view. Get about five to ten feet away and start shooting. When he falls off his bike, you should also get off. After this, it should be easy to finish him off and to get the money back to Diaz. Note: This may not always work. To make things easier, jump off the roof just before the enemies get there.

Do not stay up on the balcony with the Ruger Cortez gave you. Instead, go down with Diaz and the Cubans. Wait until you see the yellow blip on the radar. This will work well if you have a sub-machine gun. Once the other Cubans and Hatians appear, pick them off with the sub-machine gun. After you chase down the Haitan on the Sanchez, you are rewarded $1,000 and Diaz will call for you to get some work done for him.