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Baseball bat

Look in the alleyway directly behind your hideout at the Ocean View to find a baseball bat.

Brass knuckles

Look slightly north (less than 100 feet) from the baseball bat behind your hideout to find a set of brass knuckles.


Enter the apartment building in Ocean Beach next to the Pay 'N' Spray. Find the open door to apartment 30. To your right is a bathroom with blood all over. The chainsaw can be found there.


Go to the alleyway in the south-east corner of the east island (where you start) to find the knife.


You can find a shotgun at any time by going to the top of the Washington Mall via the car park (the circle ramp). When at the top of the building, do down the left side ramp, and then immediately turn around. The gun is to the left of the ramp at the back.


Drive next to the Pay 'N' Spray near the Ocean View, then walk through the fence. Follow the trail and at the end you will find an Uzi.

Easy money

Leave your Ocean View hotel hideout, and steal a car. This cannot be done with a motorcycle or scooter. Make sure the car is directly in front of the hideout. Go right (from standing in front of the hotel) and keep driving along the road. Drive on the left hand side of the road, opposite to traffic. You will see a wide gravel path. Follow the path, being careful not to run over anyone, until you get to a small, narrow bridge. Start ramming your car into the side of the bridge. As soon as the car starts on fire, run away. Wait until the car explodes, and then return to the bridge. A lot of people should be dead, since many of them were walking on the bridge. If you are lucky, you might even kill a police officer or two.

Bag of money

After you complete the Malibu Club missions, there will be a bag full of money on your bed in your Ocean View Hotel Room.


On the table in your Ocean View Hotel room is a broken hidden package that has a mysterious white powder spilling out of it.

Beach ball

You can find a beach ball on the beach that you can bounce on your head for points.

Grand Theft Auto 3 reference

There is a comic book-like picture of our hero from Grand Theft Auto 3 in your first hideout in The Ocean View Hotel.

Scarface reference

The entire road that runs parallel the beach on the east side (where the Ocean View hotel is located) is an exact duplicate of the scene from the Scarface, which was based in Miami.

New Candy Suxxx posters

After you complete all of the InterGlobal Film studio missions, return to the original save point area in the Ocean View Hotel. Go up to your room, and you can see two new Candy Suxxx movie advertisement posters on the wall -- "BITE: Featuring Candy Suxxx" and "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: Starring Candy Suxxx".

New magazines

After you complete all the missions, there will be new magazines in the Ocean View Hotel. The magazines have pictures of Lance Vance and Diaz on them, plus a computer magazine with the title "1986 Best For Graphics" on the front cover.

Boomshine barrels

After you complete the missions for Phil Cassidy, go to your hideout at the Ocean View hotel. There will be barrels of boomshine in your room.

Shooting award

Go into your hideout at the Ocean View hotel and go towards the television. On top of it is a head with a bullet hole in the middle of the forehead. On the base, there is a plaque reading "Shooter Of The Month". This only appears after you complete the Shooting Range mission.

Shoot the award and you will get a wanted level star.

Secret package contents

On a table in the hotel room, there is a secret package. It does not count towards the 100 hidden in the game. It is broken open and contains cocaine.

Hockey mask

Also a hockey mask from the Bank Heist mission will be on the table in your room at the Ocean View hotel after that mission is completed.

New stripper

After buying the Pole Position strip club, you can get a lap dance in the back room. If you kill everyone in the club, (all strippers, customers, and bartenders), there will be a different striper in the back room.

After buying the Pole Position strip club, go to the back room get a private dance. Then, go out into the main room and go back in. You will get a new stripper. You can do this three times.