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More:Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: Prawn Island

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Erotic posters

Drive into the InterGlobal Films movie set on Prawn Island. Walk into the toll booth to see some posters of women on the wall. Note: You can see each poster better in first person view.

Grand Theft Auto 3 reference

When you obtain InterGlobal Films, in the far left hand corner (the opposite of where the sea plane is in the studio) is a set with a huge burger hanging from the top. It is Bolt Burgers from Grand Theft Auto 3 on the second island.

Get into the InterGlobal Films studio and keep walking around outside until you find a studio set made to look like a city "strip" with clubs and theaters. The set is actually the Club Street in the Red Light District of Grand Theft Auto 3.

Blow up gas pump

Go to the back wall of InterGlobal Film Studios and you will see a white box on the wall. If you look closely, you will see that it is a gas pump. Take a few steps back and shoot it to make it explode.

Sunken boat

 PlayStation2  Get in the Skimmer next to Prawn Island and take it towards the west side. Turn right under the bridge and press Triangle stand on top of the plane. Use the sniper rifle and you will be able to see the wreckage of a Reefer underwater.

Go to Prawn island with a boat and go under the bridge from Prawn island to the second island, At the set of two pylons closest to the second island, on the right side pylon (facing the second Island), look at the bottom. You should see part of a small sunken boat. The boat is very difficult to see. It may be easier to use a sniper rifle when on the boat.


An Uzi can be found on the front porch of a graffitied house, along with a Gang Burrito.