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"Keepy-Uppy" beach ball game

Go to Starfish Island and locate the mansion that has the drained pool in its side yard. There will be a lone beach ball in the deep end of the pool. Run into the ball hard enough and it will fly into the air. Position yourself on its shadow to have it bounce off your head. The game keeps track of consecutive hits, however the prize is unknown. Note: Equip a heavy weapon such as a flamethrower or a minigun to walk around slowly so you do not over-walk the shadow.

Launch the beach ball

Find the keepy-uppy beachball and shoot it. It will launch hundreds of feet in the air and come crashing back down only to launch back up again.


Go to the house directly west of the Vercetti Estate (Diaz's Mansion). There is a katana in the garage.


On one of the bridge sidewalks that connects to Starfish Island where the estate mansion is located, there is a machete.

Woman-shaped pool

When flying a helicopter or airplane, go to Starfish island. One of the northernmost pools looks resembles a woman's body, without the arms, head, and legs. If you are high enough, a polka dotted red bikini will show up in the pool.

Rockstar logo-shaped pool

When you get a helicopter, fly over Starfish Island and look down. One of the houses has a pool in the shape of the Rockstar logo.

Erotic poster and pictures

After you have completed the InterGlobal Films missions, go back to your mansion on Starfish Island. There will be erotic pictures of Candy Suxxx on the desk in your office, along with a poster on the wall of her from behind.

New rooms in mansion

After you complete the Rub-Out mission and obtain Diaz's mansion, there are two secret rooms that you can now access with weapons and health/armor. The first is the minibar next to the main entrance of your new mansion. The second is on the lowest floor where the staircases are located (pool level). This room is next to the exit to the pools. It is easy to miss, but look for it. It is in a corner before you turn to the stairs going up.


When you complete the three events at the Hyman Memorial Stadium, go to your mansion. In the first room to the right (above the television), you will now have three trophies; one with a dirt bike, one with a star on top, and one that reads "Vice City Champion 1986".
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Love Fist gas cans

Go to your mansion and enter the main office after completing the Love Fist missions. Look on one of the tables to find two Love Fist gas cans, marked "Hot N Sticky".

RC helicopter box

In the new room of your mansion (next to the main entrance with the minibar and a television), is a box for an RC helicopter, as if it were a child's toy.

Hunter box

After you have acquiring all 100 hidden packages and completing the final mission (Keep Your Friends Close), go into the Vercetti mansion. Go into the bar and turn to your left. You will then see a pistol weapon. Under the pistol, you will see more trash. Look closely at the cover of the box to see the Hunter helicopter you can get from Fort Baxter Air Base.

Defaced Diaz painting

After you complete the Rub-Out mission, go upstairs and look to the right on the wall outside of Tommy's office. The painting of Diaz has been drawn on with a marker. Someone drew a pair of glasses and a few other things on it.

Scarface reference

In the "preparing for war" scene in Scarface, the camera pans away from his surveillance system and the middle television shows the main room in which all the bloodshed takes place. This is the same picture used on every screen in Tommy's room at his mansion. It is also on every screen at El Banko Corrupto, in their security room.

Enter early

To get to Starfish Island without completing the missions, get a fast motorcycle (not a moped). Go to the Starfish bridge and floor it through the tiny hole used by bridge pedestrians. Wreck at the gate and the game should put you on Starfish Island.

Spawn a Sabre Turbo and drive very fast on the bridge to Starfish Island. Keep going when you see the gate. You should get your car stuck half in the gate. Keep pushing on the gas, and when you stop moving hit reverse. You should finally get through the gate.

Good stunts

Get a Sanchez or a fast car and go to the Vercetti Mansion. Drive up the big set of stairs leading to the door. Go off the side of the stairway while doing a wheelie (with the Sanchez). You can sometimes get 1200 degrees and six flips.