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Admiral: Damage-proof

Play the Guardian Angels mission. Fail the mission and take the Admiral that your associates arrived in. It is dent and bullet proof.

After you pass or fail the Guardian Angels mission, go to the white car to the right of the stairs that you will go back down. This car is bulletproof, fireproof, and damage proof. However, if it flips upside down it will explode and will still cause you to drown if driven into water.

It is possible to obtain this car after passing the Guardian Angels mission. After you pass the mission, Diaz turns left and he disappears, leaving the Admiral in the middle of the intersection.

When you are about to complete the Guardian Angels mission by entering the pink circle, shoot Diaz's car. When Tommy asks "Where's Lance?", turn left and Diaz's car will be there without him inside.

Make sure you have a garage to save this vehicle. Play the mission where you have to chase a man down an alley on a dirt bike and retrieve your Boss' briefcase. Your Boss' white Admiral is bulletproof and wreck proof. Instead of going back to talk to him. carefully park cars in front of his car. You may want to use tanks. Make sure he cannot drive off. Talk to him, he will bid you farewell then try to drive off. After awhile he will disappear from the driver's seat. Get in, park the car in your garage, and save the game. You can keep this indestructible car throughout the game. Note: The tires can be popped, and if a tank hits it you it will explode.

Admiral: Black

Do the Check Out At The Check-In phone mission. Before you start the mission, get a Rhino and put it in a garage at Sunshine Autos. Then, kill the man and take the package. Get a car and go to the Pay 'N' Spray at Sunshine Autos. Then, get the Rhino in your garage and blow up one of the Admirals. Push it into your garage and you will have a pitch black Admiral.

Ambulance: Ride on top

When somebody dies near you, an ambulance will soon appear. Before it starts to leave, jump on it and stay there to get a ride through the town. When the ambulance reaches a red light and a car is in front of it, the ambulance will hit the car and you will start to get thrown off. To prevent this, move towards the center of the ambulance. The same thing will happen when the ambulance is going around a corner.


Go to the Greasy Choppers Bike Club in Downtown to find the patriotic Angel motorcycle.

Baggage Handler

Behind Escobar International Airport is a pile of luggage with a car that resembles a Caddy. This is the Baggage Handler. There is also one on the side of the airport.

Barracks O.L.

Get your wanted level to six stars. The army troops will arrive in Barracks O.L.s.

BF Injection: Flip and spin in the air

Enable the "Full health", "Car floats on water", and "Better driving skills" codes. Drive into the sea and press R3 or L3 in the water to do a jump. When you are upside down in the water, press R3 again. If timed correctly, your BF Injection should fly into the air, performing flips and spins.

Blood Ring Bangers

After winning the Destruction Derby at Hyman Stadium, two Blood Ring Bangers will be parked outside. Once you exit the stadium, go to the right. Thenm walk around the stadium until you see the first parking area. There will be two Blood Ring Bangers. They will respawn if you destroy them, and will be at that same place forever. Each time you find those cars, they will change in number, color, and/or graphic design.
NOS and


Go to Escobar International Airport and go straight around the terminal to find a Caddy.

Get outside the golf course on the road for the main entrance. Walk on that road in front of the main entrance, constantly looking at the street next to it. When you see a Caddy coming in the distance, run in the direction its going to cut him off. If you run out of energy, shoot at the Caddy with a pistol. The driver should get out and run away.
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Jack a Caddy while in the Leaf Links golf course. There is a ramp to the right of the entrance of the golf course off a paved road/walkway. It will take you to the entrance outside of Leaf Links. You can get any of your weapons back that you had to drop to enter Leaf Links by doing this.

Go to the lighthouse in the Ocean Beach area. Before you cross the bridge, you should see a Rampage icon to your left next to a big huge bush near the street. After you cross the bridge, walk up to the first or second bush to your right. If you look very close, you may be able to see something there. Stand next to the bush and press Triangle (PlayStation2) or Y (Xbox). Tommy should immediately run inside the bush and hop in the hidden Caddy. Note: There is also a Hidden Package on the steps to the lighthouse.

Enable the "Car floats on water" code then get in a Caddy at Leaf Links. Drive it into the ocean and just head towards the beach at Vice Point or Washington Beach.

Caddy: Drive out of the golfing area

 PlayStation2  enable the "Dodo car" code. Steal a golf cart (Caddy) and drive towards the exit area (where the view is from a security camera). Instead of going in that area, go up the grass hill to the left of the stairs. Fly over the house by pressing Analog-stick Down. Try to avoid the windows which pop out and stop you from flying. If you make it on the roof, go right or left immediately to avoid the big pillar then continue down to the street. This may be difficult at first, but can be done with some practice.

Steal a Caddy, then take it to the building where you first entered. Drive it off to the right, where there is a ramp you can take to get onto the street outside of Leaf Links.

Caddy: Front flips and barrel rolls

Enable the "Better driving skills" code and steal a Caddy from somewhere. When going fast enough, press R3 to jump. As soon as you land, press R3 again to do a front flip. Some practice may be required to get the correct timing. To do a barrel roll repeatedly, jump it three times and when it starts rolling over, turn the wheels in the opposite direction that you are rolling. Keep the wheels turned, then it will keep rolling over.

Caddy: Fast version

Enable the "Change wheel size" code four or more times. Then, spawn a Caddie. You now have a "Super Caddie" which has faster speed. Ranchers,Dune Buggys , and Baggage Handlers have the same effect. This also makes Banshees and Comets act like tanks. You can also enable the "Perfect handling" code to do wheelies.


Go to the docks behind the warehouse (where the party boat is located) and look around for a Cheetah. This car respawns often. If you steal it too much, it may not spawn for a long time.

Cheetah: Variations

Look at the mirrors on the Cheetahs. Some of them only have a mirror on the driver's side door and are higher. The others have two mirrors, mounted lower.

Cheetah, FBI

The FBI Cheetah can be found on the left side of the map at the police station near the bottom at about 21:00 until 1:00.

Coach: Easy money

Hijack a Coach bus. You can ride around town and look for the bus stop signs. You will make $5 for each person you pick up. Sometimes you can even wait at the bus stop and people will start entering the bus.

Coach: Ride with cops

Go to a bus stop and wait for a bus. Get in and kill the driver. Attract the police, get them near the door, then go in. The police will enter with you but you will not get caught.

Coach: Easier getaway from cops

If you are running from the cops, hijack a Coach. Even though they are very slow, they are very big and can withstand a lot of damage. The police cars cannot stop it or make it spin out. Unfortunately, when the bus catches on fire, it takes a long time to get out of it, and there is a good chance that you will get wasted.

Coach: Drive with many women

Enable the "Tommy groupies" code and get a Coach. Let women get in with you. If you exit the bus, all the women that were riding with you will get off and follow you.

Coast Guard boat

Go to the bridge leading from Starfish Island to Little Haiti. Go down the road until you see the first big boat. Look for a small strip dock. Go to the end and look in the water. You should see a different looking boat; just fall off onto it.

Once you unlock the second island, go to Vice Port and go to the place where you meet Rico (from the Cuban mission Naval Engagement). Go onto the docks heading north. You will see a wire from the water. Go near it and enter the boat. You should now be in the Coast Guard boat.

Cuban Hearse: Fire on wheels

 PlayStation2  Jack a Cuban Hearse. Hold R1 + X and look at the back tires. There will be fire coming out of the wheels.

Cuban Jetmax

Buy the shipyard in Vice Port for $10,000. The boat will respawn there and will be yours for the taking.


To get the Deluxo, you must first purchase Sunshine Autos. Go down to where all of the garages are and look for one with a dry-erase board next to it. This board indicates what cars you need to bring to that garage. Once you bring in all of the cars, you will receive the Deluxo and Sunshine Autos will also begin making money for you.

Dirt Bike

You can find a Dirt Bike in the alley near Ken Rosenberg's office in Washington Beach.

Enforcer: Free armor

Steal an Enforcer and you will get full armor instantly.

FBI Rancher

Get your wanted level to five stars. When the FBI arrives, they will do so in a FBI Rancher.

FBI Washington

Go downtown to the Well Stacked Pizza. Go to the nearby alley (the south alley shaped like a near perfect square on the map). Look around to find a black Washington. If it is not there, then drive away a distance (like to Hyman Memorial Stadium) then return. If not, do it again.

Fire truck

As soon as you have completed the "Demolition Man" mission for Avery, go under the building you blew up. You should find a fire truck there. If not, there might be one on the road extinguishing the fire.
Sambo 12.

Gang Burrito

The Gang Burrito is located on Prawn Island on the front porch of a graffitied house. It is a red van with a red spoiler.

Hotring Racer

Complete the fourth and final list of cars at Sunshine Auto.

You can unlock the Hotring Demolition Derby cars by successfully completing all three events in the stadium. The two cars will be parked over by the left side of the stadium.

Hotring Racer: Third type

Go to Sunshine Autos after the asset is fully completed. Take the racer from the showroom, then use the codes to spawn Hotring Racers 1 and 2. Line them up and compare them to see that there are in fact three different Hotring Racers.


Once you have completed the Keep Your Friends Close mission, a Hunter will be available at the back of Fort Baxter Air Base near the airport. To get it, either use the police uniform which is unlocked after a certain mission is completed (located at the Washington Beach police department, inside the locker room to the left of the entrance), or simply fly a helicopter high overhead to the back of the base, then quickly land and get in the Hunter.

Get a helicopter and get your wanted level to two stars. Go to Fort Baxter Air Base. You should see the Hunter in the back, where its fenced in. Bail out when you are directly over the Hunter. Get in and repeatedly enable the "Health" code to recover from the soldiers that are shooting at you. Get airborne and fly out of there.

After collecting all 100 hidden packages, the Hunter will be available at the helipad in the Ocean Beach area at the southern tip of the first island.
Christopher Jensen.

Go to the police station in Washington Beach (located about three blocks south of the Malibu Club). Walk inside, turn left to the locker room and get the uniform there. Note: It only appears there after the Copland mission has been completed. Go into Fort Baxter Air Base. The military will then not consider you an enemy, and thus not fire. Break the barricade at the base and immediately go north (left). You will see stairs there. Get out, climb up those stairs, and run towards the catwalk for the building that you are in. Go through the catwalk and down the stairs on the other side of the fence (that contains the Rhino). You need to be able to reach the high guard tower (or that area). Once you are close to the guard tower, run to the obstacle course, then all the way across it. When you are at the other side, make a left turn and go through the gate.

Once you complete the story missions, look in the Ocean Beach area at the house near the docks of the Cortez missions. It has a helipad, which should now spawn a Hunter. You no longer need to run around in Fort Baxter Air Base to get it.

To get the Hunter easier, complete the game, get the usual police uniform, and enable the "Pedestrians riot" code. When you fly overhead, the soldiers guarding Fort Baxter Air Base will be too busy killing each other to cause too much trouble.

 PlayStation2  Once in the Hunter, press R3 to begin Brown Thunder vigilante mission.

Play the All Hands on Deck mission and get to the part where the bridge is blocked off. Note: Do not unblock the bridge as it will give you as much time as you want to get the Hunter. Wait until two Maverick helicopters appear and destroy them. A Hunter will appear and shoot at you. As it makes passes over the ship to attack you, shoot the pilot through the cockpit windows. The pilot will fall out of the helicopter. If done correctly, the Hunter should land on the ship perfectly. If it spun out on the ship, quickly get in the Hunter and enable the "Health" code to fix it. Fly it to the docks, land, fail the mission by using a manual aimed gun (sniper rifle preferred) to shoot Cortez. The game should restart at the docks and the Hunter should be where you landed. Note: If you use the Hunter to pass the mission, you end up in a Speeder boat upon completion.

Use the following time-sensitive trick to get a Hunter without any codes. Wait just outside the Fort Baxter Air Base in a helicopter over water at 6:50. Begin a run, then just land and take the Hunter. The Army appear to be sleeping at this time.

Hunter: Weapons

 PlayStation2  While in the Hunter, press R1 to fire the minigun mounted on the front or Circle to fire two rockets from the wings.
Christopher Jensen.

Hunter: Saving at hideout

Acquire a property with a large garage, such as the Hyman condo. Get the Hunter and take it to the Hyman Condo. Fly down from above to the western-most garage. Make sure this garage is empty. There should be enough space for you to fly down. Place it on the ground, positioning it so that its winglets are exactly parallel to the garage doors and can easily pass through it. If you find it difficult to place the Hunter in this position because of the limited space, get out of it and push it to this position. Push it up to the garage door, then place yourself behind a winglet and push it into the garage. Push it all the way to the end until it cannot go any further. Exit the garage and the Hunter will be inside. To get it out, simply push it in the opposite direction and out of the garage. Try experimenting with different garages to see how it works. If the garage is big enough, it should fit nicely.

Infernus: Mall appearance

Destroy most of the cars in the multistory car garage at Northpoint Mall. When you return, most of the cars will be replaced with Infernuses.

Love Fist Limo

Start the Love Fist mission Psycho Killer in Downtown. Then, drive it into one of your garages. The Sunshine Autos car showroom or Hyman Condo are your best choices. <A NAME="UQHTML219">Information in this section was contributed by ].


Steal a vehicle and drive it through the front doors of the Vercetti Estate and a Maverick helicopter will appear on the helipad on the roof.

Moonbeam: Two wheel bonueses

A good vehicle to get two-wheel bonuses in is the Moonbeam. Get up to speed and start turning left, right, left, right, and so forth and you will go up on two wheels. Then, you just need to balance, which just requires some practice.

Oceanic: Drive on two wheels

Get in an Oceanic and reach top speed. Then, on a turn, hold Square + Left or Right. The Oceanic will get on two wheels. To get back on all four wheels, just press in the opposite direction.


To get the Patriot from Grand Theft Auto 3, go to the movie set located on the top middle island of your map You can either buy the set or you can just get in a motorcycle and do a jump over the wall.

Go to Phil Cassidy's trailer in Little Haiti. Enter and you will see a trailer. Look left to see a building-like garage. A Patriot is parked inside.

Hijack a fire truck and do a few firefighter missions. A Patriot will be one of the cars that are on fire. If there are people in it, you must put them out or else the car will explode.

To get this car at the very beginning of the game, get any car. After the intermission sequence when Tommy's friends get shot, go south to the Pay N' Spray. Then, go to the gas station slightly north of it. Get the hog. Then, go north to the mall and go through the shortcut that has a bribe in it. Take the bridge right down until you reach the bottom. Next, go through all the ramps until you get to the studio from the top ramp. Get the Patriot from the back of one of the buildings. Because the gate is closed, ride the patriot to where you will find a truck with a ramp. Take the truck to the main gate (with the hole on the top). Put it straight, and then ride the Patriot onto the ramp, charge up, and go straight to the truck. It will take the Patriot through the hole and it will land outside of the studio.

PCJ 600

Go to Vice Point and find the Standing Vice Point building near the beach. Drive along the sides of the building across the street from the makeshift ramp to find a PCJ 600.

Across from Greasy Choppers Bike Club in Downtown, break the window in the bike shop to find a PCJ 600. If it is not there, drive down the road a short distance and return.

Drive to the docks where you usually get the missions from Cortez. In between the two gates is a PCJ 600. Note: It may not be there always. If it does not appear, go down the street and return later. It will be a different color each time.

After dying, you will return to the hospital. Go behind the hospital and go through the bushes. You will now be in a open area. Run diagonally and jump onto the road. Stay to the right until you see a sidewalk leading to the harbor. Take the sidewalk and stay to the right. You will soon see a PCJ 600. Note: The color of the bike changes each time.

Either die and end up outside a hospital, or find the Pay n' Spray in Ocean Beach. If you died, go to the right and you will see a giant white wall. Go in on the left then go right into the building. In the corner there is a yellow, black, red, or white PCG 600. If you started at the Pay n' Spray, go north to get to a big white wall. Go to the right and right again into the building with the motorcycle.

PCJ 600: Stunt bonuses

Get a PCJ 600 and go down the road, but not too fast (slightly over the speed limit). Then, pop a wheelie behind a car. If done correctly, you will wheelie over the car, and sometimes get stunt bonuses.

 PlayStation2  Go to the Malibu Club with a PCJ 600. When exiting out of the Malibu Club, go right to the grassy area. Build up as much speed as possible and hit the jump besides the bridge. When you hit it, press Down + Left. If you hit a tree you will get a triple insane stunt bonus.

Drive a PCJ 600 directly at a wall. Do a wheelie just before your hit. If you get the correct height in your wheelie, you will do crazy trick up and off the wall.

PCJ 600: Ride on roof

Drive a PCJ 600 to the Hyman condo. Drive it into the staircase. You will now be able to drive the bike around or jump off the edge.

PCJ 600: Tire marks on wall

 PlayStation2  Take a PCJ 600 to a wall, then back up about 30 feet. Go as fast as you can and press Left Analog-stick Down about 10 feet away. If done correctly, there will be tire marks on the wall.

PCJ 600: Drive faster

 PlayStation2  When you are driving the PCJ 600, lightly press the Analog-stick Forward. Tommy will lean down and you will go faster.


You can always find a Phoenix at Starfish Island. Find the house with the Comet. Go back to the main road with a motorcycle (or walk) and take a right (on the sidewalk). Go down past the front yard fence to the first house. Keep walking until u see a alleyway and turn into it. Go to the end of the alley, then look to the right to find an opening to the house's backyard (by a dumpster). Go in it and turn to the right. You will see a garage. A Phoenix will be inside. After getting in the Phoenix, drive it out of the garage and go left around the house. You will see a ramp. Jump the car over the fence. Alternately, enable the "Car floats on water" code.

Police Boat

Go to the Leaf Links golf club and go towards the second island. Go over to where the land and the bridge meet on the left side. You will see a Police Boat at the bottom in the water.

 PlayStation2  Drive around until you see a boat with a green hull labeled "POLICE". Kill the police office and hop in it. Press Circle while in the boat to fire its machine gun.

Enable the "Car drives on water" code. Drive around on the water until you find a Police Boat. Crash the boat until you get to the shore. Jump on the boat and kill the cop. Push the boat on the water and jump in. Note: The boats and cars might catch on fire. Also, to get back in you may need to use your car.

Police Car

 PlayStation2  To steal a police car, get close to one that has the cop inside. Try to open the door by pressing Triangle. The cop will try to arrest you and leave the car. When he closes the door, try to open it and it will be unlocked.

 PlayStation2  Hold X just before you try to open the door of a parked police car and the door will open. Usually, parked police cars are locked. Note: X must be pressed at the correct time or this will not work.

To unlock police cars, get any pistol, and shoot the door three times. You will destroy the door, but also get a wanted level.

Police Cheetah

Get your wanted level to three stars and ride around. An undercover Cheetah police car will eventually appear.

Police Maverick

Go to the police station in the Downtown area. Go around the back ad go up the stairs to find a Police Maverick.

Go to the Downtown area police department. You should see an alley. Go into the alley and you should see stairs. Climb them and you should see a board that resembles a ramp. Go up it and you will see a helicopter. Get in it and press the R to go up or L to go down. Use the Right Analog-stick to rotate and the Left Analog-stick to steer.

Police Maverick: Easy kill

It is easy to kill a police helicopter with a sniper rifle. Aim at the cockpit windows and fire at six or more times.

When the Police Maverick comes after you, get a short distance away from it. Take out a sniper rifle and zoom in fully. Aim and fire at the rod between the top blades and the helicopter. In one hit, it will explode.

Pony: Black

Do the Loose Ends phone mission. Kill everyone, but do not finish the mission. Go get two Packers and drive them both as if you are playing leapfrog or else they will disappear. Park one of them in front of the gate that you came in. Drive the other Packer up its ramp so that it goes over the gate. Next, position this Packer so that you can drive the black Pony up the ramp and over the gate. Drive it to a garage and return. If you are lucky, the Packer did not disappear and you can also get a pitch black Admiral.

Pony: Missing bumper

Get a Pony and crash it to were the front bumper falls off. Take it to a Pay 'N' Spray. After it has been painted, look at the front bumper again. It will not be there, even after being repaired.


Instead of getting 90 hidden packages, go to Sunshine Autos and cause mass destruction. Sniper and shoot from the top level until you get six stars and a Rhino appears. Wait until the soldiers get out, then jump out the window. Get in your new tank and park it in the garage. You can now either save and reload, or drive as normal into the Pay 'N' Spray.

Find a sniper rifle and a good vantage point. Kill people and destroy cars until that your wanted level is all the way up. When the tanks appear, use the sniper rifle and snipe the army from the front window. The will fall out of the doors. Run for the tank and get in.

Purchase the Hymann Condo, and keep the large garage empty. Do the "Sir, Yes Sir" mission from Cortez. When the convoy stops for doughnuts, jump in the tank, and turn around, heading for the Hymann Condo. Make sure you have full health and armor. Plow through the police vehicles and drive the Rhino into the garage. Jump out of the Rhino, and stand next to it. When the Rhino explodes, get up and back out of the garage (while still facing the garage). Let the garage close, then open it again. The Rhino will be intact, and ready for use.

Rhino: Flying

 PlayStation2  Get a Rhino either through the code or from Fort Baxter. Enable the "Dodo car" code and turn the turret backwards. Note: Enable "Car floats on water" code" in case you land in the water. Find a long main road, then accelerate and press Circle at the same time. This will make the tank get faster until you finally take off. Hold Left Analog-stick Down to make the vehicle get higher. You can occasionally get on top of some skyscrapers, depending on the height of the buildings.