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Grand Theft Auto screens

In the North Point Mall, go into the Tarbrush Cafe. Go behind the counter and take a look at the registers. You will find screens from the original Grand Theft Auto.

Enter the pizza restaurant to find more Grand Theft Auto screens. Apparently throughout the game, some store registers have the screens.


In the North Point Mall, go into the Tarbrush Cafe. Go into the back room to find the katana.

North Point Mall shootout

Get to the North Point Mall, then enable any desired "Weapons" code. Walk around the mall. You will soon hear shooting and notice DPB security guards in a standoff somewhere with the gang clad in jeans and vests, (your opponents in Phnom Pehn '86). Assist the gang members, as they will not shoot you after the battle is over, like DBP. You can then either look for more fights, or shoot one of the officers coming near you. Get to a four star or higher wanted level. In the center of the mall's bottom floor is a row of bushes. Take out a shotgun or assault rifle. Begin to fire. Cops will jump through the shrubs and get slaughtered as they cross. This is effective for about a minute, or until ten to twelve cops have been shot. The police with then attempt to surround you. Use police bribes, get killed, caught, or use a code to remove your wanted level.

Meat cleaver

Go to the pizza shop walk around the back. Look to the northwest corner to find a meat cleaver.

Easy money

To get an easy $200 to $300, go to North Point Mall and follow a police officer until he begins chasing someone. Attack that person with your fists (no brass knuckles -- you gain more money without them) to get $50 for every punch you throw. Be sure not to hit the police officer.

Go to the North Point mall at the far end of town (from the hideout). Find The Gap and the CD store. Rob the CD store by aiming at the clerk with auto aim. Wait until you get only one star. When he sets the alarm off you will get another star. Then, run to The Gap and get a change of clothes. The stars will go away. You can rob the CD store clerk again. If he is not there, go downstairs at The Gap and rob that clerk, going back and forth. This saves you a trip to the CD store just to find out that the clerk is on break.

Go to the North Point Mall. Lock on to almost any shop owner with a gun. Hold it until you get three stars. He will give you about $1,000.

Go outside of North Point Mall. Get the rampage (left from an exit). Go inside the mall and kill about thirty gang members. Do not finish the rampage. When you get the message "Rampage failed", get their money. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Get some money and go to North Point Mall. If you need weapons, go to Ammu-Nation and buy some. The Uzi is recommended. Rob the "Tooled up" and "Gash" stores. To rob a store, go inside and auto-target the clerk with a weapon. He will give you money. Do not get three star or greater wanted level. Then, let the police bust you. They will only get $100 or $200.

Cheap hideout

Go across the street and to the north of North Point Mall to find a house that can be bought for $2,500.

RC Baron Race

Get in the Toy Fun Van on the top of the parking garage next to the mall to start the RC Baron Race, in which you will fly RC planes across the island.

RC Bandit Race

Get in the Toy Fun Van near the dirt bike track.

Village People

The Village People perform inside the Malibu Club. Dicing them up with a chainsaw is very cathartic.

Malibu Club massacre

Get some Molotov cocktails and a shotgun or another strong weapon that can wipe out the police in one shot. Enter the Malibu Club and stand at the entrance. Toss a Molotov cocktail into the center of the dance floor. The whole place will go up in flames. Exit the Malibu Club. Come back in and the people should be dancing again. The security guards will be after you. Take out your shotgun and kill them. Take out a sniper rifle, go to the bar, and snipe the bartenders. Kill the security guard that is blocking the stairway and go up. There may be a few more bouncers that may need to be taken out. Once up there, take out your sniper rifle. Zoom in on the people dancing on the stage and kill them. Then, either use a grenade or rocket launcher to blow up everyone in the club.

Go to the Washington Beach police station, get the tear gas, then go to the Malibu Club. Get to the center of the dance floor, throw them all, then run up to a table or the bar just far enough to get out of their range. Turn around and might be able to see a few of them die. They will create one large thump because it kills them all at the same time, while only giving you a one star wanted level. Note: Throwing them in the club nearly causes the game to freeze and makes it lag terribly until the gas clears.

Dancing policemen

Go to the Malibu Club. Go upstairs and shoot down on people. Get a two or more stars on your wanted level then use the "Lower wanted level" code. Go back down and you will now see the policemen dancing with people.

Big explosion

Go to the gas station in Washington Beach. There will be gas tanks here. Throw a detonate grenade at one and run. Detonate it and it will cause a big explosion.

Scarface reference

The Malibu Club is based on the Babylon club in Scarface.

New bartender

If you own the Malibu Club, look at the female bartender behind the counter in the back. If you look closely, she is topless except for a plus sign as used for censoring.

Later in the game when buy the Malibu Club, go inside and you will see a pink mission circle. Do not go in it. Instead, go out and do a few other missions by purchasing other properties. Go back to the Malibu Club and the bartender will be replaced by an almost naked woman who follows you just in the club. She gives flying kisses to you and hands out bottles of beer.

Sniper location

Go to the location of "The Chase" mission (apartment in Vice Point). Go to the rooftop where you chased the man. When you reach the first crack, drop into the gap. You are now in a good location for killing, where you cannot get busted.

From the Malibu Club, go north on the main road until you see an apartment complex on your left. It is directly north of the road after you pass the Malibu Club's parking lot. Once there, go up the stairs and face the road. Keep shooting people from here. The weapons of choice are the machine gun with the manual aim or the Colt Python.

Tear gas

Look behind the police station where the cop uniform is located to find tear gas.