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Flame thrower

There is a flame thrower near 8-Ball's place. Before you turn into it, go south near the wall to find it.

Dead dolphin

Get a boat and take it somewhere between Escobar International Airport and the docks. Do not go past the two big ships docked there -- stay west of them. Just west of the two big ships around the shoreline is a dead dolphin, just floating there. It does not move, and just floats around. Do not try to jump on it, as you will fall through.

8-Ball's bomb shop

Go to the Pay 'N' Spray in Vice Port down by the boat docks. To the left of it is an alley with a truck parked in front. Drive past the truck and when you reach a large opening, turn left near the end of the section (where the water starts). There will be some garages to your right. The second or third one has an 8-Ball sign above it, and a bomb will be put on your car.
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Sunken ship

To see sunken ship split in half, get any helicopter and fly to the Little Havana bridge. Get directly in the middle of it and fly straight south. When you see a big rock and three floating platforms, go slightly to the right and a big tanker will appear under the water. The writing on the side reads "Quartered Libertine Lines".

Take a sea Sparrow and fly it to where the three wooden houses are in the water. Go to the right of the one with no roof. There will be an underwater rock there. Next to it is a huge ship like the ones that are docked along the shipyard that you can climb on. If you keep following it, you will notice that it is broken in half.