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You can find a cleaver behind the Well Stacked Pizza shop in Washington Beach.
Steve Van Zandbergen.


Get a vehicle and drive along the trail at Washington Beach.

Tear gas

Tear gas can be found in the parking lot directly behind the Police Station in Washington Beach.
Mike Van Zandbergen.

Scarface reference and chainsaw

Go to the gas station in Washington Beach, near the Mall. Do the stunt that goes up the white stairs onto a roof, then do the stunt that immediately follows afterwards. After that, you should be on the side of a street. There should be an apartment with two flight of stairs leading up, on the other side of the road. Go to the door on the right and enter the apartment. It is marked as apartment 3C. Go into the bathroom, which is almost identical to the classic chainsaw scene in the movie Scarface, with blood stains on the wall. There will also be a chainsaw in there. (Screenshot 1) (Screenshot 2)

Phallic symbol

Go to the Malibu Club and look around for a water tower. Once you have located it, look to the left of it. You will see a tall building next to it. Look closely at the top of the building. It will say "LANGER". Go to the parking lot directly across from the building and make sure you have a clear view of the front of the building. Once the game clock turns 23:00, lights will turn on, showing the form of a penis and two balls. At the top of the building, liquid will squirt out for a short time. When the game clock turns 24:00, the lights will change and this will no longer be visible.

Aquatic life

Go to the lighthouse near Ocean Beach to view some aquatic life. Once at the lighthouse, go out on the adjacent piers and use your first person view to scan the waters. Occasionally you can spot schools of fish, dolphin, sea turtles, and a large hungry shark. For more fun, wait on the pier and soon the people around you will start going crazy and jump into the water. None of them can swim, so the entire area becomes filled with floating corpses and shark food.

Drowned man

There is a man floating in the water with cement shoes, west of the hardware store. Go to the road that leads to star fish island and stop at the Machete. Go to the left of the arch and fall down to the walkway, then walk south on the sidewalk. Go as far south as possible. Just before the last jog south, look down into the water with the sniper rifle to find him.

Ship silhouette

Stand on the lighthouse and use a sniper rifle to look out towards the sea for boats. About 7 a.m. you can see a silhouette of a ship that resembles the icon for the classic game "Battleship". It will move across the screen a little bit then fade like a mirage.

Rockstar logo

Go to the lighthouse at night and look up. You should see some stars that seem to be in the pattern of the Rockstar logo. The star at the bottom of the "R" is brighter then the rest, symbolizing the star at the bottom of the logo.

Sniping location

Find the parking deck with the neon lining at the top. This is the parking deck with a Banshee and a PCJ 600. Walk up the stairs at the north side of the parking deck. At the top of the stairs, there should be a set of body armor. Turn to the right when you get to the top of the stairs. Jump onto the side of the building, go around the corner, then around the next one. Enable a weapons code to accumulate bazooka ammunition. Take out the bazooka and shoot the cops. You can fill out all six wanted stars here, and the only thing that can hurt you is the police chopper.