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Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game 100% to unlock unlimited ammunition and the intermission sequences in The Clymenus Suite.

Car delivery bonus

Deliver all 32 vehicles to The Civil Asset Forfeiture impound yard to unlock free Pay N Spray usage.

Shooting range bonus

Successfully complete the shooting range challenges outside Phil's place at the Vice City Docks to get discount prices at Ammi-Nation stores.

Balloon bonus

Pop the indicated number of hidden balloons to unlock the corresponding weapon at your safe house.

Pistol: 10 balloons
Scorpion submachine gun: 20 balloons
Stubby shotgun: 30 balloons
Molotov Cocktails: 40 balloons
AK-47: 50 balloons
Armor: 60 balloons
Flamethrower: 70 balloons
Equalizer scoped pistol: 80 balloons
Sniper Rifle: 90 balloons
M249 machine gun: 99 balloons

Business bonus

Take over all 30 businesses to get bulletproof business vehicles.

Fire fighter bonus

Successfully complete 15 levels in the fire fighter missions to become fireproof.

Paramedic bonus

Successfully complete 15 levels in the paramedic missions to have unlimited sprint.

Vigilante bonus

Successfully complete 15 levels of the vigilante missions to get extra armor.

Maximum health increase

Successfully complete 15 levels in the air ambulance missions to increase your maximum health.

Unlimited energy when swimming

Successfully complete 15 levels in the beach patrol missions to never tire while swimming.

Jumping taxi

Complete over 50 fares in the taxi missions to be able to press Down to jump while driving a taxi.

Alternate costumes

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume in your safe house.

Army Fatigues: Complete the "Last Stand" mission.
Casual: Complete the "Conduct Unbecoming" mission.
Cuban style: Complete the Umberto mission "Strand".
Hired muscle: Buy a "High Roller" protection racket building.
Hood: Buy a "High Roller" robbery building.
Leisure: Buy a "High Roller" prostitution building.
Mr. Repo: Buy a "High Roller" loan shark building.
Pastel suit: Buy a "High Roller" drug dealing building
Smart suit: Complete all missions for all six empire types.
Smuggler: Buy a "High Roller" smuggling building
Track suit: Buy a "High Roller" drug dealing building.
Trailer trash: Complete the "D.I.V.O.R.C.E" mission.
Wetsuit: Win all eight Jetski races on the Jetski at the film studios.
Winner's Outfit: Complete the "Last Stand" mission.