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Alternate pause screen

Notice the car in the pause menu background. Keep pausing the game and eventually a computer will be in the background.

Easy "infinite" run

 PlayStation2  To continue to run at a fast pace without fatigue, just tap X instead of holding it down. This helps when trying to give your character "exercise" so that he can run for longer periods of time as well.

To get so your character never stops running at full speed, complete all twelve paramedic missions. These missions must be done consecutively with the same vehicle for that effect.

To easily complete the twelve paramedic missions, go to Staunton Island (as its a less complicated area than Shoreside Vale, and has less gangs that shoot cars than in Portland). At the hospital, enable the "Tank" code about a dozen times and park them around the car park so that they are out of the way. The PlayStation2's memory is used up by the tanks, and there are will be no cars to collide with on the streets. Getting the twelve missions with the same ambulance should not be a problem. After this has been completed, enable the "Destroy all cars" code to return the game to normal.

Easy insane stunts

 PlayStation2  Find a blue glitch (one that sends you twirling before you reappear in a random location in that city). Enable the "Better driving skills" code. Drive a very fast car and jump into it by pressing R3. Try do as many flips and twists as possible. You will usually get a good stunt, such as a double perfect insane stunt and a little note after that, stating "and what a great landing". This seems to work well with the stretch limo.

Turning better

 PlayStation2  To turn better, press [Aim] instead of Square.

 PlayStation2  Press Triangle for easier turns when going fast. This also works well when getting away from the cops.

Easy peelout

 PlayStation2  Drive very fast in an open space with no cars. Keep going until you get to maximum speed then quickly hold Triangle and turn your car 360 degrees. Release Triangle and if done correctly, you should have done a peelout. Note: You can use this method to get away from cops.

Diagonal backflip

 PlayStation2  Enable the "Better driving skills" code and go to any ramp. Immediately before you go off, tap L3 to perform a diagonal backflip. This works about 25% of the time.

Jump during chase

Go to any ramp while chased by the police. The best ramp for this trick is the one at the end of Cedar Grove which lets you jump over the river. Jump while the police are close to you. While you are flying through the air, you will see the police right behind you.

Hitch a ride

If you are close to a cop and do not want to steal a car, but you also do not want to walk, jump on top of a car and let them take you away.

To make your driver go faster, shoot the car that you are on top of. Note: If you shoot the car you will most likely fall off the car during a sharp turn.

To get a "speed boost" get a flamethrower and light the car on fire before you jump on.

Ride on top of cars

When a car stops for a traffic light, jump on top of it to get a little ride.

Rear end cars out of your way

When the Shoreside Vale bridge is lifted, rear end the car in the very front of the line and they will take a dive.

Cause an accident

Equip the sniper rifle and go to the nearest traffic signal. Aim and fire at the traffic light. If done correctly, this should cause an accident of two cars or more.

Drive-by shooting

 PlayStation2  Get the Uzi and enter any car. Press R2 + Circle or L2 + Circle and your character will shoot the Uzi out either side of the car.

 PlayStation2  Get in any car and keep pressing Select until you cannot see anything but the road and nothing of your car. Then, enable the "All weapons" code or get a Uzi. Next, hold L2 or R2 to see your man putting his gun out the window from inside the car. This makes drive by shootings more fun, but you cannot see anything ahead of you while driving.

Stop a vehicle but do not jack it. Hop on top or back of it and get your favorite weapon out. Shoot the vehicle with the M-16 once and wait for it to speed up. Then, just start shooting away at the people.

Enable the "Increased gore", "Crazy pedestrians", and "Pedestrians riot" codes. Run into the street and hop onto the nearest car (Bobcats seem to work best). Position yourself on theroof or the bed if on the Bobcat. Pick your favorite gun and enjoy the chaotic ride. This tends to be short-lived but very fun when you see your character shooting from the roof of a moving car. Snipers can really test their skills with this. Using the M-16 gives you the feel of a first-person gun game. If the car stops at a light or is too slow for your tastes, give it one shot (on the hood or elsewhere).

While riding on a vehicle, you have to move around on the turns or you will fall off. If you want to get on some taller vehicles (such as a bus, Cartel Cruiser, or a flatbed), park a shorter car in front and jump on. Also enable the "Flying car" code to get very high.

Easy kills

Jump onto any midsize car (not a big truck). You can stand on the hood of the car. From here, you can choose any gun and start shooting people while the car is still moving. This allows quick kills without walking, and the cops cannot get you.

Switch the control settings to "Standard" and set the target button to whatever is preferred (such as Right Mouse Button). Take out your shotgun and go to a location with mad people. Keep clicking target and shoot, making sure that you hit target first. Repeat this as fast as possible and you will not have to pump the shotgun, making it semi-automatic. You can kill about three people per second. Note: This only works under the standard control settings.

Race another vehicle

Get an Uzi and a car that you want to race in. Go up to a vehicle that is stopped at a stop light. Aim your Uzi in the direction that the vehicle is on and quickly shoot it. The driver will get scared and will drive at top speed. Take off and race him or her. This works best on a two lane street.

Automatic shotgun

When you have a shotgun with a ot of ammunition (over ten) and are surround by at least three or more people, you can turn the shotgun into a sort of automatic weapon. Face the group of people you want to kill. Hold the trigger, then keep pressing [Aim]. If timed and executed correctly, this will cause Tommy to continue to shoot without pumping the gun. This is also a good way to finish any rampage in which the shotgun is equipped.

Wanted level limits

  • Four stars on Portland.
  • Five stars on Staunton Island.
  • Six stars on Shoreside Vale.

Wanted level to six stars

Get an AK 47, grenades, molotov cocktails, sniper rifle and grenade launcher. Stand on a rooftop where police will find it difficult to reach you, such as the Staunton Island parking structure or the Portland dock warehouse. Start shooting people to get at least one to two stars. At two stars, the police will really start going after you. Use your grenade launcher or grenades and begin firing or throwing them at police cars. Continue doing this to get to at least five stars. The easiest way to get six stars is to shoot the helicopters or the FBI cars with your grenade launcher or grenades. You will soon see Rhino tanks and Barracks OL trucks headed in your direction.

Get about two or three stars to the point where the police are chasing you. Grab a car and drive directly in front of Ammu-Nation in Staunton Island. Make sure the Uzis are in stock and get lots of ammunition for them. Enable the "More money" or "All guns" code if needed. Once you have a lot of Uzi ammunition, go outsiden but make sure you health and armor is full. Hold [Aim] and even if you cannot see who you are shooting at, fire way. If done correctly, there will be a barricade of police cars there. After shooting all your ammunition or when at low health, go back in Ammu-Nation and fill up again. If you see that any of the cars have caught on fire, go back inside -- once one explodes it cause a chain reaction. Repeat this to get lots of money and kills.

Remove wanted level

When you have a wanted level and police are after you, go to your hideout in either Portland, Staunton Island, or Shoreside Vale. Save the game. As soon as your done saving, load the game and your wanted level will be gone.

Saving at unlocked locations

If you cheat and go to Staunton Island or Shoreside Vale earlier than you are supposed to, you can save the game without having any missions there. Follow your radar. The icon that looks like a house is your hideout in that area, which allows you to save. Although you can save your game there, if you die you will return to Portland. If you wish to return to where you were, just load the game again.

Easy Vigilante missions

When you get close enough to the criminal's car, pause game play. When the game is resumed, the criminal will stop his car and get out. Then, just run him over or do a drive by shooting.

 PlayStation2  Go to any island to do the vigilante mission. Instead of stealing a cop car, fed car, etc., enable the "Tank" code, press R3, then get out of the tank. Then, enable the "Destroy all cars" code, enable the "Tank" code again, then get out and enable the "Destroy all cars" code again. Repeat this twenty times on each island to get a total of six police bribes. Note: When enabling the "Destroy all cars" code, run away from the Rhino or surrounding cars -- upon entering the code you may get back in the vehicle.

Start the vigilante mission and put the cop car in your garage. Enable the "Destroy all cars" cheat. That will destroy the criminal and your car. However, since your car is in the garage it will regenerate, allowing you to repeat the trick.

 PlayStation2  When in the police vehicle you are using to do the mission, drive until the target is quite close to you. Press Start to enter the menu, then resume the game. The target should get out the car and run away. Run him over to annihilate the target.

Easy fire truck missions

 PC  }Get inside the fire truck, press [Caps Lock] then press [F1]. Press [F1] again, and it will complete the mission. Do this repeatedly to pass the missions. Press [F1] when a new location appears.

Easy paramedic missions

To have the easiest paramedic missions, do them all on Portland Island, before you do any missions in the game. By doing this, there will be no enemy gangs out to get you and destroy your vehicle.

When you are going to do the Paramedic missions, first take out the ambulance's doors so that patients can enter faster.

Easy police missions

A quick way to get all the police bribes for your hideout is to first steal a police car (or any other law enforcement car). Take it to your hideout, then enter "Vigilante". Put the car in your garage and get out. Wait until the door closes, then enable the "Destroy all cars" code. This will kill the criminal. Enter back into the police car, which will be fine since it was in the garage. Repeat this as many times as needed. Since you get money for each criminal you kill, you may also want to do this when low on cash. This method can also be used with any other mission that requires you to destroy a car.

Taxi missions in other cars

 PC  Get into a taxi and hold [Caps Lock]. Get out while still holding the key and walk to another car. Release [Caps Lock] when in the car. You can now do taxi missions in that new car.

You can also do this trick in the Paramedic, Fire, and Vigilante missions. You could also be a limo driver if you get in the Stretch during a taxi mission.

Fast taxi customer

 PC  After car jacking any taxi, press [Caps Lock] to become a cab driver. At this point the person driving the cab that was just jacked will become a pedestrian looking to catch a cab. This will make your first passenger the old taxi driver.

Easy boat missions

When taking a boat mission that requires you to destroy another boat, do not try and destroy it yourself. Just enable the "Destroy all cars" code and the mission completed message will appear.

There are two boat missions in which you must destroy an enemy boat. There is an M-16 that you can find in the second island, close to Donald Love's building in an area with three parked cars. On the outside are some stairs. Go up the stairs, turn left, and jump up to the higher ground. Next, jump over the gap over the low wall, where you can find a M-16 and body armor. On the first boat mission where you must go after a speed boat, do not get in the police boat (it is slow). Instead, get in the speed boat and go after the other boat. When you get close, release the steering so the boat is still moving and you can move around on foot. Use your M-16 and blow up the other boat very fast. If you run out of ammunition, use other weapons. However, do not use the shotgun as you may also blow up your own boat. On the other boat mission, do the same thing. However, this is easier because the enemy boat is bigger and slower.

Easy rampage missions

Have one star in your wanted level, then have a policeman follow you when you pick up the icon. When the rampage starts, the policeman will still follow you, but because he is there the gangs will not shoot at you, leaving you to freely pop them off without any trouble. However, you will get punched in the back of the head by a policeman at random.

Find a rampage, then find a tank. When the rampage, begins get into the tank and use it instead of the selected weapon.

Easy missions

Many of the missions require you to blow up or destroy cars, items, etc. Use the Tank to make these types of missions easier. During some of the missions, cops chasing you can be the difference between completing the mission and failing. To eliminate this difficulty, enabled the "No wanted level" code while they are chasing you and they will stop.

Skip Kenji missions

To skip the majority of the missions for Kenji, do the first mission for him then work for Ray. After enough missions for him, you will be able to work for Donald Love. One of Donald's missions involves killing Kenji. Do it and you will have skipped three very hard missions.

Stealing police cars

 PlayStation2  To easily steal police cars, press Triangle at the drivers side door. Then, as the policeman gets out, go to the passenger side and hop in.

Go to the passenger door and try to open it. The cop will get out and try to arrest you. Once he is out and closes his door, get in the passenger side and drive off. Note: You will have one star on you.

Steal bus with someone inside

 PlayStation2  Find a bus driving around, steal it, hold X. You should start driving with the driver still in it. Switch to first person view mode and press R2 to see the driver.

Killing pedestrians

Make sure you have the Uzi and some ammunition (drive-by purposes). Then, get a police car by whatever means. You can do this with a normal car, but a police car is recommended. Once you have a car, pull up next to another car, preferably a large one such as, a bus, diesel, etc. Make sure that this is a vehicle that you can keep up with, and that it handles badly at high speeds. Shoot the vehicle to get it running from you. Chase after it and use the siren to watch chaos ensue. Even though the CPU-driven car is going as fast as it can, it will still try to pull over. Use the siren for about a second, then turn it off for about three seconds and repeat. If done correctly, it will plow into people, cars, walls, and even you if you get in its way. Also, if it catches fire and explodes, watch out. Some of the other vehicles will try to run you down and give chase if the car explodes near them. Not all the cars act in this way, but you can trigger these actions if you are persistent.

Killing paramedics

Beat up at least six people in the same area so they die in a pile. This will attract an ambulance and paramedics. When the paramedics exit the ambulance, jack it and run over them and any other pedestrians around the area. Note: You will get a wanted level of 1 or possibly 2 if a cop sees you.

Killing Ammunation store clerks

Walk into any of the Ammunation stores. Make sure you have weapons. Draw a grenade, throw it towards the clerk, then run to the farthest corner of the store. You will hear the grenade explode. Walk over to the service desk and look at the clerk. He will be dead. This can also be done with other weapons, such as the sniper rifle.


Enter Army Surplus store early

Go to the Army Surplus store. Go to the building on the right side. There is a little passage with a red crate blocking your way in. Get a car, and park it by the little concrete wall. Jump on top of the car, then jump on top of the little wall. Then, walk on top of it until you get inside. There is a Barracks OL inside.

Get on top of subway

 PlayStation2  Go to the subway in any town. Go to the edge of the platform where it slopes down. Take a step forward and fall right between the actual subway rail and the edge of the platform (the yellow part). Wait for the train and when it arrives, press Triangle to get in. Before the subway leaves, press Triangle again to get back out. If done correctly, you should now be on top of the subway. Note: The graphics will glitch. If you fall back off the edge, you will land back on the platform unless you go further down the tracks.

Give drivers the finger

While on foot, walk out in front of a car and you will eventually give that person the middle finger.

Press [Target] when on foot to show your middle finger.

Shoot out lights

You can shoot out streetlights and traffic lights using the rocket launcher.

Matrix-type fights

When you are on an adrenaline pill (when the small pill icon appears), get into a fist fight or have a shoot out with someone. The fight will have a Matrix-type effect.

Bust up cars

After taking the adrenaline pill, running into any car will cause it to break apart, and eventually flip over if you push hard enough.

Lifting cars

Make sure no one is in the car and take an adrenaline pill. When you are using the pills, run towards the car. The car will lift from the ground.

Funny sound effects

Enable the "Slow game play" code several times, then enable the "All weapons" code. Use the flame thrower or molotov cocktails to burn someone to hear them scream and moan.

Dive out of the way

When a police car or other law enforcement vehicle is speeding toward you, press Left or Right + Square. Your character will sometimes dive out of the way.

Maria and Asuka double-teaming Fido

When taking Maria and Asuka to the second island on the boat, get off the wheel and attack one of them to have them attack you. You will probably die as Maria has a Uzi and Asuka acts like she is a kickboxing champ.

Regain health with prostitute

Car jack any vehicle and drive up to a prostitute walking the streets. Stop and let her approach the car, after a few seconds of talking, she will get in. Drive to a remote area where there are not any cops around (a good place is in your hideout). Stop the car, but do not get out. After about two seconds, the car will start rocking back and forth. You will recover approximately 40 to 50 points of health. When it is over, she will exit the car and walk away, but not before she charges you a fee. At this point you can beat her up and take back the money you just paid her. Note: The prostitute will fight back when you try to take your money back. If for any reason you both have to exit the car before it starts rocking, you will still be charged a fee (beat her up to take it back). You cannot do this with the same prostitute twice in one night -- you can however, pick up another prostitute and recover more health. Even though the maximum amount of health points is 100 when you start the game, it increases to 125 after the encounter and remains that way.
, , , and others.

When you pick up a prostitute and as soon as the car stops shaking, before the girl gets out, step on the gas slightly. She will not get out because the car is moving. If you stop right after, the car will start rocking again. This is a good way to save time when you are trying to get health back.

While around prostitutes, walk or drive in the road and stop to stop traffic. Make sure it is around a prostitute. While they are honking, a prostitute will walk up to an AI car, talk, and get in.

It is possible to pick up to three prostitutes at once: First, pick up one prostitute and ride around until you see another one. Get out, then get back in. Both hookers might get in. You can do this with up to three hookers if you have a big enough car.

Trap prostitute in garage

Pick up a prostitute using a nice car (such the Banshee). And drive her back to your home and park the car in the garage. Get out of the car. She will get out your door as well. Walk out of the garage. If done correctly, the garage door will close and she will be trapped inside. Save the game and she will still be there. You can also do this with the taxi to trap passengers.

Extinguish yourself when on fire

If you are on fire and you are about to die, get into a car and the flame will go out. It is better to get into a parked car because it is faster. If your car is on fire and you are near a garage (the save point or the Pay 'N' Spray), drive into the garage and close the door. When the door is opened, the flames will be out.

Airport boats

Around the airport runway is a ramp that goes to the water. Once there, you will find a police boat or a speeder on the other side of the water. You can also drive the boat up to the dam and the other side of Staunton Island.

Get into the big airplanes

Get a small car that has the top down. Go to one of the planes and drive under it. Get out of the car and you will have a view of the inside of the plane. Note: Once you get out of your car you cannot get back in.

Shoot down airplanes

Enable the "Gore" code, then arm yourself with a rocket launcher. Drive (or walk) to a location in the path of the small airplane flying around the city. Portland is best location for a clear shot. When the plane is in range (basically directly on top of you), shoot a rocket at it. If you hit it, the plane will explode, the screen will flash and shake, and your wanted level will rise to four stars.

R/C Car big air

Go to one of the Toyz vans to drive the R/C Car. Enable the "Pedestrians have weapons" and "Pedestrians riot" codes. Drive the car over one of the dead bodies and about 75% of the time you will be shot spinning, straight up in the air. You can get extremely high above some buildings.

Flying destruction

 PC  Find lots of vehicles together during game play. Get far away from them then enter bang repeatedly as a code (more than the regular three times). When game play is resumed, anything with a motor will fly.

Walk on water

Climb into any boat, then enable the "Invisible cars" code. It will appear as if you are walking on water.

Auto star

Enable the "Change outfit" code and become a law officer. Punch someone or steal a car to get a star.

Cops shot in one star

Jump on a car when a cop is chasing you on foot. The cop will shoot you.

Smash cars with bare hands

 PlayStation2  When hopped up on pills, your character can smash up cars with his bare hands. Approach the side of a car and run towards it while holding X. The car's windows will break and the body will dent. If the vehicle has a high center of gravity (such as a truck or an ambulance), you can tip it over.

Hit people with your gun

Run up to a pedestrian, pull out a shotgun, and fire. If you were close enough, you will hit them into the air and shoot them.

Hold up people

Walk in front of someone and hold [Aim] with a gun in your hand. They will surrender, put their hands up, then run. This usually works best with a normal handgun. Note: This does not work with everyone in Liberty City.

Pile of people

Enable the "Faster game play" code twice, then enable the "All weapons" code and get a bat. Go to any sidewalk and start batting a person to death. More people will walk up to you. Just bat them as well. You will soon have a pile of people on the sidewalk.

Stop enemy gangs from shooting you

Enable the "Change costume" code until you get a man who wears a rain hat (wide brim flat top), green full length trenchcoat, and has grayish black hair. Cartel members and other games will not shoot you or your car. Enemies will still shoot you if you jack their car. You can still get in to trouble with the law. This effect may end after you die.

Gang triggers

The following missions will make the corresponding gang try to kill you.

Triads: The Pick Up
Diablos: Uzi Rider
Mafia: Sayonara Salvatore
Cartel: They already want you dead.

Attacking Landstalkers

Ram and shoot the red Landstalkers on the second island. A group of them will start to attack you, as if they are another type of gang. This seems to work best around the construction site.

Free Pay 'N Spray

The first time you go into the Pay 'N Spray shops it will cost $1000. Keep spraying the car until you notice that it is free.

Just before entering the Pay N' Spray, enable the "Health" code. After the code is confirmed, drive into the Pay 'N Spray for a free repair.

You can get a free paint job if you enter a Pay N' Spray with a Mr. Whoopie ice cream truck.

Run farther

The main character's running distance depends on how much you exercise him. The more he runs, the farther he will be able to go without stopping.

Using sirens

 PlayStation2  Steal ether a police, ambulance, or fire truck (easier to steal). Turn on the sirens and all cars on the road will pull over and get out of your way. This will not bring your wanted level up. Try staying in the center of the road -- if you go to the side of the intersection, cars will either hit you or cause a road block. Note: If it does not work the first time, keep pressing L3.

Car alarms

If enter a car and the alarm goes on, just get out of the car and wait for it to stop. After the car alarm stops, simply get back in the vehicle and you can drive away free of noise and suspicion from the cops.

Sniping location

To avoid getting caught by the police while sniping, enable the "All weapons" code as many times as desired. Then, get on top of the police HQ and snipe from there. If a badge appears, enable the "Lower wanted level" code.

Avoid police chases

After stealing police cars, you are relentlessly pursued by the police until you are captured or injured. In order to get around this, steal the police car (try smashing them until they get out to arrest you, and then jump in their car). Take the stolen police car to your garage (the condition does not matter), and save the game. When you return with the stolen police car later (from your garage), it will be viewed as a normal car by the police, but will still be able to do the Vigilante mission.

First, find badges. The best places to look are in the alleys and parking lots. If being chased in a car, and you are not about to explode, just keep running, and try to not kill anyone. Sometimes, if you drive around enough in harsh conditions, the cops will just stop chasing you. This only happens if you have one or two stars though. If you have around four or more stars, quickly find some badges. The cops are reckless around then, and will do anything to get you busted, or most likely killed, even if it means accidentally killing a few witnesses.

Get back to your hideout, save then game, then reload. The cops will be gone. This works no matter how high your wanted level has become.

Go into the Ammunation store while the cops are after you. The cops will not enter the store, and will eventually give up and walk away.

When you need to escape from the cops, enter the subway. The cops will never enter it and you will be safe, even with six stars in your wanted level.

Use the "Costume change" code and use any police uniform (FBI, SWAT, etc.), and no cop will attack if you kill a person.

An easier way to get rid of the cops is to hop on a train. This works for any amount on your wanted meter.

Be a passenger

 PlayStation2  When you are near a police car, press Triangle and try to get in. As the cop gets out to arrest you, get in through the other door and then enable the "No wanted level" code. If done quickly enough, the cop will stop chasing you and get in the drivers seat while you are still in the passenger seat.

Drive into car crusher

 PC  Get a car, and enable the cornerslikemad code. Drive towards the crusher from the sidewalk to the east, and use the horn to jump just at the edge. You can land in the crusher, which will crush you.

Increase accuracy rating

Kill someone with the machine gun, then stand over him/her and keep shooting them.

Increase criminal rating

Enable the "Weapon", "Health", and "Armor" codes. Go to the police station entrance in Staunton Island. Enable the "Increase wanted level" code until you have five stars. Blow up every car that approaches (rocket launcher recommended). Then, enable the "Decrease wanted level" code and go back to your hideout. Each time this is done, your criminal rating will increase by 50 points.

Wanted levels


Wanted level 1 (One star): One cop or one cop car will chase you at a time. One cop gets out of the car. The cops will not shoot

you unless you are on top of a vehicle, but will use their fists.

Wanted level 2 (Two stars): More cops will chase you at a time. Two cops get out of one car. The cops will shoot at you with a

pistol. They will chase you more often.

Wanted level 3 (Three stars): Even more cops and one helicopter will chase you at a time. Two cops will get out of one car. The

cops will shoot at you with a pistol. The cops will set up roadblocks with normal cop cars. They will chase you even more often and ram you more often if you are driving.

Wanted level 4 (Four stars): A lot of cops and one helicopter will chase you at a time. Two cops will get out of one car. The

cops will shoot at you with a pistol. Sometimes the S.W.A.T. team will chase you in Enforcers. Four S.W.A.T. team men will get out of an Enforcer. They will shoot you with a Uzi. The cops (not the S.W.A.T team) will setup roadblocks with Enforcers. They will chase you often and will try to ram you or sometimes try to run you over (if you are on foot).

Wanted level 5 (Five stars): The FBI and two helicopters will chase you at a time. The FBI will chase you in FBI cars. Four

FBI agents will get out of one FBI car. They will shoot at you with AK-47s. The FBI will setup roadblocks with dark gray FBI cars. They will chase you often, do a lot of ramming, and will try to run you over. The helicopters will shoot at you more often. You have to complete the last Portland mission and be able to go to Staunton Island by normal means (without cheating) to get a wanted level to this level.

Wanted level 6 (Six stars): This is the most dangerous wanted level. The Military and two helicopters will chase you at a time.

The Military will chase you in Military vehicles. They are not as fast as FBI cars, but a lot more powerful. There is also an occasional tank. Two soldiers will get out of a Military vehicle at a time. They will shoot at you M-16s. The Military will setup roadblocks with Military vehicles. Unlike Grand Theft Auto 2, they will not setup tank roadblocks. They will chase you often, do a lot of ramming, and will try to run you over. The helicopters will shoot at you more often. You have to be able to get to Shoreside Vale by normal means (without cheating) to get a wanted level to this level.

Roundhouse kick

 PlayStation2  Enable the "Different costume" code until you change to the old Asian lady with gray hair wearing a light pink sweater and holding grocery bags. She is the one usually calling you a "douche bag", etc. Stand perfectly still and press Circle to execute a roundhouse kick. Beware, as this old lady is weak -- one hit and she falls down. It is very easy to get busted by the cops.

Wear prison costume

 PlayStation2  Remove your memory card, then turn on the PlayStation2. You will start a new game. When you begin, insert your memory card and load the game that you have been playing. When you start, you should have the prison suit. It will lasts until you die, get arrested, or turn off the game.

Start a new game, skip the opening sequence and when "Give Me Liberty" appears, pause game play and load a different saved game file. When done loading, you will be at your garage with the convict uniform from the start of the game.

Radio station rewind

 PlayStation2  When you want to hear a radio station from the very start of the track, get in a car and select the station of your choice. Wait for the game to switch to that station. Then, pause game play and go to the audio options screen. Before the game switches from the pause menu to the game play screen, press X. When the game resumes the radio station you selected will jump to the start of the track, and you can hear it from the beginning.