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Programmer message

Go to the parking lot where you had to take out the men with bombs on their chests. Use the Dodo or a pile of cars to get on the other side of the wall that surrounds the area. Once in there, look for a poster with the secret message.

Fire truck message

Get a fire truck to see the message "Putting out since 1872" near the bumper.

Look at either side of a fire truck to see the message "Don't burn in silence... Call 911".


Take a look at the newspapers that float around on the streets. There are two different types. One has the same page of articles as the page in the instruction manual, with circles around some of them. The other newspaper has a picture of Elvis with glowing eyes with the words "Elvis Zombie Found" followed by "Win shit".
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Wanted posters

Get a high wanted level and look down at the ground to find posters that will look like your character.

Chatterbox callers

On rare occasions you can hear Tony from some of your missions in Portland call in to Chatterbox. He tells the host Lazlow about his mother treating him like a kid. You have to listen carefully because Tony tells Lazlow to call him sir, so nobody can tell it is him calling. Lazlow will only say Tony couple of times. Note: He is the guest that Lazlow tells to stop cussing because Chatterbox is a family radio station.
While listening to Chatterbox someone will call and say "Liberty City Cocks rule", which refers to the football team in the stadium message.
On the radio station Chatter Box, you can hear your girlfriend Maria call in asking Lazlow for advice on guys. She is the hyper-active one that suggests that Lazlow is gay.
Listen to the girl that is in the organization called Citizens Raging Against Phones (CRAP) and wait for her to say "it's hard organizing meetings without phones. We had to resort to carrier pigeons and they keep disappearing." Keep listening to Chatterbox. A short time later, you will hear a redneck talk about animals he eats, such as like zebras, squirrels, raccoons, pigeons, etc. He will say "Pigeons are good too. Sometimes they come with little notes attached. It's like a fortune cooking with wings." The reason the founder of CRAP's pigeons kept disappearing is because the redneck found and ate them.

Dormatron commercial

Listen to the radio and eventually you will hear a commercial for the Dormatron, an exercise machine. After the wife says "Now that I've lost 280 pounds, my husband's all mine again!" the husband will say, "That's right, honey, no more escort services for me!" It is the voice of the man you have to escort to Pike Creek for Donald Love.

Police radio message

When in a police car, listen at the police radio. Strangely, a woman says, "One thousand chestnuts".

Web sites

The web sites mentioned on the radio stations during the game actually exist. Examples include "", "", "", "", and "".
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There is a web site on the sign for the car lot in Portland that reads "", but the actual web page does not exist.

At St. Francis Airport, look at one of the buildings to see three moving billboards. If you keep watching one of them, you will see "www.dma-design/gta3/secret.htm" appear, but the actual web page does not exist.

Go to the "" web site to enter what at first appears to be a site dedicated to the 80's. After surfing through it, you will find that it is a secret site for the upcoming sequel, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which happens to take place in the aforementioned era.

Grand Theft Auto 2 reference

 PlayStation2  Steal a Mr. Whoope ice cream truck. Press R3 or L3 to hear it play music from Grand Theft Auto 2.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City reference

Coming from Portland to Staunton Island, drive directly off the bridge and continue going straight. At the Belleville Park intersection, there are three large signs near the water. The last sign on the right is a Francis International Airport sign hinting at the game's sequel, with the message, "See You in Miami" written on it.

When you finish all your missions with Ray and you go to his lock up, it says "See you in Miami" on the beeper.
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When you are at your hideout in Portland, use your sniper rifle. Zoom in inside your hideout to see a "Getaway" poster with a picture of palm trees and a sunset.

Liar Liar reference

While listening to LIPS 106's turning a commercial, you will hear a guy say "Yes!" very loudly. That is Jim Carey's voice from Liar Liar.

Scareface reference

On the Flashback radio station, all the songs that are played are in the movie Scarface.