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Easy money

Look out for ramps and high slopes. If you drive up them fast enough, you can jump certain obstacles such as buildings and truck trailers. If successful, you can get a "Insane Bonus" message, resulting in a lot of money.

When riding around in Staunton Island, look for a women dressed as a sprinter/jogger. Get out, then attack and kill her. After doing so, collect the thousands of dollars she leaves on the floor. Note: Be careful, you might alert the cops.

After you complete the check list of cars for the Portland Docks garage, you can take the Surcuricar and drive it into the garage around the corner. After the second garage opens, drive in, exit the car, and you will receive a varying amount of money. The garage is the same one as in the Van Heist mission.

Find the old gangster walking around with a red rag --he slumps over. Kill him to get thousands of dollars,

Enable the "Pedestrians Riot" code then kill yourself (falling into water works best). When you appear at the hospital, two or three old men will run over to you in order. Kill them in the order that they appeared. After the last one is killed, $10,000 will appear around the second one.

Go to the harbor in Portland, near where you can board the ship. A lot of people will come by, which you can kill for money. No felony comes back there, so you will never get captured.

Enable the "Change costume" code until you look like a gang member. You can now beat them up and take their money without resistance. This does not work if you try it with cops.

Finish your work for Lugi, then work for Joey until you complete the "Farewell Chunky Lee Chong" mission. Then, go back to the alley where you enter Luigi's. Turn around and take the street on the right. Go up the street until you see an alley with a Perennial parked in it (on the right side of street). Go into the alley and wait for two people to start a fight. When one of them starts to run, kill him. He will have $20,000.

Enable the "Tank" code. Each time you blow up or run over a car, you will receive a certain amount of money.

Enable the "Tank" code in one place until they are stacked on top of each other. You will get a large amount off money because they are hitting each other. Next, park a car near the tanks and blow it up. When the pedestrians run to it, use the "Destroy all cars" code and even the blown up car will explode. Repeat to get more money.

Enable the "Tank" code twice. Get in one Tank and ram the other.

After getting six stars on your wanted level, the military chases you. Neutralize the tank drivers, then hop in and bash up against another tank. Look at your money while your bashing your tank against theirs to see it rise.

Get two tanks. Get in one and push the other one and the money will just keep rolling in.

Every time you steal a taxi, you will get $25 and a new car.

Once you find an Securicar, take it to the import and export garage to get $5,000.

Get any car and stalk another one on the road. When you are ready, floor it and hit the other car in the rear. You will get money and when your car catches fire, bail. When it explodes you will receive a substantial amount of money.

Enable the "Destroy all cars" code near a person and he will die. Then, go to his or her body and get the money.

First follow a pickpocket that looks like a red jack but with darker clothing. They walk fast, start grabbing at people, and the victim will chase after him, and will fight. After he does his business, chase after him until he stops running. Then hold him up with an Uzi. He will drop his money and run. Note: If you follow him he might steal a car and take off.

Get to the five or six star wanted level anywhere while in the Tank. Wait till the FBI appears and crashes.

When you steal a taxi cab, you can get $100-$150. Drive around and do this to every taxi to end up with a good helping of cash. The money is actually from the profits of the poor cabbie you jacked the car from.

Steal or get a taxi. Activate the taxi missions. Follow the instructions and for every five people you drop off in a row, you will get a bonus. Continue to do this and you can get more than $20,000 dollars.

Go on ramps and get a unique stunt bonus. For the next unique stunt bonus you complete, you will get more money in the thousands of dollars range. For example, go on the Callahan bridge with a fast car. Drive down the middle. When on the Portland side, keep driving down the middle at the end where there is a yellow thing with black stripes. Hit it at a fast speed to use it as a ramp. Do this repeatedly and correctly to get a unique stunt bonus.

Put cars in a garage and then blow them up. Walk away from the garage, then walk back. The cars will be restored. Repeat this to get money each time.

Enable the "Low gravity" code and find ramps. You can get easy money by jumping over places, trailers, etc.

For an easy $50,000, get a Securicar. You can usually find them in Portland around the Callahan Bridge or at Callahan Point. There is a separate garage besides the Import/Export building in Portland. When you enter the docks, there will be three cars, including a Kuruma. Directly to the rear of the Kuruma will be a few blue garages that are numbered. The middle garage, however, is not numbered. If you drive your Securicar into this garage, you will receive $50,000. For every delivery you make thereafter, you will receive $5,000 less.

Get a police car and take it to your garage at the safehouse. Pull into the garage and activate the vigilante missions. Get out of the car and the message about getting back in to the car will appear. Wait until the garage closes and enable the "Destroy all cars" code. The reward message will appear, since you destroyed all cars but the police car in your garage will be unharmed. Repeat this to get a large amount of money.

Get in a car and run into any of the gang cars (Diablo Stallion, Cartel Cruizer, Hoods Rumpo XL, etc.) or city government cars (Police car, Ambulance, Fire Truck). You will receive cash. The longer you do it, the more money you will get.

Subways are very good places to make a lot of easy money. Find an underground subway station and go all the way down until you have reached the location where the train stops and people get out. This trick works better when the "All weapons" code is enabled or if you have a lot of ammunition. People will already be at the train station, walking around and talking. Go on a rampage and kill everyone in sight. Once everyone is dead, take their money. Then, turn around and walk in the opposite direction a few times to find a fresh batch of people. The subway across from the hospital in Shoreside Vale is a very location for trying this. About every fifteen people you kill will result in someone will having a large amount of money.

Spawn two Rhino tanks. Drive the tanks to a location with a long straight away. Drive one tank behind the other. Start pushing the tank with the other tank and the money will start piling up.

Get a rocket launcher and find a car. Take it to a car crusher. Park the car where it needs to be in order to get it into the crusher. Get out of the car and watch it go up and over the crusher. Shoot the car with the rocket launcher when it is over the crusher. If done correctly, you should get money for blowing up the car. As it drops into the crusher you will get even more money for

crushing it.