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Get to Staunton Island early

Use the following trick to get to Staunton Island before the bridge is fixed and before the subway is open. Go to the bridge to Staunton Island. Go past where the blockage cones are located, to basically be on the bridge. Enable the "Flying car" code, then the "Tank" code. Make sure you are all the way back to get enough room to take off using the tank (as a plane). Start firing the cannon backwards and accelerate. Keep firing the cannon backwards, and just as you get to the edge where the bridge has been broken, you will take off. Try and get back on the ground. If done correctly you will now be on Staunton Island. Note: When you cross the bridge, the "Welcome To Staunton Island" screen will appear to confirm success. Note: You can use nearly any car, but the tank has a better ability to fly higher.
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 PlayStation2  Steal an Ambulance from Sweeney Hospital. Go to the bridge and enable the "Better driving skills" code. Drive your ambulance on the road towards the bridge and press L3 just before the road starts to dip down. If done correctly, you should make it across, but your ambulance will probably tip over and explode. Make sure you are out of the way, then run into Staunton Island.

Note: When on Staunton Island you can not do any missions. When you die, you will be transported back to the hospital in Portland.

You can fly over to Staunton Island by enabling the "Tank" and "Flying car" codes after dropping off 8 Ball. However, only activate the "Tank" code when you have walked onto the broken bridge. You cannot save the game over in Staunton Island, and if you die or get arrested you will be transported back to Portland.

 PlayStation2  Enable the "Better driving skills" and the "Flying car" code after you drop 8-Ball off at the hideout. After you drop off Misty at the Luigis Sex Club 7, go to the fire station and get the fire truck. Do not disable the codes. Instead, go to the bridge and jump the gates. Drive off the bridge slowly until there is a big shadow mark, then hit the gas. Once you start going in the air press the Up for about one second, then release. Keep doing this continuously. Once in Staunton Island you can easily go to the lift bridge to go to Shoreside Vale, however the lift bridge is more difficult than the Callahan Bridge.

Steal a Mafia Sentinel and go the Callahan Bridge. Aim the Sentinel towards the break in the bridge and floor it. The car will leap over the gap in the bridge.

Get a Banshee (one location is in the glass-windowed building next to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop) and go to the bridge that leads over to Staunton Island. Get on the edge of where the bridge starts, and drive up past the obstacles. Enable the "Flying car" code. Drive fast to get across the opening; start near the bottom of where the bridge starts. When you approach the opening, press Up to fly. Note: This must be timed correctly,

In the "Last Request" mission, it is possible to "maroon" the Japanese girl. To do this, look for the closest "island" when you pick her and Maria up. Get to the island and back the boat up a slope. You will hear crunching sounds. Experiment, and sooner or later she will drop off the boat and onto the island. From there, get to Staunton Island. You can cruise around and do everything else except take up any missions or side jobs. Kill Maria or the Japanese girl and the mission will end.

 PC  Find a very fast car, such as the Banshee in the shop at 8-Balls. Drive to the bridge and stop at the beginning. Enable the chittychittybb code. Accelerate, and if you are lucky, you will fly over the gap and land on the other side. It will take some practice before you succeed. Test it with different distances before the edge.

 PC  Go to the bridge at the beginning at the game with a fast car such as the Esparanto (from the parking lot near the bridge). Enable the chittychittybb code and fly away to Staunton Island.

Faster taxi

Complete 100 taxi missions, (drop off 100 people), and a Red Faster Cabbie will be unlocked at the taxi building in Portland (near the tunnel entrance). Note: Drop off 100 people total, not at one time.<A NAME="OLE_LINK1">
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Easy kills

Start in your hideout, get the bat, and steal a car. Go on the walkway and drive up to the steps near China Town. You can kill as many people as desired and get easy money. Watch out for the cops and triads. Do not use a gun to kill a triad member, or your wanted level will go up. If this happens and it is only one star, and go on the tracks until your wanted level goes back down.

Load up on as many guns as possible or enable the "All weapons" code. Go to the Diablos phone box where you receive your missions. Run around the corner until you are beside the stairs to the monorail. Stand with your back to the wall. From here you can take out as many people as desired without worrying about the cops killing you. The cop cars drive recklessly back and forth trying to get closer but they cannot reach you. Only the helicopters can shoot you, but are easily dealt with.

Drive to the docks turn after all the caravan trailers. Keep going straight ahead then turn left. There should be a large boat (the same one that you destroy in the "Bomb Da Base" mission). Run up the ramp onto the boat. Shoot every pedestrian you see and your wanted level will rocket up. Stay on the boat and wait for the police to arrive. Any cars that approach will run straight into the water. The officers will also run into the water. Your only worry will be the helicopters, and with the "All weapons" code enabled, they can easily be disposed of.

Get away from felony

If you have six stars or less and you want to get away from the cops go near Luigi's in the red light district. Opposite the subway is a building which has glass windows. Go into this building and the Army or cops will not follow. You will be safe, but if you go out again you will get shot.

Wait until the monorail arrives, then quickly run up the stairs and get on. You will now see the train traveling around the island with FBI and helicopters chasing it. The train is indestructible and the helicopters cannot hit you if you are inside. After awhile on the train, your wanted level will go down.

Hidden package

Take the pill that is in the Portland docks, hidden between two mobile homes. Then, run towards the ships until you find the building with the stairs. Run up the stairs to get on top of the roof. Across from you on the roof is a package. Run as fast as you can and jump just before you fall off the end. You should make it if the pill has not worn off yet.

Go to 8-Ball's. Once there, find a tunnel and drive through it. In the middle of the tunnel, you will find four old ladies. Run them over if desired. The hidden package is in the middle of them.

Hidden missions

There is a place on your map the do not show where you can accept a mission. Go to where The J (Joey's) was located. Go directly north from there until reaching the next building (which is very close) . There should be a phone there. Answer it if it is ringing to get the mission for someone named Morty.
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Go to the Bitchin' Dog Food building during the day. The phone outside will ring and you can receive missions from Morty.

Go to Momma's Resturante Tony's contacting site. Go to the steps that do not lead to the parking lot. Across from those steps, you will see an alley with a van parked there. "TOYZ 'N' THE HOOD" will be marked on the side of the van. Get in it to activate a mission that allows you to blow up Mafia Sentinels, and will result in $1000 for each Mafia car you destroy.

Go to the Hepburn Heights Monorail Station. Keep walking past the staircase, and around the corner and you will find a "Toyz N The Hood" Truck. It will ask you to destroy Diablo Stallions for $1000 each. Do not get out of the truck or the mission will end.

Rampage locations

In Diablo turf, very close to Luigi's club.
On top of the train tracks.
In the same location where the flame thrower was in the Trail By Fire mission.
In Mafia turf around Toni's, by those two parked Mafia cars above the ground.
In between two small buildings across the street from Supa Save store.
By the Callaham bridge in Triad turf, across the old school hal.

Easy money

In Portland, near Toni's place, is an alley with a parked van marked "Toyz". Get in the van to play a rampage mini-game involving an RC car with a bomb attached to it. You get $1000 for each Mafia car you destroy. This game can be played as many times as needed.

Finding prostitutes

Wait until it is 21:00 or later at night. Go to where Luigi hang outs (the Red Light District).


Get a decent car, such as the cab or something that is not too heavy. Drive from your hideout in Portland to the end of the road to your left. Turn around, and drive on the grass under the monorail tracks. On the left section of grass will be a jump made out of concrete. Jump off it, and try to land on the monorail tracks, or at least on the stairway so you are facing the same way that you were driving. Drive in-between the tracks, as you do not want to take a chance at getting knocked off by the monorail. You will soon see a glowing circle on your right, which is the flamethrower. Drive over to it, and park next to the ledge-type object below it. Jump onto the hood of the car and take the flamethrower. Save the game at this point, as it may be difficult to get it again.

Go on the raised railroad (do not get on a train) and walk to the Head Radio building. Jump on the building to find a flamethrower.

Go to where you had to blow up Mike Forelli (St. Mark's Bistro) and go to the stairs that lead to the train tracks. Ride on the tracks you should see a flamethrower on a building.

Molotov cocktails

Go to 8-Ball's auto yard, and take the path leading to the garage. Before you enter the garage is a path leading left. Take this path, then go straight until you find train tracks. Turn right following, the train tracks. This leads into a tunnel. Keep going until you find a group of bums. Run over and kill them. They will leave Molotov cocktails and a hidden package.
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Paper body targets

Go by Luigi's club, but turn in the alley to your right. There will be three paper body targets located there.

Drive on elevated train tracks

In the highest area of Portland is elevated train station. The path leading up to the tracks is large enough to fit a car.

Get on Chinatown rooftops

Go to the jump that has a parking lot before it. Enable the "Better driving skills" code. Go off the jump against the wall and try to make it on the train tracks. Go a little father and you will see a building close to the tracks. Go as fast as possible to jump from the tracks to the building.

Police station fort

This fort will take some time, so be ready. You will also need several cars (preferably Coaches). Go to the Coach station in Portland near Joey's place. There should be a few Coaches at this location. Take these Coaches to the police station. Line them up in front of the police parking lot wall, end-to-end, but leave the entrance to the police station open because Army tanks will eventually block that for you. Next, take the ambulance that is usually parked next door at the hospital. If it is not there, just walk some distance away and one should appear. This will be the "bomb". You can use anything for that, but the ambulance is the easiest to get. Park this near the stop lights. Next, go up the ramp located on the side of the police station that is closest to the hospital. When you are up there, start shooting pedestrians as they appear and your wanted level will soon skyrocket. Once the police show up, kill them for some money. Now it is time for the "bomb". When police officers speed down the road where you parked the "bomb", they will usually get caught up just around the stop lights, either by traffic or other officers. Take out a strong gun and blast the "bomb". That should take out a large number of cops and give you some real money. Beware of the Army though -- they pack M-16s which can kill you almost instantly if you have no armor. If things get a little too hasty, enable the "Lower wanted level" code. Note: This can also be done at other locations.

Kill a lot of police

 PlayStation2  In Trenton (near Joey's Place) is a location where the police almost never can get you. When you look at the map of the area where Joey is, notice the road leading out of the two box-like things on the map. Follow this road until you are near Atlantic Quays. On the right will be an area with a gate that will open. Enable the "Better driving skills" code, then jump the gate or wall to get in there. The police cannot get in there except with a lucky flip or jump. You can press Select many times out of the vehicle until the camera angle above you appears. Enable the "All weapons" code and get out the flamethrower to kill many pedestrians and cops when facing the walls. Be careful, if you have five stars and walk slowly around the gate, you will be shot a lot by the FBI. There is a way out -- walk on the hay structure next to the building. Walk a little on the roofs and jump off. You also can find a hidden item and armor on the far end.

Free law enforcement cars without risk of felony

At the dock in Portland, where there is an area that has yellow stripes, if you can manage to take the police car, the Enforcer, the FBI car, the Barracks OL, the Rhino, an ambulance, and a fire truck, there will be Grand Theft Auto 3 icons that have the name of each car above them. Walk into one. The crane will bring that vehicle off the ship and put it into the area with yellow stripes.

Car dealer

When you are getting off the bridge going to Portland, take the first right. Follow the curve then turn right. Next take the first right again into a parking lot. When you are in the parking lot, turn left and go between the buildings. When between the buildings, turn left. When you get out of the building, turn right to find the a garage that you use to collect cars. When you get all the cars, you will get a big cash bonus and unlimited amount of cars that you delivered.


On the high bluff just past Salvatore's Gentleman's Club, you can see the lighthouse. Enable the "Flying car" code, get a Banshee or other fast car, and it will be possible to jump/fly to the lighthouse. Note: It is impossible to escape from the rock. You will slide into the water if you stop moving.

Big Dipper

At night (when the weather is clear), go to Salvatore Leone's Gentlemen's Club in St. Marks. As you reach the end of the driveway, go up his steps to his house. Walk straight (you may need to use R3 to navigate), then look closely to see the Big Dipper.

Garbage can death

Get a car, enable the "Better Driving Skills" code, and go to the construction yard (next to the gas station, fire station, or 8-Ball's bomb shop). Get back as far as you can (away from the car crusher). Speed up towards the crusher and press L3 to jump in it. This may take a few attempts. To make it better, enable the "Slow motion" code two times.

Restore power-ups

Walk into your garage and let the camera pan out. Your power-ups will have regenerated after you leave the garage.

Destroy full winged Dodo

Enable the "Fly car" code and get a tank. Turn the turret around and find a long straight path to take off. Go to the crusher in Portland and fly around until you see a full winged Dodo. Ram into it or turn the turret and shoot it. The Dodo will explode and you will be at wanted level 4. You can also shoot the Dodo if you stand on the cement platform behind the crusher. When one flies over, use the bazooka to shoot it down.

Go to Portland via the tunnel. Just after you exit the tunnel, go up to the cement overpass where you can look down at the car crusher across from 8 Ball's. Turn around and look to the right of a radio tower with your rocket launcher. In awhile, a full winged Dodo will fly over. For about one second it will be low enough to blast out of the sky. It makes for some great special effects, especially at night.

Sniping location

Enable the "All weapons" code multiple times. Switch your weapons to the sniper rifle. Take a car and go to the nearest train station in Portland. Go onto the middle of the tracks where the trains do not pass. Keep walking and look for a building that is almost touching the tracks. There is a flamethrower there, highlighted in purple. Make sure a train is not coming, then jump onto the building. From here you can snipe, throw grenades, use a bazooka, or just shoot people without being attacked by the police. The police will gather below you and you can shoot at them. The only thing that can hit you are the helicopters, which can be killed in one to four bazooka shots, depending on where hit.

Go to Portland next to where Joey's missions were with any wanted level. Open the gates and go in. Once you are in, the police cannot get in unless you open the gates for them. You are only vulnerable to helicopters.

The railroad that runs about Portland is a good choice as it allows you to move across almost the entire city and has three ways of getting off. Do not stand near a station or the cops will run up the stairs and either bust or waste you.

Go to the Bitch 'N' Dog Food factory. Gain access via the railroad. However, only use this if you really have to, as not many people or cars pass that area.

Sounds from Momma's Restaurant

In Portland, at Momma's Restaurant (Tony's contacting site), you can go up the door which is up the steps and listen into the door. You can hear wedding music, and sometimes Tony will say "But Ma, I am really a man.