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Get to Shoreside Vale early

Obtain a Cheetah in Staunton Island. Then, go to the bridge that connects Stanton Island and Shoreside Vale. There will be a cement rail which separates the two highway sides. Get up on that rail in the middle of the bridge. Enable the "Flying car" code, then drive slowly about one quarter way down the middle rail. Stop, position yourself straight, and floor it off the end of the bridge. Once in the air, turn slightly to the right or left to land on the road (and not the middle rail).
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 PlayStation2  Enable the "Better driving skills" and "Flying car" codes. Get an ambulance then go to the bridge to Staunton Island. Go up to the straight part, then hit the gas. Go straight off the edge and when you get about two thirds of the way across, hold Up (or Left Analog-stick Down). If done correctly, you will go up and over the other side of the bridge.

Enable the "Flying car" and "Tank" codes. As you go across the bridge to Shoreside Vale, shoot the turret from the back of the tank for a boost across.

Note: If you do the Dodo car trick to get to Staunton Island, you can just take the tunnel to Shoreside Vale instead of flying it again.

 PlayStation2  Get a boat from the dock at Staunton Island. Enable the "Better driving skills" code and drive the boat to the pipeline. Press L3 or R3 and the boat will jump over the pipe.

Enable the "Better driving skills" code at Staunton Island. Go to the hospital in a car. Jump on to the roof, then jump over the hidden package. Turn right and keep going straight. You will hit a wall and go through it. You will end up in the tunnel that leads to Shoreside Vale.

 PlayStation2  Enable the "Better driving skills" code, then start off from the entrance to the hospital. Walk up the stairs, then steal a nearby car (faster cars recommended). Then, speed up to the nearest corner, and quickly turn around. You should now be riding back towards the hospital. Press L3 to jump across the gap onto the lower roof of the hospital. Then, drive into the blue glass building. Your car should pass into it, then fall. Your car should fall through the mapping, then land in a tunnel. Drive left in the tunnel. Do not turn, and keep going straight. You should come out in Shoreside Vale.

Go to the hospital in Staunton Island. Across from it will be the college campus. Get a fairly fast car and line yourself up with the overhang on the hospital's roof. Gather speed and jump to the roof. Once there, drive to the left corner. The game should glitch and you will fall through the wall and into a tunnel leading to Shoreside Vale.

Use the following steps to get a jump trick bonus and get to Shoreside Vale before you should. When you get to Staunton Island, get a sports car. Any of them should work. Go to the hospital. When you get to the road leading into the hospital parking lot, you will see a retaining wall for the parking lot. The wall and the parking lot for the hospital should be to your left. Turn the car toward the small wall near its corner, back up, and then hit the gas. Hit the wall straight on. If done correctly, your car's front end should slip under the wall. Continue accelerating and turning your wheel. The car will slowly sink into the ground. Only sports cars will sink all the way. You will eventually fall into black and the car will spin through empty space. You will land in the tunnel that runs between the islands. You will receive a double insane stunt bonus and will have landed on the other side of the wall that blocks Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale. You now can go to the Airport or the rest of the island.

Get a small car, such as the Banshee or a Kuruma. Drive into any subway and out onto the tracks,. Just drive until you get to Shoreside Vale. Note: You will not be able to do any of the missions yet.

Go to the subway (number 13 on the Staunton Island section of your map), then jump onto the train. You must watch out for passengers at the station. If there are none there, do not get off or you may be waiting for quite awhile for the next train. You will know that you are in Shoreside Vale when you see lots of people walking into you.

Steal a boat and take it to the north-east until reaching the "wall" in the water. Find a location that is not steep on the coast. Drive the boat onto the road. Steal a U-Haul type truck and push the boat on the land until you are past the wall. Then, push it back into the water, get in it, and you can now use the boat to get to Shoreside Vale. Note: You cannot get onto land anywhere except at the airport.

Go in the subway by car, and being careful to miss the train, drive to about halfway between the islands. You will come across a locked car that seems to be somehow lodged into the wall. After you meet Ray Machowski, you can enter this car. You can then drive forward and it appears as if you fall in to some water before landing on an underpass. From then on, you can drive forwards and turn right for an easy entry onto the third island.

Find the docks on Staunton Island and get a boat (preferably a police boat or a speed boat). Go around Staunton Island. Avoid the bridge used to get onto Staunton Island. Find the location where there are pipes in the water that prevent you from traveling by boat from island to island. Where the pipes are connected to Staunton Island, the shore forms a slant. Back away from this slant in the shore, then get a lot of speed. If you hit the slant at the correct speed and angle, you should ramp over the floating pipes (near the Rockford neighborhood).

 PlayStation2  After dying, you will resume the game at the hospital. Go up the stairs and enable the "Better driving skills" code. When you get onto the road, pick any car of your choice. Press L3 and jump onto the platform on the hospital. Drive straight into the green wall, and it should drop you onto the underground tunnel. You can now make your way to Shoreside Vale early.

 PC  Find a very fast car, such as the Banshee in the shop at 8-Balls. Drive to the bridge and stop at the beginning. Enable the chittychittybb and cornerslikemad codes. If you sound the horn with the codes activated, you will make a small jump. This makes it possible to jump over the gap. Sound the horn just when you reach the edge. However, when you reach high speeds the car starts to fly automatically. When this happens, you will not be able to make that little extra jump.

 PC  Enable the cornerslikemad code and drive to the hospital. From the road directly in front of the hospital, build up some speed then press [Shift] to make your car jump. You will land on a roof on the hospital. Without falling, drive into a building composed of glass windows. You will then fall into the tunnel leading to Shoreside Vale.

Returning from Shoreside Vale

Assuming that you have cheated to cross to Shoreside Vale before it is normally unlocked, get the Dodo at the Shoreside Vale airport. Instead of jumping the bridge with a car to return to Staunton Island, use the Dodo to glide easily across the gap. Save it in a garage, and you can use it time and time again to get around.

Go to the square of garages in Shoreside Vale with a very fast car. You will see a dirt road near the water. Enable the "Flying car" code and floor it. Your car will fly in the air towards Staunton Island.

Secret race-type mission

Go to the Super Saver Grocery Store in Newport. Enter the Stallion in the parking lot to get the secret race-type Multistory Mayhem mission, where you must go through check points.
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Get a Stallion and go to your hideout. Turn around so that you are pulling out of it. Take a left to the stop light. Then take a right at the stop light. You will be making like a U-turn. Go straight until you see the white parking garage to your left. Park the Stallion in front of the garage and get out. Get back in the car to get the Multistory Mayhem mission. You will have five minutes to collect twenty checkpoints, with four on each level.

Mini remote controlled car with bomb

Go to the police station on Stauton Island. There is a flight of stairs leading from the parking lot to the road. Directly across from the flight of stairs is a building with strange pyramid shapes in front of it. Walk towards that building. Turn left when you get to the shapes. Keep walking until you find a small alley/parking lot on your right. Walk down the alley and turn right at the end. There should be a mini van parked here. Get into the van and you will get a mini remote controlled car that has a bomb on it.

Easy kills and totaled cars

There is a street with buildings across from each other which are lined in glass. Load up on guns (or enable the "All weapons" code) and go on the second floor of either of these buildings. Keep killing people to raise your wanted level. Then, as police cars arrive, you can either roll a grenade off the edge and blow them up, or enable the "Destroy all cars" code. If you stay away from the edge, you will not get hurt. Sometimes you do not even need to do any work -- when your wanted level is 5, the FBI cars will come zooming up and often times tip themselves over explode. Helicopters also cannot shoot you, so you can also destroy them easily.

Easier taxi, ambulance, vigilante and firefighter missions

Staunton island is a good place to do these missions. The problem with Portland, is that when you leave, you will be an enemy to just about every gang in the district, and the Mafia have car-destroying shotguns. Shoreside Vale has lots of hills, especially in the Ceder Grove/Witchita Gardens area. Staunton island, however, is all flat. The gangs that hate you sometimes do not shoot at you too much.

Molotov Cocktails

Kill yourself or go to the hospital. From the stairs, continue to go straight until you see another pair of stairs. Go to the left and you will find some Molotov Cocktails.


To get a free shotgun, go to Ammu-Nation and buy a cheap pistol for $250 (or bring a pistol from your hideout for free). Run up to the counter as close as you can and shoot the teller until he falls to the ground. You will usually be able to get his shotgun.

Go to the restroom in the park where you meet the man. Face towards the bathroom. Turn around to see a statue. Go up the steps and behind the statue will be a shotgun.

Easy ammunition

Save the game at your hideout, then go to the bridge between Staunton Island and Portland. Go down the second turn to your right. The first building has six panes of glass. Smash them and go to the top floor. Enable the "Higher wanted level" code until you get six stars, then wait for all of the cops to appear. Kill them, then use the "Lower wanted level" code. Go down and collect the guns.

All weapons

Successfully get to your garage in Staunton Island. All types of weapons will be floating in green bubbles, as well as health.

Sniping locations

Go to Kenji's casino. Use the stairs to get on the helipad then jump over the barrier. From here, you can snipe, rocket, and grenade the cops or FBI that will run around at the bottom. The Army may storm you, but will not be able to get to you as they do not jump over things.

Go to the AM Co. building. Gain access via the stairs and snipe away. Its very high and busy, but expect company as your wanted level increases.

Park checkpoint mission

In the park is a Landstalker parked near the lake, next to a house. Enter it, and you should have a fun checkpoint mission in the park.

Enter stadium

If you have access to Shoreside Vale, go to the airport and get the Dodo. Fly above the stadium and pull back. Get out to enter the stadium.

Triple or more insane stunt bonus

Take a right from your hideout then take the first left. Take another right and head down this road. When you reach the end, drive down the road which is the furthest left. Go down this road a fair bit then turn around to face the opposite direction that you just drove from. Accelerate down this road, dodging cars. Do not worry about the pedestrians, Hit the grass hedge at the end. With some luck you will do about three flips. This works best in a Banshee.

Hidden stadium message

Use the Tank with the "Flying car" code enabled, or just use the Dodo plane to fly past the stadium in Staunton Island. Look inside the stadium and you will see "COCKS" in large white letters.

Go to the stadium on Staunton Island. Go up the stairs to the front gates of stadium. Once there, take out a sniper rifle and use the scope to zoom inside the stadium. Look at the bleachers on the left and right sides. They say "COCKS" on them.

Hidden Internet café message

The Internet café on Staunton Island is called "TW@", which is an abbreviation for "twat". (Screenshot)

Cloning garage

Drive certain cars into the garage by Pay N Spray and 8 Balls Bombs. More cars of that type will appear on the second and higher floors.

Extra cars in garage

Put two cars in the garage. The next time you try to put another car in the garage, a message will appear. Take that car and smash the drivers door off. This will not cause damage to car once it is in the garage, as it will be restored to mint condition. Next, ram the car into the garage. Get out, walk to the garage door, and it will open. Quickly press Triangle and drive the car inside. Note: The garage will make strange noises, but when you save it should shut. You can do this until no more cars can fit inside.

Get on top of Kenji's Casino

Once you have mastered flying the Dodo, takeoff to the right and follow the coastline of Staunton Island. Once the casino is in sight, find a floor with a big block pyramid. Fly to the bottom of the pyramid. Once on that floor turn the Dodo right towards the side of the roof. Make sure the wing is near the rain-type of gutter. Get out of the Dodo and jump on the wing to the roof. On the very top, jump over the bushes and trees. The areas that are solid can be found by newspapers. If no newspapers are there, it is not solid.

Obtain a Yakuza Stinger. Go to the road that faces the front, where it says "Kenji's Casino". The side is slanted there. Look in back and reverse towards the casino. Enable the "Better driving skills" code and jump. It splits half way up, so you must jump again.

Stuck on bridge

Park on the seam where the drawbridge to Shoreside lifts up (just past the last light pole). The bridge will open, and your car may fall down. You should land on the pilings and infrastructure of the bridge. From here you can snipe pedestrians (remember to lead slightly), or shoot down police helicopters. You cannot escape from this location.

Civilians drive into water

Get a police car and turn on its siren. Drive along the road opposite Asuka's apartment building. All the cars will not only move aside, but will also drive through the gap between the tracks into the water below. Note: Make sure the cars are next to the gap on the left, and that you approach them from the right.

Start a gang war

Go to a place where the Columbian Cartel hangs out. Try to shoot one of them with any gun. When you do, they will start attacking. When they do, a gang called the Yakuzas will start attacking the Cartel because you are in the Yakuza gang. To know who is on your team, if you see someone all dressed in black, they are on your team. If you see someone dressed up like a cowboy, they are a Cartel member. You can help your gang fight the Cartel. However, the cops will start chasing you will not chase the other people that are fighting. Also, when people walking by watch the war, one of them will say "Look everyone its the movie".

Hidden package

There is a hidden package on the hospital roof on Stauton Island. The package is on the corner of the building directly across from the stairs. To get the package, park an ambulance parallel, right next to the building where the package is located. Then, park any "van" perpendicular to the ambulance. Then, park any "car" next to the van. Finally, just jump onto each vehicle to get to the roof. The hospital parking lot contains plenty of vehicles to choose from.

Best hideout

Go to the other half of Staunton Island, where the casino is located. Look for a tall building with the letters "AM" on it. Walk up the steps and around the railing. Follow the railing and it will lead to a set of steps, which lead to two more sets of steps. Cops will not follow you in and it has a perfect sniper spots.

Good sniper locations

Steal a Dodo from Shoreside vale and fly it to Staunton Island. You may need to circle the island a few times to get to the correct altitude. Once done, fly towards the casino. Look for the top roof with the pool and try to crash land there, on Kenji's private pad. If successful, you will be in a great sniper locations. Only helicopters can get you. If you try to go into the pool you cannot because is almost as if it is frozen.
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Get a fast car and go the road that curves up and around. Drive away from it on the right hand side of the road. When you reach some billboards, stop and turn around so that you aer facing the way you came from. Then, drive onto the paving next to the billboards so you are facing into traffic. Accelerate hard and when you get onto the curved road do not turn. Go straight off and with luck you will fly through the air and hit a billboard on a roof. Once there you should find a sniper rifle and some body armor.

Find the multi-story parking lot near your hideout. Go to the second level, get a small car such as a taxi, and park it parallel to the wall. Get it as close to the wall as possible. Jump onto the car and sniper citizens from that location. The police cannot shoot at you, and you will not have any problems from helicopters.

Go to the stadium in Staunton Island. Go to the top of the stairs and start killing people with the sniper rifle. Your wanted level will go up, but only helicopters will appear. Note: Enable the "All weapons" code to destroy the helicopters with the rocket launcher.

Go to the bridge in Staunton Island that connects to Shoreside Vale. Drive up it on the left side (into oncoming traffic), but do not hit any cars. When you reach the top, stop and very carefully get out of your car. Walk to the berm and do not fall off. Look right and you should see a balcony on the left lower side that is connected to the bottom of the bridge. It is blue and has railings. Take your car and go down the bridge. Turn around drive up it, and go to where you got out and looked at the balcony. Drive your car off the berm so that you will hit the building right there. If done correctly, your car will bounce onto the balcony. This will take some practice. Once there, you can snipe people as long as desired. However, to get down you will have to jump to the ground.

Get into the police building

Get a police car and go through the gate to the right or left of the police station to where the Enforcer and a squad car is parked. Turn around and face the police department. Then, run to the left of the slope going down to the garage, and run up the steps to the wall of the building. Go around the police building to the left through the little gap in the short wall and follow the narrow walkway. Then, after a few steps, you can go through the wall of the building. The ground here will be blue and blurry. You can see the cell from which you had to bust out that man in the mission. If you walk towards the cell, you will drop throughtthe ground and will land on the street next to the police building.

Finding prostitutes

Wait until it is 21:00 or later at night. Go to where you get form the Shoreside Vale bridge to the Portland Island bridge (by the park).

Grand Theft Auto 2 pictures

Go to Staunton Island and find between the two big parallel streets the "tw@" place between big windows. If you have trouble finding this area, start from one end of the street and drive down until you find it -- there should be signs in the room that say "tw@". There should be a lot of computers in there, and some of them will have pictures from Grand Theft Auto 2. Use the sniper rifle to zoom in on them.

Go into the Internet cafe and look at the two computers on the right side of the steps going up. The one on the left is playing Grand Theft Auto and the one on the right is playing Grand Theft Auto 2.

Scrolling messages

In the downtown area are scrolling messages that promote the movies from the billboards, music albums, etc.

Hidden message

Go to the Bedford Point neighborhood, then go to the intersection. There will be a building with a staircase and a underground parking lot to the left side of it there. The right side has a small driveway. Go through it. To the right will be a big wall. Enable the "Better driving skills" code and jump the wall. You will be in a passage with a lot trees. Go as far as you can in the direction opposite to the building you came in. Look to the left to see a sign that reads "You weren't supposed to be able to get here you know". You can exit out on a ramp that is against the wall in there.

To get to this location another way, there is a parking lot in Staunton Island that you fight crazy guys leaping from vans with explosives attached to them. Park a tank up against the back left wall of the parking lot. You can see a ramp that leads down to the other side. Stack cars, jump over the wall and run to the left. You will come to a sign that reads "You weren't supposed to get here you know".

Go to the carpark where you found a hidden package behind a parked Kuruma, near a rampage. From the blue garage doors, accelerate with any car straight at the wall with the "Better driving skills" code enabled to jump over the stone fence. On this side of the fence, you will find a message about the hidden area.


On Staunton Island, go to Liberty Campus. Find the man with a large black coat that is holding a pad of paper. Kill him with any gun (sniper rifle recommended). When he is lying on the ground, use the sniper rifle to zoom in on the pad of paper he is holding. You should see that he drew a picture of male genitalia urinating.

 PlayStation2  Got to the stadium in Staunton Island. Go up the stairs to the gate. Press R3 to look at the bleachers in first person view.