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In the Portland area, go to the Capital Autos shop. Take a big car and ram it into the glass on the store to break it. Inside a Banshee, which is the fastest car in the game and resembles a Shelby.
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Note: If the Banshee is not in the location where it is usually found, circle around the block once or twice and it will appear.


The easiest place to get a Blista is at the paint shop in Stauton Island. Near the paint shop is a group of garages. When you are about to leave the alley there should be a Blista parked in one of the garages.

BP Barracks OL truck

Ride the road by the water at Staunton Island. You will find a storage place with a lot of boxes. Go to the gate marked "Keep Out". Enable the "Better driving skills" code, then drive in reverse and press L3 to jump over the gate. Get out to find a Barracks OL truck. It looks like a farm vehicle.

This car can only be obtained during the Arms Shortage mission. When you are in Phil's compound, get into the Barracks OL and use it to block the Cartel cars. Then, kill all the Cartel. Check on Phil and you are done. Take the Barraacks OL and shoot it. It should be bulletproof.

BP Patriot: Bulletproof

To get the bulletproof Patriot (Hummer), complete the Marked Man mission for Roy (the cop) the second time that you meet him.

BF Injector

Complete the Mafia missions in story mode to unlock the BF Injector Buggy. Return to Portland and go to the Diablo parking lot (where the mission phone is located) between 19:00 to 24:00 to find the same buggy glimpsed in Joey's garage from the Mafia mission. It will appear in the same location and change color each time. This car also has an alarm.
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If you want to pick the color of the BF Injector, park a car with the desired color near the entrance of the building at the parking lot. The car does not appear to be scratched, other than the windshield when it hits something. It also never stays upside down.

Complete El Burro's missions for the Diablos, and a new off-road buggy called the "BF Injector" will appear in the little block by the building by the phone.

Borgnine Taxi

The Borgnine is a well built car or taxi. It is a brick red cabbie with spikes with blood on the bumpers. It is located in Harwood. Go to the head radio station. It usually is at the engine store next to the radio station after the game has been completed.

Get 100 taxi fares to get the Borgnine Taxi. The taxi is maroon and shaped like a cabbie. You will know when it is unlocked when the pager appears and tells you. You can go to Borgnine Taxi's in Harwood and get a new type of taxi. You should have one star once you steal it due to the alarm. Note: The easiest place to get the fares done is in Staunton Island.

Borgnine Taxi: Spikes

Look closely on the back bumper of the Borgnine taxi with a sniper rifle. Sometimes it has about seven spikes with blood on them.


To get bus, which you will need for the list of cars in Portland Harbor, try to find a garbage truck. Since buses are very hard to find, try to find one of these instead. They are more common, and easier to find. Once you find one, drive it around awhile until you start to notice more garbage trucks appearing. Keep driving and you will soon see more vehicles of the same type; one of these is a bus. Be patient, and they will eventually appear if you are driving a garbage truck. Once you steal a bus, take it to the Portland Harbor garage and put it inside. If you walk outside, you will notice a red line through "bus" on the list.

Drive around for awhile with the Coach underneath the long bridge connecting Portland and Staunton Island. You should see it after awhile. It looks like an old school bus. Once you are in it, more of them will show up.

Cheetah: Bulletproof

When the race starts in the Turismo mission, go to your hideout and park yourself inside a tank directly in the street. One of the cars is a Cheetah, and it will veer to the left and go into your garage area. Push the Cheetah into your garage and trap him there by leaving your tank in front of the garage door. When the race ends, he will remain in your garage and you can save the game. Note: Park many tanks in the street to better force him into your garage. Also put a lineup of tanks on the left and right side of your garage so he cannot get around you when he tries to leave.
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Find the blue phone on the map (El Burro missions) in Hepburn Heights. Pick up the phone and go to the starting line. Do not stop on the blue dot or ram any of the other cars. Go to the brick wall next to the Callahan bridge. Enable the "Rhino tank" code then place it against the brick wall, even with the edge of the building to the right. Get a car and return to the starting line. Bump one of the racers or stop in the blue circle to start the race. The three Cheetahs will race through the first checkpoint next to the brick wall and slam into the tank. About 50% of the time, one car will flip. If they do not, ram the three of them until one flips over. You can now either destroy the other two and finish the race (but the flipped over Cheetah may disappear) or move the tank and let at least one finish the race. Do not move the car until the race is over, because the driver is still trying to race and the car flips back on it wheels very easily. After the race is over, take a car and ram the now empty, but locked, car into your garage. If your car starts on fire, enable the "Health" code. Once in your garage and after the door closes, the car will be unlocked.

Cheetah: Bulletproof, fireproof, explosion proof

Get a Tank. Go to your hideout and take out anything that is in your garage. Then go to the El Burro phone and accept the Turismo mission. Drive the Tank to the purple marker, making sure not to blow any cars up on the line. Whenever the race starts, turn your tank around and high-tail it back to your hideout. Park it right by the entrance and wait there. After awhile, around "Race Time:170", the cars will turn the corner. Run into one, causing it to explode. Then, push it into your garage. After it gets repaired, it will be bullet-proof, explosion proof, and fire proof. The only thing that destroys it is collisions.

After getting the bulletproof, fireproof, explosion proof Cheetah from the Turismo mission, fail the mission intentionally. Do not do the mission again until you reach the next city. After getting to to Staunton Island, go back and repeat the trick and get another special Cheetah. Repeat this process to get as many as desired.

Cheetah: Without completing the Mafia missions

Clear the Mafia missions up to "The Chaperone". Talk to Maria's friend/drug dealer, Chico. If you have an Uzi, kill Chico. He will just stand there and die after the shots. Go to the party but do not go in the blue marker -- park about 12 feet way from it. Look at the line of cars to the right and a Cheetah will be in between a Mantana and Patriot. Get in the Cheetah and punch it to your safehouse garage. Maria will not have gotten out of the car. Go back to the party and get the stretch ready to speed to Salvatore's house.

Cheetah: Easy steal in Shoreside Vale

Go to Cedar Grove near Catalina's mansion. When you are near the curvy ramp, there should be houses down along the left side of the road leading to it. About five houses is a house with a medium sized driveway that ends at a garage. This house is white with a black roof. There is a Cheetah in the driveway that is always open, but be careful of the car alarm. If cops see you with it on, they will chase after you.

Colombian Cartel Cruiser

The Cartel Cruiser can be found on Liberty Campus at Staunton Island.

Diablo Stallion

The Diablo Stallion can be found in the Red Light District at Portland Island. It is a modified Stallion.

Dodo: Flying

 PlayStation2  Take the Dodo to the very end of the runway. Turn it around so its facing away from the edge. Hold X to build up momentum, while holding Up. Once you get enough speed, quickly hold Down. Once airborne, use normal controls to level out the car. Note: The small wings make extended flight extremely difficult, if not impossible.

 PlayStation2  Hold Down to get more speed with the Dodo. When you are about to do a nose dive, hold Up and you will start to fly.

 PlayStation2  To get sustained flight, go to the end of the runway, so that when you go down the runway you will be heading toward Staunton Island. Hold X, but do not use the Analog-stick except for staying on the runway. Before you get to the end of the runway, the plane will start to take off. Do not touch the Analog-stick while in the air or you will lose speed and crash. You can make it to Staunton Island, but you will have to try and land on the underpass. It is possible to fly for up to 32 seconds.

 PlayStation2  Find a long stretch of road (such as the runway) then hold X + Down. When you see sparks underneath the plane, release all buttons. When you are high enough (but not high enough to stall), hold Down to level off or until you cannot see the red nose (holding X of course). The trick is to avoid pressing Up (except to dodge obstacles such as billboards). To turn, tap in your desired direction multiple times. It is possible to fly up to 199 seconds with this technique.

 PC  While on the runway of the airport in Shoreside Vale, you can get a dodo in one of the hangars. The easiest one is near the helicopter pad in the back of the airport. Bring it on the runway. Once there, back it up all the way to the end so that it is facing Staunton Island. Hold [Down] + X. Note: Look toward the side view of the plane to get a better view before it scratches the ground and crashes. While accelerating, immediately before the plane's nose sparks the ground is going its full speed, release every thing and the plane it will take off on its own. Once in the air, you are now able to use the cursor keys to steer the plane. Tap the keys and do not hold them for a safer flight. Keep the plane closer to the ground as it keeps trying to go up. However, every once in a while let it climb then do a nose dive to get more speed.

Dodo: Flip

 PlayStation2  When flying in the Dodo, pick up a lot of speed and fly as high as you can. Then, dive down, pull back up and hold Analog-stick Down. The Dodo will soon slow down and be straight up, but slanted back slightly. It will then start to lose altitude quickly. Press Analog-stick Up and the Dodo will slowly do a flip. Note: This may require several attempts.

Get to full speed in the plane and fly along the beach in the west. Do a nose-dive and as you hit the ground, pull up and do not stop. If done correctly you should do a pathetically small loop-de-loop.

FBI car

The only way to get the FBI car is to have five stars on the wanted meter. The FBI will come after you in purple FBI cars. It is a modified Kuruma.

Go to the railroad and you will notice only one of the two are actually used. Go to the other side from the loading platforms that are not used. You can sit on the edge of the railroad and kill people. Because of the railroad under you, they will not be able to shoot you (except for the occasional helicopter, which you will have to shoot down). You will be able to kill the FBI agents. When they get out, quickly jump in and drive to your save point.

Use the following trick to get an FBI car easily when you are trying to get all the law enforcement cars on the ship. Go to your hideout in Portland and stay just inside of the entrance to the street. Take out your weapons and start shooting cars that pass you by Rockets work very well. When you get your warning level to five stars, the FBI cars will come after you. They will be so out of control that they will crash into the wall in front of you. Run to the back of your hideout by the garage, then run back up to the FBI car. Get in and drive it the few feet to your garage and save the game. Then, load the game to get rid of all the cops and take it to the harbor.

Enable the "Tank" code and drive around, destroying things until you get four stars. When the FBI cars are flying at you, drive around the same block until they form a roadblock. Drive to it slowly and enable the "No wanted level" code. Get out of the tank and jack an FBI car before an agent gets in, then immediately drive away. Perform the "No wanted level" code again and you are done.

Note: The FBI cars get a free spray when taken to the Pay 'N' Spray at Staunton Island, behind the car storage unit.

Get a five star wanted level. If the cops start your car on fire, get out and get another car quickly. When the FBI arrives in their black Kurumas, stop and make them get out. Drive the opposite direction, then turn back around quickly. The FBI agents will be gone, and you can take their car easily. Then, enable the "Decrease wanted level" code and take it to your hideout.

There is a small bridge over a one way road on Stanton Island. Climb up it. Enable the "Full armor" code and repeat the "All weapons" codes to get 100 rocket launcher rounds. Either enable the "Increase wanted level" code or destroy lots of cars and people. When you get five stars on your wanted meter, kill the FBI agents near one of the FBI cars. Then, enable the "Decrease wanted level" code. When the police have gone, take the car and store it in your garage. Note: Sometimes a police officer or FBI agent will climb the stairs of the bridge. This is rare, but dangerous. Shoot the officer to death.

 PlayStation2  Get any car and drive to the Pay 'N' Spray on Staunton Island. Once there, park your car just in front of the garage and get out. Make sure you leave the door open (holding Triangle). Then get a five star wanted level. Make sure you stay within the area so that your parked car does not disappear. Once at five stars, lure a FBI car into the complex of garages and run up the ramp towards the Pay 'N' Spray. If desired, you can kill the FBI agents from up there. This makes it easier to get the car. Then, run as fast as possible to your parked car and drive into the Pay 'N' Spray. After your warrant is gone, if you have not killed the agents they will start to get in the FBI car and drive away. Run towards the car and you will have a FBI car with no police chasing you.

FBI car: Gray

Get a FBI car and take it to Pay And Spray


A Flatbed is needed for the Import/Export garage in Portland harbor. Get the fire truck from Portland (near Capital Autos) and drive over the bridge to Staunton Island. Go to the Pan-Lantic Construction/Cartel gang area (to let the memory focus that you have a large vehicle, so it can match others with its size), then drive back to the bridge. Drive over the bridge back to Portland, and about half-way across you will see it/them. It looks exactly like a Barracks Ol.

Ice Cream Truck

Go to Portland and do the "I Scream, You Scream" mission (after the Turismo mission) by El Burro. Pick up the briefcase, then go towards the dot. When you get there, hijack the Ice Cream Truck, drive it to Staunton Island, and park it in your garage. It will not fit in the Portland garage. Blow up the truck. You should fail the mission. Open, then close the garage and the Ice Cream Truck is all yours.

Go to Portland and do the "I Scream, You Scream" mission (after the Turismo mission) by El Burro. After you deliver the ice cream van to the docks and set off the music, step back and wait for the men to appear. Shoot them instead of detonating the van. You will pass the mission and get the Mr. Whoopee truck.

Drive around the Cartel Mansion (near your hideout/dam) in Shoreside Vale. Drive to the back of the mansion and wait near the gray areas of the mountains or on top of the hill. You will soon hear the familiar Ice Cream Truck song from Grand Theft Auto 2. If you are fast enough, you will see the Ice Cream Truck drive by. A fast car is recommended to chase after the truck -- once it disappears from the screen you will not be able to see it again until another game cycle/day. The Ice Cream Truck appears at random times.

 PlayStation2  Get a police car in Shoreside Vale and press L3 to switch to vigilante mode. After a few suspects, you will generally encounter one in an Ice Cream Truck. Hit him a couple times or trap him so he exits. You can run him over and kill him for some quick money, then get out of the police cruiser and into the Ice Cream Truck. You can then hold L3 to play your music, even if the cops have you in a high-speed pursuit. Note: If you drive slowly along the streets with the music going, people will lean over to buy some ice cream.

 PlayStation2  Cruise the street between the Porter tunnel entrance (under your hideout) and the Cochrane Dam (it will be on one road) in Shoreside Vale. Drive back and forth. If you hear a ice cream truck song, follow it to see the truck, which appears once a day. You can also steal a fire truck, police car, Enforcer or FBI car then click R3 and do the vigilante missions until the ice cream truck is found.

Do the fire truck missions until you find an Ice Cream Truck. Put out the fire, then get in it.


In the beginning of the game when you have to go to Luigi's for the first time, get out of the Kuruma. 8-Ball should still be talking. Enable the "All weapons" code. Get a Rocket Launcher or something similar and shoot the car. 8-Ball dies and you will start over again, but will get a brand new Kuruma. If you do this fast enough, 8-Ball still talks after he dies. You can also do this by just flipping upside-down, catching on fire, or falling into the water.


 PlayStation2  First, get a Taxi or a Cabbie. Drive around and look for a stretch limo. While in the taxi, hold R3 and press Triangle to get out. While still holding R3, run to the limo and get in. Once inside, release R3 and it will be as if you have a limo service.

Mafia Sentinel

The Mafia Sentinel can be found in Saint Mark's at Portland Island or the Mafia hideout. It is a modified Sentinel.


This car can be obtained from the Skunk In The Trunk mission. Take it to your Portland garage and blow it up. It is now yours, complete with dead body.

Mr. Whoopie

This car can be obtained during the Diablo missions. You will need it for Import/Export garage in Portland.

 PlayStation2  To get a Mr. Whoopee for the Import/Export garage, during the El Burro "I Scream, You Scream" mission, instead of blowing up the truck, sniper all of the Forellis that exit the warehouse. Take the Mr. Whoopee to the Import/Export garage. If you already completed the mission, steal a fire truck and press R3 to do the fire mission. After awhile, you will find a Mr. Whoopee. After putting out the fire, steal the Mr. Whoopee and take it to the Import/Export garage.

Do Vigilante mission 2 on Portland. You will have to chase a mr. Whoppee. Make it get stuck and when the suspect gets out, kill him and take the car to the Import/Export garage.

Start a fire truck mission. When you are in it, you will see a Mr. Whoopie. This may not work on the first mission, but keep trying and you will get it.

Police car

During the night at the police station in Portland, one of the two police cars is unlocked most of the time. Get in it and steal it. You can get a wanted level if a cop sees you taking it.

Walk up to a police car with a someone in it and try to get in. It will be locked and he will chase you. Run immediately after trying to get into the car. When the cop starts chasing you, run away until you are a good distance away. Then, run into the police car and floor it.

Find a stopped police car on the street. Sneak up behind the car, then go to the driver's side and press Triangle. Immediately, without hesitation, run around to the other side of the car. He will try to chase you around the back. Wait for about one second, then run back to the driver's side. Get in, and punch the gas quickly. The cops try to cling to their car. If you want to hurt them, back up and hit him with the door.

Go to a parked police car on the passenger side. Try to open the door and it will not open. Wait about two seconds and try it again. It should now open. Then, drive up about twenty feet and back over the cop.

Police car: Lock doors

 PlayStation2  When you have wanted level, steal a police car. Press L1 to lock the left door and R1 for the right door. Note: This will only temporarily lock the doors.

Red Jacks Hoods Rumbo XL

The Hoods Rumpo XL can be found in Shoreside Vale (not the airport). It is a modified Rumpo.


If you manage to get a tank (by getting the Army after you and having the soldiers leave the tank), it is possible to save it in your garage. Unfortunately, a tank will only fit in your Stauton Island hideout due to the size of the door. Tanks are not indestructible but they can take about 20 to 30 minutes worth of punishment. Tanks can also flip over, but this is not easy to do. The tank shoots grenade rounds, of which you have an unlimited amount. You can also move the tank's turret with the Right Analog-stick. Note: The tank can also be used in the Vigilante missions.

To get a tank, raise your wanted level to 6. Next, find a way to get it back to level 0, no matter what. Then, go to Phil's Weapon Shop at the very tip of Staunton Island. You should be able to enter the tank there.

The only weakness of a Rhino Tank is fire (flame throwers and molotov cocktails. However, fire still cannot stop a tank unless it is doused with flames long enough. Their other weakness is getting tipped over becoming upside down. Against all else, tanks are indestructible. Every vehicle that runs into them (except other tanks) will explode upon impact. They also include an unlimited ammunition cannon in front. Get six stars while on top of a building. Stand on the edge of the building (so that you are in sight of the military directly below you) so the Army will exit their tanks and start shooting at you. Throw a grenade and wipe them out. Quickly jump down from the building and press Triangle to get inside a tank. Drive it to your Staunton Island garage (which is the only hideout garage where it will fit and park it. Try to get to the elevator and save it. If you get shot or busted in the process, do not worry about it -- the tank will still be in the garage for you to save. Though you may have lost weapons by getting wasted or busted, it is worth it. You can use the tank during street-races to blow up other racers and have an easy win. It is also useful with the "Sayonara Salvatore" mission by Asuka Kasen and many other missions. Try getting the tank as soon as you reach your Staunton Island Hideout.

Rhino: Faster driving

To get the tank to go extremely fast, turn your turret to face directly back, then fire repeatedly. Watch your shots -- if you hit any cars the cops will chase you. This is especially useful for the Vigilante missions.

Rhino: Move when flipped

If you are in a tank and it flips over, fire the cannon and it will start to move.

Rhino: Flying

 PlayStation2  Get the tank, then turn the turret backwards and find a long road (such as the airport at Shoreside Vale or any of the bridges). Start shooting it as fast as you can to speed up the tank, hold Left Analog-stick Down. If done correctly, the tank will become airborne allowing you to actually fly it around. Do not hold Left Analog-stick Down too far or you will crash. Note: Also enable the "Flying car" code to increase the flying ability. Once in the air, balance it out pressing Up and Down. You can also turn, but usually will stall. Keep firing the turret while in the air. You can fly into buildings, and do all types of tricks. If you fly long enough you will encounter game glitches.
Mike Slater, , , , , and others.

To steer a flying Rhino, pause game play and set up the turret left and right buttons. When in the air, move the turret in the opposite direction to which way you want to turn. Make sure that the turret is facing behind the Rhino. While moving the turret, lightly tap the direction that you want to go. Doing this will make the tank fly more smoothly.

 PC  Enable the chittychittybb code then turn the cannon so it faces the back of the tank. As you drive, start to shoot behind you. This will gain acceleration and make the tank fly.

Rhino: Look inside

 PlayStation2  When you get in the Rhino, try to flip it sideways .Get out of the tank. You will still be inside of it. Use the Right Analog-stick to look around. You will see the interior of the tank.

Rhino: Storage

The game seems to remember the location of tanks, no matter where they are. Enable the "Tank" code, then park the it near your safe house. Save your game, and when you load it again the tank will be where you saved it. Note: It is not necessary to ever park it in the garage.

Rhino: Ramp

A Rhino can be used as a major ramp for any car (but not another Rhino). Drive at top speed (Stinger, Infernus, Banshee, or Cheetah recommended) towards the side of the tank and ram it. It will send you flying very far.

Rhino: Destroying

There are two ways to take out tanks. The main weapon is fire -- use the flame thrower or the molotov cocktails. It may take a while to take them out. The molotovs should be used at a safe distance and is the safest way. The flame thrower needs to be used at close range, which is risky.
Simo and

You need at least ten molotov cocktails and a few grenades. When a tank is in a stopped position, start throwing the molotov cocktails, and keep throwing them. At most, throw about five, then switch to grenades. Throw a few grenades, then switch back and throw the rest of the molotov cocktails. After a few seconds, you will hear an explosion. The tank will be burnt like the other cars when they explode.

Rhino: Avoid losing

When driving the Rhino, do not stop it (unless you are getting out) or drive slowly. Otherwise, criminals or prostitutes will run after you, trying to hijack your tank and sometimes beat you up. Give them the chance and they will. This especially applies to when the "Pedestrians riot" code is active, or with cops, SWAT teams, the FBI, military forces, gangs, and people that you get mad. Note: This seems to be more common at night.

Rumpo: Pitch Black

This car can be obtained during the from Under Surveillance mission.

Securicar: Bulletproof

Start the Van Heist mission for Joey Leone. After stealing the Securicar, take it to your garage. Blow up the car, let the door shut, and reopen it to get a bulletproof Securicar.

Securicar: Message

When you look at the back of the Secruricar, it reads "GRUPPE sechs", which is a phonetic way to spell "group sex".

After stealing a Securicar, back up into objects to make the back doors fall off. Then, get out and look in the back. It contains three boxes that are marked "loot".


To get a free Mafia Sentinel car without having to go to war with some Mafia members after you steal their car, just go to Salvatore Leone's house. In the driveway are two Mafia Sentinels. Every time you return, they will reappear.

Go to the Saint Mark's area of Portland. Go to the top and you should see a taxi with some benches. Drive past that for a short distance to find a place called Marco's Bistro. There is a Sentinel parked there. It has a car alarm.

Sentinel: Crash proof

Have one of Sentinel cars follow you while you are in a car in the Bait mission. Get out and they will also get out. Shoot them (you will fail the mission), then get in their car. It is now crash proof. This will last until you save the game.

Stallion: Do donuts

 PlayStation2  Go to any open place with no traffic. Drive as fast as you can and press the handbrake (R1) and hold Left or Right. Hit the gas as you are holding the same direction. If done correctly, you will start to do doughnuts. This may require a few attempts.

Stretch Limo: Pitch Black

This can be obtained during the Salvatore missions.

 PlayStation2  Get in the limo and enable the "Better driving skills" and "Flying car" codes. Get some speed in the direction of the bridge and press L3 to jump the orange barricades. Go up the bridge to Staunton Island. When you get to top of the hill before it goes down to the ocean, press Up and keep tapping that direction. If the limo starts going down do not hold Up, because it will lose speed. After getting over, take it to your garage and kill yourself. Save the game after you get out of the hospital. To see it, get in another car and go back over there.

Stretch Limo: White

Take the fire truck in Portland. Do the fire truck extra mission and usualy the first fire will be a white limo. Put the fire out, and you will now have a white limo to drive around Portland.

Stretch Limo: Bulletproof, fireproof, explosion proof, crash proof

In Salvatore's "A Meeting For Toni" mission, go to Joey's garage but do not go in the blue circle. Enable the "Faster gameplay" code, then get inside and grab the Stretch. Back out through the blue glitch. You should land on the on the road outside. Enable the "Slow gameplay" code (to return to normal speed), "Improved car handling", and "Flying car" cheats. Put it in your garage in Staunton Island to get bulletproof, fireproof, explosion proof and crash proof pitch black Stretch Limo.

Taxi: Unlimited time

Get a taxi and start the taxi vigilante missions. Run the clock down so you only have a few seconds remaining, then pick up a passenger. Try to make sure they close the door with exactly 00:00 seconds remaining. The timer should now be gone. You can continue to pick up and drop off passengers.

Taxi missions in any car

Find a Taxi/Cabbie/Borgnine and get inside. Hold R3 to activate the Taxi missions, and do not release the button. Get out and find a better car, such as a Banshee, Sentinel or any desired vehicle. Get in the new car and release R3. You will now be able to do the Taxi missions in your current car.

Toys In The Hood van

At Staunton Island, go right out of the casino, There is a space on the left where another Toys In The Hood van is located. It is used to kill Yakuza gang cars.

Trashmaster: Bulletproof

During the Blow Fish mission from Tony, you will get to drive a Trashmaster which you must pick up at 8-Ball. To make it bulletproof, enable the "Flying car" and "Better driving skills" code. You should make it to Staunton Island. Park it in your garage and blow it up in order to get a mission failed message. Open your garage and you will now have a bulletproof Trashmaster.

Triad Fish Van

From the hideout in Portland, turn left and go straight until you see a Triad Fish Van near the stairways that lead up to the train. It can be any color.

The Triad Fish Van can be found in Chinatown at Portland Island.

Yakuza Stinger

The Yakuza Stinger can be found in Newport at Staunton Island. It is a modified Stinger.

Yankee Truck

Go to the Portland Harbor near the crane. You will see a Yankee. It will be any color.

Yardie Lobo car

The Yardie Lobo can be found in Newport at Staunton Island.

 PlayStation2  Drive around your garage in Staunton Island (around the block or elsewhere), and find a red car with a white top and panther colored seats. This is a gang car, called the Yardie Lobo. Once you find it, press R3 and move the Analog-stick Up, Down, Left, Right, or diagonally to move it. Press L3 to make the car push up and remain that way.

 PlayStation2  Press the L3 continuously to jump with your hydraulics.

Rare cars

Take a Cheetah, Banshee, or Stinger and drive around. More of the kind of car that you are driving will appear.

 PlayStation2  Find a fire truck and activate the firefighter missions by pressing L3. When you find a car to extinguish, take it.
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On the mission you do for Kenji titled "Grand Theft Auto", you can keep all those cars you see everywhere. Steal the cars and park them in your garage. When the mission is over, save the game. The cars will remain in your garage for as long as you want.

Rare cars can be found at various times throughout the day (seems random) along the closest four lane road that passes the stadium on the north side of Staunton Island. Drive back and forth along this stretch of road from the bridge to underneath the Shoreside Vale Bridge (that raises and lowers). You should be able to find all the hard to find vehicles such as the Securicar, Bus, Coach, and Trashmaster. Mr. Whoopee (Ice Cream Truck) and Trashmaster can be obtainedby doing police or fire missions.

When you load and leave your hideout at Staunton Island, quickly run to the stoplight on your left. As you are running you will see a Cheetah (most of the time) or Infernus stopping at the light. Get there quickly before the light turns green.

Start doing Vigilante missions. After about 15 to 25 kills, the criminals will begin driving rare cars, such as Mr. Whoopees, Infernuses, SUVs, and buses. If you want to store the cars, take them to the garage but you must cancel your Vigilante mission.

Cars on demand

To obtain most of the cars on demand, complete the list of cars in both of the Import/Export Garages. You will then be able to walk in and take any car on the list you want an unlimited number of times. There are two Import/Export Garages in the game. The first is located in the docks on Portland Island. It is a medium-sized warehouse near the large ship and crane. The second is located on Shoreside Vale, in the warehouse area next to Cochrane Dam. The warehouse is almost on the road along the cliff facing the dam and lake below.

There is an open garage on Shoreside Vale in the Pikes Creek area. If you look on the side, there is a list of different types of cars. If you collect those cars and complete the list, the garage will fill with GTA3 icons with the same car types over them. If you walk over them, you will get a car for free. Note: you need the B.F. Injection or the list will not be completed. To get B.F. Injection, go to Misty's apartment at the correct time. The B.F. Injection is the car that Joey was working on.

Always red Infernus, Cheetah, or stinger

Fail Kenji's Grand Theft Auto mission by not delivering all of the cars to the garage next to the Pay 'n' Spray in Staunton Island. Instead, steal one of these cars (pink blips on your map) for yourself. Wait until the mission timer to run out. All of these cars can never be repainted any color other than red.

Vehicle that cannot tip over

Go to the back of Wong's Laundrette in Portland and into the small back alley. There is a parked car called "Mr. Wongs" that resembles a Triad Fish Van. Boost it and avoid the cops until the alarm turns off. You now have a vehicle that can never tip over.
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Get into locked cars

If there is a car that you want but it is locked, just blow up that car. Go away until the game respawns it and it will now be unlocked.

Keep special mission cars

During the special car missions (Dead Skunk In The Trunk, Van Heist, Turismo, etc.) put the special car in the home garage. Enable the "Destroy all cars" code, then let the garage door shut and reopen.

No traffic

To get rid of all traffic, and make races easier, enable the "Tank" code about a dozen times. The game's memory gets used up and there will be no traffic (or cop cars) to hinder your reckless speeding. You will still have access to parked cars, but not moving ones. However, after the mission you must destroy all tanks (enable the "Destroy all vehicles" code) or the game will not be able to save correctly (the file that you try to save it to cannot be opened again).
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Quicker turns

 PlayStation2  Get a car, then press X, turn, and press Triangle.

Better and quicker stopping

When you are going very fast and you hit the handbrake, you will most likely spin out of control. To stop this from happening, hit reverse and the handbrake at the same time when you are trying to stop and high speeds. Doing this will stop you quicker, and eliminate any spinning.

Other flying vehicles

 PlayStation2  Select a car, such as the tank, fire truck, cop car, or sentinel. Find an open road, such as the airport. Go as fast as you can while holding Down. Do this for briefly then quickly hold Up. If done correctly, your car should fly high for awhile.

More cars in garage

When you are at your hideout, you are able to park any vehicle for later use. In Staunton Island, you are allowed two cars in the garage, but the following trick will let you park as many as many as you can fit. After you drive up to the garage door and the game states that you cannot park any more cars, get out and walk up to the door. The garage will open. As soon as it does, immediately get back into your car and drive it in as it closes again. You have to do this quickly, but once it is in the game will save the car. Also, try stacking cars on top of one another which will increase garage space. Note: This cannot be done in Portland.
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When you drive up to the garage and the message "No more cars can be stored in this garage" appears, get out of your car. Walk up to the garage and the door will open. Get in one of the cars you have inside and back up half in and half out of the garage. The game will think you are trying to drive your car in, so it will not close. Then, get out of that car and get in the one you want to put inside. Drive the car in the garage, get out and drive the other one (half in and half out) back inside.
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Stop car from exploding from damage

 PC  When in a vehicle that has been hit many times, the car will smoke, eventually catches fire, and explodes. If you enable the gesundheit code while in the car, it will repair the engine damage. The body work will still look damaged. You can even repair the car once it is on fire as long as you are quick enough. To do this quicker, pause the game before inputting the code. This trick is especially useful on the Bait mission, as the police will never be able to destroy you.

Use exploding cars

If your car is on fire, get out. It is about to explode, but this is also a good thing. if you need a big bomb and you do not have the money for Eightball, smash your car into things and use it as a bomb on wheels when it starts to burn.

Crush blown-up car

Take any car to the crusher in Portland. Get out of the car. Take out your flamethrower and torch the car. Just before the car is crushed, it will explode. The blown up car will be crushed.

Fire hose

To use the fire hose, press Circle and water will spray out. You can also knock people over with the water.

If you want to aim the fire hose on the fire truck, move the Right Analog-stick.

Free repairs

Park your car in a garage and watch the doors go up and down. You can save the game if desired, but is not necessary for the free repair. Note: This only works when you are not in a mission.
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While in Portland and Staunton Island, if your car is on the brink of fire, or you want it to be as new as the day you stole it, drive to your hideout. Pull your car into the garage and get out. Leave the garage so that the door can close, then run back in and take out your newly repaired car. You do not have to save the game for the car to repair. This trick will not work in Shoreside Vale -- you will have to save the game for an easy repair.

When car is on fire and you want to save it, get to your hideout before it explodes and save the game. When you select "OK" and leave your door/elevator, your car will stop burning. Get it to a Pay N' Spray or put it in your garage. Be careful -- one hit and your car may burn again.

Drive a car into your garage with the trunk still sticking out. Take the rocket launcher and shoot the back end of the car. It should explode, get knocked inside, and the door will close. When you open it up, your car will be as good as new.

Go to one of your garages and put in a damaged car. Let the door shut. When it opens, your car will be brand new.
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Free paint jobs

Go to Pay And Spray once. Pay the $1,000 for the new engine and paint job. Then, immediately drive back in an get a new paint job, free of charge. This can be done as many times as needed until you get the desired paint job.

Use the following trick if your car is damaged and you want to fix it and get a free paint job. Enable the "Full health" code when in your car. The car will be in fine condition although not looking like it. Drive into the Pay And Spray and the "I hope you like the new paint job/color" message will appear. Pull out, then drive right back in for another paint job to change the color for free until you find a color you like.

Pick up a prostitute then go to the Pay 'N' Spray. The paint job will be free. You can then back out, get out of the car, attack the prostitute, and get her money.

Car identifications

Each car in the game is modeled after a real car with some differences.

Ambulance: Ford Econoling 350 Ambulance
Banshee: Dodge Viper/Shelby Cobra
Barraks OL: Jeep brand army truck
BF Injection: mostly fictional VW Dune Hopper
Bobcat: Ford Ranger/Dodge Ram
Borgnine Cabbie: Same as Checker Cab, only decked out.
Bus: International Bus
Cartel Cruiser: Decked out Dodge/Chevy truck
Checker Cab: 57' Chevrolet Bel Air
Cheetah: Ferrari Testarossa
Coach: Airstream Motorcoach
Diablo Stallion: Decked out Mustang with blowers, headers, flame paint
Dodo: Alaskan Bushplane
Enforcer: International Swat Vehicle
Esparanto: 72' Cadillac Eldorado
FBI Car: Superfast Karuma (souped-up Dodge Intrepid)
Fire Truck: International Fire Truck
Infernus: Lamborghini Diablo/Jaguar XJ220?
Karuma: Dodge Intrepid
Landstalker: Mitsubishi Montero Sport
Linerunner: International Semi Cab
Mafia Sentinel: Decked out version of BMW sedan
Manana: Buick Regal
Moonbeam: Chevy Van
Mr. Whoopee: Toyota van equipped with optional ice cream feature.
Mule: Ford Econoline Truck
Patriot: Hummer H1 Civillian
Police car: Ford Crown Victoria High-Speed Pursuit Package
Pony: Ford Van
Predator: Police boat with machine guns
Reefer: Boat
Rumpo: Dodge Winnebego Van
Securicar: International brand armored van
Sentinel: Speedy BMW luxury sedan
Speeder: Fictional speed boat
Stinger: Porsche Boxter S
Stretch: Lincoln Continental Limousine
Taxi: Ford Crown Victoria
Toyz Van: Ford Econoline 350
Traid Fish Van: Ford Econoline
Trashmaster: Leech/International Garbage Truck
Yakuza Stinger: The Yakuza's Stinga'
Yardie Lobo: Chevrolet Impala or Chevelle