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Visit your kidnapping victim again

While driving through southern Alderny soon after completing Garry's kidnapping missions you my noticed a blip on the radar. Drive to the small house and you will see the mob daughter who screams and calls for help. Her father and several gangsters will appear and attack you.

Get inside the Alderny Correctional Facility

Steal a helicopter, and fly over the top of the prison. Land on the basketball courts to avoid getting a wanted level. After entering the prison you can see prisoners talking with each other, eating on the benches, a crazy prisoner, and correctional officers on patrol.

Hospital sex poster

There is a funny hospital poster in the north Alderney hospital on Long John avenue. You will go inside the hospital for a mission. On the left hand side when you walk in, read the Sex poster. It may help if you use your camera or a sniper rifle to zoom in. (Screenshot)


Shootout location

There is a location that reduces your wanted level, has free Turismos, and is well positioned for a shootout. Enter the Grotti auto store in Middle Park East at the intersection of Bismarck Ave. and Pyrite St. (across from Perseus). Go to the upper level. This will automatically reduce your wanted level of four or more stars down to only three. It is also a great place to hold up for a shootout with the police if you blockade the stairs with one of the show cars, and then take position on the large balcony just outside the front windows to shoot everyone. When you are ready to leave, steal a show car (all Turismos) and jump it out a top level window for a great escape, while leaving behind a few stars.

Fast four star wanted level

In Algonquin on the street named Hatton Gardes is a police station. If you drive in the lot where it is located you will get a four star wanted level automatically.

Fight without getting wanted levels

  • Go to Fishmarket South where the Helitour is located. There will be a big line of people waiting to board a chopper. If you stay in that area where the choppers are, you can beat people up without getting wanted levels. You may gain a one star wanted level very rarely.
  • You can also use this location to get easy money. Kill everyone standing in line for the helitour at Fishmarket South. Kill everybody that is standing in the line or is about to go to a helitour. After some time there will be corpses all over the place you will see that the money on the ground will appear again and again. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the money you have collected. Note: The background will start to flash or objects may disappear. Simply leave the location and return and it will return to normal.


Ride the rollercoaster

Steal a Blista Compact or another small sports car and drive to the abandoned rollercoaster at Firefly Island. Knock the section of fence next to the road near the ticket booths. Drive onto the section of tracks that is almost level with the ground. Drive your car around the roller coaster. You may get stuck on the turns, but you can carefully squeeze by them with careful driving. (Screenshot)


Abandoned stroller

Created by chickentime182.

You can find a stroller abandoned on a sandy hillside just southwest of Francis International Airport. It is in the park where you meet Derrick. It is not interactive, and is part of the scenery.

Easy access to the Francis International Airport

 PlayStation3  Bring up your phone and go to the SIXAXIS Tutorial. Once you have entered the tutorial, exit it and you will find yourself just outside of the airport. Note: If you have a car that you want to keep, put it in a parking spot, as this trick will not transfer the car with you. You must also lose your wanted level before performing this action, thus you cannot use this for an easy get away.

Happiness Island

Statue Of Happiness' heart

Created by lilbrad4eva.

Note: You must first be able to travel to Happiness Island. Find the Helicopter Tours directly east of Happiness Island. Steal a helicopter and fly to Happiness Island. Hover over the Statue Of Happiness and jump out of the helicopter at the statue's feet. Try to land on the topmost tier of the statue, which is a square platform with a door in the center of each side. Run around the platform until you see a door with a plaque that reads "No Hidden Content Here". Walk through that door to enter an empty room with a high ladder. Climb it and look up at the top to find the statue's gigantic beating heart, held in place by chains.
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Statue of Happiness tablet

The tablet on the Statue of Happiness reads:

"Send us your Brightest, your Sharpest, your most Intelligent
Yearning to breath free and submit to our Authority
Watch us trick them into wiping rich peoples asses
While we convince them it's a land of opportunity."
              JULY IV


There is a secret Happiness Island shirt laying at the highest point on the statue's base that can be reached by foot. It looks like a glowing red rectangle. Once it is picked up Niko will automatically put it on. It is a navy blue sweatshirt. The front shows the statue and reads "Happiness is..." and is continued on the back with the word "".



Broker: Schottler Medical Center
Bohan: Bohan Medical & Dental Center
Algonquin: Holland Hospital Center, Cerveza Heights Medical Center and Easton Medical Center
Alderney: Westdyke Hospital and North Tudor Hospital Center


The Celtica
The Matterhorn
The Majestic
Goering Hotels
Grand Northumbrian
Hotel Underbrucker
The Nicoise
The Big House
Pythagoras Apartments
The Abattoir Apartments
The Libertine :The Emissary
Opium Nights
Bell Tower Apartments


North Holland
East Holland
Varsity Heights
Middle Park
Middle Part West
Middle Park East
Star Junction
Hatton Gardens
The Meat Quarter
The Triangle
Presidents City
Castle Garden City
Little Italy
Lower Easton
Fishmarket North
City Hall
Fishmarket South
The Exchange
Castle Gardens
Northern Gardens
Little Bay
South Bohan
Chase Point
Meadows Park
East Island City
Meadow Hills
Francis Internal Airport
Beachwood City
Cerveza Hights
Rotterdam Hill
East Hook
South Slopes
Hove Beach
Firefly Projects
Firefly Island
Alderney City
Port Tudor
Acter Industrial Park
Alderney State Correctional Facility
Charge Island
Colony Island
Happiness Island