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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press Up to display Niko's cellphone during game play. Press Up again to access the keypad. In addition to the codes available in the parent game, you can enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function in the expansion. Note: Once a code has been entered correctly, a new "Cheats" menu option will be available on your phone, below "Options", where you can access the cheats without having to enter the phone number again. Do not save the game after enabling a code to avoid unforeseen problems. Enabling some codes may prevent achievements from becoming unlocked.


Dial 3625550100 into the cellphone.

Health, armor and ammunition

Dial 4825550100 into the cellphone.

Weapons tier 1

Dial 4865550150 into the cellphone.

Weapons tier 2

Dial 4865550100 into the cellphone.

Weapons tier 3

Dial 4855550100 into the cellphone.

Lower wanted level

Dial 2675550100 into the cellphone.

Raise wanted level

Dial 2675550150 into the cellphone.

Spawn Innovation bike

Dial 2455550100 into the cellphone.

Spawn Hexer bike

Dial 2455550150 into the cellphone.

Spawn Double T bike

Dial 2455550125 into the cellphone.

Spawn Hakuchou bike

Dial 2455550199 into the cellphone.

Spawn Slamvan

Dial 8265550100 into the cellphone.

Spawn Burrito

Dial 8265550150 into the cellphone.


Remove ammunition limit

Get a 100% game completion.


  • Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon at a safehouse.
Sawed-off shotgun: Complete 10 gang wars.
Automatic pistol: Complete 20 gang wars.
Carbine rifle: Complete 30 gang wars.
Assault shotgun: Complete 40 gang wars and the "Heavy Toll" mission.
Grenade launcher: Complete 50 gang wars.
  • Complete the indicated task to make the corresponding weapon deliverable by Jim.
Automatic pistol: Complete the "Bad Cop Drop" mission.
Micro sub machine gun: Complete the "Clean And Serene" mission.
Pipe bombs: Complete the "Hit The Pipe" mission.
Sawed-off shotgun: Complete the "Clean And Serene" mission.

Bati 801 bike

Complete ten bike thefts for Angus. The bike will now be available for Clay to transport to you or can be found parked near a safehouse.

Hokachu bike

Win twelve races in single player mode. The bike will now be available for Clay to transport to you or can be found parked near a safehouse.

Innovation bike

Shoot all fifty seagulls. The bike will now be available for Clay to transport to you or can be found parked near a safehouse.


Get any vehicle from any mission

During transport missions, there will be some cars, boats, or planes that can only be used in that mission. Just kill the person that is with you in the vehicle and it will be yours to keep.

Extra parking spaces

The yellow parking spaces in front of safe houses unlocked during the main storyline can also be used in The Lost And Damned to store and repair vehicles.

Internet sites

Go to a TW@ Internet Cafe and enter one of the following URLs to visit that site. Note: Do this in-game only.

Seagull locations

Easy "Full Chat" achievement

Created by AchievementGuides360.

Easy "Get Good Wood" achievement

Created by AchievementGuides360.

Wayne's World reference

Enter a Rhapsody. Zoom into the dashboard with a sniper rifle to see a picture of Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World.




Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Easy Rider (100 points): Finish the story.
Full Chat (70 points): Build Terry and Clay's toughness to 100%.
Get Good Wood (50 points): In the bike races, whack off 69 bikers with a bat.
One Percenter (5 points): Help Billy get his bike back.
The Lost Boy (25 points): Become leader of The Lost.


Duplicate the Hexer

The Hexer is the unique bike you get at the start of the game. You can however duplicate this bike without using cheat codes. Prior to the first proper mission where you steal the bikes with a truck, steal a car and drive to the meet-up, leaving the Hexer in the parking bay outside the safehouse. When you arrive at the meet-up with the other gang member, the car will vanish and will be replaced by a second Hexer. Do the mission, pick the bike back up again, and park it next to the original outside the safehouse. You now have double Hexers.

Re-enter clubhouse

Use the fire escape at the back of the clubhouse to get on the roof. Move near the front of the clubhouse near to the television antenna. When the prompt to "Press Left Trigger to watch TV" appears, press LT. Press LT again to stop and you will be back inside the clubhouse. Note: You cannot exit.


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