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Faster Warthog weapon use

 Xbox  This trick works best in multi-player mode. Drive the Warthog in a straight line. When you see an enemy, jump out of the Warthog. Tap X repeatedly and sidestep to the right. If you are quick enough, you will exit the Warthog and jump on the LAAG gun without stopping, while the Warthog slows down. This also works well on ice, because you keep sliding.

Moving flipped Warthog

If a Warthog is on its back, throw a plasma grenade under or near it and the explosion will move it. You may have to try this several times. The Warthog will not explode.

 Xbox  In order to flip a Warthog over when it is on its back without wasting grenades, go near it and press X.

Jumping in a Warthog

When you jump off into a pit or something else in the Warthog, do not press the gas while in the air. You will go farther and when you land your gunner will not fall out.

Use Warthog as sniping shield

 Xbox  When you have the sniper rifle and a Warthog, make sure there is no one on the gun turret. Jump onto the back of the Warthog without pressing X. You can now snipe people by crouching down. This allows you to have a "shield".

Jumping in a tank

 Xbox  In multi-player mode, have you and a friend each get a tank. Run into each other head on until one of the tanks flips over on its back. Then, jump on top of the upturned belly of the tank. Press X and you will be catapulted very high as the tank flips over.

Scorpion tank ramp

When playing in multi-player mode using either the Blood Gulch or Sidewinder map, choose a game type that has all vehicles. Park two Warthogs directly next to each other and drive a Scorpion tank up on top of them. When the front of the Scorpion tank is facing up into the air, shoot it with the other Scorpion tank's missile launcher. The first Scorpion tank should flip over. If not, repeat the steps. You can now drive the Ghosts off it and go flying. If the Scorpion tank leans too far to one side, you can adjust it by hitting the low side with your melee attack.

Wheelie in a Ghost

 Xbox  While moving, hold A and press Analog-stick Down.

In any multi-player map with a Banshee (for example, Blood Gulch), while going at top speed, pull back and use the emergency brake. This is also useful for going up walls that you cannot climb by going just straight forward. Also, you can do this in single player just for fun.

Double jump

After you jump, do a crouch. You will stay in the air longer and go slightly higher. This is useful for reaching ledges that you can just barely reach with a normal jump.

Jump higher

Use the following trick to get up to higher places, such as good sniper locations. When you jump, crouch and melee at the same time.

In co-op mode, jump on your teamate's head then jump again. You will jump much higher.

Jump and repeatedly press [Crouch] in the air. This will help you get more height and stay in the air longer. This will work for even higher places if you are playing cooperative mode by doing this by standing on top of someone.

Avoid falling death

 Xbox  When you fall into a pit, repeatedly press Y to switch weapons while falling. If done correctly, you will fall, but not die.

 Xbox  When falling, click the Left Analog-stick to squat just before you hit the ground. If done correctly, you will take less damage.

If you fall off a cliff or something else, look at the ground and keep turning around so that you are spinning. If done correctly, you should not be hurt at all.

Tap [Crouch] before you land from falling from a high place. You will take less or no damage. This may require some practice. This does not affect dying in the air or falling very far before hitting the ground. It will work for thirty to forty foot falls. Also if you like exploring jumping from high spots, look for an angled object to land on. This will also allow you land safely from even higher heights.

Flying high

Select multi-player split screen mode and create a game that has unlimited grenades and only rocket launchers. When you start, go to an outside level and look down as far as you can. Next, run backwards and throw a plasma grenade. It should stick on your foot. Then, shoot the rocket launcher as fast as you can. If done correctly, you will fly up with the plasma grenade exploding while in mid-air, sending you flying higher.

Stand on top of a Shade (Covenant turret). Throw a plasma grenade under it, wait two seconds, then jump. The grenade will explode, catapulting you to high locations. This can be used to get to the top of The Truth And Reconciliation level, if you use the one near the gravity lift.

Flying team members

When a person gets into the Warthog (gunner's seat), throw a plasma grenade on his body. Move away and watch him fly into the air.

Flying bodies

Go to multi-player split screen mode and play a game with unlimited grenades with two or more players. Kill one of the players, then get everyone else to stand in "accurate" grenade throwing range. Have each player throw two grenades on the corpse; this must be timed very accurately. Throw them on the hands, knees, or anywhere else, then step away and watch the body fly.

James Bond-style vehicle change

 Xbox  Fly low over a Warthog with the Banshee. Press B to jump out, then press B again when close to the Warthog to land in the driver's seat. This works with all seating positions.

Survive almost any drop with any vehicle

Immediately before you go off any high drop, send your vehicle into a 360 circle turn. This works best with the Warthog or Ghost. You can fall an incredible distance and receive no damage.

Prevent vehicle use

All vehicles, alien or human, cannot be destroyed if nobody is in them. When you are in the tank, for example, you can shoot Ghosts and flip them so that Elites cannot enter them.

Do donut in Warthog

 Xbox  Press Left Analog-stick Forward + Right Analog-stick Right. Note: Try this on the Assault On The Control Room level.

Warthog fun

Go to any level or game in multi-player mode that will allow you to have vehicles. Have one player get in a Warthog and have the other do the same with another. Run into each other with the Warthogs and you will go flying in the air, doing flips.

Funny Grunts

Take out an assault rifle and aim it at a Grunt. Tap the trigger once lightly, so that you only shoot once. The rifle's bullets are not very powerful. Thus, one bullet will only lightly wound the grunt. If the bullet hits, occasionally the Grunt will say funny things such as "Short people first!", and "I just wet myself" because of the fright.

Mobile explosion

When playing two player cooperative or four player multi-player game with teams, have at least one plasma grenade and a Warthog. Have player two stand outside and ahead of the vehicle. Have player one will drive head on at the enemy (human or alien). Have player two throw a plasma grenade on the Warthog as the person is driving. Have player one will hop out, sending the Warthog barreling at the enemy. If timed correctly, you can get both run-over and explosion kills. Note that this also works with the Banshee and Ghost, but can only be done once, as it will destroy those two types of vehicles.


Have at least two plasma grenades when your partner cannot find you. Throw one in any direction and without moving as quickly as possible, throw a second one. The first one will explode, sending the second one flying into the air. The grenade will explode at a very high point, acting as a flare so your partner can see where you are located. Note: Make sure that you do not move in any direction while doing this, or the second grenade will not go into the air, only sideways if anywhere.

Fire a fully-charged plasma pistol straight up into the air. It will act as a flare to let your teammates know where you are. This is easier than the plasma grenade method, and you do not have to waste grenades.

Suicide with shield

Stand in front of a shield in one of the levels and shoot at it with a sniper rilfe. Try to be close to the shield.


On a level where you can find a group of five or more marines (such as Assault On The Control Room), kill three marines quickly. The remaining marines will call you a traitor (shouting things like "He's loco!") and will start firing at you. If you shoot them, sometimes they will ask you if they owe you money or tell you to clean the mud off your visor.

After being considered a traitor, if you want to regain the Marines' trust, find some Covenant and kill them. If you kill enough of them, the Motion Tracker will show Yellow-Green points where your "fellow" Marines are and they will not shoot you, though they may aim at you. Note: This was done in the Halo level.

Pet Flood

If you shoot off a human Flood's right arm (the one with tentacles) with an assault rifle or pistol, he will become harmless. He will only follow you around. Note: If he has a gun in his left hand, he will still shoot you.

Piggyback ride

Have someone hop onto someone else's shoulders and have the person on top crouch. It looks as if they are getting a piggyback ride.

Pyramid of destruction

Link systems so that fifteen or sixteen people are playing. Go to a level in multi-player mode with vehicles recommended. Have about three players stand next to each other, then have someone jump on their shoulder. Continue stacking players in this manner. Note: You may need to use a Warthog or Scorpion for height in order to get on the higher players' shoulders. Once you get about ten or more players stacked, park a Scorpion in front of them. Ramp off of it with a Ghost into them, or just shoot rockets at them with the Scorpion.

Satisfying goals and challenges

  • Kill a Hunter with a melee attack (let him rush sidestep, then attack).
  • Kill a Golod Swordman with a melee attack (hit him with a pistol burst from very close, then immediately attack).
  • Run over enemies with a Warhog.
  • Blast groups of enemies with a Scorpion Cannon.
  • Skip a major part of level 5.
  • Shoot down a Banshee with a rocket launcher.
  • Shoot down a Banshee from a Banshee.
  • Finish the game in legendary mode.
  • Playing through the entire game co-op in legendary mode.
  • Taking out a friend (not in a vehicle) in multi-player with a plasma grenade.

Marathon references

There are several Marathon references, mainly the Marathon logo. It is on the Pillar Of Autumn in the movie at the beginning of the Maw. It is outlined in 343 GS's side. It is on the dashboard of the Warthog (sniper rifle required to see it), and even on the cover, in the name.

In multi-player split screen mode, park a Warthog directly over a portal. Note: Do not use a two way one; just the receiving end of a one way portal. Go back to where it starts and go through. You will be standing in the middle of the Warthog. If you have a sniper rifle, zoom in to see all kinds of weird controls, and a Marathon logo (the little white symbol).