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Destroying the Scrab

First, follow the Marines out to the bridge (or walkway). Next, switch your battle rifle with the rocket launcher. It should be a few steps north of the sniper. Then, go next to the second rocket launcher. It will be a few steps ahead. You should see ammunition next to it. Instead of following the Marines, make a turn into the walkway in which there is only one way in and out. The Scarab should shortly arrive, but it will not see you. They will probably fire at the Marines. When they get far enough, there will be a huge entrance to fire a rocket at. If you followed the Marines, it will be harder to shoot the aliens on deck. Rapidly shoot rockets at the side entrance of the Scarab. When all forces on deck are defeated, join up with the Marines and jump onto the Scarab. No one will attack you if you try to hide on deck from the Elites.
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Trap Scarab

In the end where you must destroy the Scarab, you can walk longer and trap it. When you get on the walkways to jump on it, after you come out of the door, turn right. Follow this until it turns left. It is loaded with a variety of weapons and ammo. Sniper and rocket launchers work great as a combo.

Get Scarab early

Start the level in co-operative mode under any difficulty setting. After doing the Scarab gun trick with the Banshee, do not get rid of your Banshee. Continue through the level until reaching the part where you meet the Marines in the little base surrounded by Wraiths. Walk up the stairs so that the Scarab moves towards you. Land next to your friend and let them jump on. Do not boost or player two will fall off. Fly over the Scarab and let player two off. If they go inside the Banshee, it will rock from side to side and there will be no Covenant in it until you get the part where you are meant to board it.

First, follow the "Scarab gun" trick. When you steal the Banshee, stop. Go through the tunnel with the Banshee. At the end of the of it, you will see a Jackal. Kill the Jackal, then turn right and fly to the right. You should see two big doors that you must go through. Go through one of them. You should now see the Scarab walking in a big courtyard near a Wraith. If you do not continue until you see the Scarab, you can do one of two things with your Banshee. You can either kill the enemies on the second level with the Banshee, land it, then kill the enemies on the third level without your Banshee; or you can land your Banshee on the top floor and kill the enemies by yourself without your Banshee on the second and third floor. If you are in co-op mode and you want to see yourself on the Scarab at the end of the level where you are walking out of the smoke, even though you are not on the Scarab, follow these directions. Get over the bridge and only shoot one Banshee. If you shoot two, start the level again. Hijack two Banshees, one for you and one for a friend. Fly the Banshees through the tunnel. When you see the Scarab, let your friend land while you kill everyone on the second floor but do not kill your friend. Let your friend go to the third floor and kill everyone except one grunt. Throw two plasma grenades on him and two plasma grenades on the ground in front of you. The grunt should explode, then you should as well. Your partner in the Banshee will still be alive, but not on the Scarab. The person in the Scarab should be died. Still, in intermission sequence you should see yourself walking off the Scarab. Note: This might take several times to perfect.

Scarab gun

 Xbox  Use the following trick to get a Scarab gun on Metropolis. When you start the mission, kill the two starting Marines that you have, because they will eventually destroy the Banshees required later. Then, get in the Warthog and do not bother killing anything -- just drive straight past the Ghosts and Wraith tanks. When you get to the part where the Banshes fly overhead, kill everything there, including the Marines. Note: Kill everything except Banshees and one Ghost. Then, hijack the Ghost. Go into the tunnel and get a Banshee to follow you. Do not destroy it. Also, do not try to board it, because it will either throw you back out of the tunnel or will explode. Have it follow you to the part where you need to go through a tube. Once at the beginning of the tube, make sure you have the "Hold X to jack Banshee" icon on your screen. Melee the Banshee so that it will come towards you slight. Then, just as it reads "Loading...", hold X to hijack the Banshee. You have about two seconds before the Banshee disappears. Once you have hijacked the Banshee, fly it through the tube. This will take some effort, but can be done. Once you fly it through, fly up and northwest of your position. You will see a giant bridge-like structure very far away from your position. Once you have flown up to the top of it, there should be a small orange triangle with an exclamation mark on it, with white slashes around its border. There is also a plasma rifle floating above it. Although marked as a plasma rifle, it is really a Scarab rifle. It will produce shots like the Scarabs do, and will not run out of ammo or overheat. It is extremely powerful and takes pretty much anything out in one hit. Note: Do not shoot to close to yourself, otherwise you will blow yourself up.

Get into the tank and move along the bridge destroying everything in your way. When you reach the point where Cortana says "Nice welcoming party," do not shoot the Banshees that start on the way from the city. Instead, get out of the tank and start walking into the tunnel (you may take a Ghost if desired). Start moving into the tunnel slowly, pop one or two shots into one or two of the Banshees to get them to attack and follow you. The Banshee should enter the tunnel and will follow you. Do not board the Banshee, as it will explode as soon as you take it over. Continue through the tunnel until you reach the first gate. Get out of the Ghost if you used one. Walk up the ramp, take out the enemies, and lure the Banshee between the gates in the tunnel. This may take some time as the Banshee will try to follow you over the ramp on the right hand side. Proceed by walking until you reach the next gate and repeat the process to get the Banshee through the gate. Keep walking until you reach the very end of the tunnel. Kill the enemies so you do not get shot during this part. Shoot off the Gravity Pods (glowing pods on the wings) and either get the Banshee to follow you into the reddish room or melee the Banshee into the room. Go through the room and look at the tunnel leading outside. Get the Banshee to go towards the tunnel and board it as it enters. Note: Make sure that when you finish boarding the Banshee the "Loading...Done" message appears on the left side. If you do not board it at that moment, the Banshee will explode. Next, fly out of the tunnel and go immediately to the left. Notice the long bridge between the two buildings on the left. This bridge is very high up. After reaching the bridge between the buildings, fly or get out then walk to about the middle of it. There will be what appears to be a plasma rifle on top of a red triangle with a "!" on it. Pick up the rifle, get back into the Banshee, and fly back down where you are supposed to be. You now have the Scarab gun. It has unequaled range, unlimited ammunition, and will never overheat. This is the most powerful weapon in the game. Note: You can only use the Scarab gun in Metropolis as you cannot take it into the next level.

Use the "Outskirts: Hidden sword" trick to obtain that sword. When on the Metropolis level at the section with two Warthogs, kill your fellow Marines and position a Warthog on the furthest walkway. Next, sit in the side seat of a Warthog and wait for the Pelican. Do all of this before the Covenant are all dead. When your Pelican arrives, you should be able to sword cancel off it and fly up to an area that resembles a giant bridge at the top of the level. Search around, and the Scarab gun should

be up there.
 Xbox  This trick is easiest when done on co-op mode. When you start, cross the bridge. Take out every enemy, and even your Marines. When you are near the end, Cortana will say something about a "welcome party". Three Banshees and a few Ghosts will appear. Take them all out. Then, two Wraiths and two Banshees will appear. Take out both Wraiths, and only one Banshee. Have player one continue through the tunnel, but have player two stay outside and distract the Banshee. Once player one reaches the area with the circular opening (a Jackal with a Beam rifle is there), take out the Jackal and go back to where player two is located. Get the Banshee to follow both players into the tunnel. Do not board it yet. The first few times it will come at you and fly back out; but stay where you are. It should come back after you. If it does not, go back outside and try again. Eventually, you will have to get it over two road blocks. Once it is past the second one, have both players stand near the entrance of the room where player one took out the Jackal. It should fly at you and get stuck. Shoot off both its wings so that it can fit through. Have player one walk slowly in front of the Banshee, making it follow him. Player two should be behind it, gently pushing it. Take it to the left and get ready to board it. As soon as you hit the checkpoint, the Elite in the Banshee will disappear. You only have about one second to get in before the Banshee also disappears. Both players should press X quickly. If done correctly, one of the players will be driving the Banshee. Take it outside and directly up. Very high in the sky are two skyscrapers with two bridges connecting them. In the middle of the bridge closest to you, there is something that looks like a plasma rifle. It is actually a Scarab gun. It has unlimited ammunition. Note: Do not aim at the ground.
When you start the level, kill both your Marines. Get in the tank and destroy the Ghosts and Wraith on the bridge. Later on the bridge, more Marines will join the fight. Also kill both of them. Once you reach the end of the bridge, destroy the two Wraiths. Hijack one Ghost and destroy the others. Destroy all the Banshees, but spare one and let it fly in the air. Then, gin the Ghost and have the Banshee follow you in the tunnel. Catch its attention by shooting it periodically. If it gets stuck in any corners, go behind it and move around a few times so it can retarget you. Now that you are in the tunnel, destroy the Warthog and marines so they do not destroy the Banshee. Lead the Banshee past the first barrier but do not let it fly too far or it will disappear. Kill any Covenant that are in your way and guide the Banshee past the second barrier. Get the Banshee into the room with the red lights. If you are having trouble getting it to fit into the room, clip its wings by shooting at them. Guide the Banshee past the room of red lights and into the small tunnel. Get off the Ghost and stay close to the Banshee. When the nessage "Loading... done" appears, immediately hijack the Banshee and fly it out of the tunnel. Look for the twin bridges in the sky and fly up there. On the first bridge is an orange cone with a plasma rifle floating on top of it. Grab it and enjoy your new plasma rifle that shoots Scarab beams.
When playing the level on single player mode, you may be able to find a secret gun. Play under any difficulty setting. When starting the level you will be able to choose between a Scorpion tank and a Warthog. Select whichever one desired. Go across the big bridge and you will reach the edge of a tunnel. Three Banshees should be flying in the air, and three Ghosts should exit the tunnel. Hijack a Ghost and shoot a Banshee once or twice to get it to follow you into the tunnel. When you reach the part where you have to go into a tube with the Banshee still following you, the "Loading… done" message should appear. As soon as this happens, hijack the Banshee. Note: If you were too late, the Banshee will go away. Fly out of the edge of the tube and look up to your left. There should be two buildings with a skywalk connecting them. Fly up there and land on the first bridge you reach. Land your Banshee and walk on the walkway. You should see a orange cone and a plasma rifle floating about three feet above it. The gun looks like an ordinary plasma rifle, but it shoots like the Scarab.
There is a second Scarab gun that can be found. Start the level in co-op mode. Note: Getting the Sputnik Skull is helpful. Go through the level as usual. At the end, lure the Banshee through the tunnel as if going for the first Scarab gun. Once out, kill your partner and fly to the giant soccer ball building. When the other player respawns, have them look between the waterfall entrance area and the end of the road. Then, have the person in the Banshee fly down to the waterfall room and get out. This will trigger all the enemies and things. Kill all the Wraiths and enemies, then the two Pelicans should arrive. When they arrive, use the Banshee to fly behind the Marine HQ and it should trigger a loading zone. Then, go back, land, and go into the Marine HQ. Another loading will appear, but the other person will not teleport. This will only trigger the Scarab to fire its shot. Once you see the "Loading....done" message, have the person look down. The person should see a plasma rifle appear, and a Scarab shot will come out. To get it, you must use the rocket grenade jump to launch at it and grab it. This will take several attempts because the Scarab gun is only there for about four to six seconds. If you manage to get it, you can equip it with the other Scarab gun and become an unstoppable force.

Catch Skull

Play the level under the legendary difficulty setting. Immediately after you exit from the underground highway, you will reach a large open-air circular room with a handful of Jackal snipers and some Elites. The quickest way to get safely to the skull is to get the next checkpoint by jumping into the Warthog and letting the Marine drive you to the next area. Jump out of it, backtrack to the large room, and clear the area. You will see a large semi-circular beam going from one of the main platforms that goes from the ground up to the top of the two towers. Do a grenade jump at the bottom of this beam and walk all the way to the top. Jump over to the ledge of the left tower. Walk to the end of the ledge and you will find the Catch skull. This skull allows enemies to drop two plasma grenades, and all enemies will toss more grenades in general.

Soccer ball

In the Metropolis level, there is a giant soccer ball. In order to get it, first get the Sputnik mode skull. Then, get to the part where you have to help the Marines trapped in the building. Immediately after you drive out of the square room with the waterfalls, look straight out and up. There is a building with a big glass wall that is broken at the top. Grenade jump into the building then jump on busted beams. Get on top of the building. From there, go to the right and there should be another busted-up building with a giant soccer ball for your enjoyment.

Proceed as if you were going to get the Scarab gun. Note: You will need the Banshee. Get to the area with two roads (after the field with some Ghosts and a Wraith. Drive up the wall in front of you, You will see a hole in the wall. Go in it, then a bit to the left of you is the giant ball.

Note: This was done under the legendary difficulty setting. You may also need the Sputnik Skull located in Quarantine Zone. Get to the part the Metropolis level during the regroup with Marines in City Centre, as you exit the hallway/path with the waterfalls. Climb aboard the Warthog as a passenger. This is a machine gun Warthog, not the Gauss; it is the one trying to take out the two Ghosts. You will need a rocket launcher. Wait until you get near one of those flashy signs that says Area B closes and flashes X. This is where you turn the corner to the two Wraiths and two Jackal snipers. Aim your rocket near the front of the Warthog between the winch and right headlight, and the Warthog will spin up. Make sure that the Warthog is spinning slowly and going more upwards than sideways. You may need to try several times. If done correctly, you should be on top of a building. If there is a hole in it, then look to the left of the hole. Go back to the wall behind the hole. Face the left and move forward until you reach another building with its top cut off by your building's corners. Jump to this top, then continue to the back of it. You should see a giant metallic soccer ball that has a horizon line on it. Use the rocket launcher, melee attack, or a grenade to get it off the building. This is best done in co-op mode, as you can hijack two Ghosts and play soccer with this ball.

Fly Banshee

 Xbox  When you cross the bridge and are attacked by Ghosts and Wraiths, get out of the tank and jump on the turret. Wait for the Banshees to fly low, then jump towards them and hold X. You will not be able to fly them to the through the tunnel or past the gate, but it makes destroying the Wraiths a lot easier. You can also reach the top of the bridge by doing this.

Ride a Ghost the entire level

 Xbox  Kill your Marines at the beginning, and walk the bridge. When the first set of Ghosts comes toward you, press X to steal one of them. Kill the previous pilot and other Ghost. You can now ride the Ghost through the entire level, including on the Scarab.

Fun with Ghost

Take the Ghost before going in to the headquarters. Drive all the way up where you see the tank get blown up by the Scarab. Continue driving until you reach the bridges where you are supposed to jump on the Scarab. It will bee a lot easier to kill all the Covenant with the ghost. Also, you can jump on the Scarab and drive the Ghost inside of it.

Fun with tank

Go through the level until you reach the point where you go into the place where you meet the Scarab for the first time. Take a Ghost and drive it all the way to where "When I called for reinforcement, I didn't think they would send a Spartan" is said. Take the Ghost and fly down to the tank that usually gets blown up. Quickly jump in the tank and back off. When the Scarab notices that you have reversed the tank, they will not shoot it, but just keep walking. After done this, you can have fun in your tank.

Get in Pelican

 Xbox  At the end of the level are two Pelicans that you can get into. One is carrying a tank (this one is slightly difficult), and the other is the one that drops your troops. If you want to get in the pelican with the tank, you must lure a Banshee in through the tunnel all the way down to the part with the tube. Then, steal it while "Loading..." is displayed. Note: If you use this method, you can get the secret Scarab rifle, giant soccer ball, and get in the Peilcan. You need to be on co-op mode to get in the Pelican with the tank. Once you have the Banshee through, get the Scarab rifle. Then, fly down. Once the two Pelicans arrive, have one player jump on the Banshee and have the other fly it up to the Pelican with the tank. Use the Banshee bomb or Scarab rifle to blow the tank down. Make sure one of the players in on the Banshee. Then, have the person in the Banshee fly close to the Pelican's seats. Have the other player jump into the seats and press X. You will now be inside the Pelican. Alternately, put a Warthog up on the ramp, then jump on the Pelican that drops the soldiers off.

Get four to seven people in a Warthog

This must be done in multi-player mode. If you play with one partner you will only have four people in the Warthog. If three people, five people in warthog, and etc. At the beginning of the level there is a tank and a Warthog. Take the Warthog. Have player one drive. Let the two marines get in the passenger and gunner spots. Next, let your friend(s) jump on anywhere except in front of the gunner, because he will kill you. Drive and no one will fall off. Have player one drive at full speed and hit something hard. Your friends should fly off and die.

Funny Grunt

Defeat all the Elites on top of the Scarab. Then, kill the Grunts on that level of the Scarab. Do not go inside yet. Throw either type of grenade. The Grunts might yell "They're here ahhhhhhhh", "They're here hahahaha" (in an evil tone because of Elites), and other comments.

Easy kills

When you jump on the giant spider thing, wait until it stops. Then, go down the stairs so that you can see the aliens. Go back up go onto the head, then turn so that you are facing the stairs and lean to the left . Keep pressing [Forward]. You should be able to see the aliens and be able to kill them. They will not know where you are. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Angry Elite

Play through the level under any difficulty setting. After you get through to the area with the Wraiths, you must meet with the Marines in the building. There will be a Marine with a rocket launcher at the first short set of stairs. Take his gun. Up the stairs to the right, switch to your secondary weapon and take the shotgun from the Marine. Climb up the stairs. There will be a Marine who says, "When I asked for reinforcements, I didn't think they'd send a Spartan." Turn left and hurry up the stairs. Go to the door and wait for the Scarab to pass overhead. The door will open. Run through and follow the Marine leading you. When you get to the top there will be a bridge across to the other side. The Scarab will come under this. There will be Rocket Launcher ammo. Take this and wait at the bridge for the Scarab. Jump on the Scarab and use your shotgun to take out the Elites, Grunts, and Jackals. Kill all the enemies until they no longer appear from the hatch. Enter the hatch and take the left hall first. Shoot the grunt. Then, go back to the other hall. You will see an Ultra (Elite with silver grey armor) with a plasma rifle. He will vigorously shake his head, roar, and take his Energy Sword out at the same time and charge you. A few shots may be required to kill him. After he is dead Cortana will say, "Be careful Chief, that Elite was an Ultra and those pilots are no pushovers either." The red armored pilots will then turn around. Use your rocket launcher to kill them from the other side of the Scarab.