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Flipped Elephant message

  • This is best done with two players. Enter the Sandtrap on the Forge. Try to get as many pre-placed fusion coils and plasma batteries before you start. Place as many fusion coils and plasma batteries as possible in front of an Elephant and drive into the pile. Then, shoot into the pile until it explodes. It will either just jump a little, stand up on the rear, or turn all the way around. When you get close, the message "Press RT to... Wait. How did you do that?" will appear.
  • When in Sandtrap, get two Elephants to collide into each other. Have one flip the other over. When one is flipped over, instead of stating "Press X to flip Elephant", the message "Press X to... Wait...What... How did you do that?" will appear.
  • Drive the Elephant in Sandtrap on a hill so it stays on it. Put exploding crates around the hanger. Blow up the crates with a plasma grenade. When it is flipped over, go to it. The message "Press RB to flip... Wait? How did you do that?" will appear. You can keep flipping it back and forth.
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  • After you have placed all the fusion coils and plasma batteries, try changing their run time minimum to the amount that you have placed. By doing this, they will all instantly respawn and there is a chance that the previous explosion could cause the new spawned explosives to also explode. It is much easier to flip the elephant this way.
  • When you are in Forge you can rotate selected objects as the Monitor. Place a Scorpion tank inside of the Elephant. Go to player mode. Drive the Scorpion up farther into the tank. Get out and go to Monitor mode. Select the tank then hold RT and rotate. This is best done when you are already on some sort of slant in any direction. Make sure to rotate in the opposite direction of the slope.
  • Drive both Elephants towards each other. The side towards the Banshee works best. Put one of the Elephants aimed up one of the hills and park it. Next, drive the second Elephant directly into the front of the first one. This should cause the second Elephant to drive up and over the top front edge of the first. Next, climb into the first Elephant (on the bottom) and drive forward. This will cause the Elephant on top to flip upside down. Go underneath the upside down Elephant to flip it over if desired. Be careful, you could get squashed when you flip it.