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Easy Silent Assassin rank

You need to bring Anesthetic. Once you have started the level, go into the men's restroom. It is located on the left side of the map. If you look closely on the sign near the door, it should read "Gentlemen". Once inside, wait in any stall except the last one until the delivery boy enters to urinate. While he is doing so, sneak up behind and use your Anesthetic. Take his clothes and drop all of your guns in a different stall. Keep your Fiber Wire. Then, go to the food court. Go to the window and wait for the delivery boy to give you a pizza. Once you have it, go to the elevator while staying as far away from the guards as much possible. Once you are down there, go to the second basement and pick the lock. Once you are down there, watch out for chips on the floor. The man at the computer will hear them. After you get past the chips, strangle the man with the Fiber Wire. Then, head back upstairs and return to the bathroom. Change your clothes and hide in the stall with your guns. You must hide because once you get back up, the delivery boy should be telling the guards about someone taking his clothes. Wait for the police to stop entering the bathroom. Once this happens, go into the place with your stash. Go into it and get the Smoke Bomb. Then, go to the laundry room and drop the bomb into the chute. Next, go outside the fire department and wait until all the fireman have exited. Because of the Smoke Bomb, the fire alarm should have gone off. When they are out, go in, change into the fireman outfit, and grab an ax. Then, run down the fire stairs and enter the office where the stairs are to get to your target. Once there, use the fire ax or the gun in the cabinet to destroy the computer. Once that is done, go into the elevator.
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You will only need the Anesthetic, 9mm SD, and the Fiber Wire. You will start in the little "booth". Check your map to see where the Hitman symbol is located and go to the area. Before going in the door, check your map to see if there are any guards walking in that room. If there are no guards, go in. Open locker #137 and only take the Smoke Bomb. Walk to the clothes shaft and drop the 9mm SD down one of them (while not being seen by any guards). Next, check your map and go to the men's bathroom on the other side of the level. Go in the bathroom stall that is second from the right. Stay there until the pizza delivery boy walks in. Then, go into sneak mode and use all five bottles of Anesthetic on him when he is going to the bathroom. You may want to shut the door before taking his clothes. Save the game at this point. Leave all your guns in one of the bathroom stalls. Go to the elevator, through the metal detectors. Take the elevator down to the basement. Walk to where the 9mm SD that you dropped down the shaft earlier is located. Take it, then walk to the area the kill target is at. Once you have picked the lock at the very bottom of the stairs, sneak all the way to the "Kill target". Be careful not to step on the potato chips, as this will alarm him. Stand behind him with the Fiber Wire and use it. Drag his body behind the desk. Save the game at this point. Drop the Smoke Bomb in this room. Stand outside of the police office for a short while. Once the fire alarm goes off, wait till the police run out of the office. Shoot the computer all the way to the left. Then, run into the elevator.

You are not required to bring anything with you (except Fibre Wire which is automatically selected) for this trick. As soon as you start, run to the guards quarters which is around the corner to your right. As you enter, wait the for guard that is in there to enter the room on the left and for the door to shut. Quickly run into the room on your right. Open locker 137 and take all of the contents. Quickly leave, making sure that you have holstered the pistol. Go into the gentlemen's toilets, which are located behind the first door on your right as you leave the guard's room. Enter one of the stalls and use the Smoke Bomb. From this point on, speed is essential. Leave and run to the fire department room at the other side of the building. When the fire alarm sounds, all of the firemen will run out of the fire departmen. Make sure all of the firemen have left (using map or counting either five or six of them). Then, run into the room they just vacated and change into the fireman's outfit. This may cause your alert meter to flash. If it goes red, it could be a problem later. Note: Try to get as close up to the locker as possible; this hides you from whatever it is that that sees you. Pick up a fire ax and leave. Run through the metal detectors and to the elevator. Enter it and ride down to the basement. If you have done this quickly enough, the fire alarm should still be on (but cannot be heard from basement). There should be at most one guard there. Go to the stairs to the lower basement. Drop your ax down the stairs, and shoot the surveillance computer with your 9mm SD. Then, run down the stairs picking up the ax on the way, so that the guards will not see it when they return. Drop your ax near the door and pick the lock to the room. Although this is slow, sneak your way to the target, avoiding the crisps which will make a noise if stepped on. Kill the target with the Fibre Wire. After the intermission sequence, run back to the door (and pick up your ax if desired). This is where you have a problem. Up above in the room where the elevator is located are at least two guards. If you did not get a red bar while changing into fireman clothes, then this is a lot easier. If you did, do not worry. You might want to save your game at this point. Run back up to the stairs through the door and into the elevator before the guards realize that you are there. If your alert bar flashes red, you may not get the Silent Assassin rank, because you are only allowed one close encounter. If you did not get Silent Assassin, check the stats at the end, There should only be one close encounter, if any.

Easy Total Ninja rank

Start with an SP12 Shotgun and any silent pistol. When you begin, jump out and shoot the policeman next to the counter. Make sure that nobody sees you. Then, go to him and take his gun. Next, go to the men's bathroom and wait until the pizza boy enters. Kill him and take his clothes. Get out of the bathroom and go to the laundry room. Wait till the policeman that sits directly outside of the door goes into it all the way. Then, run in and go into the room he is in and shoot him. Go across to the police department and go to the locker that has the "!" on it. Get the Smoke Bomb from it. Leave and return to the laundry room. Place the bomb down the shaft. Go to the fire department and wait until the firefighters leave and take the costume laying on the table. along with a Fire Ax. Do not run -- go through the scanners. If it goes off notice that they do not do anything, because they think it is the ax. Go the elevator on the right side. Enter and go down to the basement. Sneak into the office and shoot them both, then quickly run down the stairs beyond the door. Keep going until you reach the pick lock door. When you open it, go into stealth mode and get past the chips without stepping on them. When you get directly next to the man at the computer, hit him with the ax. When done, go back upstairs and shoot the computer to the left then quickly go into the elevator. You will be awarded a Total Ninja ranking.

Getting the pizza boy's clothes safely

Use the following trick to get the clothes from the pizza boy without him telling anyone. Wait at the restroom on the left of the map in the fourth stall. Wait for the pizza delivery boy to arrive and use five bottles of Anesthetic on him. Do not take his clothes. Go to the room with the sign "Food Delivery" unnoticed by guards. If guard appears, hide close to the wall and he will go away. Before the delivery boy tells you "Cannot go--- you no access la", equip the Anesthetic and use two bottles on him. Then, take his clothes and wait for him to get up.