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Easy Silent Assassin rank

  • Note: This is the easiest level to complete with a "Silent Assassin" rank. You will need the crossbow from the hidden valley at the Gates And Shogun Showdown level. Start by running to the dumpsters directly in front of you. Hide behind the box so that the patrolling guard does not see you. When he goes back behind the wall, run and get the car bomb. Then, run down the sewer that is visible when you run from your boat. Keep going to the left of the wall and you will eventually get to a turning. Go down here and you find a ladder that leads to the underside of the car. Place the bomb then climb down. Go to the ladder that is nearest to the radio tower and climb out. There will be a guard that will stay at the door of the tower for a long time. Go behind the wall. As soon as he goes past the wall, run up and pick the lock. Then, run to the right of the radio tower. Do not go up the ladder. Instead, hide as far behind the tower as you can. Wait for awhile until the guard goes behind the wall again then climb up the ladder. Save the game at this point. Look through the scope and you should see the two targets walking around the park. Do not shoot them the first time you see them. Wait until they come back and take out the man in the brown. Save the game at this point. Wait until the "Objective Updated" message appears then check which way the guard down at the bottom is facing. Drop the crossbow and go down the ladder. Run to the place that you hid at previously. He should return to his patrolling. When he goes behind the wall that you waited for him to go behind before, run out the door and to the manhole. Then, run back to the manhole you started from in the sewers and check where the nearest guard is located. Climb out and run to your boat.
  • The Anesthetic and custom rifle are recommended. Otherwise, you will be using the sniper rifle you will get at the pick up. When you start the level, wait for the limousine to pass by you without getting spotted. Check your map and make sure the guard is not heading towards the dumpsters where the weapon drop is located. Once the guard is walking the other way, run toward the dumpster and get your weapons. If you do not have the custom rifle, get the sniper rifle that was assigned for the mission. As soon as you get all your weapons, run to the street and go down the manhole. Once in the sewers, run all the way to the manhole next to the one you climbed down. If you check your map, it is located all the way to the left. Once you climb it, you be under the General's limousine. Set the car bomb and climb down. Open your map. You have to go to second man hole from your left. When you go up, you should be near the water tower. As soon as you are up on the streets again, run towards the building that is closer to the water tower. Stay on the side of the street, not the alleyway. Hide from the guard but make sure you can still see what he is doing. Save the game at this point. Once the guard is walking beside the water tower (away from the streets), run to the door, pick the lock, and run besides the water tower (on the side the guard is not on). Hide as close to the wall as possible near the corner, drop the sniper rifle, then take out your Anesthetic and have it ready. Get ready be ready to walk silently when the guard is near. The guard will pass right next to you, walking toward the street. When he passes by you, start walking towards him. As soon as he stops, use all your Anesthetic on him. Take his clothes, run and get your sniper riffle then climb the water tower. As soon as you are ready to shoot, save the game. Aim towards the park and shoot the Mafia leader. He will be wearing a brown outfit. If the Mafia leader cannot be seen because the General is in the way, take the shot at the General. It will go through and you will take out two men down with one shot. If you just shoot the Mafia leader, the General will run towards his limousine, which will explode with the car bomb you set. Go down the tower and run towards the manhole you came out from. Climb down and run toward the very first man hole you climbed down from (the one near the weapon pick up). Then, run toward your boat.
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  • Get the two car bombs from behind the dumpster (and do not get spotted by the guard). Go into the sewers and go left. Go to the ladder that comes up under the limousine. You can tell which one is correct by comparing the sewer and street maps. Go up the ladder. You will see the bottom of the car. Place a bomb. Go back down the ladder and move to the far side of the sewer. Check your map for the manhole that exits behind the building by the Mafia man's limousine. Go up that ladder and wait for the limousine driver to urinate behind the building. When he does so, sneak up on him and use the Anesthetic. Take his uniform. You may want to save the game at this point. Walk up to the limousine and place the other bomb. If the guards start shooting at you, just reload from behind the building. Once the bomb is placed, walk back to the boat. Both men will try to leave and blow up in their cars. You will not have alerted anyone or fired a single shot.
  • You will need a rifle to do this. At the start, run behind the garbage dumpsters and wait for the patrolling guard to turn around. Then, run to the nearest Kirov Park entrance (specifically the one from which the limo came from). Stay on the opposite side of the road from the guards. Use the scope on your rifle to look into the park. Wait for the two targets to arrive and walk into the park. When they start hugging, shoot them with one shot and you have killed them both. Check your objectives to make sure you did this successfully. Run back to your boat to get a Silent Assassin rank. This trick works well if you have the Custom Rifle.
  • Start by waiting the first limousine to pass. Then, wait for the guard in front to pass. Go to the dumpster to get your weapons, especially the two car bombs. Run to the nearest sewer unnoticed by the guards. Run all the way to the left of your map until you find a ladder and put the bomb in the limousine. Then, look at your map of the sewers. Check which is the longest passage and go there (center-up on the map). Wait for the driver to urinate. He will not run if he sees you; do not crouch or do something else. Use the entire bottle of Methoxyfluorane (Anesthetic) on the driver. Take his clothes, walk to the limousine, and plant the bomb. The guards will not notice. Go to the sewer (from the one you came from) and listen to the targets calling for help. Go to the beginning sewer that you came from and go to your boat until they explode. You will still get the Silent Assasin rank even if the "Warning: the guards have found the dead bodyguard" message appears.
  • As soon as you start, run directly to the Agency Drop Point and pick up the Drugenov sniper rifle, unless you already have one. Do not bother with the extra ammunition. Run to the river and walk toward the cathedral. Stay as close to the wall next to the river as possible Position 47 directly in front of the park entrance. If you stick to the river wall, the guards at the entrance will not see you. Wait until the targets are in the park area, then go into sniper mode. You should be looking at the broken wall opposite. If not, find a target and follow him through your scope. When the targets meet, they will give each other a big comical hug. When they do this, aim for the head or neck of the back person and take the shot. The bullet will pass through both people, killing them both with one shot. Once this is done, exit sniper mode and run directly to the boat where you started. Do not kill any guards. Get to the boat and the mission will end with a "Silent Assassin" rank and two silenced Baller pistols. Repeat this mission again to get the sawed-off shotgun.
  • Run to the dumpsters that are over the street, but do not pick up the items from the agency pickup. Instead, chloroform the guard that will walk from the left corner of the building that is nearest to you. Hide him behind the dumpsters and take his clothes. Then, equip your knife but holster it .Roller slide past the guards into the Kirov Park and wait for the generals to arrive. When they are facing each other, quickly take out the knife. They will not see it. They will hug and this is when you should act. Slash your knife between them and they will both die instantly. Then, just roller slide out of the park to the boat to complete the mission with a "Silent Assassin" rank. Note: This may be slightly more difficult if done under the "Professional" difficulty setting.
  • This trick requires great skill with a sniper rifle and a bit of luck. Start the level with the sniper rifle received from St. Petersburg and immediately run to the sewers. Go to the sewer exit that is at the very top in the middle. When leaving the sewer, the guards cannot see you. When the targets are walking towards each other, shoot the mob boss in the head. It will go through and hit the general in the head. After this, bolt behind the building to your left, drop the sniper rifle, then walk to the boat.