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Easy Silent Assassin rank

Walk over to get the sniper rifle that the agency dropped off for you. There is a building across from here that has stairs that only go up one story. Make sure you do not get spotted with the rifle in your hand and make you way to those steps, but do not go up them. Use them to hide behind. Set your aim to where you are still behind the stairs and have the last bit of road that the limousine will get to before entering the castle gates in view. This should leave you with a good shot at your target. Once you have scored the shot, drop the rifle and walk calmly to the exit. It may take a few attempts to hit the target. Note: Kneeling helps.
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When you start this level, it is recommended that you bring a 9mm SD. Start by walking normally to the agency drop-off and get the .50 caliber sniper rifle. Holster it, then run and duck behind the boxes next to the street. Keep checking your map until there are no guards on the street in front of you. Once the street is clear, run across the street to the building with the stairs behind it. Position yourself on the steps so that you have a good view of the road, but the guards cannot see you from the street. Kneel down, and once the note that the motorcade has reached the gates appears, save the game. Zoom in with the rifle and shoot the target through the window of the limo. Immediately drop your rifle and walk around the area. Find a hiding location near the MP guards. Eventually the sound of the machine guns will die down. This indicates that the MP guards have all shot each other. Quickly run to where the MP guards were located and pick up an M4. Run as fast as you can to the exit, because there will probably be one or two MP guards remaining who will chase you once you pick up the M4. If you run into a regular guard on the way to the exit, either avoid him or kill him with one shot to the head. If it is an MP guard, just keep going. If done correctly, you will get a "Silent Assassin" rank and have an M4 in your gun hut.

Getting the M4 (M16)

Start by clearing everyone out of the level. Then meet with the man that gives you the .50 caliber sniper rifle. Next, go to the gate that the motorcade drives through, Wait directly beside the gate until the motorcade comes through. Once you have your sight on the man you have to kill, shoot him then run off to the left of the level. Hide behind one of the buildings. Ditch the sniper rifle and do not leave any guns in your hands. Find a U.N. guard that you can sneak up on. Sneak up behind him and strangle him with the Fiber Wire. Note: You will not fail the mission when you use the Fiber Wire. Pick up the M4 and run to the exit.

Kill off all the Arab guards on the level, then get the MI-9 sniper from your contact. Snipe the Sheik before the convoy gets to the gates. Immediately, the machine guns on the jeeps will open fire on the city. The U.N. troops will run into the city. Find a good hiding location and wait. You cannot shoot or you will fail the mission. However, you can fiber wire them. If you fiber wire one of the troops, you do not actually fail the mission. Wait for one to break away from the other troops then choke him to death. Take his M4 and quickly run to the exit. Alternately, the troops manning the M-60s on the jeeps will sometimes shoot the other troops in the back. Then it is just a matter of running to the body, taking the gun, and not getting shot too much by the M-60s.