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Easy completion

As the level starts, get to the lockers and get the sniper rifle. The rounds for the sniper rifle are not live rounds and you will not be able to take anybody out with it. Drop the sniper rifle -- this only leaves you the Fiber-Wire to complete the level. Get upstairs and enter the door leading to the sewers. Move throw the sewers and climb up the ladder which led you to the side of the parked truck when playing the St. Petersburg Stakeout level. As you approach Sergei's place, a sniper will attack you. Stand behind a wall and save the game, then quickly cross the street towards the building. Enter through the main door. Enter sneak mode before opening the door. Remain in sneak mode and go upstairs. Turn right and open the door. The sniper should be directly in front of you. Sneak up behind him and finish him off with the Fiber-wire. After the intermission sequence ends, get the sniper rifle lying beside the dead sniper. Run down and exit through the main door. Run back all the way towards the sewers. Do not stop as the Russian Mafia is chasing you. When you reach the ladder leading to the sewers, climb down and run towards the exit. Note: Some Russian Mafia guards are in the sewers. Just ignore them and run past.