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Easy completion

When you start, do not get your equipment yet. If you do this, the civilians that always wander the subway will complain to the guard. Instead, go to the other locker area with the guard in it and shoot him. Drag him behind the shelf-locker part. Take his clothes, but do not take his AK-47. There should be another guard that will coming to check in. Kill him if desired. Then, get your equipment and return to the lockers again. Go to the door, then unlock the door to the sewers. An easy way to do this is to look at your map for moment and 47 should have it opened. Then on your map, find the path that you go across to the right of your screen and keep going until you see a ladder. Climb it. If you found the correct path, to your left will be an opening, and straight ahead is an alley. Go to the end of an alley and kill the person guarding the ledge at the end. Then, check your map. Near the Pushkin Building, there is a building with a point of interest symbol. Run towards it, but not near the guards. Go to about the thirrd floor. Kill the guard inside patrolling. Then, find the room that has an open window straight from the open window of the Pushkin Building. Diana will provide information about the target while you are getting ready to snipe. Have the scope vision on (it is the bald man that is drinking). Shoot at the body. If you aim at the head and shoot, you might hit another general or the man in the jacket. It is all right if you are alerted, but watch for the two guards coming in the building. Either kill them or escape from them. Then, go all the way back the way you came in and escape in the subway.

Easy Silent Assassin rank

Do not directly get the sniper rifle from your locker when you begin the mission. If you do, it will alert a civilian and they will warn a guard. First, get a guard uniform. To get the bonus, you cannot kill the guard; you will need the Anesthetic. Go up the wide stairs forward and to the left of the insertion point. Follow the hallway, go up the escalator, and take the first left. There is a guard that patrols here. There are also some lockers that he steps behind. Wait until he goes behind the lockers, then pull your Anesthetic. Wait in sneak mode around the opposite side of the lockers, right near the corner. Save the game at this point, as it is fairly difficult to time the Anesthetic correctly, and it will prevent you from having to waste time running to the same spot. Make sure when you anesthetize him that you give him the full five bottles. Drag him behind the lockers, take his clothes, and take his gun. Run back down the escalators and ditch the gun as you are running. You do not need the AK -- you just do not want him to have it when he wakes up. Get your sniper rifle from the locker, and the civilians will not care that you are carrying a gun because you have a soldier's uniform. Run back to the room where you knocked the guard out and go through the door on your right. Pick the lock in the next room and follow the left wall until you reach a ladder. Climb up into the street and go to the building across from the meeting room. Run when you can, but do not make the guards too suspicious. Go right in the front door of the building -- it saves time and the guards are on patrol instead of just standing there. Go up, and make the sniper hit. Save the game, then start heading back the way that you came from. By now, the anesthetized soldier has probably awakened. When you are exiting the sewers, check through the keyhole of the second door. Watch for the guard (in his underwear) to go back behind the lockers. Open the door in sneak mode, then run onto the subway. The trick for the bonus, as always, is to have no aggression. If you kill anyone besides your target, you may still get the Silent Assassin rating, but you will not get the bonus. Also, you may find it easier to get the Silent Assassin rating on the next level if you keep that sniper rifle with you.

When the level starts, go to the locker area and get your equipment. Wait for the civilians to go to the back of the subway platforms, then run to the first set of stairs leading to the streets. Go to the base of the second set of stairs and wait for another guard to come in and go into to the room where the first guard is located. At that point, exit to the streets. Take a left to the first alleyway, then a right towards another alley. At the end of the alley, take a right toward the wall with an opening. Make sure that the guard that patrols the area in front of the wall is a good distance away, then cross the street. There is an alley to the left. Run down until you get close to the corner, then enter sneak mode and equip the anesthetic. To your left is a guard. Drug the guard, take his clothes, and drag him around the corner. Pick up the sniper rifle and continue to the apartment building. Remember to lower the sniper rifle and walk when you are close to other guards. Shoot the general that is sitting at the table making the drinking motion. Next, walk back to the metro station. If done correctly, you will have more than enough time to finish the level before the guard you took the clothes from wakes up.

When you first start the level, go over to your locker. Pull out your map and wait until the civilians are facing the other way. Start picking the lock, then pull out your map again and put it away to make him pick faster. Pick up your ammunition, then make sure they are far enough away, and preferably facing the other direction, when you get your rifle. Go towards the stairs, but if they start to get closer. go to the right before the stairs into the subway rail without the car. Check your map again to find the best way up, making sure the civilians are walking away or on the other side of the subway station. Go up the stairs and the set to the left and stop where they cannot see you. Check your map to make sure the guard is alone. Then, run up the stairs to your right. Wait until the guard starts to go to the right, then sneak down the stairs towards him. If he is already behind the lockers, just run down and through the door in front of the lockers. Pick the lock on the next door. Then, run down the walkway. When you get to part where you can decide to go left or right, go right towards the wall. At the wall, go left, left again, then follow the path until you can make a right. When you get to the end and there is a ladder going up, take the ladder. Stop at the top to look around. If you see the guard coming around the building from the left in front of you, duck back down and wait a few seconds then go back up and walk to the truck where the guard uniform is laying on the ground. Change clothes then head back down the ladder. Go back to the main part of the sewers and make a right. Follow the path again until you can make another right. Make that right and go up the ladder there. There is no guard at the top of that ladder. When you get out, run down the path to your left (the one that does not go directly to the road). Slow down when you get to the end and check your map. When the guards walking around the building with the big star in the middle on your map are walking away from you, or are far enough away not to recognize you, go towards the northwest building (the one with guards pacing on the back side of it), running when they are not looking. Go in the first door to the building and go straight back, but do not go out the other door. Go to your right, then up the flight of stairs. Go up another flight or two. It does not matter which floor you are on, just as long as you are above the first second floor. Check your map because there will be a guard patrolling on one of the floors. That one guard patrols all the floors of the building so he will soon go away. Once he leaves, walk around the floor to find an open window. Look through the window with your rifle scoped. Shoot the general without the cigar. He drinks a lot, is right handed, is bald, and about 70 years old. He should be the one on the far left corner. Be careful not to hit anyone else with your bullet. After you make the shot, run out of there quickly because you will have alerted the guard patrolling the building. Go back down the stairs and out the front door you went in earlier. Check your map quickly to get an idea of the roving guards' positions and where they are facing. Run over to the edge of the building that you came out from behind before encountering the roving guards. Get the guard facing the stairs to notice you by making noise running. He will start to walk over to you but do not let him get close enough to figure anything out. Back up so that he does not watch you as much and sidestep to your right, making sure he is looking away. Go up the stairs he was guarding and to your right back to the manhole. Go down the manhole and back to the main part of the sewers. Get to the other side whether you want to go left or right, but get back to the door you had to pick to get in the sewers in the first place. Go through that door and check your map. When the first guard is behind the lockers and the second one is gone or up the stairs and walking away, come through the door into the room with the guard. Run up the stairs and down the next set of stairs to your right. Then, turn left and down the next two and run to the middle door of the subway car. The civilians should be already far enough away and looking the other direction not to notice you leaving on the subway