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More:Hitman 2: Silent Assassin: Terminal Hospitality

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Easy Silent Assassin rank

  • Use the Anesthetic on any of the cult members outside of the hospital and take his clothes. Get to the basement and shut off the generator. This will turn off the life support for the cult leader, killing him instantly. Then, return to the boat to complete the mission without firing a shot.
  • Use Anesthetic on one of the guards outside. Walk to the entrance of the hospital. Go in the front door and walk up the stairway on the left. Go into the nurse's office where your equipment is located. You may have to either kill or use Anesthetic on the nurse. Pick the lock, go in, and get the night vision goggles. Enter the next room, change into the doctor's clothes, and pick up the Anesthetic. Walk out of her office and take the elevator on the second floor down to the basement. Save the game. Once you get down to the basement, turn left and go to the consultant's office. Pick the lock, but make sure that there are no guards around. Pick up the scalpel from the storage room. Then, proceed to the room with the generator. Turning it off is an option, but shutting off the lights makes the job slightly easier. Put on the night vision and make your way to the surgery rooms. The cult leader could be in any of them. He is the only patient that is bald, and there are men with orange togas and guns in his room, not doctors. If you have the lights on, you cannot pick the wrong room, or the doctors will report you. Take out your scalpel and kill the cult leader. There will be one door on both ends of the surgery hallway, leading to the stairs. It does not matter which one you go through. Go to the bottom of the stairs and pick the lock. There is a clone at the bottom of the stairs near your boat shooting at you with ballers. Do not follow him when he tries to run from you. He has a trap set in the room he escapes to. Walk calmly back to your boat.
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Avoid getting trapped

After finishing all the objectives, come down through the main staircase used to enter the hospital at the start of the mission. You will see another hitman. Do not follow him. He will go into a locked room and disappear. If the door closes and you are inside, you will be trapped.