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Easy Silent Assassin rank

Start by waiting until all the nearby guards have turned around. Then, run towards the guard near the back of the house, but start sneaking once you get near him. Follow him until he stops. Bring out the Anesthetic and use it on him. Take his clothes, hide him, then go to the back of the house. Hide behind the rock near the bodyguard. Wait until he finishes talking to the other guard. Then, casually walk towards the door and enter. Go to the room with the exclamation point and cut the Fugu fish. Wait until the guard and the chef exit, then run to the nearest bowl of food you can find. Place the transmitter and the Fugu fish inside, then run to the other side of the table and to the second door you find. Take the chef's clothes and wait again until the guard has entered and left again. Go back to the door you came in and exit. Try to walk past the two guards talking outside, back behind the house, past the half-naked guard, to the exit. Make sure you do not let the two guards near the exit see you while walking. You could try walking close to the wall, and finally to the exit.

Anesthetic is required for this trick. When the level starts, wait for the two guards directly in front of you to turn towards the level's exit. By then, the guard that is on the front steps should go back in. The other guard should also be walking away from you. Quickly run past the front entrance and stay along the garage doors. You may need to move silently here so that the last guard in front does not hear you. Then, go around to the side of the building and wait until there is only one guard out back. He will start walking towards you. Turn and walk more towards the back. When he does, quietly head to the door he was standing by, but do not go in. From here, run around to the very back of the restaurant to a door that is there. Wait until the chef comes out to urinate. Sneak up and give him a full dose of Anesthetic. Take his clothes and drag him just inside the gate near you. Then, walk inside and go down the hall to the left. Enter the door on your left. Quickly cut the poisonous fish. Then, walk out calmly and go to the plate on the left in the kitchen. Place the transmitter and the poisonous fish in it, then walk out the door you came in from. You may want to save the game at this point. Wait for the guard to walk towards the back of the area and run back over to the side of the building. Wait for the single guard to be walking towards the far right of the area on the map, then head back to where you started the mission. By now the transmitter should be planted and Hayamoto Jr. should be dead. Hide behind the rock until the two guards are walking to the right of the area. Crawl behind the bushes until you are sure that the two guards cannot see you, then sneak to the gate to finish the level with a "Silent Assassin" rank.
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Start by waiting until the two guards in front of you turn around and have start to walk towards the exit. Then, run up to the entrance of the building and run along the wall. Get to the garage. Open the garage door, then close it when you get in. Check your map. There will be one guard just inside the door, and one guard patrolling. Take out your Anesthetic and get ready. When the patrolling guard moves back the other way, away from the door, go up and honk the horn. Run back to the door on the left side. When the guard goes to the car to check it, chloroform him. Take his clothes and gun. Enter through the door. Go through the door with the green sheet. Then, enter through the other green door. Wait for the patrolling guard to walk towards the garage door entrance and calmly walk along the wall. Enter the closest door to your right. Proceed to the room with the exclamation point. Change into the chef's clothes and put your gun away. Walk to the room where the fish is located. Cut it, then place the transmitter and fish in the sushi on the left. Turn around and walk out the door back to your rock. Wait for Hayamoto to die, then walk out the exit.