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Subaru WRX Impreza (Custom)

  • Use the following customizations.
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Front Bumper: Outlaw
Rear Bumper: Raptor
Side Skirts: Stag
Spoiler: Specter
Hood: Trident
Roof Scoop: Northeast
Side Mirrors: Renegade
Headlights: Topix
Taillights: Amped
Exhaust: Rocket
Rims: BBS VZ
Base: Metallic, bottom slot, fifth from the left, silver
Rims: Chrome
Brakes, Engine, Exhaust: Same as rims
Stripe set 100, color: blue
Modern set 400, color: blue
Custom Gauges: Phantom
Backing Color: Gold
Dial Color: Red
Needle Color: Red
Neon Aqua (all)
Window Tint: Dark pearl black
Lights: Blue
Nitrous Purge:
Hydraulics: Level 3
Trunk Audio: Your choice
Doors: Scissors
  • Use the following customizations. Note: Install all level 3 performance upgrades.
Front Bumper: Xilon
Rear Bumper: Sting Ray
Side Skirts: Xilon
Spoiler: Shockwave
Roof Scoops Carbon Fiber: Ximan Dual
Headlights: Ushar
Tailights: Aurora
Side Mirrors Carbon Fiber: StreetStack
Exhaust Tip: Rocket
Rims: Volk GT-N 19"
Base: Pearlscent, second row, second from left, blue
Brakes: Top row, fifth from left, red
Engine: Same as brakes
Muffler: Top row, third from left, chrome
Bottom layer, aftermarket, Greddy
Windshield, DO-LUCK (white)
Rear Window: Extreme Dimensions (white)
Gauges: Circuit, color 1 red, color 2 yellow, color 3 blue
Neon: Underglow: Red pulse
Neon: Engine: Green Pulse
Neon: Trunk: Gold Pulse
Window Tint: Dark Pearl Blue
Lights: Bright Blue
Purge: Type 3 Sky blue and gold
Hydros: Level 3
Trunk: Custom
Audio Comp.-Slot 1: JL Audio Amp 250 watts
Slot 2: JL Audio Amp 250 watts
Slot 3: JL Audio sub 12"
Slot 4: JL Audio sub 12"
Slot 5: Alpine 2 Dual LCD 7"
Slot 6: Crossover Large
Split Hoods: Trap
Doors: Scissor
  • Use the following customizations.
Body kit: Storm
Side skirt: Storm
Spoiler: Lex 42
Roof Scoop: None
Headlights: Topix
Taillights: Lumotek
Side mirrors: Streetsack
Exhaust Tips:Sonic
Rims: Enfinity 19"
All levels in order (do transmission last)
Base: Bottom row, fifth from left; blue
Rims: Second row, ninth from left; blue
Brakes: Top row, seventh from right; blue
Engine accents: Bottom row, fifth from left; blue
Muffler tip: Bottom row, fifth from left; blue
Bottom Layer: Tribal set 200
Color 1: Black
Color 2: White
Color 3: Black
Top Layer: Hood; tribal 2
Color 1: White
Color 2: Black
Your choice
Gauges: Circuit
Color 1: Default
Color 2: Default
Color 3: Default
Underglow: White pulse
Engine: White pulse
Trunk: White pulse
Window tint: Dark Pearl Aqua
Lights: Bright Blue
Nitrous Purge:Type 3 Cyan
Hydraulics: Your choice
Audio: Custom layout
Components: Your choice
Split hoods: Trap
Doors: Suicide or Scissor

Subaru Impreza WRX STI (Custom)

  • Use the following customizations. Use Level 3 performance parts.
Wide Body Kit: Apocalypse
Rims: Rota Circuit 10
Carbon Fiber Spoiler: Nightmare
Roof Scoop: Annex
Hood: Stock, Tsunami, or G-Force
Everything else: Your choice