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Trainer information

The name registered in your Nintendo DS will show appear on the screen as the owner's name, as well as your date of birth. You can change your picture to their choices of avatar pictures. There are eight choices all together.

Easy owner points

  • Play with a disc, ball, or something else. Every time your pup gets it, call it over (or tap the screen a few times). When he comes, pet it on the head for a few seconds. He should sparkle, giving you one or two owner points. This also makes it easier to get the toy back and repeat.
  • Enter the disc event and win. You should get 100 owner points each time you finish in first, second, or third place.
  • To make your dog sparkle, check his status. Buy a few of the shampoo type that matches his or her fur (long or short). Give it a bath and rub the sponge everywhere on it, until you hear rapid beeping. Then, spray it until it says "Someone looks beautiful!". Then, try to brush it with the correct brush everywhere until you get the same message. When it comes back out, call it and look closely. It will have yellow sparkles blinking around it.
  • Buy some shampoo for your dog. When you come back, tap on the place to give it a bath. Hold the sponge very still on the middle of the dog for one minute real time. Each minute you hold it, you get a free owner point.
  • When you brush your dog every minute, you will get points. If you leave the brush on him all day, you will get about 1,000 or more points easily.
  • If you play with other dogs on walks you can get about 50 owner points per walk.
  • Leave your brush on your dog while in power saving mode while your DS is recharging. Allow the game to remain this way for about 10 hours and you should get 800 owner points.
  • Note: This was tested in a quiet room. Use the following trick to get more "sparkles" or owner points. Very slowly rub any part of your dog's body (belly, forehead, neck, etc.). The sparkles will appear more frequently. Make sure you are not in a loud area or your dog might be confused with the noise.
  • An easy way to earn owner points is through disc throwing. When your dog brings the Frisbee back to you, wait for it to be level enough to pet it. If you pet it long enough, sparkles will appear (just as if it followed a trick you commanded), and it will give you more points and make your dog want to bring it back more often without you having to call its name.

Walking your dog more than one time a day

  • You can walk your dog once every 25 minutes. Wait 25 minutes with the game on, in sleep mode, or off before walking your dog. Also, it will not be very active during the day if it stays awake at night.
  • To walk your dog(s) without having to wait half an hour, take your dog for a walk and run into as many "?" boxes as possible. Take your dog to the park. Once at the park, change

your accessory. The game will auto-save. Once it has saved, turn off the Nintendo DS then turn it back on. You will be at your house and have all the items you collected. You will also be able to take your dog out for another walk. You can use this trick to get lots of items quickly and build up your dog's stamina.

  • When on a walk, go to the park and change collars. Note: The game will save. After it has saved, turn off the Nintendo DS. Turn it back on, then go on a walk. This will improve your stamina.
  • Whenever you go on a walk, go to the park. Put an accessory on your dog, and the game will save. Turn off the DS and you can go for another walk and keep all the items you collected during the last walk.
  • Walk your dog. Save the game after the walk. Turn off the DS. Turn on the DS again and go to the system settings. Go to the time and add 30 minutes to it. Save the change. The DS will turn off. Start the game and walk the same dog.

Walking your dog

When walking your dog and it seems edgy, give the leash a little tug towards the way it is walking. The dog will start running. Also, if you want you can give it a tug while running upwards, it will do a jump.

Get your dog to play with another dog without waiting

  • When you meet another dog on a walk, drag your dog's leash to the top right hand corner of the touchscreen.
  • When your dog is on a walk and it is on two feet when trying to play with another dog, drag its leash towards the dog when the other dog is laying down. They will sniff each other and become friends.

Breed your own dogs

To have your own puppy (by birth of one of your dogs), first get two dogs (male and female) of the same breed. Do not pay too much attention to them. Take them on walks of course, but only feed them dry food and milk. The process takes about a month.

Avoiding unfriendly dogs

  • Use the following trick to learn if another dog does not like your dog while on a walk. When you encounter a dog on a walk, sometimes the dogs will not like each other. If you leave the dogs together and they dislike each other, your dog will stop liking you. If any of the following things happen, leave as soon as possible: the dogs tackle each other; the dogs chase each other around repeatedly; the bongo drum sound is played very fast in the background.
  • Look all the way to the right of the touch screen. If you see the dog located there and it is wagging its bottom, then it is possibly a bad dog. If there is an object such as a flower bed or a railing and the dog is not all the way to the right or wagging its bottom, it is most likely a good dog but you should drag the leash over to the other dog as well. Note: If it is a good dog, it should be located at the end of the object in the background.

Curiosity on the rise

To tell if you are going to be curious about a dog, chances are that the dog will stay in one place then move to another spot on the screen. Note: This trick will not always work but will normally be correct. Look for this behavior whenever you meet a dog.

Question marks on the map

While marking out where you want to go on the map, try to get as many question marks as you can along the way. There would be either other dogs or gifts that your dog would find with each question mark.

Blue circles on the map

While on walks, blue circles represent places to go to the bathroom.

Dog never goes to the bathroom:

Use the following trick If you get tired of waiting for your dog to go the bathroom every few steps. When your dog starts sniffing to go the bathroom (as he is walking over to the spot sniffing), pull the leash to the upper right corner. The dog while keep sniffing for a few seconds, but then will continue walking.

Longer walks

Mark out the path on your map, ending it at the house. If your last few steps ends at the house, wait 25 minutes, then your dog can go slighter further on the next walk. Note: Make sure to water your dog after each walk.

Finding dogs on walks

When trying to make a route to the park, to see if there are any other dogs look for a dog icon.

Different colored Dogs

While at the pound, pick a breed. You will have three choices for the dog's coloring (light, medium, and dark). If you do not see the color you like, tap "Back", then tap on the breed again until the color and/or gender that you want with the dog appears. It may take some time to actually get what you want.

Beautiful coat dogs

  • Give your dog a bath when the dog's information page for coat reads "Clean". This will also make the dog like you more.
  • To get a beautiful coat with your dogs, when you wash it, apply the soap, then rinse. Then, apply the soap again and rinse again.
  • When bathing your dogs, scrub them down quickly with the sponge then wash them off. Wash them again with the soap sponge and the suds should be white and your dog will be as clean as it can be. Note: Leave at least a soap sud on your pet, otherwise the trick will not work and you will have wasted one shampoo.
  • Wash your dog with the Long-haired Shampoo or Short-haired Shampoo. Before you wash all of it off, leave half the suds on then repeat three times. Then, go to "Supplies", "Care", and get the brush (long or short). Brush your dog immediately after you are done. Note: Your dog will not need another bath for 24 hours, or 48 hours if you are lucky.

Slowly floating dog

Buy the Outer Space Room for $100,000. Play Frisbee in it. When your dog jumps to catch it, he will slowly float back down.

Hear Archie's Duck

Sometimes when you are at your house or taking a walk, you will hear a duck quacking. Note: This is most likely Archie Hubbs' duck that he mentions sometimes in competitions.

Hear a cow

Sometimes you will hear a cow moo when you are taking a walk. Note: You are probably near the corner of the map when this happens; there is probably a farm/pasture there.

Hear a train

Very rarely when you are in the park training your dog, you will hear a train whistle. Note: This does not happen often.

Blow up balloons

Take out a balloon from the "toys" section. Blow into the microphone. The balloon will inflate. Once it takes up more then the whole screen, it pops.

Raising more than three dogs

The Dog Hotel will hold up to five dogs at a time. The three that you can raise do not count with the five, making it possible to raise as many as eight dogs.

Getting more dogs

Go to bark mode with someone that has a different Nintedogs game type. When you go to bark mode for the first time, you will find that one of you will get a new dog in their kennel. Delete each other from your friend lists, then go to bark mode again. You might get a new dog in the kennel.

Get dog in good mood

To get your dog into a good mood, go out for a walk. When your dog barks twice, there will be another dog. After the person says the information, . say "Play" into the microphone. Your dog will go closer to the other dog and play with him or her. If the music sounds peaceful, it indicates that your dog has played with the other dog. If the music does not sound peaceful, it indicates that the other dog is fighting you. Note: If you meet a trouble maker, do not stay.

Knock dogs over

If you find a meteorite on a walk, take it out and throw it at your dogs. It works like bowling, and the dogs will fall over.

Refill food and water

Note: This only works when you have more than one dog at your house and does not always work. When you get out some food and water and your dogs consume it, tap the icon on the touchscreen that lets you put the item away. Then, tap it again. You will now have a full bowl of food and water for your dogs. This may also work for milk, and dry and wet dog food.

Dog jumps over bathroom spot

Use the following trick you are walking your dog and it goes to the bathroom where there is a blue mark on your map. Just as when you are hitting the spot, run and pull the leash up. This makes will your dog jump over the spot where it goes to the bathroom.


When you have a keyboard you can play notes and your dog barks along. If you want your dog to learn a song, click on the camera to the left of the touchscreen then play the song. When done, tap the lightbulb that appears and name your song. Note: It can only remember fifteen notes per song.

Less grumpy dog

Put your dogs to sleep with the "Sleepytime" record. You will find they are in a little better mood than usual. Wake them by stroking them, throwing a toy in the room, hitting them with a Peach Kart, or with the "Surprise" record.

Sleeping dogs jump

Play the "Naptime" record and wait until all your dogs are asleep. Then play the "Suprise" record. Your dogs should stay asleep, but then watch them jump.


When linking copies of Nintendogs to unlock new breeds, keep in mind two things. You can only link with another Nintendo DS system once (and unlock a new breed). The breed unlocked corresponds with your partner's current pet, and it must be a breed that you do not have in order for it to be unlocked.