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Back flip

  • Teach your dog to sit and jump. While it is sitting, tell it to jump. Your dog should do a back flip.
  • Get your dog to lie on its back, then tell your dog to jump. It will perform a somersault in the air.
  • To do a back flip from a sitting position, tell it to sit, then jump.
  • To do an easy back flip, try to find the "Flower Waltz" record. Have your dog(s) dance to it. The last move your dog(s) will perform will be a back flip. You will be able to teach your dog(s) back flip by doing this. Note: There are some other moves in this dance.
  • You must have a "Flower Waltz" record in order for this to work. Put on the "Flower Waltz" record. At the end of the song, your dog(s) will do a back flip. Note: This does not work in Bark mode.
  • After your dogs do extremely well at the disc competitions, throw a slow but high disc. Your dog will jump, catch it, and do a back flip in the air.
  • If you find a shower cap, throw it to your dog. When they catch it in their mouth, they will do a back flip.

Be quiet

Go to the keyboard (if available). Set your camera on a certain dog. Play your keyboard. When you stop and if the dog stops barking. a light bulb will appear in the corner. Select it, then say "Be quiet".


Rub your dog on the chest and drag up.

Beg in circles

Tell your dog to beg, then quickly to spin. It should beg in circles.

Break dance

  • Teach your dog spin and roll over. Make it roll over. While it is on its back, tell it to spin. Your dog should spin around on his back, almost like break dancing.
  • Have your dog lie on his back then tell it to spin. It will proceed to do a doggie version of a shoulder roll.

Butt waddle

Make your dog roll over. When it is on its back and is showing its stomach, pet by its hind legs. Its entire butt should wiggle.


To teach your dog to dance you must have the trick "Beg". When your dog is begging, grab one of its paws and pull it up slowly. Then whenever your dog is begging, you can teach your dog the trick.

Dog hang

Earn the pull rope. Take out the pull rope. Wait for your dog to bite it. If you quickly slide the rope up while it is biting, one of two things will happen. It will either let go, or the camera will go above the dog, and it is hanging on the rope. To stop, let go of the rope or swing the rope around until the dog loses its grip and goes flying.


If you want your dog to learn how to do a flip, it must know how to sit and jump before you can complete this trick. When you have those tricks in your dog's memory, you can get your dog to do a flip if it is sitting; then command it to jump.

Flip from back

Teach your dog roll over and jump. Tell it to roll over then quickly have it jump. It should flip forward onto its legs, with something that resembles a Kung Fu-style move.


Touch one of your dog's hind legs and sometimes it will wag. If this does not work, then try touching the other one. If it still does not work, then try it when your dog wags its rear at you. Most likely it will stop and wag its foot.

Hand stand

  • Teach your dog to lie down and beg. While lying down, tell it to beg and your dog should do a handstand.
  • To make your dog to stand on its two front paws, command it to lie on its stomach then tell it to stand or beg.
  • Have your dog learn the commands for lie down and beg. Say the command for lie down, then say the command for beg. Your dog will then get up and stand on its two front paws.

High five

When you brush your dog's hair, touch their front paw with your stylus and drag it up. Once you have done that, let go and its paw will shake for about five seconds.


Before attempting the hop, your dog must know the commands to stand and dance. Have your dog do a little jiggy dance. Once your dog is dancing, tell it to jump and it will start hopping.


Sometimes at night a neighbor dog will bark, your dog will "howl" back. When he does this, tap on your dog's picture and you will get the light bulb. Teach it howl. You only have to teach him three or four times to learn the trick.

Jump lying on its side

Before attempting the jump lying on its side, your dog must know the commands to lay on its side and jump. Tell it to lay on its side and then say jump.


Repeatedly tap the stylus above the dog's head. The dog may be more inclined to jump if it consistently wags its tail.

Lie down

While your dog is sitting, stroke its head from top to bottom.

March in circle

  • While playing the Colonel Bogey record, the dogs will march around in a circle until the music stops.
  • Note: Do not let your dogs do this too often or they will grow hungry and thirsty.

Rag doll puppy

When your dog is playing with the pull rope, grab the other end and pull up with the stylus. This should make the puppy hang on the other end like a rag doll. Drag the rope around the screen and eventually the dog will fly off.

Roll over

  • While lying on the floor, move the stylus on its body in a horizontal motion (left to right, or right to left).
  • When on its back, have the dog lie on its side and move the stylus on its body in a horizontal motion.


Make your dogs sleep using the Naptime record then quickly switch to the Surprise record and play it. Watch when it gets to the really loud note. They will jump up very scared.


When your dog turns around, touch one of its hind legs. He will then scratch himself. While he is doing, tap on the lightbulb and say "Scratch". Then, drag the lightbulb that appears above his head to his mouth.


You can make your dog look like it is having a seizure. The Have the dog roll over (do it manually) until it is in a half roll position. Then, grab its ear for a few seconds. Do this multiple times and your dog will be very angry. It should start bouncing on its back and act crazy. It looks like it is having a seizure.


This could be done either standing or sitting. Grab your dog's paw and move it up and down.


Stroke your dog's head from top to bottom.


When the dog is staring at you, you can touch his nose and it will sneeze. The light bulb will appear . Click on the name and say "sneeze". Do this for awhile and it will learn sneeze. Note: You can do this while sitting, standing, and laying down.


Put your dog by camera and it might bend down and sniff. Hit the light and say "sniff". Do this frequently and it might learn sniff.

Spin or run in a circle

Grab your dog's tail and hold it in front of its face. It will run in a circle, chasing its tail.

Spinning collar

Once your dog learns "sit", tell it to do so. Pet your dog on the head from side to side. The collar will look like it is spinning.

Stand and hop

Before attempting the hop, your dog must know the commands jump and stand. Have your dog stand and say jump.

Stand or beg

Pet the dog's throat to make it tilt its head up. Once the head is facing up, stroke his throat from bottom to top. Alternately, touch its belly and slide the stylus up to its neck.

Stand out of food or water

When you give your dog food or water, tap your stylus on the dog and it should sit out of the reward. Note: If you use your finger you can make two dogs sit out. This is very difficult to do.

Stand up

After your dog has learned beg, lift its paw up, and make it stand on its hind legs. It will stand and you will be able to teach it how.

Statue Of Liberty

Teach your dog "Sit". Tell it to sit, then pull up its hand until it looks like she or he is the Statue of Liberty.

Turning in circles while standing

Command your dog to beg or stand. Once it i's on its hind legs, tell it to run in a circle.

Walk on two legs

First, make your dog stand on its hind legs. Put the stylus on his leg and drag up. He should now be standing. Note: Teach your dog that trick so it is remembered. Then, pull its paw to the area that the training icon is located. It should now be walking on its hind legs.

Wave paw

  • Get your dog to sit and hold an ear back. The dog will wave its paw. Do it three or four times to get the trick.
  • Hold your dog's ear back to his head when siting or lying down. He will wave his paw.
  • Tell your dog to "sit", then grab its ear and hold it down. Depending your dog's temperament, it should look like its waving after a few seconds. Click on the light bulb and teach it "wave".


When you acquire the piano, play one note at a time. This works better with two or three dogs. They will "yelp" each time.