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Easy weapons

Once one player has gotten a weapon that another desires, go to Club:Stakeout on Agent. Drop that player's weapon to a second player. Have any one of those players continue through the level normally. If done correctly, the new player could have the weapons in less than three minutes. The faster way through the level is to run in the club after the first objective is complete unarmed, and rush to the very top to Jack Dark.

Weapon locations

The following is a list by level of all the weapons and where to find them. Note: The first and last level do not count for getting weapons. To get a weapon to keep for later use, keep it in your inventory at the end of the level. This is also useful with the "Easy Weapons" hint. These are all done under Agent mode.

Datacore: Demolition
P9P (Pistol): You start with this gun.
Nightclub: Stakeout
Falcon (Pistol): Found from almost any guards, such as the first two.
UGL Liberator (SMG): Found from the guard on the third floor. He should have two of them.
DEF-12 Shotgun (Close Combat): Find from the enforcer in the beginning (after you scan him of course).
Frag Grenade: Hidden behind a vent in the basement. The stairs leading down are located in the back right corner of the nightclub from the front door. Once you have gone down the stairs there should be two vent coverings. Break them and get the grenade.
Subway: Retrieval
DW-P5 (SMG): Found in the only open storage crate after you have gone through the parking garage.
CMP-150 (SMG): Found from some guards.
Rooftops: Escape
M60 (Heavy): Found once you get to the fire doors. Go past the fire doors and lock pick the door. It should be standing atop an artillery box next to the guard.
Jackal (Heavy): Found from the sniper if you did not shoot it off the building. The easiest way is to put away any weapon you have (Up) and use disarm (RB).
Mansion: Infiltration
Magsec 4 (Pistol): Found from all guards at the beginning of the level.
Viblade (Close Combat): Found once you get in the mansion. It is standing on a pedestal in the middle of the laser maze.
Laboratory: Rescue
Magnum (Pistol): Found from the yellow suited guards that come once the alarm is triggered.
KSI-74 (Assault): Found from almost all blue guards.
River: Extraction
Rocket Launcher (Heavy): Difficult to get and should only be done on co-op. Once you get outside, open the gate and clear the guards. Now on the hovercraft that you take, once on the gunner press Y to switch for another heavy weapon (M60 and Plasma Rifle only).
Trinity: Infiltration
Combat Shield (Close Combat): Found from one of the guards after you picked up Dr. Carrol. There are two guards once you find the round walkway the leads to the lower level.
Hawk Boomerang (Thrown): Found in one of the boxes in the beginning of the level. This is easier to get after you have picked up the X-Ray goggles in the weapon cases to the left once you start.
Trinity: Escape
Psychosis Gun (Pistol): Found from most scientists throughout the level.
Jungle: Storm
RCP-90 (SMG): You can find this either from the assaulting guards or atop of boxes by the left wall. Try using this on that level every time you play. Secondary (RB) makes an outline of red around your enemy, at the lost of some accuracy.
Temple: Surveillance
Plasma Rifle (Heavy): Found at very end of level from any of the phantoms.
Laptop Gun (Assault): Found from one of the two guards after you have gone down two levels. If one of the guards plants one, reprogram and pickup. It should say reprogram once you get close to it.
Frag Grenade (Thrown): Found from some of the guards. This may be difficult to find.
Multimine (Thrown): Found from the guard that is either on the water bridge, or around the corner after it.
Outpost: Rescue
FAC-16 (Assault): Found in one of the weapon cases after you rescue Jonathan.
Flash Bang (Thrown): Found from one of the guards in the room before you go through the double keypadded door.
Bridge: Assault
Shockwave (Heavy): Found from the fallen Carrington sniper once you go to aide Jonathan's team.
Super Dragon (Assault): You may have found this gun before. Found at this level from some of the guards on the bridge.

Hidden rat locations

Note: All rats are usually in shadows or in spots where it would be tortured.

Datacore: Demolition: Immediately after you finish blowing up the CPU with your Cam-Spy you will go down a hallway, and go to the left where you will enter the room with the scientist. You must free him from the Spider Bots so that he can open the door. As soon as you enter the room, go to the back wall, up against the railing. Follow the railing toward the scientist. You should see a part of the floor made of see through glass. There are two places in the room with the glass floor; make sure your looking into the one nearest to the door. Look down and through the glass. You should see the rat on the right side. Note: Its easy to find because it has bubbles coming off of it.
Nightclub: Stakeout: Once you kill the first two guards, go to the main staircase. The rat is just lying at the bottom of the fountain. You can also shoot him.
Subway: Retrieval: Unknown
Rooftops: Escape: Once you get to the ammo bow with a DW-P5 inside of it opened, the rat is directly behind it in the shadows.
Mansion: Infiltration: The rat is found at the left snow mound at end of level near the pond and arena entrance. Its head is buried in the snow.
Laboratory: Rescue: The rat is on a testing machine directly next to the silver keycard.
River: Extraction: Unknown
Trinity: Infiltration: A sniper rifle is recommended. After you defeat the brothers, turn around and go to the left staircase. Once you are down there, zoom into the water and look for a submarine. Once you find it, look on the top, near the entrance hatch. Look to the left and the rat should be there. A second rat is on the launch pad. It is being cooked underneath the rocket.
Trinity: Escape: Unknown.
Jungle: Storm: Unknown.
Temple: Surveillance: The rat is impaled into one of the spikes in the first trap. There is other rat in the room with the flame throwing dragon heads. Look down to the left and you should see it on fire.
Outpost: Rescue: The rat is hidden behind the first staircase you go down at the beginning of the level. It is hidden behind a box.
Arena: Showdown: Unknown.

Fun with mines

You may stick mines onto enemies or any other object, thus blowing it up. To do this, walk up to the object or enemy by pressing R (primary fire).

On Xbox Live, get to a room where you have mines. Toss two mines in each doorway to ensure an enemy kill. When the enemy walks in, they will not survive. If there is an enemy teammate behind the first, the fire from the mine will cause damage to him or her. You will need to break out your guns to finish them. If you are playing the "Urban" level, the mines are located by the garage and the third floor of the hotel. Because you do not have doorways, toss the mines on the stairs or anywhere the enemy can walk up to your vicinity.

Plasma turret

Pick up a plasma gun then get into the hovercraft's turret. While shooting the turret, press Y as fast as possible. If done correctly, you will have a fast shooting plasma turret.

Plasma and rocket turret

If you have a plasma gun or rocket launcher, get on the gunner position on a hovercraft and press Y once to swap it with the M60. You will now have unlimited ammunition for whichever you choose to put on the hovercraft. This trick can also be used to get a free M60 on a level that does not normally have one.

Heavy weapon changes

This can also work in multi-player mode as well. Get a hovercraft. Find a rocket launcher. Equip the M60 and the rocket launcher will be a rocket turret. If you play Mission 06 River Extraction under the Secret Agent or higher difficulty setting, you should be told by Jack to get the rocket launcher. Use stealth weapons at far range distances to avoid dying from the rocket launcher turret.