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Chop Shop activity

Quick parts

The easiest and quickest way to get all the parts is to find the correct car and steal it. If it does not have the parts needed, bring it to Rim Jobs and customize it with the correct items.

Demolition Derby activity

Easy completion

When you start the activity and the announcer says "Go!" click the Right Analog-stick to boost and drive straight into a car. Keep repeating this to complete the activity within minutes.

Hijacking activity

Easy completion

Whenever you get three or more stars for stealing cars, the cops will start ramming you and end up blowing you up before you get back to turn the car in. However, if you go to the nearest Forgive And Forget your police notoriety will go down, You will be home free without any cops interfering with you returning with the car.

Finding Bill

To easily find Bill for the Chinatown Hitman activity, get maximum police notoriety. Bill is one of the FBI agents.

Finding Don

To easily find Don for the Projects Hitman activity, go to the Red Light District. He should be in one of the Baron cars with the pimps.

Finding Henry

To easily find Henry for the Projects Hitman activity, go to the Downtown District. He should be driving the Status Quo limousines.

Finding John

To find John for Airport Hitman activity, get four stars of police notoriety and he will appear. He will be riding in a helicopter.

Finding Jackie

To find Jackie for the Chinatown Hitman activity, call "911" on your phone. She is an ambulance driver. If she does not show up immediately, try again.
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Insurance Fraud activity

Easy completion

To easily complete the Insurance Fraud activity, get a Five-0 police car. Go to the scoring area. Try to get up to top speed then get into a head on crash with an oncoming car. If done correctly you should get a x4 vehicle bonus, a x2 civil vehicle bonus, a x5 vehicle eject bonus, and if you are lucky a x2 distance bonus. It is possible to get scores as high as $400,000 on a single crash using this technique.

Racing activity

Easy wins

Get a Slingshot or other comparably slow car. Take it to Rimjobs and get nitrous put in it then race. All cars should be just as slow as you, and easy to race with. With the nitrous you can get an easy jump at the start of the race, and also get a jump coming out of turns.

Snatch activity

Easy completion

Buy some hand grenades at Friendly Fire. Then, call any of the taxi services (for example, the TNA taxi service). When the taxi arrives, jump on top of the hood. Press the LT to short toss the grenade on to the windshield. Wait about one second and press Y. If done correctly you will jump out of the taxi as it explodes. The taxi will be partially blown up, but you will still be able to drive it. It will be invincible, thus allowing you to drive in peace during the Snatch activities without worrying about your car blowing up.

During the Los Carnales Snatch activity, after picking up the client go toward the airport. At the end of the road, turn left and then go through the gates. Immediately turn right and go to the ramp. Jump the ramp onto the warehouse and stay there. The reporters will not be able to get close enough to you. There is also a CD up there.