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More:Sega Smashpack 2 - Vectorman 2

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Cheat Codes

Extra life

Pause game play and press [Left], Up, S, A, [Down], [Up], S, [Down], [Up], S . Note: You can do this repeatedly.

Full health

Pause game play and press S, A, S, A, [Left], [Up], [Up].

New weapons

Pause game play and press D, A, [Left], [Left], [Down], A, [Down] repeatedly until you hear a sound to confirm correct code entry. You can do this repeatedly to change weapons even more.


Vectorman goofs around

Stand for a few seconds. Vectorman will goof around and eventually act like he is grabbing some weed and making fun of pot smokers. At other times he will eventually act like a rapper.

Super overkill

Enable the "New weapons" code eight times. You should reappear as the Fire Ant form, but you will also do a much stronger overkill. Use it against the Swamp Boss for a one hit kill.
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Alternate flame color

Enter into a level where there are some Paint Bugs. Do the flame and then get hit by a Paint Bug. You should change colors and still have the flame. This looks best in black. It also may be done while in a morph.

Control opening sequence

At the start when you are flying, hold D and you will not move down anymore.